Saying Versus Doing..

The biggest problem with the Democrats is NOT the fact that they are Democrats.. Their biggest problem is the fact that about sixty or so years ago, the Democrats were tainted and infected by the curse of liberalism. The Democratic Party needs to exorcise the demon of liberalism that has violated their political brand.. The Democrats will forever marginalize themselves until they jettison the tumor of liberalism..

The political phenomenon of late known as “gridlock” has everything to do with the Democrats inability to shake the liberal scourge. Back when the Democrats actually BELIEVED in a STRONG America, back when JFK was CUTTING taxes, back when Moynihan was speaking facts about the “poor”, this “gridlock” was a complete aberration that rarely ever surfaced. Now the advent of carcinogenic liberalism has made this a political reality that repeats itself with all too great a frequency.

Primarily this “gridlock” appears when the sensible attempt to tourniquet the liberal urge to destroy. The liberal urge to destroy also needs many head of liberal in order to complete their mission. Once the pogrom of liberalism is vanquished, there will be no need for the liberals whatsoever.. The extinction of the liberal ethos would be cause for celebration as America could then resume its rightful place in the world. When someone presents something that will bring about the wholesale unemployment of a group of governmental liberals, “gridlock” mysteriously reappears.

One of the most offensive aspects of this disease is the inherent symptom of saying versus doing. When a liberal “says” something, it is a sure bet that their actual GOAL is the complete opposite of what they have said.. I have taken to calling this psychosis, “liberal definitional inversion”. Let’s take a look at just a few of the “buzz words” utilized by the liberals and how they have been altered for their use..

“Create jobs”. This is a classic that really amps up during “election cycles” and it is also one that has MANY facets and layers.. The liberals DO NOT “create jobs” in the private sector, the liberals “create jobs” like Solyndra. A liberal government IMPEDES the creation of jobs through exorbitant taxation, countless relentless regulations (“regulations” are formulated by governmental liberals whose “job” it is to create “job security” for the REST of the governmental liberals.. More on that later..) and moronic mandates.

The liberals “create jobs” WITHIN a liberal government for OTHER liberals. The ONLY liberal solution for ANY “problem” presented to them is to raise taxes and to employ MORE liberals so as to ensure the proper redistribution of the ill-gotten loot.. The FIRST step in this progressive process is for our altruistic liberal to take their healthy personal cut right from the top of the collectivist cash pile..

Each succeeding level of liberals does the same until it gets to the point where it is time to hand out the alms to the liberal’s “victims”. This progressive pittance is otherwise known within liberal circles as the “chump change” or “change for chumps” if you prefer.. Since there is now so little left for the “victims” after the liberals have taken their “fair share”, the left says that they AGAIN need more “revenues” and the cycle begins anew.. This simultaneously succeeds in rewarding the liberals financially and it also keeps the liberals “victims” mired in the lowest class where the liberals DEMAND that they be.. Forever..

Proceeding farther down the liberal sewer, this “create jobs” nonsense also morphs with the help of their “help the poor” mantra. Please note that NO ONE other than the “liberally addicted poor” actually NEEDS the liberals. Thus the need to make being “poor” permanent within the liberal ethos. The perpetual reaffirmation of the “poor”, the constant reinforcement of the ranks of the “poor” is in the end, nothing more than the left’s cruelly creative attempt at “job security”.

The liberals seek to “enslave the poor”, not “help” the poor. Again, if there were no “poor”, NO ONE would need liberalism other than the liberals themselves who would still be trying feverishly to create more “victims” to “help”.. Instead of removing the shackles binding the poor to the lowest class, the left works to APPLY and LOCK these shackles. Those sufficiently shackled will be convinced to vote for those who will “provide for them” as long as they give up on the illusive idea of ever accomplishing anything with their lives, other than standing in lines.. Those sequestered votes ensure the permanence of the liberal virus.. Nowhere is this more obvious than the liberal’s destruction of the nation’s public school system.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to “create jobs” for the “poor” when the public schools, under the direct supervision of the liberals and their Marxist minions of the NEA, are so successfully hatching the next generation of the perpetually unemployable. Please remember that the public schools are the ONLY option available to the “poor” because the idea of “vouchers” is verboten within the liberal’s demented scheme. Vouchers, an idea that will unquestionably benefit the “poor” by giving them a “choice” to LEAVE the public schools and the liberals who, again may I remind you, want to “help” the poor, are dead set AGAINST it. ANYTHING that will remove you from the abattoir of the public schools will be violently rejected by the liberals.. As the problem perpetuates itself, asking ANY liberal to identify the real problem within the public schools will net you the robotic response that the schools are “SEVERLY under funded”..

A PROPER education opens ALL the doors for everyone, especially the poor who can use a PROPER education to escape the bonds of the lowest class. Enter the liberals who want to do things like LOWER test scores within the schools based upon their so-called empathy of wanting to the RAISE the “self esteem” of their next generation of “victims”. (Note the liberal’s perverted sense of direction where RAISE really means LOWER..) When this “graduate” enters the “free market” as a completely uneducated and useless slug, the free market becomes a mystery that can then be written off as “discriminatory” and “racist”.. They have left a world where 2+2 equals anything you want and now they are trying to enter the world where the CORRECT answers are demanded.. This is how the liberals “help” (hurt..) Just for fun, the liberals then DEMAND of the private sector that a number of these useless urchins be placed into positions that they are completely unfit to occupy due to “fairness” through “quotas”..

We all hold the liberals in contempt but we should also hold these so-called “victims” of the liberal charade in an even higher contempt. The liberals do what they do for both profit and power and were it not for the tacit approval of the alleged “victims” of the liberal conspiracy, it would all collapse upon itself like a house of collectivist cards.. Its hard to figure which part of this psychosis is sadder, the duplicity of the “victims” or the faux satisfaction the liberals get from enslaving the willing as they “help”..

In the end, you should never listen to what a liberal is saying, you should watch what they are doing..


19 responses to “Saying Versus Doing..

  1. Larry, A great post. A perfect example of the liberal do gooders is California. Liberalism on steriods. The government mantra there is more taxes and regulations. How is that working for them?

  2. Sling Blade

    You’ve nailed it right on the head, Larry. From the rape of the public treasury to the pathetic excuse for education, this nation will never be truly free until the blight of liberalism is removed. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. EXCELLENT POST! The mind picture you painted was as clear as a cloudless, sunny day with graphs and flow charts. Thank you, Larry. And I applaud your hit on the “victims”. They are victims because they enjoy it and breed it into the next generation and the next and so on. I’ll help anyone who is doing their best to better themselves. But I do not offer hand outs.

  4. noleftturnz


    Cali is all but lost.. What a shame that such a nice state is in such a state..

    Thanks as always,


  5. noleftturnz


    GREAT to hear from you again!

    The Family seems to be dwindling..

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I CAN’T imagine “living” like the liberal “victims”. They have no soul..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Good stuff from everyone, as usuall.

    Many of our problems can be explained by a very simple equation, which is easier to comphrend than Einstein’s E = MC2 ( you know where the “2” is supposed to go )

    The simple equation is :

    Liberalism = Stupidity

  8. Speaking of stupidity , OWEbama claims that Owbamacare will reduce the cost of healthcare. However , since his signature plan is LOADED with hidden taxes, is he so stupid that he believes that those extra costs will NOT be passed on to the consumer. For example , there will be a 2.3 % tax on the GROSS ( not net ) sales figures of medical devices and equipment. And, since new devices and equipment are continually being developed, consider this scenario – a company spends $20 million to get a new product on the market, but only does $5 million in sales. They are now $15 million in the red, and owe $115,000.00 in gross taxes. How long will they remain in business? Let’s say the company was able to match it’s costs with sales of $20 million. If so, although the profit was zero dollars, they’d still be in the red to the tune of $460,000.00 due to the gross tax.

    Therefore how much R &D will be done to develope new products , when this type of taxation exists ? And, this is just ONE of the hidden taxes in OWEbamacare. Can the single payer plan be far behind ?

  9. Larry: Do you really think BHO KNOWS what is actually in Obamacare or all of the consequences of it? There is no way he is that smart! A bunch of liberal minions wrote that legislation in a bunch of different pieces, stuck it together in a completely un-understandable stack of paper and just told him it was a “good” thing for the country because the Dems would gain control of an entire sector of the economy. If we don’t get it repealed, the next step is to force all federal government employees (INCLUDING all elected officials in DC) live under those same rules – no exceptions – and lets just see how fast they run to make it go away.

  10. Larry, we are spending our time working, not commenting. Those on welfare are depending on us…
    I hope you are proud of us here in Wisconsin! Not trying to gloat or anything like that!

  11. Claire,

    In the end, I’m thrilled that ANYONE is “reading” let alone commenting..

    “Proud”? Nahhh.. Busting my buttons PROUD of the great state of Wisconsin who have proven that the liberal horde can be beaten back.

    Now its on to North Dakota!!

    Remember November!!

    Thanks as always,


  12. Larry you have summed it up exactly. What a sad and vicious cycle liberals generate. a local radio host has his first rule of liberalism . It generates the exact opposite of its stated intent. I couldn’t agree more. Liberalism is a lie based on envy and greed. Keep on fighting.

  13. As for “saying and doing ” , Owebama is now ‘saying ‘ what he wants to be
    ‘doing’ during his next term , because he needs more time to ‘finish the job’ , because it is more involved than what he anticipated.

    Aren’t we Americans fortunate to have such a geniass in the WH , because he has never made a mistake. And since he is the annointed one, everything he says is the ‘Gospel ‘ truth, or ‘ Koran ‘ truth , or whatever ‘holy book ‘ truth he professes to believe.

    If you ever thought that he made an err0r, you’d be wrong, because what you thought he said is not really what he meant. Think about, he has NEVER admitted to making a mistake. NEVER !!

    He is all about ” saying “.

    “Doing ” is for his subjects .

  14. “The biggest problem with the Democrats is NOT the fact that they are Democrats.. Their biggest problem is the fact that about sixty or so years ago, the Democrats were tainted and infected by the curse of liberalism.” Truer words were never spoken, Larry. As many have said and as people continue to wake up many more will say: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Party left me!”
    The curse of Liberalism is the Cancer that eats away at the foundations of this country. They have destroyed our schools, twisted and hijacked our history, infiltrated our entertainment and turned our children into self-centered, spoiled brats. They preach a version of Christianity that is self serving and they have made it all sound so REASONABLE. They tell us that God is tolerant of every sin and deviace, but not that he gave us a clear set of rules to live by. THey are only in ot for their own power, and will walk, stomp, and kick their way over and past anyone who gets in toeir way, screaming about being victims every step.
    Leep telling it Larry… you know what is truth and we believe that you have a clear way of saying it. You keep talking, and we’ll keep working.

  15. And another shining example of ‘patriotism’ in our public schools is the principal of an elementary school in Brooklyn who wouldn’t allow the kids to sing ” God Bless the USA “, but instead had them sing Justin Beiber’s ” Baby Baby ” . Idiot !!!

  16. Larry,

    Since you’ve used the words “enslave the poor” and “shackles” , is it fair to say that OWEbama is partially responsible for this type of ‘slavery’ ? If so, would it then follow that he is , in effect, some type of “slavemaster ” by continuing to keep these people in ‘bondage’ ? Because, that is exactly what is being done. Denotation vs connotation !! Just a thought.

  17. “A PROPER education opens ALL the doors for everyone, especially the poor who can use a PROPER education to escape the bonds of the lowest class.”
    Since the liberals know that “Knowledge is power”, they make sure that they teach all the wrong knowledge.

  18. Infidel-in-charge

    Two weeks in Reeducation camp in Cambodia will bring libtards to reality.
    Recently I detoxified a 45 yo Hollywood documentalist. He was nice person with wrong ideas, implanted by PC brainwash enterprize. But my highest achivment was converting a muslm into infidel.

  19. Infidel,

    Could you tell more of the story, without breaking any confidentiality agreements ? Sounds interesting !

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