A Frank Conversation

Our liberal over-reaching government now wants to spend a half a billion MORE tax dollars to “fix up” the 200,000 foreclosed homes that the liberal over-reaching government now owns.. WHY does the liberal over-reaching government “own” 200,000 foreclosed homes? The fascism of “fairness”..

This was brought to my attention as I watched the “Bulls and Bears” program this morning. The “thought” on this seems to be that if these properties are “propped up”, they will sell quicker.. Shouldn’t the “free market” be investing in neighborhoods and shouldn’t THEY be the ones INVESTING in the repairs? The ONLY reason that this isn’t taking place is because the OWEbama Democrats have completely decimated both the lending and the housing markets. There is one person who is more responsible for this collectivist chicanery than almost any other.. “Back Door” Barney Frank.

The good news in all of this is that the lispin’ liberal has finally decided to call it quits when it comes to his/her personal efforts to directly destroy America. This will come in 2013 and I cannot understand why this un-American Democratic deviant isn’t cooling his heels in a prison for women somewhere. Let’s face it, putting “rear view” Barney in a men’s prison WOULDN’T be any sort of punishment at all.. A cursory look back at the illustrious career of the “Queen of the House” is in order..

The “fascism of fairness” ushered in by Billy Bob and Barney has DIRECTLY led to both the sub prime mortgage scandal and the economic meltdown that was exacerbated (careful with that word around Barney..) by the election of the Brown Bolshevik. In short, this entire debacle centered around the liberal “idea” that it was only “fair” to give a loan to the guy who delivers your Chinese food to you on a bicycle so that he could buy a $600,000.00 home.. What could POSSIBLY go wrong with such an empathetic idea as that.. The man/woman at the CENTER of all of this was Barney Frank.

Barney was the ranking (just “rank”, actually..) member on the Financial Services Committee. Very early on in all of this, the dreaded George W. Bush wanted the “oversight” over Fannie and Freddie to be TAKEN from Congress (taken from Barney’s committee) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development due to a series of “accounting scandals” and given over to Treasury. This was BEFORE Barney REALLY began concentrating on doing the utmost damage.. Barney said “no” and he said “no” because he had a “plan”..

Listen to Barney as he slobbers over Fannie and Freddie.. “These two entities …are not facing any kind of financial crisis … The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.” (NYT 10/05/08) In 2003, Frank also loosed what has been called his “famous dice roll”. (WSJ 11/11/09) “I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness [in the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] that we have in the Office of the Comptroller of Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision. (Should be THEFT supervision..) I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation toward subsidized housing.. Barney wanted to “roll the dice” with YOUR money, YOUR retirement and YOUR future.. He rolled craps and he is YET to be held accountable.

In July 2008, Frank said in an interview with CNBC, “I think this is a case where Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound, that they are not in danger of going under. They’re not the best investments these days from the long-term standpoint going back. I think they are in good shape going forward.”

Fannie and Freddie were so appreciative to Frank that they donated nearly $50,000.00 to his reelection campaigns.. As well, one of Barney’s not-quite-so “life partners” was one Herb Moses. During Herbie’s tenure at Fannie, from 1991-1998, he “developed the affordable housing and home improvement lending programs” as the director of “product initiatives”.. This alone is enough for the portly progressive to have to walk the plank but Barney managed to cause even more damage elsewhere..

In 1985, Barney was even found “looking for love in all the wrong places”, in the back of one of the more unsavory gay periodicals when he “hooked up” with one Steve Gobie. Barney just couldn’t keep his glands off of Stevie and the male prostitute moved right into Barney’s Washington pad and he continued to “work” from the comfort of Barney’s tax payer provided living room. “Scandals” of a much LESS seamy nature have been the cause of a number of Republicans to be harangued and booted out by the “inclusive” Democrats but because Barney likes guys, he is immune to any kind of prosecution over prostitution..

Meet “INA”. The “Immigration and Nationality Act” of 1990. Barney was VERY concerned about who might be excluded from America, Frank got his panties in a twist over the “ideological exclusions”.. Frank put on his best dress and called the exclusions, “relics of the McCarthy era”. As the puffy poltroon began to pant and sweat, his sophomoric imagery was just a cover for his ulterior motives..

The precursor for all of this was the “Alien Registration Act” of 1940. Thus Barney took the illogical step that only a properly protected minority can, the step towards absolute lunacy.. He wanted to “reform the most outrageous aspect of American immigration law, the anti-gay, anti-free-speech McCarthyite hangover..” This was his opening to “expedite the removal of the sexual preference exclusion” via the dodge of allegedly supporting “free speech”..

Barney’s blasphemy flat-out allowed ANYONE entry to America INCLUDING those who are OPENLY radical in their views towards the destruction of America and the overthrow of its government. As long as a steady stream of new imported boy toys were available for the demented dance parties at Bath House Barney’s perverted palace, the rest will just have to work itself out..

We now move to the “Avalon Project”. This study spoke to the overwhelming number of Mooselim radical ideologues who skulked into America as Barney gaily held the door for them.

Radical Mooselim fundamentalists COULD NOT be refused entry to America even if they were proven to be, for lack of a better term, terrorists.. They LEGALLY and gleefully entered America due to Barney Frank’s amendment.. Thanks to Barney, student and temporary visas were much easier to obtain and a large number of the “Magnificent Nineteen” entered America in just this manner.. Thanks to Barney, even the most unsavory could “enter America, set up terror cells and raise funds for extremists..” (“Immigrating Terror” Front Page Magazine 04/06/2006)

It is a given that ALL liberals are inherently dangerous, devious and demented. Most of us feel that the “Not Quite a Resident” president sits atop this shameful list. Maybe a “community organizer” with just 143 days of Senatorial “experience” isn’t the WORST of the Bolshevik bunch..

Bailouts (with MORE help from Frank..) Scamuli, takeovers, health scare bills, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, deficits, debt and defaults.. Or.. The “open doors” for the sub prime mortgage scandal, the economic meltdown and the terrorist ‘green light”.. Six to five and pick ‘em..

After just taking nothing more than a pedestrian peek into just a FEW ass-pects of his “career”, Barney Frank should be unceremoniously jugged post haste and he should never see the light of day ever again..


7 responses to “A Frank Conversation

  1. Still no “Share” buttons for posting to social media.
    Excellent work.

  2. Those who voted and voted and voted for Barney Frank should be charged with aiding and abetting. And BArney should be in a prison in isolation. You made me laugh regarding sentencing him to a women’s prison. That idea should be proposed to the courts in Congress if they would only take action. I don’t care he is retiring, he should still be held accountable.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Larry, and we all know there are a few more that should be right there with him. I can’t wait for Princess Pelosi and Reid the ripper to be gone!

  4. Barney has over-fed at the public trough for far too long. Sadly, he’ll continue to get fat thanks to the lucrative retirement and bennies that Congress has taken for themselves. Once out of office, he can prance openly and gayly in Provincetown ( the East Coast version of San Franfreako ), a sight which I would not want to witness !

  5. gsteelwraith

    He ought to be sent to Club Gitmo, and make sure there’s reservations for the three-headed monster of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Heck, while we’re at it, the entirety of the Democratic apparat needs to go to prison.

  6. I wonder if all these Gov’t owned foreclosed properties will become Section 8 chapter 2!

  7. One final accolade can be given Franks upon his retirement; He never stood up to anyone who wished harm against the U.S., “butt” rather bent over as was his natural disposition.

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