One Thousand Days

Guess what, America? OWEbama and his liberal cohorts haven’t submitted a budget in the Senate for over one thousand days. Perhaps the Bolshevik Barnabas Collins, Harry “the Skeleton” Reid was too busy hanging out at Nevada blood banks.. You have to ask why would the Democratic Senate have such a difficult time putting together any sort of a budget, especially when they had the rarest and most prized of political weapons, a “supermajority”, just a short time ago.. How is it possible that a group as brilliant and insightful as the liberals just can’t seem to put together a budget?

The answer is very simple, not unlike the liberals themselves.. It is because they do not want to file a budget. ‘America be damned’ according to the liberal “1%-ers”..

The Democrats are without question, the obstacle in all of this. They do not want to do anything at all before November because the last four years have proven unequivocally that the left has done MORE than “enough” to America and the middle class.. The Democrats completely orchestrated so-called up-coming “gridlock” will be progressively portrayed as being.. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. The Republicans fault! That’s right, following the liberal lead of the pathetic progressive who STILL likes to “blame Bush” for ALL of HIS socialist shortcomings, the rest of the Democratic cowards will refuse to take the well deserved heat for their stalling on a budget, among other things.. However, even without a budget, they have still managed to spend and spend and spend and spend..

But why? Well, just like the billions of dollars in taxes that will mysteriously be collected from the middle class after January 1, 2013, by doing nothing, the liberals will avoid having to actually cast a VOTE in order to steal more from the middle class, it will just “happen”.. By submitting a budget, the Democrats would have to put on paper exactly whom the recipients of YOUR hard earned but now redistributed income will be.. They would rather wait until AFTER November before going “on the record”, so to speak..

This is but ANOTHER of the Democratic fascist foul-ups that they are trying desperately to navigate around. Fast and Furious, Solyndra and the ILLEGAL Health Scare Scam and so many other fiascoes need to be “protected” through diversion and distraction. The “impartial” media has already punched the collectivist clock and they are doing their typical yeoman’s work in order to aid the fellow travelers of the Democratic Party..

Maybe the liberals will identify ANOTHER “Republican war on women” since the last one, initiated by someone who needs to give a DNA sample in order to prove that she is actually a “she”, didn’t have the lasting impact that the licentious left had hoped.

Maybe the chest-thumping OWEbama will keep claiming that Romney wouldn’t have turned the Mooselim Rug Rodent into Democratic dust like HE did.. These are the same people that keep claiming that they won’t release the photographic proof of the last breath taken by the smelly simpleton because it might ignite the forlorn followers of the dead deviant.. Yet every minute or so, OWEbama keeps telling anyone who will listen that HE knocked off the middle eastern moron.. Pictures, no, endless verbal “reminders” for “political purposes”, hell yes..

Maybe OWEbama will pen another book and the requisite “book signing tour” can be another excuse to raise some more money.. I have the perfect title for this next Marxist masterpiece, “The Audacity of a Dope”..

Diversion and distraction will HAVE to become much more prevalent as the liberals have quite a dilemma on their grimy hands..

Four years ago, the liberals had to CREATE a “record of accomplishment” for OWEbama, the 143 day wonder, the community organizer.. They had just a little bit of cover-up work to do, a little diversion and distraction when such liberal luminaries as Boy Scout Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and “Reverend” Wrong were exposed to the light of truth and their proximity to the Boy Blunder was revealed..

It was only just a small amount of shoveling because the nation was rapt and swooning over the first “clean” black (according to Stoli Joe..) who “didn’t look like the other presidents”.. In order to just cut to the chase, they simply unsheathed the “racist” gambit from its moldy Marxist scabbard and everyone ran in fear.. Soon thereafter the “historic” moment was being celebrated, ensconced in Bolshevik bunting and hilarious Styrofoam columns..

NOW the left has to RUN AWAY from the record of “historic accomplishments” that have taken place in the last four years. NOW the importance of distraction and diversion have NEVER been more important to an incumbent because NO ONE has EVER had such a hideous “record” to try to bury.. Even Dhimmi Carter, the collectivist cornpone, couldn’t manage to destroy the life savings of the middle class AND the millions and millions of jobs in the short time that OWEbama has.. All of the lime in the world cannot cover the rotting stench of the collectivist corpse known as the OWEbama record..

The idea of blaming both W. and the Republicans in the House since 2010 for ALL that has preceded since the liberals had unfettered control of BOTH Houses since 2006 just isn’t going to fly. The left is going to HAVE to come up with something “creative”. They will “create” a disaster. A pandemic. An epidemic.. The Republicans gain or retain political power through the creation of progress. Liberals gain or retain political power through pandemonium.

Why? The left has done a magnificent job of turning their constituents into clinging children who reflexively run to the liberals when “disaster” strikes. When “disaster” strikes, the liberals need MORE liberals in order to cure whatever this “disaster” is. MORE liberals also need MORE of your money in order to cure whatever the “disaster” is.. The “impartial” media can be counted upon to “report” this “disaster” every hour on the hour throughout the entire twenty-four hour “news cycle”..

This “disaster” can be completely imaginary or fabricated, like “Globaloney Warming” for example. “Facts” matter not to the liberals when there is a “disaster” in the air. If you try to corner the collectivists about something like “Globaloney Warming”, the “disaster” just miraculously morphs into the even more amorphous “Climate Change”.. Even if the “disaster” is real, they will do exactly what they did during the BP disaster. They will cool their heels, all the while watching the clock as they count the seconds towards election day..

One thousand days. No budget from the Democratic Senate.. Damn it, it’s Bush’s fault.


13 responses to “One Thousand Days

  1. I can see all these articles are intermingled and consecutive. “Facts” matter not…….is so true. If the demonCrats can’t find a disaster to their liking, they will certainly come up with a diversion. Never take your eyes of the libs when they are talking because it isn’t what they say, it is what they do that counts with them!
    Red State put out a great article on our killer president, and others keep adding to the list. Can you imagine being on the OWEbama shampaign shovel brigade? After all the accomplishments were discovered in 2008, they now have to be buried and four years of no leadership has to be buried. I’m wondering if his bragging about being the killer of Osama might put him in the cross hairs of some terrorist group? I hope not! That’s all we need is a hollow martyr!

    Never Give Up, Never Give In, and Never Again!

  2. You need social media share buttons.

  3. With all of the blunders, half-truths, miss-stated ‘ facts’ , and downright LIES , does this fraud really have a chance for a second term ? We know that there are many stupid and racist voters out there , but are they in the majority?

    The new slogan for the shampaign is ” forward ” . Politically it is defined as ‘progressive and radical ‘ . And the term is also associated with Marxism, and Communism , including China’s Chairman Mao. Are these idiots in the WH stupid, or blatantly defiant ? Or is there a third choice – you decide !

  4. Absolutely “right on” again, Larry! Regarding disasters, I can just hear it now from the Obumma’s advisors: “When all else fails, tell the unwashed masses of ‘useless eaters’ that “the sky is falling! The sky is falling!” oh, Great One!” (uh, if they WERE honest in their description of their imposter, they should have addressed him as “oh, hypocritical DemonicRat!” But, I’m not holding my breath–I have not desire to die of asphyxiation!)

  5. noleftturnz


    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  6. Red State is really hitting the liberals and their rabble rousers. Here is what has been said:
    In today’s quasi-bipartisan inane ramblings, Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute and Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institute want the Washington Press Corps to know the GOP is extremist, destroying the country, and they should all stop paying attention to the GOP or treating them with balance.

    Nothing says marginal extremism like holding the US House, most statehouses, most governorships, and a plurality of national party ID.
    Now, we know their target audience is the press corps because they write

    “Our advice to the press: Don’t seek professional safety through the even-handed, unfiltered presentation of opposing views. Which politician is telling the truth? Who is taking hostages, at what risks and to what ends?”

    This is a growing trend among left-wingers. They have not won the arguments. In fact, Ornstein and Mann take 1,998 words to make sure we know the left has been wholly unsuccessful in its agenda. So what Ornstein and Mann resort to in response is

    “The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.”

  7. The simplest answer is the one I explained on the last article, “Facts or Fascist Fiction”, that politicians and the devious democrats of the past three years have known. Can any country exist by it’s government spending more than it “earns” and congressionally raising it’s debt limit?
    This compares to giving a 16 year old a bottle of whiskey and the keys to the family car.

  8. I was especially impressed by POTUS’s address from Afghanistan last night….. (not) and when he got done telling them just how and when we would be pulling out all of our troops….. wait for it….. instead of falling on their knees and thanking him for his magnanimousness, the Taliban BOMBED THE SNOT out of Khandahar….. They have promised this is just the beginning. Joy in the morning…. just what we need, more posturing and preening in the midst of a crisis… AGAIN….. sigh. November can’t get here fast enough!

  9. Perhaps all taxpayers should go along with OWEbama’s “Buffet Rule ” , namely run up a billion dollars in due taxes and then fight the IRS to not pay it. Yeah, let’s all BE LIKE BUFFETT – that should make OWEbama happy !

    OWEbama’s poster boy for raising taxes is just another Liberal tax cheat just like many of his friends and members of his admin.

    Tax cheats and liars – the perfect combination to run a business or a country. What could possibly go wrong with that plan ???

  10. Oxymoron of the day – ” OWEbama Girlfriends “

  11. An update on the ‘Buffett Rule’ – apparently the Oracle of Omaha has come to the realization that the ‘ tax the rich ‘ scheme really won’t solve the economic problems. Imagine that . . . . we knew something that this FINANCIAL GENIUS did not know !

    Now for the big question – what will be the new name for the ‘tax the rich ‘ scheme , since Buffett’s change of heart ? Just another mistake in the OWEbama master plan Wonder what the Jay Carney spin will be .

    Is this a small indication that it is time for Buffett to step aside at Berkshire Hathaway, or perhaps just keep his distance from OWEbama ?

    Just a few random thoughts.

  12. Here’s a fine example of how well the Tax the Rich scheme works : the state of California with it’s weathy Hollywood elite and Silicon Valley super rich, is bankrupt. This is a super Liberal state, the type that OWEbama and Pelosi just love. With all of their wonderful social and amnesty programs , along with the aforementioned rich folks, everything should be perfect, an absolute nirvana. Therefore , why isn’t it working ?

    Maybe they do not understand that Socialism has not worked, can not work, and will not work. Maybe they’ll ask OWEbama to have his 56 other states to bail them out – afterall , isn’t ‘bail out’ their normal plan of action ??

  13. Thanks to Looney Clooney and the left coast Libs, OWEbama grabbed about 15 million dollars for his shampaign coffers. These elitists are quick to give OWEbama $40,000 per person – wonder how much they give to charity , you know, for the real poor and unfortunate that could use the help. Hope they’re not like Biden who gave only a few hundred bucks to charity last year.

    Is it mandatory for everyone living on the left coast to be a Liberal , or does it just appear to be the case ?

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