Relative to my work pal Daimon, I can track his lineage back at least six generations.. That’s better than OWEbama can or will do. Even better, I can produce his birth certificate, unaltered of course..

This “Secret Service Scandal” came along JUST in time for you to forget about the LATEST OWEbama scandal involving the GSA.. No matter, it ALL happened on HIS “watch”.. Allegedly, this Secret Service business involved 21 women.. If that ends up being the actual total of Colombian concubines, Billy Bob therefore made the ENTIRE Secret Service look like a bunch of pikers AND he even repeatedly lied under oath about it..

The liberals “earn” money by taking it from others, eschewing capitalism.. Conservatives make money by “earning” it, UTILIZING capitalism.. The leftist communists conveniently keep forgetting that SOMEONE has to earn money before the liberals can steal it and then redistribute it in order to pay for their votes that they have to buy..

“Follow me”.. This is something that a leader says.. Within today’s weird group of megalomaniacs, the ones who have bounced from MySpace to Farcebook to Twitter and to now “Pinterest”, I have but one question. WHY would I want to “follow” you anywhere? Exactly where are you “leading” your “followers”? This explosion of accessible cellphones has made the insignificant ramblings of the insignificant even MORE insignificant.. Go rearrange your sock drawer and don’t forget to tell your “followers” that you have done it..

The biggest mistake made by the “Greatest Generation” is the idea that they should “make life better for their children”.. You CANNOT give it away, this is the cornerstone of the failed pathetic pathos of the perverted progressives.. The REASON that they were the “Greatest Generation” was due to the fact that adversity creates character.

Is OWEbama two-faced? No. Let’s see, we have OWEbama, EGObama and coming soon to a theater near you, WOEbama as in “Woe is me”.. “I inherited this mess”.. “The party of ‘No’”.. He is at LEAST three-faced and counting..

I love to advise the ghetto trash and the wanna-bees on the streets as to the REAL derivation of the “sagging” that they like to do with their smelly drawers.. This practice started in prison where the, lets just call them the “Barney Frank’s” of prison, then KNEW who was one of them and this posture provided easy access to the back door.. That always gets them to hike up and cinch up..

This had BETTER be a cake walk.. The totalitarian Titanic has been listing dangerously port side for four years, the SGA, Solyndra, the Health Scare Scam, the Scamulous, the bailouts, debt, deficits and defaults. The liberal Democratic destruction of MILLIONS of American jobs.. Gas WAS $1.78 when OWEbama took the throne, NOW its $4.00.. By the way, the left made heavy weather of the fact that gas was $1.48 when George Bush took office which then increased to the astounding $1.78 when he departed.. Thirty cents in 2008 had them in a diarrhea panic, $2.28 MORE on the OWEbama Democratic watch and they don’t have a thing to say except.. Tax the rich!! Shall we all laugh as the nitwit Napoleon wobbles towards his Waterloo?

OWEbama is nothing more than a Bolshevik Bernie Madoff. He “made off” with the life savings of the middle class and IF given four more years, he will CONTINUE to rape and pillage progressively..

Why is there no “shame ” in being “homeless”, for example? Who raises someone whom then finds such a situation to be acceptable? The “problem” isn’t the homeless, its that they AREN’T ashamed of BEING homeless.. The left has INTENTIONALLY taken “shame”, a GREAT moral motivator, and removed it from its position of prominence.

There is NO “shame” anywhere anymore. The liberals took the natural stigma of shame, justifiably attached to the wanton abuses within the “food stamp” program, they removed the “shame” and now the “beneficiaries” all get a slick “EBT” card.. No “shame” there, it just looks like any old credit card, replete with an American flag, no less. THIS “credit card” is being paid for by YOU and YOU get NONE of the “benefits”..

There is another word attached to this “de-stigmatization”.. “Benefits”.. When the handouts were properly ensconced with “shame” for those who are able bodied but just slovenly, the left HAD to transform the handouts into “benefits”, and just as quickly, they then became “rights”, magically making them even more ” hands off”.. NO ONE has a “right” to ANYTHING unjustifiably taken/stolen from those who have EARNED it. This includes the liberal alms given to the capable/culpable..

On a similar note, the left has decided to soften the handout/benefit bonanza even further. “Food stamps”, when sanctimoniously addressed by the enablers, are now called, “nutritional assistance”.. That certainly sounds sufficiently haughty and appropriately reassuring to the recipients/beneficiaries self esteem.. And AGAIN, the ONLY ones who EVER need the liberal’s propping up of their sagging self esteem are the “recipients”, the “beneficiaries”, who SHOULD NOT receive ANY assistance from the taxpayers AT ALL..

Whenever a liberal says the following, that they are doing something for the “greater good”, it is a lie. The ONLY thing of importance to the left is the acquisition and the retention of power. This is accomplished through the bribes given to as many people that they can enslave to their mantras of failure. These “bribes” then appear as votes, which then keep the liberals grimy hands in the pockets and savings accounts of the middle class.

On the idiot “green” front, the sales of Ford’s electric Focus will stagger you. Through February and March.. Zero. Combine that with the ass-toundingly similar sales of the Chevrolet Volt, and the next thing that you will hear from another liberal living off of the idiot “political science” of the “greenie weenies” will be something like this.. “There is an obvious racism in America towards the environment..”

The OBVIOUS OWEbama answer to this will be to first, overreact in order to divert the nation’s attention from one of his Democratic scandals and then the liberal government MUST “take over” Ford. Second, vast amounts of tax dollars in “subsidies” will need to be focused on the flatulent Focus.. Trillons in “re-education” campaigns will need to be placed onto the nations televisions in order to get everyone “thinking correctly”.. If you want to seriously do something that will unquestionably effect the environment in a positive way, plant a liberal, preferably about six feet under..


12 responses to “Liberalitis

  1. Incredible work. The best. Please add ‘share’ buttons for social media, particularly Facebook!

  2. Small minds have no sense of “shame.” They are the retards that continually call out that the poor, homeless and minorities deserve more and it is at the government’s, if not our’s, shame that they aren’t given it.

    Shame walks arm in arm with self-dependence and self-cognizance in guiding both on a straight path. The majority of liberal Marxists have never come close to holding hands. They know only two things; pay out and hand out.

  3. My aunt did our linage and t raveled through Europe to get all the facts, she even was invited in our families Guthrie Castle in Scotland. Those living at the Guthrie Castle gave them the family history. Currently its used for weddings on the inside and the grounds for parties.

    The history goes back to Mary Queen of Scots. My aunt Pat was able to go back to the 13th Century and our relative was the “lieutenant” to William Wallace, his name was William Guthrie. He was one of the men who went to France to bring Wallace back to Scotland to fight King Edward. I highly doubt that Obama could actually go back that far into his past.

    There is a joke. What’s the difference between Obama and his dog Bo (that no one see except on a Christmas card)? Bo has his papers while Obama refuses to release his.

    Larry, I disagree on the what Obama are trying to hide by having the MSM. It’s about the legal proceedings going on in Federal Court with the players from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Franklin Raines, J. Timothy Howard and Leanne G. Spencer. They previously were in Court a few years ago and the FEC negotiated with these three criminals to give back $3 million each from lying about engineering a six-year accounting fraud intended to inflate the reported earnings of the company and thus increase their bonuses. I could only find that Raines walked away with close to $100 million. I cannot find how much the other two walked away with

    A report issued Wednesday (2/24/12) by the inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency says Fannie and Freddie together have paid more than $109 million in legal expenses for former executives since 2004, with Fannie covering more than $99 million for just three top officials.

    Fannie And Freddie: Key players in the subprime bubble continue to run up bills for the taxpayers. The latest outrage is a $100 million-plus tab for defending executives in fraud cases.
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are quite a different story. These enablers of the mid-2000s mortgage bubble have racked up losses of $183 billion since the government stepped in to rescue them.
    The Obama administration’s new budget projects that total investments from the Treasury will reach $221 billion by the fall of 2013.
    By 2022, should Fannie and Freddie still be around, the administration expects a net loss of $28 billion on the taxpayers’ investment.
    With any luck, these two troublemakers will be long gone. But until then, we can expect a string of would-you-believe-it stories like the one this week, detailing how taxpayers are paying the legal fees of former Fannie and Freddie executives charged with securities and accounting fraud.
    I think its not playing with the media, I certainly haven’t heard that the People are paying for these crocked, lying multi-millionaires who walked away from their jobs with salaries and bonuses, yet it’s the taxpayers how are paying their defense attorney’s. It makes me sick.

  4. beyond disgusted

    Outstanding post, especially loved your last line. Barring that, how about exporting all liberals (one way ticket, of course) to the socialist/communist counrty of their choice, for life. Would work for me!

  5. Joe,

    Couldn’t have said it any better..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Eileen,

    I NEVER meant to narrow down the things that OWEbama is trying to hide..

    The list is longer than your arm.

    Thanks as always,


  7. beyond disgusted,

    There is but ONE reason why the libs would never accept such a deal.

    They KNOW that they couldn’t get away with even half of the crap that they are allowed to get away with here..

    Thanks as always,


  8. Nutritional Assistance? You have got to be kidding! That is worse than when they stopped calling french fries, french fries. I really think we need to take a liberal brain, if we can find one, and examine it carefully. I’m sure there is a gap in that un-used brain where common sense should be and an open area with winds howling like in the Rocky Mountains.

  9. By the way, how many divorces will be amonst the fall out? Nice way to hear your spouse is cheating. Yuk!

  10. Not only is there no shame for some to be on food stamps, etc. , but some are proud that they are able to game the system. And with the loss of morality, look at all of the pregnant unmarried females who are shameless as they are about to bring another bastard into the world. Let’s not forget the teachers and coaches who are having sexual contacts with students. And, the young punks who have no respect for their elders . Or, ex-cons who treat their prison time as a badge of honor.

  11. JJ, You are right on the unmarried having babies. The word is out, you can get good “stuff” free from the govmint! My nieces said recently they are sick of attending baby showers for girls who arn’t married. So when you see all the support for Obama coming from single women it is quite obvious. Will any pundit have to nerve to point that out on national TV? Sure!

  12. My fellow conservatives, as “endowed by our Creator”, on this day in 1775 Patriots at Lexington and Concord fired the opening volley for American Liberty. I have honored their sacrifice with the exception of being unable to fly the flag due to rain all day. Their sacrifice and the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who continue to shoulder the burden of our Liberty.
    I am also somewhat saddened by what our nation has become over the dreams of those first Patriots.

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