Lies Of Any Size

I hope that you are sitting down as what I am about to say may shock you.. The liberals lie..

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? The liberals are actually addicted to lying, anywhere from little bitty ones to gigantic whoppers. They will never get over this collectivist curse for a number of reasons..

The first and foremost reason for the liberal habit of lying is that it forms the fascist fulcrum of liberal politics. Simultaneously, the lowly urchins of the liberal left do not have any compulsion towards the truth. The limousine liberals have learned from their earliest incarnations that their chattel will believe ANYTHING that they utter in public.

Supporting this psychosis is the fact that “facts” or “the truth” have no place whatsoever within the liberal nonsensical nomenclature. All that needs to transpire is for one of the Marxist members of the progressive pantheon to make a statement and those who depend upon the left for their sustenance unequivocally ingest it as socialist scripture.. Over the years, the most effective of the liberal gibberish has been just large enough to fit upon a bumper sticker and nothing more.. Or it becomes the childish poetry of certified imbeciles like Jack$on or $harpton..

In all honesty, the larger and more ridiculous the statement, the more easily that it is not only swallowed by the Bolshevik bottom feeders, but the more quickly that it is then trumpeted by the liberal political partners in slime, the slugs of the “impartial” media..

The moment that the “1%-er” liberals discovered that the “lie” was more effective to their cows and bovines was the moment that the liberal political paradigm changed entirely. Gone were the “Democrats” like JFK and Moynahan.. Once the realization that the “facts” had no significance to the liberal voting base and once that realization was properly reinforced at the ballot box, all bets were off.. Let’s take a quick look at one of the earliest moments where the collectivist compulsion for lying began, with the so called “War on Poverty”..

At this “historic” moment, the Democratic slavery was undergoing a visceral transformation. The generations of slaves who had previously been corralled through the Democrat’s fire hoses, baseball bats and lynchings needed to be brought back into the Democratic fold before they wandered into the Republican camp. After all, the Republican Party was founded based upon the desire to END the slavery that the Democrats were so fond of.. They needed a trick, something that would be less visually offensive to the world as their old Democratic habits of fractured skulls and burning crosses, so they settled upon the intellectual slavery of “benefits”.. The faux collectivist compassion of the “War on Poverty” could not have fit the bill any better.

This “War”, from which there is no Democratic “exit plan”, one that has cost countless lives and has cost the nation uncounted trillions in treasure, was to be “fought” by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Was it his “compassion” for the poor that drove him? Was it his need to “level the playing field” for those who weren’t as fortunate as the typical “1%” liberal Democratic politician? No, his motives, if you will pardon the pun, were much darker..

According to Ronald Kessler (“Inside the White House”) Johnson revealed the TRUE Democratic motivation for all of their sudden diametrical Democratic “compassion”. According to Kessler, while bragging about his “efforts” on Air Force One, Johnson said, “I’ll have those n****** voting Democratic for the next 200 years..”

Take away all of the Bolshevik bombast, dry all of the faux tears of “compassion” and all that you are left with is the same Democratic Party with the same motives and the same goals as they have had for hundreds of years.. They’ve just tweaked it for the unobservant.. They’ve fine tuned it so that their halos will always be at the proper angle so that they will radiate the proper amount of “compassion and caring” for the cameras and microphones of the “impartial” media..

The subtlety of re-enslaving the poor while sanctimoniously fighting a “war” on poverty on their behalf was stunning in both its efficiency and its effectiveness.. The liberals themselves HAD to be flabbergasted by the ease and simplicity of the transformation of the gullible. Almost effortlessly, they were redirected back to the SAME people who just a few moments before were engaged in a DIFFERENT, more “hands on” sort of “war on poverty”.. Over time, this “war” on poverty became the cornerstone for their new and improved “War on the Rich” which was empowered by their instinctive “class separation” psychosis.

Now that generations have been securely indentured, the reactionary ruse needed to be realigned to a war on the “rich”. They HAD to properly enflame the “have-nots” who skulk and slither at the bottom of the Democratic gene (cess)pool.. As with EVERY liberal scheme before and since, there is no consistency to what it is that they are doing. It is a war on CERTAIN “rich”. Those “rich” from Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and so many others are properly exempt from the bellicose Bolsheviks and their collectivist cries for the entirety of their bank accounts to be sequestered for righteous redistribution..

The “lie” of the war on the “rich” also masks the GENUINE liberal war on the “NOT-SO RICH”. The middle class must be ensnared within the liberal fight plan because they have proven to be more than compliant over the entire course of the sixty-year liberal “war”.. Besides, there are only a few “rich”, there are millions of members of the middle class and bleeding them whilst claiming loudly to be targeting the “rich” has proven to be just as easy for the liberals as the reinstallation of the manacles of slavery to the liberal’s beloved lowest class..

The left has done this by simply changing the definition of what actually constitutes the “rich”. Under Billy Bob Clinton, the “rich” were those making $250,000.00 at the onset, when push came to shove, the Clintonian “rich” were those making $40,000.00.. Amazingly at the same time, the liberals were also changing the definition of the “poor”..

When the puling progressives begin to snivel, snort and honk about the “poor”, they try to assemble dusty old mental images of the “Dust Bowl” settlers with their clapboard carriages and their starving progeny.. The “reality” of the liberals “poor” have multiple color televisions, cellular telephones, automobiles, air conditioning and that is before we get into the listing of ALL of the “benefits” that the liberals have accrued for their “deprived” voting base..

The fact that the liberals lie with such frequency and ferocity, their “lies of any size” plan, is not a surprise to the cognizant or even the mildly observant. This progressive pogrom has been in place for well over sixty years. The fact that so many of the REST of us do not recognize and identify this Democratic deviousness and the fact that these same repeatedly return these thieves to political power is what I find so surprising..


11 responses to “Lies Of Any Size

  1. PLEASE provide a Facebook Share button for your extraordinary work.

  2. Larry,

    As usuall, good read. Your last paragraph sums it up rather well, however it is not so surprising to me , because there are so many stupid voters , on both sides of the fence. And as you said – tell a lie often enough and many accept is as truth.

    For example, Owebama has been taking credit for the Stimulsu, Tarp, and bailouts by claiming that over a million jobs were created, the auto industry was saved, and the financial status of the world was saved. HOWEVER, he puts the pricetag for most of that on the Bush ledger, thereby reducing his own deficits. Will the MSM report the lies ? Don’t hold your breath .

  3. And excellent narrative of the liberal loony mentality. Being mostly deaf, I exclude myself from large gatherings because I can’t follow the conversation. But my exclusion is used by me to “people watch” the crowds. I had a boss in a finance company tell me one day, “Usually the showy, in your face alpha male’s credit is in the tank and he is living off the public”. I became quite adept at picking out the losers, and I probably got up-wards of 70 per cent right. (Couldn’t borrow a buck to buy a coke.) I have been doing the same “people watching”, but now I am picking out the liberals from the conservatives and I am astounded on the differences. Liberals never let a moment go by when they could toot their own horn. They always walk with an up-tilt of their face (nose in the air). They never by-pass a free sample, even if they don’t know what it is. They are mostly unable to pick up a discarded piece of trash or a gum wrapper or even put their cigarette butts where they should go. They have no concept of the word ‘patience’. They take it for granted someone will always be there to serve them. Many drive the fanciest car they can’t afford, but live in a hovel. In this respect, life is often mimicked on TV or in movies with an accurate story or rendition of what I often see. Wake up America. A lie told a thousand times is still a lie.

  4. Richard,

    I’ve noticed some of those traits in the food stamp receptiants at the supermarket.

    As the Liberal lies get bigger and bolder, I might start referring to all Liberals as ” LIARS ” . One simple word to describe their many tactics , schemes, and devious behavior.

    Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, and that we all remember what Memorial Day is really about. May God bless all who paid the ultimate price .

  5. I agree with everyone, but especially Lance. This work is too good to only be enjoyed by we lucky ones. I pass on the site, but never know who or how many read it. Great article Larry.

  6. The ‘War on poverty’ works for liberals because lies do. Even though billions of dollars of government money have been pumped into the so-called ‘war’ there is nil to show, only more ‘poverty.’

    As I remember reading different articles some years back, Johnson, not only according to Kessler, commonly referred to blacks as n**gers.

    Larry, in an effort to spread your insightful and argueable articles I am encouraging you to take the suggestions of Lance and Graywolf and perhaps look into twitter also. Anything than what you’ve already tried to spread your true words!

  7. We do not have real poverty in this country. We have a big business controlled by the LIARS , which thay call poverty. They decide the ‘magic number of the so called poverty line , in order to enslave as many as possible without being too obvious or over zealous. If you want to see real poverty , look no farther than Haiti or Africa, where people are starving to death, children are naked, and a tin roof is a luxury.

    How many so called ‘charities ‘ have administrative ‘costs’ of less than 10 % of collections ? Yup, the “poverty game” is big business, and the LIARS thrive on it !

    Taxing the worker to give to the non-worker is not ‘charity’ , it is a crime.

    Before the socialists came along with their do-good schemes, the poor and unfortunate were taken care of by Churches and charitable persons. A fund raiser was a true fund raiser , and all of the funds went to the needy. However, that system was not agreeable to the socialists, since they didn’t control the purse strings, and most importantly,they got no credit !

    Ah, the good old days – don’t you miss them ?

  8. gsteelwraith

    The main reason why liberals lie is because lies serve them better than the truth ever can. Obama cannot run on his record, not with the debt reaching sixteen trillion on his watch, the real unemployment rate hitting twenty percent, and foreign policy which will result in this nation being offered up unto our enemies. So he lies, and blames Republicans, even though the Dems have had control of Congress since Bush’s first term, and they couldn’t be bothered to create a budget in three years, and don’t know what a spending limit is. Now we run the real risk of having our nation’s credit rating drop again. Liberals lie all the time, because the truth will destroy them.

  9. WE , not OWEbama , not politicians, not gov’t. , – yes, we can create millions of jobs on our own simply buy purchasing American made products. Yes, on the surface it sounds easier said than done. BUT , it can be done – if we really and truly want to bring back jobs . No, it won’t happen overnite. The products that were once made here, can be made here again – if WE really want to have it done.

    When individuals and manufacturing companies see the demand for product – they will make it. Again, as long as gov’t. stays out of the way.

    Many American factory workers are proud of the products they produce – some even put their name on them. How many foreign workers laboring under adverse conditions are proud of what they produce ?

    Yes, the price of the products made here will be higher , BUT tens of
    millions will be added to the employed roles, the economy will grow, the welfare costs will decrease, and with more gainfully employed, morale would go up, and I would hazzard a guess that crime would probably go down.

    Poor neighborhoods would change, kids would do better in school, and look forward to a brighter future. Remember, the kids of today are the future of our country. And that is not just a token phrase.

    Again , it is up to US , not the corrupt politicians.

  10. Yes, I realize that I’m not the first nor the only person to get on the ” Buy American ” soapbox, and I wish that there are many more on this soapbox.

    Why should we continue to jeopardize our economy for those of China and other third world countries ? Our unemployment rate was very low before we got involved with those countries, and we can lower it once again, and create a balance of trade, without OWEbama.

  11. I am with you all… so very sick of the lies! I wish there was some kind of automatic feed-back on the television that would say “LIE!!!” every time one was told…… I can dream can’t I??? 🙂

    JJ, I have all but stopped shopping at WalMart, and have begun to look for American made products wherever I shop. I buy locally grown produce as much as possible. Having said that, I doesn’t matter much what we do if we can’t get our children educated properly. They need to know the truth about our country’s history, and they need to be taught the value of work. They need to understand the difference between asking for help and being lazy.

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