The Nomenclature Of Nonsense

Albany New York.. Just a few short mornings ago.. Listen to the words uttered by OWEbama.. He wants everyone to “put politics aside and pass job creation legislation..” I’ll bet that you can’t guess that it is now “campaign time”..

There are a number of ways to attack this liberal lunacy, not unlike his “timely” endorsement (after a few John Kerry ‘flip-floppperies’..) of the gay marriage hooey. This is laughingly being defined as OWEbama “evolving” when he is actually “revolving” which EVERY liberal political sentiment does once re-election time grows near.. If you would actually like to try to find them, the leftist “political principles” can be found on an intellectual Lazy Susan or a socialist ‘Sit and Spin’. First lets look at this from the pragmatic and the logical.

The moment that OWEbama “puts politics aside”, everyone else will too. This “put politics aside” gibberish is another way of saying, “do what I tell you to do” which is the root of ALL liberalism.. OWEbama is again sounding like the forlorn “outsider” by telling EVERYONE ELSE to “put politics aside”.. According to the fascist fairy tales emanating from OWEbamaland, if it weren’t for all of those nasty “insiders”, ALL of America’s problems would have been cured by the Bolshevik Brown Bumbler starting in January of 2009.. Mind you the overwhelming majority of these “insiders” were DEMOCRATS who at the time were busy lining up all of their bribes so that they could cash in on their votes for the OWEbama “Target America First” campaign, but we shouldn’t bring the FACTS into a fairy tale..

As a socialist, leave it to OWEbama to ask for “legislation” to “create jobs”. Again, logically we have to wonder why someone who spent nearly four years INTENTIONALLY destroying not only millions and millions of American jobs but the environment that makes job creation possible, why does he want “jobs legislation” NOW?

Again, as a socialist, “legislation” means CONTROL. The ying and the yang of the demented Democrats are the acquisition and the retention of power. Through power, the left can DEMAND that you “donate” to their sanctimonious socialist enterprises. Each element of power gained by the licentious left is another step towards more CONTROL, which always means less freedom for those who have the temerity to disagree with the so called “blue state” Reds.. The left despises freedom of any and all stripes. The bottom line is that the “free market” should be “creating jobs” and the federal government should get OUT of the way of that process.

“Get out of the way”? This is NOT how a liberal government operates.. They want to get IN your way. They want to get into EVERYONE’S way. Then they want to get into EVERYONE’S POCKET. The liberals intentionally pollute the job creation environment, they intentionally try to trip and burden the job creators and they intentionally work to supplant capitalism with socialism.

This is another of the leftist political electioneering ploys. When it gets around to election time on the calendar, it’s all about simple but explosive (meaning FALSE) accusations. In order to keep the underlings and urchins of the left intrigued and involved, it has to fit on a bumper sticker.. The simian socialists don’t need anything more than that.

Whatever you do, don’t even think about asking a liberal for “proof” of what it is that they bray.. PROOF is irrelevant to the left. It is as unnecessary to them as a bar of soap or a 1040 form.. The indentured servants securely manacled to the lowest leftist strata NEVER ask for it and those who disagree with the left are never entitled to it.. If the left says it, it is so and no one has to prove anything other than those that the left levies its salacious falsehoods against.. With the liberals, the “burden of proof” ALWAYS falls to those that they target.. They have transformed Descartes statement into “I stink, therefore I am..” Or for those fond of the foreign languages, they have morphed it into, “cogito ergo DUMB..”

The liberal “threats” are always large and amorphous, for example, “big oil” or “corporate fat cats” or “Wall Street insiders” or the most humorous of them all, the “1%-ers”.. If it weren’t for the undue and overbearing influence of the Democrat’s FREE campaign coconspirators of the “impartial” media, these smelly leftists would be laughed at all the way back to the bridges that they live beneath. The FREE advertising for the liberal causes wholeheartedly embraced by the “impartial” media creates a Democratic drone that continues on and on and on..

There will also be a need to seed the collectivist clouds with some type of pandemonium. There will need to be something that can IMMEDIATELY be classified as a “epidemic”. If one cannot be created out of whole cloth, they will more than willingly “recycle” any or all of the old ones.. Will we need to prepare for the impending “Ice Age” again? Are we due for another bout of histrionics over the fallacy of “Globaloney Warming”? ANYTHING to get you to look the other way and I do mean ANYTHING..

The left makes a simple and unsubstantiated charge, the “impartial” media sprints to the Republican (AKA: the “victim”..) and “demands answers” and more time ticks off of the election clock.. (Romney was a “bully”..) This pattern will repeat itself over and over again.

In order to believe in liberalism, you must be able to do what only a confirmed psychotic leftist can do. You must be able to comprehend the dichotomy that surrounds the liberal political machine. When soiled socialists start bellowing about “1%-ers” for example, they really mean CERTAIN “1%-ers”.. What would you classify OWEbama as, an everyday fellow or a “1%-er”? What about Nancy Pelosi? John Kerry? Harry Reid? THESE limousine liberals are all OK, the ONLY “1%-ers” under fire are the ones who giggle at the liberals pushing their shopping carts full of feces stained blankets..

“Corporate fat cats”? What would you call Apple? Microsoft? This decidedly un-intellectual dichotomy is purely political in nature and we shall consider that to be the “proof” that WE need. With the left it is NOT about “money”, it is who HAS “money” and if YOUR money hasn’t been tithed to the liberal’s Bolshevik babysitter style of government, it’s time to march and to protest.. Don’t worry, if you do start to march and to protest, the “impartial” media will be there to “report” your every move as long as you are saying the correct things..

In order to properly combat the liberal virus we must be able to dissect the nomenclature of nonsense that permeates their entire thought process..


11 responses to “The Nomenclature Of Nonsense

  1. Wait, wait just a minute here, or should I say “job creation” aren’t those those words I heard more to the tune of some 4 years ago?

    It is common knowledge that the stereotypical politician up for re-election, should ever one be able to get one to confess to it, defines a campaign process as “promises of lies and governing on truth.” Therein lies the difference between Owebama. He campaigns on lies and governs on lies, he is no politician as the American people have come to know them.

    He is a self-serving Socialist while the rest of the country suffers he and his family take expensive vacations, hold gala dinners and hold other expensive events. All on the taxpayers dime. It’s what’s called back in the ’50’s acting ‘nigger-rich.’ And it’s not just Owebama but the whole damned family who have behaved in every way but presidential. I am SO offended when I hear Owebama say, “in order to restore fiscal responsibility, we must all share in the sacrifice but we don’t have to sacrifice the America we believe in.” The lying bastard, he doesn’t believe in America in the first place and I haven’t gotten a chance to “share in the sacrifice” because Barry hasn’t invited me along on one of their vacations. That’s probably a good thing though as I’m still trying to figure out how to fit a nuclear device into my underwear for the flight aboard AirForce 1. : )

  2. I don’t want to have to understand the nonsense……I just want to make it go away!

  3. Well said.

    There are several ‘words’ that politicians use that drive me crazy ( yeah, I know some say it’s just a short putt ) , but there are 2 that are especially grating – “jobs” and “infrastructure”.

    Jobs – as we know, the gov’t. doesn’t create jobs, and those people getting a gov’t. paycheck do not produce anything, they simply raid the tax funds. The so- called job training is just another raid on the tax funds, since it is nothing more than paying people to prepare for jobs that don’t exist. Everyday , more job outsourcing is done in order to take advantage of off-shore cheap labor. We cannot compete with countries that have slave labor, no environmental regs, little or no taxes, etc. , etc.

    Infrastructure – this summer thousands of roads that do not need re-paving will be re-paved in an attempt by the gov’t. to make you believe that they are working for you. This paving scheme , with it’s instant results and little or no desruption in your commuting schedule is just a diversion from what really needs to be done – namely repairing and /or replacing the crumbling bridges ! Why, because that requires major down time and major commute problems. Plus , they can kick that can down the road, and dump the problem in some other politicians lap. And, let’s not forget the kickbacks that will be involved in these ” gov’t. contracts ” for the paving !!

    Any idea as to how many paving companies are owned by the mob – you know, that is the group that doesn’t exist ?!?

  4. Lance,

    If NLTZ had a media button – what would your comment be ? Just curious .

  5. Larry,

    How fitting you chose the word “nomenclature” as an adjective in discribing the idiocy of liberals. One of it’s synomyms is “taxology” which, through a little word jumbling, describes both current agendas and past history’s ideology of the Democratic’s economic policies.

    The word “taxology” does have a definition of it’s own however, that being “study of plants.” But then I repeat myself.

  6. Hello All,

    I believe I understand the nonsense, and like T, I also want it to just go away. I am tired of these morons trying to 1984 us with their double-speak. It is insulting and tiresome.

    Here’s to November. Get out there and vote!

    Sincerely, Ninth

  7. Jude O'Connor

    I’d crawl across broken glass and swim through a pool of iodine to vote this November 6th.

  8. I do not, nor I cannot, understand the nonsense of the liberals, the possesion of my common sense and those like me, prohibit any recognition of a ideological society that would train unproductive citizens as their mascots, all while in their barking condemn those who provide their same sustenance.

    To be or understand “progressive” is simply prostitution of your mind.

  9. noleftturnz


    The latest TOTD for those so inclined..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Jude O'Connor

    Get out your dictionary and look up the word “delusion, delusionary, delusional and you’ll have the explanation of the liberals to a “T”. The statement, despite the facts, says it all. Armed with this definition will give you an advantage in responding to their drivel.

  11. Joe-
    I’m with you. No liberal understanding at all and I don’t see understanding between liberals, so it really is a problem of ‘huh’? Larry- You say some call him evolving. When I read that I could see this great big guppy turning into a old warty toad. This column continues your trend. so you still have a lot of mojo!

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