Monthly Archives: June 2012

Collectivist Collage

In Arizona, the OWEbama caliphate has set up a “hot line” to call relative to the overwhelming problem of ILLEGALS. What would this hot line be for, you ask? Is it to report an ILLEGAL so that they can be properly corralled and cashiered? No. Is it so that citizens can report suspicious activity in and around the border that might precipitate action by the proper authorities? No.. The OWEbama “hot line” is for the aggrieved to report that their snivel rights have been violated by the law enforcement authorities tasked with dealing with OWEbama’s latest cuddle buddies..

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Watergate Waterloo And OWEbama Too

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the desperate times for the totalitarians are from now until November. This show is only going to get better.. Here are a few starters from just today..

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Never Had

With a stunt that would only “surprise” the politically ignorant OWEbama made another of the “moves” that he HAS to make in order to secure some “votes”, “votes” that he has to make up for since ACORN allegedly won’t be helping him this time around.. No matter, either ACORN or his AMNESTY, both were and are ILLEGAL, slipping conveniently into the Democratic socialist nomenclature..

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Saying Versus Doing..

The biggest problem with the Democrats is NOT the fact that they are Democrats.. Their biggest problem is the fact that about sixty or so years ago, the Democrats were tainted and infected by the curse of liberalism. The Democratic Party needs to exorcise the demon of liberalism that has violated their political brand.. The Democrats will forever marginalize themselves until they jettison the tumor of liberalism..

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Liberal Game Shows

I have for years correctly contended that when the liberals are trying to be serious they are hysterical and when they’re trying to be funny they sound morbidly morose.. In what will become one of the most humorous election cycles in recent memory, the analogy of creating or resurrecting old game shows and turning them into “liberal game shows” seems quite appropriate..

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One Step Forward

Due to the carcinogenic touch of liberalism, the “war on terror” has always had to be fought by taking one step forward and then, once their snivel rights unsensibilities kick off, then taking two steps back. A few days ago, we took one step forward. Fear not, once the Mooselims and their reactionary rug mates of the left find one “sympathetic” socialist judge, we will back to where we started..

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