Progressive Pinko Slime

Charity. Why does this concept represent such a threat to the liberal madrassa? Lets delve into it for a moment or two..

As most of us were growing up, the biggest sources of “charity” that we were exposed to was to be found within the neighborhood church. This is but ONE of the reasons that the liberals have expressly targeted “religion” for termination.. (Only “certain” religions, you’ll never hear a liberal denounce the “religion of peace” because BOTH the liberals and the terrorists have the SAME agenda..) NO ONE is allowed to have more empathy than the liberal left..

As well, make note of the fact that the left is always trying to eliminate the idea of “charitable tax deductions” that can be made by individuals. This is known as an individual’s “choice” but in this case and deep within the liberal lexicon, the left wants to take YOUR “choice” out of the equation. (Please also remember that the ONLY “choice” offered the individual in liberaland is the “choice” of abortion..)

Nope, the only “choice” allowed is to be done by the denizens of the left. In doing so, the liberals will DEMAND INVOLUNTARY charitable donations be made to THEM and their intrusive “government” in the form of taxes which THEY will then redistribute to those that they feel are “worthy”. This reinforces the necessary sanctimony for the liberal “soul”.. How DARE you feel “good” about giving to charity, that is for the liberals..

As the “gods” of their OWN reactionary “religion” of liberalism, “charity” cannot come from any other source. It HAS to come from the back handed benevolence of the liberal necromancy..

Who has enough retentive memory to remember 2008? Back then, ONE Republican, George W. Bush, was “responsible” for EVERYTHING that was “wrong”.. Fast forward to 2012 and Barack Hussein OWEbama is responsible for NOTHING that is “wrong”.. You may not want to hear this but this Democratic denial will WORK.

The largest “mega-millions” jackpot, or whatever it was called, was just ladled out to three “winners”. Here is a sobering thought for those who care to take notice.. OWEbama’s intrusive liberal government has spent that SAME amount every 90 seconds since the Not-So-Dark Knight skipped into Washington.

As well, the DEBT under his totalitarian tutelage has exploded at the rate of $3,000,000.00 a MINUTE. “Exploded” is the perfect euphemism for the economic IED’s placed by the Democratic terrorists that future generations not yet born will HAVE to deal with.. (Those “not yet born” will also have to struggle to get past the helpful liberals with their rubber aprons and their saline “Final” solutions..)

These generations will be “instructed” in the perverted progressive “history” from books written by OWEbama liberals and they will be taught/indoctrinated by OWEbama liberals so the “fault” for the failed OWEbama experiments in Bolshevism will belong to the Republicans who weren’t even in office when the Democratic depth charges were placed.. Welcome to the Bolshevik Brave New World..

Fascist flashback: Here is a goodie from the California Raisin.. “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it..” (05/10/2010) That is the same as saying, “You have to jump off of that cliff in order to find out how far it is to the bottom”.. (And to find out how much it will hurt when you GET to the bottom..)

Well, we already know that the liberal LIES told while trying to strong-arm this socialism into the middle classes’ life savings were all progressive poppycock as the numbers have DOUBLED AND we HAVEN’T “hit bottom” yet as the WORST of this socialism doesn’t assault the middle class until 2014..

That’s not even mentioning the tens of millions of FORMERLY “insured” WORKERS whose employers will allow their employees to be punished by the benevolent Bolsheviks and these companies will take the progressive PENALTIES as opposed to being strangled..

As long as those who DON’T work are “covered”, the left doesn’t care whom else is ground up into progressive pink slime..

The liberals didn’t want us to “jump off of the cliff”, they PUSHED us and hopefully in November, WE will PUSH BACK..

Here is a news flash that probably passed you by.. The “Friends of the Syrian People”, some 60 nations strong, held a little meeting yesterday.. As the assembled potentates chattered and yap yapped away, the Syrian “government” continued doing what it has done for over a year.. The U.S. sent Rodham, resplendent in a progressive pink pantsuit, who AGAIN proved that being a “friend” to an America with a liberal government isn’t that far removed from being an enemy..

Rodham, as all liberals invariably do, decided to seed the collectivist clouds with a “promise” of $12,000,000.00 in “aid to the Syrian people”.. Rodham COULDN’T explain how the “Syrian people” would get this “aid” as opposed to it being delivered, voluntarily or involuntarily, to the Syrian government.. Throughout the ages, liberal “aid” has ALWAYS made it to the off shore bank accounts of the “leaders” of whatever rogue “nation” the liberals wanted to “save”..

Rodham quacked about the Syrian government “waging war on its own people” and as a liberal ensconced within the collectivist caliphate known as the OWEbama administration, she knows quite well of what she squeaks..

The liberals are of the opinion that if they collect and assemble enough “leaders”, this time they allegedly managed to sequester “60”, the Syrian government will acquiesce and all will be well with the world. The “threat” of another “meeting” will certainly cause the desired compliance from the Syrians..

Is the OWEbama “shadow war” in Libya either raging on or has it come to an end? No one knows and OWEbama isn’t saying because the “impartial” adversarial fifth columnists of the fourth estate AREN’T ASKING. They are too busy mining the latest diversion to distract you from the crimes of OWEbama..

On that theme, why haven’t you heard that much about the crimes taking place in Syria? Where are all of the Mooselims claiming that “America is silent because the victims of these atrocities are Mooselims”.. (Sounds like ANOTHER “special interest” group that we are all too familiar with here in America..)

Maybe if these 9,000 or so victims in Syria had been wearing “hoodies” someone like $harpton would have shown up to “protest” as long as someone else would be paying for his air fare, his entourage and his hideous hair straightener..

Whatever.. “Something” is still happening in Libya (allegedly), enough to have OWEbama commit to whatever is going on there (allegedly), America is STILL being misdirected to a dead thug in Florida and the liberals are still “talking” and “meeting” over a REAL crisis in Syria..


19 responses to “Progressive Pinko Slime

  1. Larry,

    Clever title, and you really tied together a lot of current, diverse , and controversial happenings ! Your mind and fingers must have really been racing.

    Time limited today, therefore I’ll just start with charity. I’ve always said that the best charitable work was, and is being done by churches, synagogues, etc. The congregations usually know first-hand who needs help, and respond accordingly, whether it be local , national, or
    international. Governmental charity is not charity.

    More later.

  2. noleftturnz


    That was always the thought behind the “lagniappes”. A clever, “current” title with about two to five current topices put together to equal about 1,000 words..

    Most lagniappes spring from a TOTD, most TOTD’s become articles over at NLTZ and honestly each NLTZ article could be a book..

    The liberals are generous enought to give us this much material to work with..

    Thanks as always,


  3. I’m with JJ. Governmental charity isn’t charity. History (real history, not progressive history) should be studied and understood. Why is the US of A the strongest nation? Because we have fought for what we believe is the best course and have not had other world governments coming in and setting up military bases to help us. We have long been an accepting country with a small caveat; if you come, you assimilate and become one with us. So today, we are just trying not only to rewrite history, we are trying to set a cutoff date of history which is deemed irrelevant, like anything that happened before 2000 means nothing, for the history clock was restarted in 2000, thus Bush is the Terrible and Obama is the Savior.

    Here’s a thought. Why don’t we withdraw from other nations and concentrate on getting our Nation back on track and removing the foot prints of would-be dictators from our Constitution and follow its guiding principles and let the other nations learn to fight for themselves and learn the value of capitalism, freedom, rights and self respect and knowing what being responsible is all about? I firmly believe our Constitution was Divinely inspired, but in recent and current years we have come under rule by corrupt and self-serving officials we have voted into office. We can, and should, vote out the corruption and be more vigilant in keeping our Republic headed in the right direction. It is time to stop whining and start growing a straight and strong backbone.

  4. I think the decimals in the wrong place referring to the money the Syrian people will receive. It will be more like what went on in the Philippines when Winny Carter gave them 3 Billion. The people received $3.00, so if the Syrians are lucky they will get $1.20. All of here are terrorists, and looks as if Larry is the chief terrorist. The Republican party and USA is sunk unless we all rise up and do battle.

  5. gsteelwraith

    I also like the idea of cutting all foreign aid, and focusing on dealing with our own affairs. Let the Syrians and the Libyans, the Iranians and the others to fight for their own independence. We honestly can no longer afford to nation-build, not when we need to rebuild our own nation. If we learned anything from giving aid in Haiti and Africa, throwing money at a problem will not solve it, not with the endemic corruption at the heart of such places. We should also learn that we aren’t welcome in these places, nor is our culture, nor our views.

  6. noleftturnz


    Strong stuff and spot on..

    A little Wilsonian isolationism might not be a bad thing..

    Thanks as always,


  7. noleftturnz


    Good luck trying to motivate the unmotivatable.

    There are too many who allow the few to do the heavy lifting.

    Maybe someday my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz


    “Throwing money” at completely lost causes is the liberal MO..

    It reveals the “compassion” that they have acquired after being the creators and enablers of slavery for example..

    American “money” should ONLY go to those who have proven to be our allies and to no other.

    gsteel, you have just motivated the next TOTD entitled, “Stay”.

    SEE, EVERY comment is important to me.

    Thanks as always,


  9. noleftturnz


    Here is the link to the gsteel motivated TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  10. Owebama’s progressive liberal (socialist) agenda is full aware that where there’s religion there’s more “hope”, where there’s faith, there’s more “change than he could ever hypnotize multitudes of mindless lemings into. His latest assault on religion, and worse yet, the 1st Amendment, proves his battle plans. He is no different than Stalin or Lenin who, in trying for complete control over Russia knew that they had to divide the Catholic church. Both failed.
    Although the Catholic church has been singled out as a front runner in the fight against Owebama’s mandatory birth control and abortion rulings, the same trangressions of Adventistist, Evangelical and other Christian faiths are behind them, though not receiving MSM coverage.
    Whether you’re an active member of church or inactive, if you pray at your bedside each night or not, start. Pray to Him that He help us return to His way and a righteous course for America.

  11. Joe,

    Isn’t it interesting that Stalin and Lenin wanted to divide the church yet today’s communists (now called liberals) want to DESTROY it..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  12. Did both Stalin and Lenin realize that they really could not destroy the Church, therefore they chose to attempt to divide it ?

    Does this mean that the Liberals are not as astute as either Lenin or Stalin ?

    By now, most people realize that communism did not work, does not work, and will not work. Are we approachiing the point where Liberalism will be considered a mental illness ? Just a question.

  13. JJ – Sounds good to me. Call the guys in the white coats with the funny coats!

  14. Richard,

    There aren’t enough of those white coats with the extended sleeves, straps and buckles , to accomodate them. Nor, adequate facilities to house them !

    However, the thought itself presents an uplifting moment !

  15. Larry,

    You may have explained it in the past, but I was just wondering why you chose the word LAGNIAPPES as a repository for certain posts , when other synonymns were available . Just a thought.

  16. JJ,

    In New Orleans/Creole country, a “lagniappe” is “a little something extra”, like a “bakers dozen”..

    Thanks as always,


  17. Larry,

    Yes, since that word has the Creole origin, that is why I asked the question. Is it because you have roots in that area ? Just curious.

  18. noleftturnz


    Lets just say that I have spent an awful lot of time in New Orleans..

    Thanks as always,


  19. Larry,

    Thanks, suspicion confirmed !

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