Liberal Game Shows

I have for years correctly contended that when the liberals are trying to be serious they are hysterical and when they’re trying to be funny they sound morbidly morose.. In what will become one of the most humorous election cycles in recent memory, the analogy of creating or resurrecting old game shows and turning them into “liberal game shows” seems quite appropriate..

On the Friday just passed, OWEbama decided to do the Bolshevik buck and wing after stepping into another pile of his own verbal excrement. We went from “the private sector is doing fine” to “it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine..” Just to up the ante, in-between OWEbama said that “the private sector is doing fine but the economy is suffering because of cuts in state and local government..” (CNS News) The new liberal game show “The Blame Game” has its latest contestant.. Just listen to the show’s host during his introduction of the Brown Clown..

“Please welcome to the show our latest contestant, a community organizer from Kenya, please give a round of applause for Barack Hussein OWEbama!”..

Don’t bother making an appointment to have yourself checked, you heard OWEbama correctly. The “reason” for the “suffering economy” is the FACT that, according to him, there simply isn’t ENOUGH “government” going on.. “Cuts”.. A logical person would wonder why the state’s have had to make these “cuts”.. The “states” not unlike the middle class, has been bled dry by the “government” of the Kenyan Kollectivist. These “cuts” have become necessary because there has been WAY TOO MUCH “government” coming from the District of Corruption. TOO many “bailouts”, too many “health scare” scandals, too many Solyndras, too many “Fast and Furious”.. Too many more to mention, too many more undiscovered..

The carcinogenic liberal “idea” of a massively intrusive federal government now has its collectivist claws in the matters of not only the “states” but the “cities” as well. The scary visage of “Big Brother” whispered about by the liberals in the sixties seems to have disappeared since the LIBERALS are in “control”.. Now according to them, the “government” CAN’T be big enough.. Size matters not when you are guided by sanctimonious empathy.. Then again with the liberals, “effectiveness” and “frugality” do not seem to matter either..

The “states” seem to an unfortunate degree, “dependent” upon the liberal “government” and the effect is the same upon them as it is upon the liberal collectivist chattel of the lowest indentured “class”.. The bond between the liberal federal government and the states needs to be served or at least corralled.. In case the idiot liberals weren’t paying attention, the great state of Wisconsin has been trying their level best to accomplish this lofty goal and even the liberally inspired insipid “recall” failed miserably as EVERY attempt at Democratic fascism has..

According to OWEbama, governors and mayors “are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government..” There are a few ways to look at that tripe.. First, the obvious is that since OWEbama has SPENT the nation and the economy into DEFAULT, it’s only logical that the states and the cities would be left out to dry. This “help” has been going to liberal boondoggles like the “green scheme” and too many others that have produced NOTHING but MORE of the OWEbama “historic” debt. If the states and cities can figure out how to survive on “less”, since OWEbama has preached that the American people need to learn to live with “less” BECAUSE OF HIM AND HIS POLICIES, why can’t WE say, “it’s time for YOU to work with ‘less’”..

Moving on, wouldn’t you have to question not only the intelligence but the perceptiveness of the liberals since they seem to cling so dearly to a form of “government” that has NEVER worked in the entire HISTORY of the planet? Communism/Socialism has NEVER WORKED, yet the liberals insist upon hanging posters of Marx and Lenin along side their Bolshevik bunting while covering them with wet sloppy collectivist kisses.. The ONLY way to end these Democrats attempts at usurping capitalism is to NEVER allow liberals/Democrats to attain elected office. Attempts to reason with the unreasonable is a waste of time and breath.. On the game show front, any Democrats appearance on “I’ve Got a Secret” would have them unmasked as a socialist within ten seconds..

Even after four years, OWEbama is STILL asking rhetorical questions that he REALLY doesn’t want to hear the answers to.. “How do we help state and local (SEE.. It’s not just the “states” that these totalitarians want to overthrow..) governments and how do we help the construction industry?” Here’s a clue.. Get YOUR “government” out of both of their ways! This is an impossible request to be made of the liberals who know what is best for you and they have given it to you with both barrels. “Had Enough”? If so, you know what to do in November..

The amazing thing to note is that OWEbama has absolutely NOTHING to “brag about” when it comes to his reelection. Gasoline at TWICE the price from when he took office? Ten Percent unemployment? “Historic” debt, defaults and deficits? Scandal after scandal? This is going to be the most “transparent” series of distractions, diversions and denial that the world has ever seen. You can bet that the politics of progressive personal attacks, race card dealings and fascist fabrications will also be the cornerstones of this “shampaign”.. ANY attempt at trying to get to the “truth” of the OWEbama heresy will get you tarred and feathered..

Right on the heels of the Walker Landslide in Wisconsin, OWEbama IMMEDIATELY talks of what propelled Walker to such an impressive margin of victory in a battle that should have NEVER have had to be fought.. OWEbama thinks that there aren’t enough “state employees”.. Such persistence in the face of reality needs to be removed from the seat of power, not enabled due to another series of transparent “promises” made by yet another Democrat chafing for the opportunity to steal from you and yours..

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, in response to the latest OWEbama standup routine said, “this president may be seriously out of touch with reality and that is frightening..” First off: “May”? There is no “MAY” about it.. Second, here comes the OWEbama response to Johnson, “See, they’re STILL trying to scare you about me”.. There isn’t ANYTHING that ANYONE could “say” that is as “scary” as what OWEbama has DONE. The ONLY thing that would be “scarier” would be the words, “congratulations on securing your second term..”

If this idiotic progressive program of abject denial and intentional diversion continue, it will be time to resurrect another old game show, “Truth or Consequences”..


13 responses to “Liberal Game Shows

  1. BUT, giverment can NOT get too big. They support the democratic party, so the more empkoyees the more stolen union dues for OWEbama has to pass out to his army of non-workers. He should be promoted to Chief comedian/liar for progressives, socialists, and communists.

  2. Obummer is 3% black and 100% evil, communist scum. He has never participated in a honest election so expect every illegal alien and dead democrat in the country to vote for him. For our country to survive, all civil service unions must be done away with. The main problem facing good Americans in the coming election is the fact that the Republican party is controlled by left wing RINOS who don’t really care about America or winning elections. They just want to keep on blowing money we don’t have and padding their pockets with our money. If they honestly embraced the Constitution and the TEA party, we might have a chance. The only way to get a honest election is for every state to purge the dear from voter rolls and require photo ID to vote. That will never happen as the democrats can only win via voter fraud. This next year will be very interesting!

  3. I hope the republicans don’t want to play ” Let’s Make A Deal”..or we will all be playing ‘Jeopardy” great post Larry

  4. “Too many more to mention, too many more undiscovered.” Regarding that statement from the article, truer words were never spoken. Voters are going to be seriously piqued if they elect someone other than OWEbama and in 30 days after taking office all the problems are not solved. What they fail to understand………what obummer has wrought will take years of recovery. It certainly won’t happen overnight. That is why we need to be prepared with food and other necessities of life. We are headed for some rough years getting the ship steered to a true course. It is going to take a lot of effort and understanding to weather the next ten years, no matter who is elected. But if the wrong person is elected, ten years will be remarkably too short an estimate.

  5. noleftturnz


    I’m for ANY “promotion” of OWEbama as long as he leaves D.C..

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz

    Joe Green,

    Tell it brother, tell it!

    Thanks as always,


  7. noleftturnz


    THAT was priceless, GREAT comment!

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz


    Unfortunately, you couldn’t be more right in your assessments..

    Thanks as always,


  9. When will the fools in the WH realize that it is not a game when livelihoods and homes are lost, and families are jeopardized by these Liberal failing policies?

    And, how long will it take for the slackers to understand that the freebies will eventually end ? Apparently they have no idea of the fiancial crisis in Europe. Maybe Greece to them means cooking oil or something that they should have done to their car. Yah, poor people with a car – how does the WH expalin that ? Answer, put the ‘poverty level’ at $38,000.

  10. Since OWEbama loves BIG gov’t. , how big does he want it to be – 50 % of the population, 60% , 80% ? What is his magic ideological number ? And, must they all be unionized?

    Since unions increase the cost of goods and services, fewer goods and services will be the result, along with a proportional loss of jobs.

    But, according to the geniass in the WH , his plan will lower the unemployment rate and boost the economy!! What am I missing ?

  11. JJ… the answer to your question is….. NEVER…. because they refuse to see it. Even if/when it happens to them, they will refuse to believe it and turn themselves inside out blaming someone, ANYone else for their situation.

  12. When do the rest of us ge to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I guess we won’t again until Nancy, Michelle and Harry get done raping the fund… when there’s nothing left for the rest of us, than we will get a chance.

  13. Anyone ever notice that EVERYONE in the housing projects has a cell phone? But , since the residents are supposedly poor, how can they afford them? Simple answer,the phones are ‘free’ and so are 250 minutes each month ! In fact , one does not have to live in subsidized housing to take advantage of this freebie, all that is necessary is to have an income that is less than 150 % of the ‘poverty level ‘ .
    And, you might even qualify for a free computer, if the conditions are met.

    Apparently being ‘poor’ is a whole new ball game these days !!!

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