The Sound Of Silence..

As I borrow the title of an excellent song by Simon and Garfunkel, I am alluding to what I see all around me.. As well, I could very easily use “silence is golden”..

This “silence” comes from many quarters and the combination of all of them does not bode well for the middle class victims of the collectivist carpet bombing of the last four years.. I don’t know why it is that I care so much, the overwhelming majority of those fellow victims of the middle class do not seem to care and that is precisely what the left is counting on come November.. They won’t let the liberals down..

If anyone doesn’t like the prediction that I am about to make, a prediction that I have made before, I will advise them NOT to castigate me but to become ACTIVE in the process of ousting the liberals and their “leader” from the throne of power. OWEbama will handily win reelection. Even thought this is my prediction, I have always and will continue to work diligently towards making my prediction a mistake.. If my prediction is proven incorrect, I will wildly do the “happy dance” and I will “blame Bush” as that seems to be the thing to do for the last four years..

There are a number of reasons why this prediction will come to pass. I would like to touch on just a few of them now and they ALL are encompassed by the “sounds of silence”..

The “Scamulous”. Unconstitutional “Czars”. Undeclared “wars” in Libya and in Africa. Solyndra. Fast and Furious. Health Scare. Bailouts. Takeovers. Threats levied against the Supreme Court.. Spending, spending, spending, spending.. A permanent 10% nation-wide unemployment rate. Deficits. Debt. Default..

In all honesty, when was the last time that you heard a report (let alone an IN-DEPTH one..) on any of the alphabet stations on any of these collectivist crimes? All that you hear are the “sounds of silence”.. At best, the liberal “impartial” adversarial media will distract you with heinous crimes against “hoodie” wearing minorities.. (They IGNORE the heinous crimes involving hoodie wearing minorities..) Now we can add in the crimes in Tulsa and the liberals will have bought themselves even more time as they will cavort and wail over these “local” distractions suddenly made NATIONAL as the clock ticks away towards November..

The “silence” on the surface relative to the Democratic politicians is predictable. The Marxist moles will continue burrowing into your life savings while all of these “other” stories are being scrutinized by the “impartial” media.. (Stop laughing..) It’s all about distraction, diversion and denial and ALL of the liberal lap dogs are playing along..

As mentioned, the “distractions” seem unavoidable as the media is UNFLINCHINGLY LIBERAL and their obvious bias effects the “news” that they “report”, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.. The LIBERAL “impartial” media should be declared a “527” group for tax purposes.. Then again, as proven by the OWEbama administration, the left doesn’t pay taxes so why should any tax exempt status be of any consequence to them or their allies..

Now that it is “election time”, the LIBERAL media is already working their magic for OWEbama, (and it will only get BETTER as November approaches..) where has all of the talk of the “Fairness Doctrine” gone? ANY cursory or “impartial” perusal of the “impartial” media would obviously result in the call for “equal time” to be given to the Republican candidate. The idea of “fairness” ALWAYS STOPS when the liberal’s adversaries would profit from its ham fisted application.. “Fairness” is ONLY applicable to the liberal side of the ledger..

“Diversion” will come in many amorphous fascist forms. Anything from a “boy in a balloon” to one lone minority victim of a crime (speaking of “silence”, note the “historic” silence surrounding the OVERWHELMING problem of black on white crime..) taking place somewhere within the country.. Diversion will also be found within the “impartial” media (surprise!!) as they will “parse” any and all sound bites. Any gaffe by OWEbama or his idiot side kick will be “parsed” in order to minimize the damage and as well, the “impartial” media will only “report” such a miscue at about 4AM..

The “story” changes should a Republican stumble.. NOW, THIS IS NEWS!! Stop the presses and as you “report” the news verbally every six to seven minutes, run a nice “crawl” at the bottom of the screen reiterating the Republican goof for the full effect..

Should any of this fail to increase the embarrassing OWEbama “poll numbers”, just resort to “denial”.

These are the liberals and they are squeaking to a captive (and manacled..) audience that has swallowed the Ebony Eucharist with the zeal that only an indentured servant can.. The great thing about being a liberal is that you NEVER need “proof”, whether you are making a claim against someone or denying a claim made against you..

“Global Warming”!! Wait a minute, lets refine that, we painted ourselves into a corner.. I know, “Climate Change”!! There we go! This “denial” works in collusion with the liberal proclivity towards softening the language surrounding their heresy. As traitors, the liberals have employed what I have termed “definitional inversion”. Example: “Fairness”, when inflicted upon America by the liberal left, is ANYTHING BUT “fair”. The liberals, who became “liberals” after being “communists”, call themselves “progressives”. These last four years have proven to anyone who might have had a doubt on the matter that “progressive” has NOTHING to do with the liberal agenda.. They just want to “distract” you..

Their “denial” even takes on humorous angles as the very talented rappers of the GSA were caught, not once but TWICE, rapping about their ability to steal ample amounts of taxpayer money. No problem, enter the OWEbama spokesweasels and the “problem” was due to “George Bush”..

Their “denial” of their own culpability has also involved them wanting to “re-brand” everything that they have progressively poisoned.. Everything from the Health Scare to even “Congress” had to be re-branded to avoid BLAME.. The “individual mandate” has been re-branded to the “individual responsibility” because over 70% of the nation DISAPPROVE of the OWEbama socialized medicine middle class bankrupter. When Congress, overwhelmingly LIBERAL, was at 10% in the polls, enter the ingenious liberals who then called the liberal Congress the “federal family”..

Even in pointing ALL of this out, I say to you that IT WILL WORK and it will work on THOSE THAT SHOULD KNOW BETTER.. Even now, the “sound of silence” continues to emanate from the “silent majority”.. The “silent majority” also contains the “easily distracted”, the “ambivalent”, the “indifferent” and the “apathetic”. I want these people to identify themselves and for them to do so proudly. It would seem that they LIKE paying taxes to wasteful carcinogenic collectivists and they should therefore pay the taxes that I, as a “conscientious objector” to the socialist simpleton, do NOT like to pay..

The “silent majority” will remain so. They will stay glued to their “American Idol” and to their Farcebook “friends” and they will again question their LOGICAL decision to vote AGAINST the fascist failure.. They will be “reminded” that a vote AGAINST OWEbama is a vote in favor of “racism”.. (Funny that the FACTS surrounding the “Willie Horton” campaign were cast as “lies” by the left, yet the LIE that ANY vote against OWEbama is to be founded in the DEMOCRATIC policy of “racism”, is more than just a little ironic..)

All of these elements contribute to the “sound of silence” and that “sound” will allow the potentate of piffle to gain a second term..


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  2. Your work is exceptional. I’d love to share each piece with my 4K friends on Facebook, but you have no ‘share’ buttons 😦
    Keep up the awesome work. God Bless.

  3. Somebody had better advise Fox that their ownership baton has passed from Murdoch the dad to Murdoch the Pinch Sulzberger leftist. What he would do to their cable outlet and its unique audience would not only disenfranchise us from the only non complicit marxist mouthpiece but in all likelihood end its own profitability. There has to be someplace that the Wall Street Journal and Fox News can go for a poison pill to prevent this emasculation, but even the Koch Bros. are just too old to come forth.

  4. George,

    I’m with you, I don’t like getting involved in politics as well.

    I draw the line at what has taken place in the last four years..

    Never give in, never give up and never again,


  5. Lance,

    Thanks for your kind words and I will admit to being a facebook tyro..

    However, you could just “cut and paste” a link to the article, couldn’t you?

    I appreciate the help,


  6. George G.,

    You have raised an excellent point.

    IF the unthinkable happens, the internet is our only recourse and that will bring ANOTHER liberal crack at some “Internet Fairness Act”..

    Like ALL “rights”, they ONLY belong to the left..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Larry,

    Although it goes against every fibre of my being, I too feel this way. However, as you say, should we be proven incorrect I will join you in your hometown and, with the permission of Daimon, join you in your happy dance.

    A sound of silence occured recently, unfortunately it was on my part as one of the frequent discussions between me and a liberal broke out in a local cafe and he told mme, “The deficit doesn’t matter because we owe it to us.” My jaw dropped, unable to say a word, as I sat there staring at the total ignorance of the man. (My silence was brief.)

  8. Saw a great line on today – would make a good bumper sticker.
    “Romney 2012: Because a disappointment is better than a disaster.”


    Twenty percent of the population is considered Liberal
    but all of the MSM is Liberal so this creates a massive
    special interest group that beats on the majority 24 hrs
    a day with many lies and half truths that the average
    hardworking taxpayer too busy to investigate believes
    The Tea party is working on a million phone call program
    to spell out Obamas shortfalls It is expensive and they
    are looking for donors For as little as $23 you can give
    them the money to contact 100 people it is a small price
    to start something moving in the right direction to let
    people know whats happening
    Earlier post by Richard listed I think 27 svrew ups by
    the big O which we should all print for handouts to friends
    and relatives several times to get them awakened

  10. Dave from Anaheim

    Owebama has already stated “WHEN he is re-elected” knowing that in the words of his mentor, Joseph Stalin, “it’s not who votes that matters, it’s who counts the votes.” Obama has a Spanish company that has contributed the maximum amount to his “shampaign” counting the votes cast in November. On another note, the reason you don’t see any reporting on black on white crime, is because it would be like reporting that the sun rose in the east and set in the west.

  11. beyond disgusted

    Sadly, I agree with you Larry. I was so hopeful after the 2010 midterms, and now all of that energy seems to have evaporated. As much as I despise the MSM, I have to give equal blame to the American public who seem to be willfully lazy & stupid. We’ve had 3+ years of the Owebama thugocracy & most of the country continues to be asleep. I remember Neil Bortz saying many, many years ago that Americans really did not care about freedom; it would appear that he was correct.

  12. Joe,

    If it should come to pass.. we will need to choose a different venue..

    WAY too much crime here.

    Besides if anyone danced in the streets in “certain areas” here, the alternative lifestylers might want to claim you..

    We shall se but we appear to be be being “McCained” again..

    Thanks as always,


  13. JR,

    I like you idea relative to the sagacities of our Richard.

    It was a wonderful and concise list and it does print up nicely.

    Great idea.


  14. Anaheim Dave,

    Maybe Dhimmi Carter will snoop around to make sure things are on the up and up..

    I weep for America.

    Thanks as always,


  15. beyond disgusted,

    Agreed, I placed blame with both the culprits and the victims in the article..

    Your “freedom” point brings one to my mind.

    Today’s “Americans” DO NOT value “freedom” because they haven’t had the fear of “losing it” or even, never having freedom to begin with..

    I know several “Americans”, TRUE Americans who have come here from the old Russia and they adore this nation and they VALUE what it is that America has given them.

    I STILL weep for America..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Wonderful article, Larry. I feel so blessed to be a part of this family, and that is what I would call us. We share a lot of common DNA – Integrity, Honesty, Love of Home and Country and Faith in God. I too, think your prediction is true, yet pray it is false. What a great bumper sticker or flyer: Disappointment is better than Disaster. And it will be disaster if we don’t get control of the House and Senate. I watch a fair amount of TV and I wish I was intelligent enough to write a TV Series using politics as the basis, but showing the false Gods their crimes and misdemeanors and showing the political scene as it really is – chaotic and undirected at best, and corrupt and criminal as it is. The series would have a disclaimer like Dragnet did. It certainly wouldn’t need to be preachy, but each week have a story of awakening and understanding and a history lesson regarding the past 200+ years. I can dream, can’t I?

  17. Larry,
    As usuall, another great article, followed with thoughtful responses.

    Hate to ask this, but is another real depression needed in this country to awaken everyone to really understand what is happening to this USA ? The Great Depression along with WWII, caused a lot of suffering, but it also produced a work ethic and ‘can do ‘ spirit, which resulted in winning both times. This country needs to re-establish that type of spirit, and put an end to the class warfare tactics of today.

    After 911, there was a small amount of ‘togetherness’ , but it was short-lived, because the greatest majority was not intimately affected. Most of us did not lose a family member, neighbor, or friend. I’m not trying to minimize any losses, or to forget what happened, but the impact was different.

    We are being divided in far too many ways, and I hope it is not too late to resurrect a once great nation.

  18. I am a recent refugee from the UK (the Left own everything from the “CONservative” Party to the MSM.) Simple questions; when did the Republicans go socialist here? Why doesn’t Mitt Romney make ANY attacks on Obama’s record? I watched the debates – Ron Paul is obviously the only man running for President who comes close to being a full human being. Will you actually be ALLOWED to vote in November? Will Obama allow a war to come to the Middle East which will guarantee his next four years in office (because NO ONE votes to change leaders in the middle of a hot war that could go nuclear)? I was told by my buddy that I had jumped from the fire into the frying pan; is he right?

  19. Great article. If some of you have not seen it owebama wants $770,000 for third world countries to fight climate change. My bet is that it goes to muslim, communist, and countries that hate America. It will build mosques, buy weapons to attack Christians, and support increased oil prices. I am afraid Larry is 99.9% correct in his assessment. The only thing that cause to election results to be wrong is the 1 May war the unions, black panthers, and occupy nuts say they are going to start. The black panthers want blood in the street, and I am sure they will get it.

  20. gsteelwraith

    ‘Silence is Golden’ was another good song too.

    Unfortunately I have agreed with this narrative from the beginning. We are marching inexorably toward the abyss and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Should the elections even take place (and I believe incidents will be manufactured to ensure a declaration of Martial Law), Obama and his crew will win handily and we will have no choice then but to confront the fact that our nation has been systemmatically subverted by Communist insurgents whom have been living amongst us. We have all but ensured the fall of night, and we as a nation will deserve the horrors which are to come. If history has taught us anything, Socialism has never been fully implemented nor evicted without great cost of blood and materiale. We will see another civil war, though it will be far worse than the last, because the last was fought in relatively open fields and with relatively primitive weapons. This one will be fought in cities and with automatic weapons. The Cultural Revolution will look like a live-fire exercise compared to what is to come.

  21. I had noted some time back, almost with some pride, that the local and largest newspaper in the state remained un-equivically impartial even though this is a heavy Republican state. The paper carried on with the semblence of old-time journaiism when “responsible” was still connected to the trade. However, I’ve noticed within the last 4 months a change, a slippage if you will, away from not only stories reported but accuracy or reports as well. What was most disturbing to me is they involved either Republican, Conservative or T Party reports. The reason I noticed this is because I had read similar reports through various sources on-line and knew facts were being left out. I called the Editor and after some argueing the paper did issue re-prints on several reports. I told the Editor I would be watching.

    I did a little more digging to see if I could find out what would make a fine newspaper suddenly switch morals since being in print since 1885. Come to find out Owebama’s billionaire “tax me more” lap dog Warren Buffett bought out the newspaper last January.

    One thing liberals excel at; warping the sound…even it is in type.

  22. Peter,

    You have raised the point that seems to have most conservatives concerned with Mitt..

    His “hands off” approach” to OWEbama is another of the reasons for the “hands off” apporach of the “impartial” media as far as his candidacy is concerned.

    THIS will “change” once the field empties and Santorum dropped today..

    Mitt needs to crank it up NOW.

    Thanks as always,


  23. gsteel,

    The overwhelming “thought” that permeates everyones comments is “I unfortunately agree”..

    I unfortunately see things this way but I WILL admit my “error” should that happy occassion arise..

    Thanks as always,


  24. Romney 2012: The Lesser of Two Evils

    Romney is just the Republican side of the same coin; both Obama and Romney are cut from the same cloth! (Re: Bush and Kerry–both Skull and Bones buddies)

  25. My bad !!! the $750,000 should have been $700,000,000. Whats the difference? It is only chump change, Tax Payers money.

  26. Hey – can anyone please tell me which article Richard’s list is printed? I thought I had read most of these posts the last few months but I must have missed his list. I’d sure like to look it up and distribute it. Thanks! 🙂

  27. Better sticker: “Because Romney 2012 is better than a disaster”.

  28. C.,

    Here is a link to Richard’s list:

    The list is in the comment section.


  29. Thanks – Larry. I just posted Richard’s list (and a link to your article) on under Erick’s article on “President Both Ways”. He is advocating the same tactic you have been discussing- the only way to defeat Obama is to point out his broken promises from his first campaign – very loud and clear – to the sheeple.

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