Pranks Perversions And Progressives

Back in March of 2010 at a Wal Mart in Washington Township New Jersey, an imbecile took hold of the overhead speaker system and made the following idiotic attempt at humor, “all black people leave the store now..” The individual in question was arrested but there is still a surprise relative to this “event” from years past. I am surprised that it took this long for SOMEONE to file a lawsuit in relation to this “non-event”..

Donnell Battie has “lawyers” and they are now claiming that “the megastore was negligent and reckless in allowing the incident to occur”. Battie, an obviously appropriate sir name if ever there was one, has also “suffered from a number of psychological disorders as a result..” He has also suffered from the typically unnamed “emotional distress”.. (msn dot com 05/16/2012)

Hogwash, rubbish, nonsense, choose any or all of the above.. Lets quickly dissect.. First, Battie isn’t suing the culprit as the culprit doesn’t have the deep pockets of a “megastore”.. This is a classic case (pardon the legal pun..) of “lets just settle out of court” to avoid the messy media coverage, we will take a few gift cards.. If you will excuse yet another unpardonable pun, this is nothing more than blackmail precipitated by a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

We have WAY too many lawyers. Once we have too many lawyers, they obviously need to keep themselves busy, thus the ridiculous plethora of nonsensical lawsuits filed on behalf of those who simply wish to have an easy and unearned payoff. As well, “too many lawyers” means too many judges and those not on the bench are left to run for political office both locally and nationally where they clog up other things..

In this new age of “legalism”, there is no such thing as an accident. EVERYTHING is malicious, everything is intentional. We have reached “critical mass” on the lawyer front and their endless attempts to keep their day planners full costs those of us who DON’T constantly “need” lawyers in the end.

In this so called “incident”, lets suppose that the “megastore” gets sucker punched to the tune of ten bazillion dollars courtesy of a jury made up of the same type of hopefuls who would love for this type of  “payday/payoff” to fall into their laps.. Every microphone at every “megastore” will soon be plastered with warning labels and the “megastore” will just raise prices to offset the damage done by the lawsuit of the offended one.. The worst part is that once the ten bazillion dollars have been banked, prices will still remain at the “post-lawsuit” level, probably awaiting the NEXT idiot that manages to wander through the doors of this business. Someone who obviously needs copious warning signs and warning labels in order to exist within our complex society and failing that, someone who needs a “good lawyer” and won’t have to look too hard to find one..

A favorite liberal bumper sticker.. “War is not the answer”. Here is the rub my friends, I agree. The agreement ends there though..

If “war is not the answer” then preemptive measures to eliminate “troublemakers” ARE the answer. You will never get the liberals to agree to such logical countermeasures.. The liberal idea of “talking” everyone into liberal complicity is childishly stupid and therefore the appeasement-oriented leftists wholeheartedly embrace such socialist sophistry..

The left ALWAYS needs an example and even though they summarily IGNORE the answer that you give because it immediately deflates their helium-filled “argument”, here goes anyway..

On at least two occasions, Billy Bob was afforded the opportunity to cleanly take out a terrorist that made NO BONES about the fact that he wanted to do considerable damage to the United States. BOTH times the progressive pervert declined the offer. A few years later, the twin towers fell. The proper preemptive action that should have been taken would have quite assuredly decapitated (Mooselim action word..) the entire concept that became one of America’s darkest days..

So, I agree that “war is not the answer”. However, if the passive progressives will not allow the proper preemptive actions, then war is the ONLY answer and the resultant “war” is THEIR fault..

The Democratic dipsomaniac was out and about having slipped free of the manacles that usually have him strapped to the walls of the White House Democratic dungeon.. Old Stoli Joe was all aflame with the proper amount of both righteous and sanctimonious indignation as the Bolshevik battle cry of “class warfare”, the ONLY warfare the liberal will ever wish to fight, was front and center.. It has to be because the liberals REFUSE to even discuss ANYTHING resembling the OWEbama “record” so the flambeaus of fascism must be lit anew.. EVERYTHING is on the table for the leftists in order to distract you from their four years of “historic” failure..

According to Joe, the Republicans don’t “get” the middle class. For the second time today, the liberals are CORRECT. Correct for all of the wrong reasons though.. Details, details..

The Republicans don’t “get” how the middle class invariably falls for the liberal’s redistribution rhetoric. How can the unions, middle class almost to a man, be taken in by the tax and spend illogic of the leftists time and time again? Can the payoff given to them be THAT substantial as to make up for that which is then taken back from them through exorbitant taxation?

The liberals understand that the middle class will put up with outright theft perpetuated in the name of “compassion” by the class separatists of the left. The left understands that the middle class is too busy to march in protests, so they just cut to the chase with such balderdash as the “war on women” and the Republicans just don’t “get” the middle class and the middle class amazingly TRUSTS THEM.. The middle class is too busy being the middle class, so the idea of statistically pointing out item by item the theft of the liberals can easily be overcome through the patented “political minimalism” of the socialists.. “Racist”!!

The weepy and moony compassion plays of the collectivist’s works on those who could be termed “yellow dog Democrats”. These folks foolishly connect the Democrats of say JFK or Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s time with the OWEbama and Nancy Pelosi’s of TODAY.. Even a cursory glance at something as personal as your paycheck stub (if you actually have one of these things under OWEbama..) should bring such stupidity to a halt but the “trusting” middle class won’t have anything to do with the idea..

Biden’s correct, I don’t “get” the middle class..


21 responses to “Pranks Perversions And Progressives

  1. When I first heard the phrase ” war is not the answer” , my first thought was
    ” what is the question ? ” . After the attack on Pearl Harbor, I doubt that there were many Americans who would have said “war is not the answer”. On the contrary, we banded together in total resolve to defeat the enemy.

    ” War is not the answer” might have been the mantra of the so-called ‘peaceniks’ , and non-bathing, druggie, free love, non-working hippies and draft dodging cowards that fled to Canada. It also might apply to the young immature minds that are indoctrinated on Liberal college campuses and who expect the gov’t. to provide ‘free’ stuff.

    When Biden screamed ” they don’t understand us “, was he attempting to include himself in the middle class ? If so, wonder how many in the middle class live in a 2.5 million dollar mansion ? So, was ol Joe having a Senior moment by forgetting where he lived, or was he purposely lying to rile up the crowd ? Seems like he has a real problem discerning fact from fiction !

    If memory serves, we have the highest number of lawyers, on a per capita basis , in the entire world. If true, it explains many of the problems we have today. And, since judges and most members of Congress are lawyers. don’t expect any changes . We can, however , take solace in the plethora of ‘lawyer jokes’ that are out there.

  2. I don’t get the Middle class, either….. They are swayed by the Lame stream media, and the progressive pats on the head….. Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves?
    Biden is just an idiot; what an air theif!
    The Democrat Party of today bears no resemblance to the one that JFK represented. I have to remind my elderly mother of that every election… she still thinks the Republicans are the party that favored abortion-on-demand, because that’s what she heard on the news. Wow!

  3. For me, I don’t get the Republicans….. Why do they always turn the other cheek continually and never find the intestinal fortitude to stand firm? Why do they always bow their head as they scuff their shoe in the dirt and shrug? I have heard excellent ideas from some Republicans, but when it comes time to install or enforce the ideas, they whimper, put their tail between their legs and walk off. It is such a pronounced outcome, Liberals never take the Republicans seriously. They simply turn and walk away. If the R’s would stand firm and declare no one is too big to fail, no one can take our guns, no funds to illegal aliens and no one will censor my speech, then see to it that their declaration stands, the L’s would need daily laundry service.

  4. Richard,

    Agreed. Maybe it is time for the real fighters, namely the conservatives, to force the GOP to dispense with the RINO mentality, and become hard core conservatives. Then, the real fight will be between conservatives and liberals.

    OWEbama is not a tax and spend liberal – he is a spend and then tax liberal. After running up severe debt, he creates a ‘crisis’ and then wants to tax everyone and everything. He makes it appear that HE has the solution to the problems ( which of course he created) , and therefore his policies are necessary. Sadly, there are far too many who believe him.

    Since the Libs have denigrated the term ” Tea Party “, perhaps it would be wise to emphasize the word “conservative”, as suggested above, especially during these tough economic times when it is necessary to keep our moneyfor necessities, and not waste it on frivolities and unnecessary taxes.

    Conservatism , rather than Republicanism should beat Liberalism, IMHO .

  5. Additionally, the connotation of ‘rich’ Republicans , and claims that the GOP favors the ‘rich’ and not the working class, would go away, since voters of all stripes could be conservative in fiscal policies. No more ‘evil’ Repubs, just good solid conservatives, who just like folks from every income level , are trying to stay afloat. Savers vs non-savers.

  6. On your first comment, JJ, your memory does indeed serve you correctly about the “lawyers per capita basis” stat!

  7. It has been said that “war is EASY; peace is HARD.” That’s where the real difficulty lies, IMHO.

  8. War is not an answer or question, it is the solution in gaining victory over any of those who would threaten our way of life.

    There will be massive tax hikes passed after the November elections. I think we here all know why they aren’t passed now. The Republicans will have their spineless backs up against the wall (again) and will join the liberals in voting for them. They may have the House majority but they are a useless lot.

  9. gsteelwraith

    -War actually is the answer. How many things that have happened to this nation would have never occurred if we simply applied some force? Our troubles with Iran wouldn’t be, had Carter had the cajones to do as the Soviets had when their embassy was taken over by those students. 9-11 would never have happened if we’d simply popped off Bid Laden after he no longer served our purposes back in the 1980s. The Iraq War would have never happened, had Bush not heeded his Secretary of State and continued the slaughter of Desert Storm, and not stopped until we had Bagdad under our control and Saddam in prison.

    If we take nothing else from history, it should be that liberals can be counted upon to make the same mistakes and to err on the side of treason.

    i also don’t get Republicans, as they set themselves up to lose over and over. None of them have the stomach to stand on their ideals. If I was Romney, I would hammer Obama on his character and his record any chance I could. Obama is a drug user, he pals around with radicals and terrorists, and he has run up the debt beyond any nation’s ability to pay. If I could scrape up video evidence of him fornicating with farm animals while wearing a KKK hood, it would be on the six o’ clock news. Liberals understand politics is a blood sport, its high time the Republicans learn to fight.

  10. The reason we cannot have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse is you can’t post, “Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not commit adultery, and Thou shalt not lie” in a building full of lawyers and judges. It creates a hostile work environment…

  11. beyond disgusted


    The establishment Republicans will never understand that politics is a blood sport, they are there to “get along”. That is why they need to be defeated by real conservatives, such as what happened to Senator Luger recently. As far as I’m concerned they are as much of an enemy as the demorats.


    Am sure you have noticed that Owebama constantly harps on the middle class. No need to mention the poor as they were bought off long ago. Now he’s busy sucking in the middle with ever more entitlements. It would seem that more & more people can be bought off with goodies paid for by others. I really fear that this country has lost its soul.

  12. If the general election could be referred to as the ” Conservative Party ” vs the ” Liberal Democrat Wasteful Spending Party ” – which party should win ? Catchy phrases and tag lines work well in advertising, and certain labels work well in politics.

    Look what happen to the word ‘bully’ . Just a thought.

  13. Owebama claims that Romney doesn’t have the proper experience to be the POTUS . This being said by someone who never managed anything !
    The only money Romney received from a gov’t. was his $1.00 salary as Gov. of MA – Owebama has been on the Gov’t. payroll for almost his entire life.

    Appareently OWEbama wants to change the Constitutional requirements for a presidential candidate, especially since he himself might not be officially qualified.

    Owebama is going to need a bulldozer to accomodate all of the dirt that he is going to dump on Romney. ” Dirty ” won’t describe what is about to happen.

  14. As of the “Owebama record” I am more deeply concerned not of the person who currently inhabits the Oval Office, but of his attaining the highest office in the land with seemingly no personal or political achievements. It worrys me Owebama was good enough for good enough for Columbia despite undisdisguisable grades at Occidental. He was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre performance in Illinois. He was told he was good enough to be the president despite he had no record at all in the Senate.

    Owebama, although he holds the title, is not my America’s president. This “president” is small and a small-minded man, with neither the intellect nor the temperment to handle the job of the esteemed office.

    He is an in-experienced and “directed” socialistic enemy who would like nothing more than to see the demise of our country. Again, my greatest concern, as should be all of ours, is of those who are doing the “directing” and the eradication of those thereof.

  15. I’m right there with you, JJ. This mulatto is scary. We really need to find who is pulling the strings of this puppet and snip the connection. My first and last thought is Soros. Talk about scary! With his unlimited funds and hate of our country, things could go Topsy-turvy in the blink of an eye.
    I just read the New Black Panther party is so disappointed with OWEbama they are suggesting the blacks make a choice of who will best represent them…….. by ballot or by BULLET! Will the Secret Service investigate this traitor? NOPE!

  16. Gsteelwraith, I have asked my senator most of these questions. Answer = ignore question. We must vote ALL Rinos out ASAP.If we loose in Nov. we will probably all meet in person in the FEMA camps. I’ll bet this blog is # 1 or close to it on the progressive watch list. Richard, I think he, like my Rottie X, is a mutt. We don’t know who her father was, just as we do not know who fathered the O. I would trust my dog with my life, but I would not trust O with my old toe jam.

  17. Richard,

    The Secret Service will not investigate, they’re too busy with hookers !


    Without term limits, the RINOS and other career politicians will remain in office, because the stupid voters , especially those on the dole will continue to keep them in office.

    On a side note, speaking of stupidity, how about the judges who want to blow a million bucks in Hawaii, especially after the GSA fiasco – is there any wonder why this country is in bad shape ??

    Owebama made promises to the Catholic Church, then as he usually does, he broke them and consequently the Admin. is being sued by 43 Church institutions. To say that the POTUS has some psychological issues, is an understatement. He is beginning to make Putin, Castro, Hugo, et al. look like the good guys !!

  18. Richard,

    I agree with your opinion of George Soros being a major player in the promotion and election of Owebama. Sadly though, that’s all it will it be is an opinion of ours as Soros is to rich, to powerful, to smart to be caught. If justice were to get close to him he would sooner throw Owebama out as dog meat. (not dog food)
    In the future, for the well being of our nation, the only way to evade the last three and half years of eligibilty questioning is the thorough vetting of all presidential/vice-presidential candidates.

  19. Any one need another reason to not understand the Republicans in Congress? Either way if you understand this decision brought down by the herd of rumbling Rinos, I suggest you switch your thinking to liberal.

    It seems that no matter what the Supreme Court decides, in repealing part or all of Obamacare, Republicans are prepared to draw up bills keeping the popular consumer-friendly portions in place. Those would be allowing a 26 year old “child” to remain on his parents health care and forcing inssurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. No matter what our Justice System says on the Constitutionality of Obamacare, Republicans say it would be “to POLITICALLY risky to exclude the provisions.

    Speaker John “Boo Hoo” Boehner gave a message to the entire House Republican Conference: “When they rule, we’ll be ready”, but warned that they would relegislate in smaller, bite-sized pieces, rather than putting together an unweildy new health-care law.

    Is swallowing government mandated health by bites any easier than having it crammed down your throat?

  20. JJ

    The only reason the whole scandal about the Columbian prostitutes came about is because how much one of the women wanted for her services. She wanted $800.00. The Secret Service Agent offered her $30.00 and now no longer belongs to the Service.

    How ironic is it that the only person in Washington willing to cut costs gets fired?

  21. Joe,

    Doesn’t that depend on who was going to pay – the agent or the taxpayers? Sounds like the agent !! Or, PHONY expense report !!

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