Recently, I found myself within the proximity of a local progressive puler.. This has its positives and its negatives. The positive is that this oddball unleashed a new liberal “word” that I hadn’t heard before which has led to the writing of this article. The negative is due to the inherent liberal allergy to deodorant and bar soap, my olfactory senses are still reeling and may never truly recover from this assault..

Here is the very small but potent quote from the lunatic, “the poor live in underserved areas..” “Underserved”.. Lets dismantle this collectivist compassion..

“Under”. This syllable, also a “word” itself within the lunatic liberal lexicon, is highly toxic and it is a staple of their socialist sanctimony. In this case, when it is combined so closely with the syllable/word “served”, we must look into what has preceded it in order to determine who or what has been “underserved”. As always when this is bandied about by the liberals, the subject is the “poor” who have become a “four letter word” to those of us who DO NOT wish to have the money that WE have EARNED forcibly removed from us and redistributed by the compassionate collectivists..

“Under”.. Here “under” means that the “poor” just simply aren’t “getting enough”, fill in the blank.. Please keep in mind that when it comes to the left and their faux compassion for those identified as being in the “under” subclass, there will NEVER be “enough” GIVEN to them by the left. “Enough” CANNOT be limited to any one commodity. They can’t have “enough” free housing, health care, groceries, utilities, etc, etc.. For the sake of brevity, without the MONEY taken from others, NONE of these amenities that we WORK for could be GIVEN TO those in the “unders” class who have the arbiters of “fairness” as their masters/protectors/providers.

There will NEVER be enough money handed to these urchins which will spontaneously cause them to become middle class, responsible individuals. There will ALWAYS be another “problem” that the “unders” suffer through, (usually imaginary..) so the clarion call will again be sounded from the horns of heresy for another round of redistribution.. This “under” mentality always appears whenever the abject failure known as the public schools are mentioned. The “problem” is always the “fact” that they are “under-funded” and that is the ONLY problem..

Lets look within the last paragraph at a word that the liberals will facetiously tell you is their “goal” through their redistribution racket but using “definitional inversion”, as we MUST when listening to the left, we find the diametric OPPOSITE to be the truth.. “Responsible”..

This is the LAST thing that the left EVER wants from ANY of its indentured servants. The liberals have been rewarding them for generations simply BECAUSE they have been “irresponsible”.. By their actions, the left ENCOURAGES individual stupidity.. Those who act “responsibly” wouldn’t, for example, have children that they cannot possibly hope to support themselves WITHOUT the “help” of the liberal left via the tax dollars stolen from the RESPONSIBLE. The “responsible” DO NOT become VICTIMS and liberalism is ALWAYS in dire need of as many of these helpless individuals as they can acquire/create/retain..

The “unders” MUST become addicted to the liberal “idea” that the liberal government has the cures for all of their ills, real or imaginary.

“Served”. Here the liberals believe that these allegedly ambulatory humans need to be “served” by the liberal Behemoth government and its empathy.. Those who need to be “served” are not required to do anything more strenuous than standing in a line somewhere or barring that, stepping out to the mailbox.

When the left succeeds in convincing the “served” that they themselves are “responsible” for NOTHING (including their lot in life that is the direct responsibility of their individual sloth, not any imaginary “-ism” in the air..) very bad things happen. The liberal idea of government addiction led to the unnecessarily high loss of life due to Hurricane Katrina.. This is but ONE example of the left’s “compassion” and how it REALLY effects those they allegedly seek to “help”..

What good could possibly come from the idea of a large number of people being “served” (waited on..) by the left? By “serving” people, they are robbing them of the dignity that accompanies accomplishment. Once thoroughly robbed of self-respect, they easily conform to the idea that SOMEONE OWES them something. This “something” then becomes a RIGHT because the liberals say that it is, and when ANYTHING becomes a “right”, the government HAS to be involved in its “proper” dissemination..

The left NEVER wants those that they “help” to actually succeed. They want the impression to exist that they do and they hammer home the “idea” that the ONLY thing holding people back are the imaginary hobgoblins allegedly created by the hateful to stunt the “progress” of the poor..

After generations of failures (Allegedly.. I believe that these generations of the hapless and the helpless are actually a “success” from the liberal perverted perspective..) regarding the liberal’s “war on poverty” (a “war” that was actually on the middle class who HAD to pay for the liberals empathy..) after trillions of wasted taxpayer dollars, why haven’t the liberals tried something NEW if they ever really intended to END “poverty”?

The liberals know that if the poverty that they themselves are enabling were ever actually “cured” there would be no need for the millions of liberals who now pollute both the federal government and society in general. If the “underserved” became independent and self sufficient, what would there be left for the liberals to do? (I fully contend that if we could strip the “poor” of the right to vote, the left would drop them like a hot potato..)

THAT is why the left actually works TOWARDS the idea of endless poverty and the perpetuation of the lowest class, not AGAINST it. The left will work towards EVERY class and race separation device that they can find as the SEPARATION of Americans is the socialist’s seat of liberal power.. NO ONE demands an “unequal” society MORE than the liberal left.. The “underserved” are the “victims” of LIBERALISM and nothing else..

The “underserved” need Methadone to remove the addiction to maternal Marxism..


33 responses to “Underserved..

  1. You have nailed it again Larry… and once again, it is their “re-definition-ing” of the language that is the tell tale sign… under-served, indeed! I believe you have it exactly right!

  2. Larry,

    Right on. Many have stated that only taxpayers should be allowed to vote, otherwise the non-payers can vote themselves more freebies. With almost 50 % nonpayers , we are approaching that point.

  3. Tell it like it is! You still make me laugh. :o)

  4. Larry you hit the ball out of the park once again. The poisoning of the language liberals like to do has clouded what you just described- slavery. Slavish devotion to big government . You are absolutely right about stripping the right to vote from the poor . They would be “left” behind.

  5. gsteelwraith

    I like that idea. We should only have taxpayers vote. It would be the only way to keep the freeloaders from voting themselves more freebies. Of course we could use the Federal system from ‘Starship Troopers’. In that famous Heinlein novel only those whom served in the military could vote, hold office, or have children. Liberals would go mad, as they would be forced to actually do something other than sponge off the efforts of others. It might be simpler to simply require any voter to produce a Driver’s Licence and last week’s paystub as proof of authorization to vote instead. This would provide greater incentive to get and keep a job. Of course we should also move Election Day to April 16th, and get rid of federal withholding. People would care alot more about their government if they were forced to cut a check every month the same as they do for rent and the cable.

  6. T,

    As always, thanks for your kind words.


  7. Red,

    Bless your heart, haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope that everything is OK..


  8. JJ, wingman and gsteel,

    If one wishes to look at the “original intent”, only land owners were allowed the right to vote for just this reason.

    The inmates cannot run the asylum.. We cannot allow the lowest crass of leeches and vermin to constantly vote themselves a raise AT OUR EXPENSE. THIS is why we MUST get out and voteout the unAmerican liberal Democrats.

    Until I am elected president, the moochers and the derelicts will still be able to vote (over and over and over..) so the ONLY way to counter this lunacy is to end the liberal occupation of DC at the local ballot box..

    By the by, OWEbama RAISED MY middle class taxes this year.

    Last year, I managed to get back a measly thousand of the multiple thousands that was forcibly extracted from me for redistribution to the barnacles.

    This year: $61.00. That’s right, sixty-one dollars.

    Never give in, never give up and never again,


  9. A suggestion, Larry, carry with you a small tube or vial of Vick’s-Vapo-Rub. A small bit across the upper lip will help stifle in dispelling, both bodily and progressive, the stench of a socialist.

    When anyone claims to be the provider, the protector in the interest of those who have less and I see no change in those that have less, I start to ask questions. Are the claims valid or blowing smoke? Are the efforts to those “poor/victims” and now known as living in “underserved areas being reciprocal to those efforts.

    You have to prove it to me. Let these heartfelt harlican providers take me on a tour of Detroit City. A city that due to “political nature” rather than Mother Nature is worse off than anything Hurricane Katrina could have wrought. A city that has never elected anything but Democrat leadership. Let them explain to me the population loss, the miles upon miles of gutted factories and streets that look like more of roads in a landfill, the rampant gang problem and drug abuse.

    Curious isn’t it? Since Dr. King, Johnson and affirmative action, federal laws against discrimination the “underserved” still remain where they are claiming the color of their skin.

  10. Joe,

    An old homicide detective gave me that “hint” about 18 years ago when we came upon what in the business was called a “dry floater”.

    Actually, the Vicks OPENS UP your air passages allowing more stench in..

    Having had the immense pleasure of being around at least one dead person a day for almost 20 tears, even the noxious liberal didn’t “Impress” me so to speak..

    Thanks as always,


  11. More to the point, no-one with an I.Q. below 130 should be permitted to vote.

  12. When our nation was founded, only land owners were allowed to vote. If you do not have any “skin” in the game, then you should not be able to vote. Later, a poll tax was used to keep the useless trash from voting. People on welfare should not be allowed to vote as they have no money in the “game”.

  13. Larry, the topic word of “underserved” is the antithesis of what “the poor” really are; just drop the first “r” out of your topic word: the poor are “undeserved” of receiving that which the liberal, socialitic left showers upon them: freebies galore! (Unmerited, unwarranted and unearned!)

  14. My goof! s/b “socialistic”

  15. Carl-Edward,

    You know that ALL of the liberals think that they are smarter than we are.

    Remember when Biden was asked about his “copying” in school and he said that he was “smarter” than the reporter who asked him the question?

    Maybe I should say that the elitist liberals think that they are smarter..

    Thanks as always,


  16. photojoe,


    Maybe if we made them PAY to vote..

    Might be on to something..

    Thanks as always,


  17. triviaman,

    I LIKE it!

    Thanks as always,


  18. Stellar article and comments. I especially liked the triviaman word switch. It works either way. And for sure there needs to be a change in voting laws that those who earn their keep, get to keep what they earn. It should be up to an idividual if he wants to help someone out, not the stoopid g’vmnt.

  19. Larry,

    I believe that I am one of the “unders” that you speak about. I am forced by circumstances out of my control to live on disability. I lost my home and car(the only two things that were on credit), however I also lost everything in them. I had married a man from Sweden, and he felt that we should move to Sweden and here I am. I do not pay income tax on my disability, but do pay the outrageous sales tax in Sweden in order to get the “free” health care. My IQ is 155 but since I can barely type where I used to type 72 wpm, I cannot write my own name by hand and I am wheelchair bound. All of these things keep me from working here, along with my not being able to learn much Swedish. If I lived in the U.S. I would be living under a bridge as I would not be able to pay rent or utilities, let alone food. I know that I am an under, but I vote Republican all of the time and will not stop until the day I die. I just had to vent my feelings to you because your requirement to vote would not allow me to vote at all, and that would be wrong. Just my humble opinion.


  20. Choppie,

    The idea that an “article” needs to be a certain length always forces me to truncate arguments for fear of making things so lengthy that readers lose interest.

    There is a HUGE difference between the unfortunate circumstances that you have had to endure and those of the completely able bodied who have been “handicapped” by the liberal ethos.

    NO ONE EVER under YOUR circumstances should EVER be in “need”.

    I am sorry if that deliniation between the moochers and the truly needy wasn’t made in a clarified manner.

    Our prayers go out to you,


  21. Family,

    I hope that some are still reding this far into the comments..

    PLEASE use the link to check out the site of “choppiesmom”.

    Leave a message as her story is inspiring.


    Thanks as always,


  22. Carl-Edward,

    If an IQ of 130 is considered ‘genius ‘ on one of the standard intelligence tests, and if it is the one you’ve referenced, then your comment must be in jest, one would assume. However, if it weren’t, then the pool of voters could be reduced, depending on the birth rate and test scores, since the IQ is determined by the mental test score multiplied by 100 and then divided by the chronological age. Which means that one who is at 130 this year will be below 130 next year . And, with the success of the dumbing -down of our citizens, fewer will qualify to vote , which will lead to another issue.

    Also, is it safe to assume that an IQ of 130 results in a good voting pool ?

    Just a thought, not a diatribe !

  23. Choppie,

    I agree with Larry. And, I was just wondering – what is the tax rate in Sweden and do you have a one-payer healthcare system ?
    Am sorry to read about your situation , and wish you the best

  24. Here is something I found over on RedState this morning… it is so illuminating, and for someone who did not live in the south until recently, I didn’t see it. WOW!!!

    The new Jim Crow, brought to you again by Democrats
    WmCraig (Diary) Friday, April 13th at 8:17AM EDT (link)
    By the 1950′s segregation, and Jim Crow laws were designed to divide and control the population. For those not old enough to remember the south in the late fifties and early 60′s let me explain that White, does not include a lot of people who aren’t black.

    It also had a powerful influence on white people. The problem with Jim crow laws isn’t just what it did to black people in terms of restrictions, but also in how it was used to control everyone, including white people. Get on the wrong side of anyone and rumors about “sympathizing” would cost you your job, your neighbors would shun you, your church doors would lock to you, the banks would call your loans, your credit rating would vanish, your life could be made miserable.

    It is this aspect of the power the Democrats wielded that history revisionists want to hide by making it ONLY about race. First and foremost it was about a ruling elite that exercised oppressive power. That “rumor mill” moved in to the white house with President Obama. He has shown you the power of the Democrats to attack “groups” and to force members to tighten ranks for self preservation. Strays get picked off by predators in power.

    The purpose isn’t to only defeat “strays” but to put the fear of government power into the “group”. The group is silenced and/or influenced to go along when the natural tendency is to rebel. A prime example is union construction, union military industrial workers, union petroleum workers, and union coal miners, transport and power generation workers.Why would all these people support government policies intended to destroy their jobs? Fear of straying to far and being the victim of democrat attacks.

    This is pure Jim Crow power, brought to you again by the Democrats. When will America learn.

  25. Sorry for the Thread jack Larry.. It was just too good to not share.

  26. I’ve been off line for about 3 weeks because of issues with Hughes net. They have finally fixed the problem and I’m up again.

    Larry, as always a great article.

    You know, no one ever points out that the liberal’s grand ideas never seem to ever work, which leads me to why they are always so desperate to make “claims” such as the “underserved.” They could give a crap about the poor or middle class, these are just people they can use and abuse. I’m so sick of all the liberal spin, the lies, deception, misinformation. contradictions and political corruptions. There are no names or faces they see, they only seem to spend most of their time worrying about getting re-elected.

    Both Obama and Romney have been campaigning for the last two years. For Obama, after getting ObamaCare passed, he started to campaign for his second term. Of course this goes to both parties, they both do it. It’s refreshing to see so many are leaving voluntarily, mostly because they would not get re-elected by their constituents, they did not want to get humiliated by a defeat. I believe most liberals can only see what’s in it for them. I am starting to get hope that the People are getting sick and tired of all the crap coming out of this administration. The Gangster Government and/or Obama thuggery and bullying the Supreme Court have taken a told on the People. We are pissed.

    I know the people here despise Obama and are very vocal about their dislike of him, his policies and his “entitlement” money hungry wife.

    I hope the same is happening where you live.

  27. I’ve been off line for about 3 weeks because of issues with Hughes net. They have finally fixed the problem and I’m up again.

    Larry, as always a great article.

    You know, no one ever points out that the liberal’s grand ideas never seem to ever work, which leads me to why they are always so desperate to make “claims” such as the “underserved.” They could give a crap about the poor or middle class, these are just people they can use and abuse. I’m so sick of all the liberal spin, the lies, deception, misinformation. contradictions and political corruptions. There are no names or faces they see, they only seem to spend most of their time worrying about getting re-elected.

    Both Obama and Romney have been campaigning for the last two years. For Obama, after getting ObamaCare passed, he started to campaign for his second term. Of course this goes to both parties, they both do it. It’s refreshing to see so many are leaving voluntarily, mostly because they would not get re-elected by their constituents, they did not want to get humiliated by a defeat. I believe most liberals can only see what’s in it for them. I am starting to get hope that the People are getting sick and tired of all the crap coming out of this administration. The Gangster Government and/or Obama thuggery and bullying the Supreme Court have taken a told on the People. We are pissed.

    I know the people here despise Obama and are very vocal about their dislike of him, his policies and his “entitlement” money hungry wife.

    In a local newspaper, they reported that Trayvon’s father warned him of the white’s hatred for blacks. I laughed when I read that headline. First of all, Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic and Jewish, and the man deserves a fair trial, with all the press coverage, they should not hold the trial in the or near Orlando area. There is a lot of disinformation from the MSM, one of them being the picture of a12 year old child, when the reality was he was 17 years old. Locally, there is evidence that Trayvon wasn’t this innocent child.

    He had a violent past and was suspended from school 4 times because of his temper and lacked of wanting to learn. He was a distraction to the other students , so I guess under the “underserved” it’s societies fault that Trayvon lack discipline and that it was fine to blame “white” people in accordance with his father. There is also evidence that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon prior to the shooting. There was bad blood between them in the past. Trayvon acted out and against others in the neighborhood. That doesn’t mean that he deserved to die, but liberals always believe it take a village to raise a child, when in reality it take component parents to raise, nurture and teach a child.

  28. Yesterday, I came across this article on Democratic corruption and just how far Obama will go to win the nomination. Enjoy the read. Oh, how the media is still so silent. I will continue to research this story and add it to the other Obama corruption and just more of the Chicago style thuggery/Gangster Government/Crimes Against the Constituents. Hopefully the link will work. Here is the original article.


  29. PhotoJoe,
    I just want to expand on why only land owners were the only ones allowed to vote. In the south blacks were elected to hold office, most of the blacks were registered as south Republicans after the civil war under the Reconstruction and Redemption.
    The right of blacks to vote and to serve in the United States Congress was established after the Civil War by amendments to the Constitution and the Thirteenth Amendment (ratified December 6, 1865), abolished slavery. The Fourteenth amendment (ratified July 9, 1868) made all people born or naturalized in the United States citizens. The Fifteenth Amendment (ratified February 3, 1870) forbade the denial or abridgment of the right to vote on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude, and gave Congress the power to enforce the law by appropriate legislation.
    In 1866, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and the Reconstruction Act, which dissolved all governments in the former Confederate states but with the exception of Tennessee. It divided the South into five military districts, where the military through the Freedmen’s Bureau helped protect the rights and safety of newly freed blacks. The act required that the former Confederate states ratify their constitutions conferring citizenship rights on blacks or forfeit their representation in Congress.
    As a result of these measures, blacks acquired the right to vote across the Southern states. In several states (notably Mississippi and South Carolina), blacks were the majority of the population. By forming coalitions with pro-Union whites, Republicans took control of the state legislatures. At the time, state legislatures elected the members of the United States Senate. During Reconstruction, only the state legislature of Mississippi elected a black senator.
    Eventually, the southern states “redeemed”, Democrats gradually regained control of Southern legislatures. They proceeded to restrict the rights of most blacks and many poor whites to vote by imposing new requirements such as poll taxes, subjective literacy tests, more strict residency requirements and other elements difficult for laborers to satisfy.
    So once again the Democrats started to “claim they cared” but still denied them the right to vote because they weren’t landowners, ex-slaves, did not paid taxes and/or didn’t or couldn’t read. They eventually allowed poor whites to vote but only if they could read. By the way the first Democrat to be voted to US Congress was John Conyers from Michigan in the early 1960’s. It took them that long to vote one into office.
    I disagree with those that want to leave no certain “type of persons” to not be able to vote, it goes against the Founding Father’s beliefs, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Carl-Edward, The IQ of 130, would bring more liberal Democrats to vote, who spend their parent money going to private schools and attending ivy league education, most conservatives although smart might not make your requirement.
    Larry and Joe,

    As for the odoris delectide, I’ve been around too many liberals to count while living in NJ. I used to and would recommend Vicks Vapor Inhaler’s. Get two and put one in each nostrils’ until the stench leaves. The cheapest way to close your nostrils is buy noses plugs. They run about .99 cent and in some stores you can get 6 pairs for $2.99 and great investment.

  30. T, you and Erick got it right,

    My research is still ongoing but the Obama and those in his Administration, it’s the Chicago and Springfield, Illinois ways of a Gangster Government, I see them as a “new” mob of perpetual racketeering and blackmail.

    Obama didn’t come from Mount Olympus, he hailed from State and city that carried the stench of greed and corruption. Where mobsters controlled the State and City of Chicago, if you didn’t agree to their terms you were forced into retirement permanently and fitted for concrete shoes. That’s the Chicago way. Obama got ahead by forging so many diluted and unsavory methods to expedite political allegiances with the most corrupt, cream of the crop politicians in Chicago.

    I don’t think most Americans understand where Obama and his “friends” in politics fully know all that when down and still occurs in the City of Chicago. The media is in his left front pocket where he a wield M60 and take out his enemies and pressure those that are sitting on the fence.
    Mayor Daley routinely used usually methods to take down anyone who disagreed with his ideas and policies. One day at 1:30 am in the early morning hours of March 31, 2003. Instead of using a gun, he used a bulldozer. They pulled up along the lakefront at Merrill Meigs Airfield, a small private built in the late 40’s on a man made island in Lake Michigan. The runways were used mainly for small aircraft and private planes, which was a few hundred yards from downtown Chicago, and had been a favorite landing point for former Republican Governor Jim Edgar. Meigs was also the site where non-profit organizations that honored the Tuskegee Airmen, who gave free monthly flights to the inner-city children to air travel in its Young Eagle program.

    The Chicago Park District owned the land on which the airfield operated. Daley had been campaigning to close Meigs down for years and turn it into a park. He tried to shut it down by 1996 by refusing to renew its license. The State legislator had responded by threatening to take it over.

    Daley backed down, for just a time but on December, 2001¸it appeared the matter had been settled for good. But Daley struck an agreement with the State Legislature and Republican Governor George Ryan to keep Meigs open until 2026 in exchange for a bill in Congress to guarantee federal approval of the expansion of- O’Hare International Airport.

    But when Daley didn’t get his way, Illinois Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, a longtime opponent of O’Hare expansion was filibustering the Bill in the State Senate–Mayor Daley exacted his revenge at 1:30 in the morning with a dozen bulldozers and removed the Meigs Airport permanently. He was sending a message to anyone who thought if they would try to go against his wishes, this is what will happen to them.

    The destruction of the airfield was a complete surprise to the airport employees in the tower, federal authorities, pilots, Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich, all fifty city Aldermen, members of Congress who had been working on the O’Hare deal and even the Department of Homeland Security. This is the Chicago way of doing business. The Gangster Government, they will pick the winners and losers in this political game.

    This is just a small part of my research on Obama and his merry men of thieves of Chicago. He’ll decided who gets what, usually those that play his game his way.

    It is also enlightening to know¸ they basically they all hate and despise one another. Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett got rid of Rahm Emanuel. They also got rid of William Daley. Jarrett has control over the Oval Office and manipulates Obama and others in his Administration. What I originally thought that Rahm was sent back to get Obama set up for business if he loses the Presidency, but that’s not the case. He’s digging up dirt on Obama and has said that he knows that Obama is not a citizen of this Country. And, of course he’s still sitting on the proof, possibly blackmailing the White House and sending a message to the Obama’s and Jarrett to tread lightly.

  31. Larry, I am not a taxpayer. I live on disability for reasons beyond my control. When I worked I was an accountant, so when I became disabled I had enough to live for over a year. When money ran out it was hard, hard enough that I had to leave everyone and everything behind and move to Sweden. My husband was from here and it was what we had no choice to do so that I could not only get health care but a roof over my head. I was smart, I had only my house and my car on credit, but all was lost when it took 3 years to get disability. When we finally got my disability retroactive 3 years we were able to pay back people that helped us, and get some furniture. Now I am not whining, just telling you why I am no longer a tax payer. I have an IQ of 155 and vote republican. I am hurt by all the comments here agreeing with you. Some of us “Unders” are smart too. BTW I did not have disability at work because they did not offer it, but little did I know how badly I would need it one day….

  32. Choppiesmom,

    No need to be offended, since we ( I assume all of us feel the same ) are referring to those who chose not to work, even though able, and try to game the system, even by faking injury. We are NOT including anyone with a legitimate disability. Therefore you are NOT included in that group.
    Thanks for your concern, and please stay in touch. Best wishes.

  33. Choppiesmom,

    It’s great to hear from you again. Like you, I’m handicapped (from a stroke) and receive Disability and I’m just getting back the money I put in over my lifetime of working, nothing more. I’ve been recently getting rehabilitation through my local Planet Fitness to get more movement on my right side. It’s interesting to see other people with disabilities are doing the same thing.

    To get medical rehab it would cost me $300,00 up front and then $100 dollars for each month. I thought that was outrageous and my doctor agreed.. So he set me up in the Plant Fitness program that costs $10.00 a month. I’ve been going for about a month. I’ve had some success, and backslided a bit from trying to do too much too soon. My leg and right arm are twitching too much. They will make changes in the program, lower the weights and repetitions.

    I wish you God Speed, take care and my thoughts and prays are with you.

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