If the Democrat’s weren’t so dangerous, they would be absolutely hilarious. As the world seems to be spinning out of control, OWEbama seems destined to have the rest of it spinning as uncontrollably as the United States is under his totalitarian tutelage.. This is either INTENTIONAL or ACCIDENTAL and NEITHER option is desirable..

According to Fox News, “America’s effort to mediate conflict and effect change has been met with a startling response in country after country – defiance..” I find it adorable when Fox tries to be “impartial” when they are surrounded by an “impartial” media that enthusiastically endorses the liberal line..

Who is REALLY “startled” by the world’s response to the liberal form of “diplomacy”? Just for starters, WHO would take you seriously when you show up with a former “community organizer” and a housewife/harpy? By “housewife/harpy” I mean Rodham, not Michelle.. Mind you, THOSE are the OWEbama diplomatic team’s HIGH points..

That’s right, America now arrives at the negotiating table with OWEbama immediately reminding everyone of his tee time and Rodham who has personally undertaken the novel scheme of scaring our adversaries with her physical appearance. Rodham has embraced the whole Betty Friedan/Helen Thomas look and this is probably the most effective diplomatic ploy she has ever attempted during her useless and forgettable tenure at Foggy Bottom.. Her “Medusa” look is certainly more upsetting to our enemies than the kneepad diplomacy of the rest of the Democrats, so at least she is trying to be creative.. Progressive points for thinking outside the box, Rodham!

Dear liberals: your “idea” of taking the “OR ELSE” out of the “diplomatic” equation will NEVER work. (Not unlike the over six million Americans under OWEbama’s regime who might never work again..) Your collectivist curtseys and your Bolshevik bowing have made YOU a laughing stock. Unfortunately, as with the REST of your harebrained heresy regardless of its geographic location, you have made America a laughing stock as well.. Your failed flailing has made the world a MORE dangerous place, if I may borrow from Dick Cheney. Last thought for the collectivist caliphate: you CANNOT negotiate from a position of weakness, you can only capitulate.. This does not stop the liberals from trying..

Here is the SHORT list of the foreign failures that OWEbama SHOULD be taken to task for.. Iran has laughingly continued its “nuclear program” knowing that the liberals will do NOTHING to stop them. North Korea continues to toy with its ridiculous Roman Candles. Russia is up to its old tricks again and soon there just might be another “wall” built somewhere to keep people from leaving yet another communist paradise. Pakistan, a TERRORIST “nation” and government, has jailed the man who gave up Ol’ Shark Bait AND they now want to change America $5,000.00 a truck for the re-supplying of those fighting terrorists (probably from Pakistan..) in Afghanistan. Now we are on to Syria and the Houla Massacre, which is the last straw in the “historic” inaction that has defined the liberal cowardice when a GENUINE atrocity is presented to them as opposed to fictitious ones like “hate crimes” or “globaloney warming”..

Mitt Romney, seeking to point out the obvious to the oblivious, said that OWEbama “can no longer ignore calls from congressional leaders to take more assertive steps..” I’m guessing that Mitt doesn’t understand that liberal “assertive steps” involve ONE thing alone.. Talking..

The liberals GENUINELY believe that “talking” and then the requisite signing of some useless parchment in the presence of the fawning “impartial” media ACTUALLY WORKS. The liberals are just dying to believe anyone, as long as they are an American adversary.. Our allies’ cries and concerns are simply pooh-poohed by the collectivist caliphate. This Neville Chamberlain kind of thinking didn’t work during Chamberlain’s time and it will not work in ours.

Never fear, the “U.N. Security Council”, as effective in their mission as “Michael Moore’s dietician” is in his, called an “emergency session” on Sunday. It’s Wednesday and NOTHING has changed.. Surprised?

As the Syrian death toll reaches five figures, OWEbama “reportedly plans to float a new plan paving the way for Syria’s Assad to leave power..” I say that we begin to “float a new plan” for OWEbama to do the same because if we don’t, NOTHING of a positive nature will ever occur again in matters foreign or domestic..

The totalitarian trout then used her position to verbally reinforce her visually horrifying presence to the Syrians.. “Those who perpetrated this atrocity must be identified and held to account. The United States will work with the international community to intensify our pressure on Assad and his cronies, whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end..” After this socialist sortie was aired, the effect upon the Syrians was immediate.. “The Syrian government later denied responsibility”.. Wasn’t it nice of the Assad regime to use the exact methodology as OWEbama in denying “responsibility”? Soon Assad will just blame Ahmad al-Khatib for HIS problems just like OWEbama blames George Bush for his..

Even John McCain stepped in to say that OWEbama is just trying to “kick the can down the road” and why wouldn’t he do so when he was NEVER held accountable for the LAST time that he and his administration tried to “deal” with THEIR DEBT by using this tactic?

The liberals then wheeled out Leon Panetta, their answer to Eeyore, for the Sunday morning squawk shows and as always, he did not fail to amuse..

He called the $5,000.00 bribes demanded by the Paki-terrorists “disturbing”. He said that America will continue to “work at” a relationship with the Paki-terrorists. As for Iran, Panetta belched forth some of his best work.. He said that America will “do everything we can to prevent them from developing a weapon. We are prepared for any contingency in that part of the world..” Speaking of “prepared”, I hope that those in that region who USED to rely on the aid and assistance of the United States are the ones who are “prepared” to actually deal with the realities of the enemies that surround them.. This embarrassing verbal sewage was cavalierly tossed out by another liberal in “kick the can” mode..

McCain finished up with, “I think that it’s time to draw some red lines” relative to the Iranian nuclear weapons programs. Come November, there had better be a lot of “red lines” drawn across the map of the United States if anyone EVER wants anything to actually be done about ANY of this.. Until then, the liberals will continue to “talk” and the rest of our enemies in the world will stand in “defiance”..


9 responses to “Defiance

  1. noleftturnz


    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. 4th request. Provide social media share buttons like everyone else does.

  3. Perhaps Rodham went for the natural look because that is the choice of BillyBob’s conquests , OR Mary Kay stopped the freebies because she was obviously not a good example of their product line !

    She couldn’t stop Billy Bob’s constant daliance, how can we expect her to threaten an entire country ? Was there ever a short list of candidates for Sec. of State, or did OWEbama give her the job to keep her in tow ?

    We’ve been the victim of extortion in the Middle East for many years and many of the ragheads want the cashflow to continue. Iran sells weapons, N. Korea will soon supply the rockets, the cartel provides the oil money, and the games continue. And what exactly, will OWEbama and Panetta do about that ? Think how things would have changed if Gen. David Petreaus were the Sec. of Defense . Speaking of Petreaus, seems like OWEbama has kept him out of sight for a long time. Wonder if he was at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

    John Mc Cain has been a member of the Wimps in Washington ( WIW ) for a long time – don’t expect him to change his stripes anytime soon . If the WIW aren’t replaced soon, this country might not recover.

    The amount of lying by the Dems ( AKA ” liars ” ) has gotten so bad that even Bill O’Reilly has called them on it .

    Liars vs Conservatives sounds better than Democrats vs Republicans .

  4. gsteelwraith

    We have no business getting ourselves involved in the Syrian mess, no matter how compelling the pictures coming out of there are. Yes, it is cold-blooded, maybe even cruel, but we need to determine how best we as the last bastion of Western thought should handle these events. Niether the Syrians nor the UN deserve even one American dollar in support nor should the life of even one American soldier placed at risk, not even to save lives over there. We have no business propping up worthless dictators like Karzai in Afghanistan, nor endorsing losers like Almekki (sp?) in Iraq, nor expecting perfidious nations like Pakistan to support our efforts to keep the semblance of peace over there. In the end, it isn’t worth all the garbage we get in return. Why should we waste the lives of our troops, our time, or our dwindling supply of money helping out these ingrates? They will not thank us, they won’t appreciate our efforts, and they will most certainly stab us in the back. Since the average Muslim in the street would rather see all Christians and Jews killed, I have no qualms whatsoever to simply let them die in our place. We should be encouraging our enemies to slaughter each other if it spares the life of even one American.

  5. After the massive slaughter of Americans in our own Civil War, and the huge losses of American lives in both the Korean War , and Vietnam , apparently we have still not learned any lessons. All three were civil wars , ironically North vs South , and perhaps all should have remained as internal conflicts with no external interference. But, we had to get involved .
    Are we proud of the results ? North Korea is a disaster and a powder keg which is about to explode. The landscape in Vietnam is going to take a long time to recover.

    Did we not learn anything ?

  6. `WE learned something. It is the blasted congress who has learned nothing. They are too busy with their nose in the feed bag to take note of the world deterioration. The only thing they are interested in is their life of luxury on the backs of the slaves. Somebody needs to take a big 2 by 4 and smack them up alongside their heads to get their attention. At that point we slap on the term limits, cut off the free health programs, cut their salary by 50 per cent and introduce them to Social Security while we refund their platinum pensions to the people they stole it from.

  7. Richard,

    Agreed, but that is just the beginning of the list of changes that must be made.

    The Founding Fathers of this country were both wise and insightful beyound their times. If all politicians followed the intentions of these great Americans, this world ( yes, this world ) would be one helluvalot better !

    In it’s comparitively short existence, this country became the envy of the world, that is , until the Liberal Liars started to destroy it .
    The US dollar was the currency standard of the world – how long will it last ?

    Conservatives vs Liars The winner will determine the fate of the USA

  8. Larry,

    Haven’t heard from Eileen for some time – do you have any updates ? BTW , did she complete her research on OWEbama ?


    big win in wisconsin
    Larry are you still there???

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