Watergate Waterloo And OWEbama Too

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the desperate times for the totalitarians are from now until November. This show is only going to get better.. Here are a few starters from just today..

“Obama spends more than he raises” (Bloomberg dot com) “9 billion in Scamulous for green jobs creates 910 jobs..” (CNS News) This after the ILLEGALS Christmas gift via sidestepping the Constitution and Congress.. Solyndra, the GSA scandal and Fast and Furious.. “What did OWEbama know and when did he know it”? Even the media overseas is starting to pick up on the scandal and NOW the OWEbama cover up, even though the domestic “impartial” media seems to have an allergy to it or an amnesia about it, whichever is more convenient..

“Fast and Furious hasn’t been discussed a lot in the mainstream media, which is why the facts seem so preposterous..” (telegraph dot co dot uk) The OWEbama “ignoring” of this issue, his wishing that it would just simply go away isn’t going to work. Then again, in OWEbama’s “Amerika”, NOTHING and NO ONE “works” so this shouldn’t be a surprise to the morose Marxists.. The collectivist cat is out of the bag.

The “impartial” media’s collusion in the ignoring of this scandal will HURT OWEbama as a justified and long overdue groundswell is gaining momentum. Watergate didn’t just appear on the political horizon, it festered for months before the liberal media really began to work it and these were people who actively despised Nixon.. Timing is everything and this latest OWEbama scandal times out well for those of us who want to see the collectivist caliphate dethroned..

Holder’s silly Texas Hold ‘Em gambit with the requested documents has now caused OWEbama to invoke “executive privilege” which means that there is a boat load of incriminating evidence held within these now “unavailable” documents that MUST directly involve HIM..

When something like this cropped up when the last Democrat to sully the White House was going to be eviscerated by the 9-11 commission, Billy Bob sent one of his minions to the Archives and a spontaneous barbecue of STOLEN classified documents broke out underneath a construction trailer.. Holder didn’t want to go all “Sandy Burger”, so OWEbama had to “step in” and in doing so, he has certainly stepped in it..

In as few words as possible, Holder’s Fast and Furious became an opportunity for the Mexican gangs to get even more weaponry with which to kill even more Mexicans and any gringo American law enforcement personnel.. 1,608 weapons were gifted to the criminals by the OWEbama administration.. (OWEbama lied, MEXICANS died.. NO WONDER he wants to grant the rest of them AMNESTY..)

OWEbama must have figured that if he supplied enough weapons to the criminals south of the border, the number of ILLEGALS streaming northward might come to an end.. Creative thinking from the most uncreative of thinkers on the topic of ILLEGAL immigration.. (In the end, it wasn’t OWEbama’s “guns for thugs” program that slowed ILLEGAL immigration, it was OWEbama’s original domestic “Job Destruction” program that stemmed the flow. There just aren’t any “jobs Americans won’t do” anymore in America..)

The Oversight Committee, the Committee that has been stonewalled by Holder, has been according to OWEbama, “hijacked by Republicans who would rather talk about politics than creating jobs..” Wow.. This HAS to be one of the most juvenile attempts at distracting attention in the history of presidential politics. ILLEGAL actions perpetrated by OWEbama and several of his appointees and this is defined by him as mere “politics”.. OWEbama initiates an obvious cover up through “executive privilege” and NOW he wants to talk about “jobs”.. OK, lets take the Bolshevik bait..

Shall we talk about the over six million “jobs” that have disappeared on his watch or shall we talk about “jobs saved or created”? Shall we talk about “historic” numbers of the unemployed and those who have given up looking for a job under OWEbama or shall we talk about “jobs supported”? Since we now want to actually talk about “jobs” or the lack thereof, OWEbama will now want to talk about the weather..

“Executive privilege is usually associated with protecting information that passes through the Oval Office..” AGAIN, “what did OWEbama know and when did he know it”? Ask that question of OWEbama or any of his demented Democratic dancing monkeys and you will be talking about the weather again..

Why “executive privilege”? Simply because Holder doesn’t want to be OWEbama’s answer to James McDougall. The only option left to “protect” OWEbama, short of another document weenie roast or having Holder “take one for the team” is to take the obviously incriminating documents off of the table forever..

This is the next idiotic step in the Waterloo or the Watergate of OWEbama. It is important to keep in mind that no one died as a result of Watergate.. However, the correlation between Nixon’s “executive privilege” and OWEbama’s quickly comes to an end and also helps to explain the difference in the “mainstream” or “impartial” media’s response to these respective scandals..

The “impartial” media has and has always had an unabashed and torrid love affair with the Brown Bolshevik and his “historic” presidency. The “impartial” LIBERAL media despised Nixon for one very important reason.. Nixon “outed” their progressive poster boy Alger Hiss as a communist spy (thereby outing THEM as well..) and the LIBERAL “impartial” media laid in wait for their chance to exact revenge upon this blasphemer. Watergate did the trick..

As much as the LIBERAL media has wanted to place a lid upon the scandal of Holder and now OWEbama, it cannot be contained any longer and all that this blatant attempt at silencing the story has done is delay its Bolshevik blow back, possibly all the way up to November..

There are only two ways that this scandal can be extinguished. One would be for OWEbama to tell the truth. The American public has a very short attention span and they have always been willing to forgive those that humble themselves through a genuine apology.. I know, forget that, OWEbama won’t apologize for anything as EVERYTHING is all Bush’s fault..

The second way? A distraction. A pandemic. An epidemic. Here is the problem. With all of the negative momentum that has gathered over the last three and a half years of OWEbama nonsense, it is going to take a real whopper to effectively take ALL that OWEbama has intentionally destroyed out of the minds of the American voters.. The liberals old hackneyed efforts like Tom Foley or Larry Craig just isn’t going to do it for them this time through..

They have to make you forget about Solyndra, the GSA and Fast and Furious. The failed bailouts, the Scamulous and the Health Scare bill.. Debt, deficits and defaults.. (Its ALL Bushs’ ‘default’, right?) “Historic” unemployment rates, gasoline at TWICE the price as when he took office..

Listen for the sound of the drums of war..


11 responses to “Watergate Waterloo And OWEbama Too

  1. Well put, Larry. We know for a fact OWEbama cannot tell the truth, so the second choice it will be. If I were the Sleight House Press Secretary, I would be very, VERY afraid. And the only reason Holder isn’t afraid? He’s got the goods against ODumbo. Hope he hides it well. Hope he has at least three other separate ways or individuals to back him up. He may be getting fitted for a pair of cement shoes right now. With OBummer so lovy-dovy with the unions, he may tap into the disappearing act of Hoffa.

  2. Have you noticed that the “blame it on Bush” mantra has begun for Fast and Furious, too??? The Lamestream Media has picked up the cover story, and it has given them a way to finally report on this story without making Holder and Obama look bad. “This was a scheme started by the Bush Justice department; we just shut it down when we finally found out about it.” That is a lie, of course, and Holder has already admitted to the committee that it was a lie, but they aren’t going to talk about that… “That’s their story and they are sticking to it!!!!!”

  3. Compared to Fast and Furious, Watergate was “child’s play ” , and it involves more players, and more laws broken, and more innocent people being murdered. How long will it take for the canaries to start ‘singing’ , and for certain persons to mysteriously die ( perhaps Billy Bob could render some assistance ) ?!!

    Regarding Jay Carney, how much longer can he continue to make a fool of himself with his absurd ” explanations ” ? When will he consider life after the WH – or does he expect an early retirement with incredible lifetime benefits ? Here’s an idea – he could work for Pelosi , since most of her comments need an ‘explanation’ .

  4. Had to cut short previous post ( coffee break was over ). Since OWEbaama evoked executive privledge, he now owns Fast and Furious, and will have to address the merits of every document, e-mail etc. By being persistent, did Issa force OWEbaama into a trap ?

    The OWEbaama media , in an effort to protect their boy(s), is trying to claim that Fast and Furious was a continuation of Bush’s Wide Receiver Operation, in spite of the fact that Holder himself stated that it was not !! Just another shining example of the stupidity of the LSM .

    Haven’t heard anything new on the Andrea Mitchell shameful editing job she did on Romney’s speech regarding WAWA – does she still have a job ?

    Wonder how much longer NBC, and the rest of the alphabet news networks, can last before going into the tank – maybe they should consider getting rid of their high-priced news anchors, and hire some ‘real’ journalists . (graduates of the Columbia University School of Journalism need not apply )

  5. Back to Jay Carney for a moment. Maybe it’s time to start a little ‘ office pool’ to determine how much longer he can last as WH press sec. before he either:
    a) resigns after realizing that he has been used and abused by trying to render non-answers , or half-truths, or phony lies to legitimate questions


    b) has a mental breakdown

    I’m starting to feel almost sorry for him. Even “Chuckles ” Gibbs was eventually able to see the hand writing on the wall, and escaped before it was too late !

  6. I am envisioning Owebama with arms outstretched, his fingers in a “peace” sign, saying “I’m not a crook.” The problem for us all is that even though proven a thief the mindless mlnions of liberals will again take his words to heart.

  7. gsteelwraith

    The invokation of Executive Priveledge simply confirms in my mind what I already suspected, that Fast and Furious goes all the way to the White House and is nothing more than a diabolical plan to end-run the Second Amendment. Sadly Border patrol Agent is simply collateral damage in this, as are the hundreds of dead Mexicans (whom the MSM mentions nothing about). Progressives understand that in order to change the world, some of the little people have to die, ask Hitler, Stalin and Mao this, and they would wisely nod their heads in confirmation of this truth. Compared to the number whom die crossing our deserts, and thousands whom are dying in the drug wars, a few hundred Mexicans dead isn’t a tragedy, and barely a Stalin-era rounding error, but merely the cost of doing business.

    Holder and Obama won’t do the honourable thing and resign, and they will happily allow the institutions they occupy to be dragged through the mud, so long as they win. Its time to call in a special prosecutor and begin proper investigations to remove this cabal of criminality from power.

  8. noleftturnz


    The latest TOTD is a lagniappe to this article..


    Thanks as always,



    If you are reading this, what I’m about to say does NOT apply to you. This is about the approximate fifty individuals who read an NLTZ article, offer no comment, and don’t return until Larry posts a new article.

    It also includes the few who read a new article, make one comment, and never follow-up with anything.

    A dialogue is a continuous process, not a ‘hit and run’ tactic. With all that is going on around us, I find it difficult to imagine that so many have almost no opinion to offer ! Larry and a hand full of loyal contributors offer a variety of informative and insightful comments , which I personnally find to be useful and therefore worth reading . If that weren’t the case, you would not be reading this right now !

    I know that I cannot contribute on the same level as Larry and some of his faithful followers; but , nonetheless I try to add something to the process.

    That being said, if I say something that is off base, or flat out wrong, please tell me – I would really appreciate it.

    Hope no one takes this the wrong way, but I just thought I’d verbalize what was on my mind.

  10. JJ,

    Bless your heart..

    Just yesterday, I looked back at a few of the articles from a few years back.

    100-200 comments, (several from me as back then I contibuted to the dialogue, later I thought that the comments should be for the Family..) and 1,000-1,500 hits per artiocle.

    Now: maybe 20 comments and 150 hits.

    This ISN’T a good sign..

    Its either apathy or you’re tired of me..

    Or tired of fighting with WordPress..

    Not sure if anything can be done about it..

    Thanks as always,


  11. I love your work Larry but I usually don’t have anything to add except AMEN! I usually read your articles first and then RedState. Some days I actually have to work for a living too – ha! (And, I’m sorry, WordPress IS a pain to deal with sometimes!)

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