Collectivist Collage

In Arizona, the OWEbama caliphate has set up a “hot line” to call relative to the overwhelming problem of ILLEGALS. What would this hot line be for, you ask? Is it to report an ILLEGAL so that they can be properly corralled and cashiered? No. Is it so that citizens can report suspicious activity in and around the border that might precipitate action by the proper authorities? No.. The OWEbama “hot line” is for the aggrieved to report that their snivel rights have been violated by the law enforcement authorities tasked with dealing with OWEbama’s latest cuddle buddies..

In October 0f 2008, a barrel of oil cost $79.00 and gasoline was $2.50 a gallon. In June of 2012 under OWEbama, a barrel of oil was $79.00 again but a gallon of gasoline was well over $3.00 a gallon.. AGAIN, if OWEbama DARES to brag about the stock market, the response should be that that is the bellowing of a liberal elitist as the two biggest concerns of the REAL middle class in America is the price of gasoline and the amount of jobs available. OWEbama has failed miserably on BOTH of these and SO many other issues yet this hasn’t EVER been raised by those seeking to oust his progressive party from power..

Liberalism 101: Losing an argument? Raise your voice! As well, call them a “racist”.. Lunacy becomes more lucid with volume.. Righttt..

Egypt is now being “run” by radical Islamists. OWEbama and Rodham immediately “congratulated” the Islamofascists as one would expect from a pair of collectivist capitulators. If there are ANY true “friends of Israel” left here in America, they had better vote the OWEbama socialist sycophants out of office before those OWEbama “congratulated” begin making their moves against Israel..

Are the liberals desperate? OWEbama now wants those getting married to donate to the collectivist cause in lieu of wedding presents. It doesn’t end there, as they want your birthday money, money that you might get from graduating and coming soon, OWEbama will demand your child’s money from the tooth fairy. (He’ll have to forget about the taxes that he has levied on the tooth fairy’s dimes and quarters and he will have to come up with another “revenue” source to replace that one if he succeeds..) Then again, with the plethora of gay marriages, “fairies” of all kinds are being jacked up by the desperate Democrats.. If some lib invited me to some oddball “ceremony” in the woods or something and the he/she/its asked me to donate to OWEbama, I would drop Monopoly money in the till as it is worth more than the dollar thanks to the socialists..

I am a member of the “CDT” team here in St. Louis because of my being a member of the canine section. “CDT” is the politically correct term “Civil Disobedience Team”. Nonsense. If they were “civil”, I wouldn’t need to be there.. This is what used to be properly called a “riot squad”. A thought passed through my head that during the entire existence of the CDT team, they have NEVER had to be called out for ANY gathering of conservatives. EVERY “call out” has come due to the presence of the liberals.

There have been several “Tea Party” events here and they have had crowds in the tens of thousands. Tea Party people actually left the areas cleaner than when they arrived. (This is due to the homeless derelicts that the city allows to pollute the downtown area without punishment of any kind..) As just one example, the “occupy” imbeciles, thirty or forty “strong” appear and suddenly property is intentionally damaged, laws are intentionally broken and physical resistance to the lawful commands of the police are met with violence by the dirty Democrats.. The liberals think that they have the RIGHT to be unlawful because they foolishly believe that their “cause” merits such lawlessness due to their self imposed moral superiority. They also childishly believe that ACTIONS are protected SPEECH.. They always find out differently once they get their day in court..

I am convinced that the liberal elite has intentionally dumbed down the youngest generation of today. Their frontal assault upon the poor through their structured destruction of the public schools has long been documented and is unquestionably true. They have attacked the more monied portion of the generation through computers, video games and now cell phones.. Then again, with all of the faux “fairness” out there, taxpayers have been supplying the lowest class with all of these modern conveniences as demanded by the Democrats..

If you really want to have some fun, have a child of today hand write their name for you. Reminds me of a print out from a seismograph. Better yet, have them write or print by hand a simple paragraph. Hieroglyphics are more easily understood than the results of that experiment..

This generation of Tweeters and such has also launched the e e cummings-esque idea that capitol letters and punctuation are of no value. (lol..) That’s right, spelling has also probably become a lost art as this weird series of disjointed abbreviations seems to dominate their digital discourse, IMHO.. The idea of proper “usage” within a verbal context has gone completely out of the window. The ghetto trash demented dialect of laziness has overtaken the language of those that just want to be “cool”. One has to ask how WE allowed such drivel to be considered “cool”..

It goes even farther into the “interactions” that anyone has with these underdeveloped saplings. A generation “raised” playing video games by themselves (with all of the requisite “cheat sheets” so that they can “win” every time..) has not only helped to stunt the idea that not EVERYONE “wins” every time in the REAL world but it has also “cocoon-ed” these children to the point that they are so clumsy around other humans as to be embarrassing. Please notice that this generation for some unknown reason doesn’t know what the words “you’re welcome” mean. Their response when “you’re welcome” is required is, “no worries”.. By the way, good luck waiting on a “thank you”, “Sir” or “Ma’am”..


12 responses to “Collectivist Collage

  1. So right about it all Larry. A thank you is usually met with a dumb look. In the grocery store children are allowed to run up and down the aisles and sometimes run out in front of people. So disgusting. The only way the teen cashiers can make change is when the cash register tells them what to give you back. I could go on, but I know you all know what I talking about, as we all have experienced this also.

  2. Larry,

    In response to your previous post ( Watergate, Waterloo . . . ) , the numbers could be down due to many factors. There are many , many more blogs available today than just a year ago. Plus, people tend to look for something ” new ” each day, and if they don’t get that something, they’ll look elsewhere. Others are just too busy with life to get involved. As we know, others simply do not respond to anything. There have been times when I felt that I had nothing to add to your article, or to someone’s comments.

    Yes, it’s a dual situation – readership vs response . And, I might add a third and fourth part : loyalty and Word Press ( which you’ve stated ).

    Most importantly – DON’T GIVE UP , you still have a good core group here that look forward to your articles.

  3. Don’t have time now to respond to today’s post, but will do so later.

  4. In reference to your comments about the CDT.. last night I found a video on youtube taken during a festival in Dearborne Michigan. The Christian group was required to leave after having been the victims of rocks, bottles, garbage and epithets thrown by the Muslim community….. because they were “creating an unsafe situation”. It was pretty enlightening…

    Are any of your guys being sent to Charlotte for the DNC convention? You have to know the Charlotte PD is scrambling to find enough LE bodies to keep that mess from destroying their city.

    Trying to keep up with the litany of unethical, immoral, illegal, unconstitutional and just plain stupid things this administration has done is an exhausting exercise in futility….. They keep doing stuff to keep us running around tearing our hair out, hoping to wear us down so that we will stop fighting their agenda. HA! They don’t understand, nor do they expect that we are finally waking up the folks, and they will have a bigger fight on their hands than they can handle.

    Keep the faith! ONE AND DONE!!!

  5. Larry the seismograph line is priceless. I am passing that one along to the teachers in the family ( who are not in the union and are doing their best to counterbalance the system) thanks for the post

  6. Does IMHO mean in my humble opinion? I have seen it many times and almost without fail the person using it sounds neither humble nor has an intelligent opinion.

  7. Great post, Larry. It goes right along with things I have been noticing. Manners are no longer found in the general population. Hold the door for someone and they act exasperated. Take off your hat and people stare with mouth agape. We were entering an outdoor festivity last week and a couple of early teen boys were causing a ruckus, knocking into people, laughing making general horse play. I finally had enough and in a loud voice asked if they had any adults with them. They did…….they were standing right next to me! But guess what? I wasn’t embarrassed, they were. They took the two boys and walked off reprimanding the boys for getting the parents noticed. My mother had beautiful penmanship, so I tried real hard to learn to write legibly. When people have noticed my writing, some have actually said they thought a girl had written it. Sad to say, only one of my boys was inclined to follow. When my son would write home from Afghanistan, I had to have my wife read it to me. Two of my sisters were teachers. When I was complaining once about bad penmanship she told me that it had more to do with being forced to be right-handed rather than left-handed. Not only did their writing suffer, their ability to learn was harder. She said she could pick out the kids who had been forced, then do a little test with them and she was right. It’s the old stigma from years ago you couldn’t be left-handed. That certainly isn’t the case in my house. My wife is a lefty and four of our seven kids are lefties. I always joke and tell people she is the dominant one in our house.

    Keep up the good work Larry. I know I have stayed up a few nights just to read you article. You have a gift of painting visual scenes through you words. My professor brother is the same way. Just know that we look forward to your next article and as for me, I have never been disappointed.

    You owe it to yourself to read this in it’s entirety.

    America’s nightmare in progress. ( Article is not long )


    This is one of the most profound messages that can be put out to the public. My respect for Lloyd Marcus is great. He is truly an American Patriot!! If a white person would have said what he says here, I would expect a backlash from the media and others. I agree with his sentiments and statements. I would ask you to read it and forward it; unless you don’t agree with his analysis. And if you don’t agree, then may you be blessed with no consequences from it.

    A Black man’s point of view.

    By Lloyd Marcus

    As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the democrat’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, they forced Obamacare down our throats. Please forgive me for using the following crude saying, but it is very appropriate to describe what has happened. “Don’t urinate on me and tell me it’s raining.” Democrats say their mission is to give all Americans health care. The democrats are lying. Signing Obamacare into law against our will and the Constitution is tyranny and step one of their hideous goal of having as many Americans as possible dependent on government, thus controlling our lives and fulfilling Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America .

    I keep asking myself. How did our government move so far from the normal procedures of getting things done? Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further his agenda? I think not.

    Ironically, proving America is completely the opposite of the evil racist country they relentlessly accuse her of being, progressives used America’s goodness, guilt and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered America a modern day Trojan Horse, a beautifully crafted golden shiny new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lauded Obama as the first clean and articulate African American candidate. Democrat Harry Reid said Obama only uses a black dialect when he wants.

    White America relished the opportunity to vote for a black man naively believing they would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. Black Americans viewed casting their vote for Obama as the ultimate Affirmative Action for America’s sins of the past.

    Then there were the entitlement loser voters who said, “I’m votin’ for the black dude who promises to take from those rich SOBs and give to me.”

    Just as the deceived Trojans dragged the beautifully crafted Trojan Horse into Troy as a symbol of their victory, deceived Americans embraced the progressive’s young, handsome, articulate and so called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusation of being a racist nation. Also like the Trojan Horse, Obama was filled with the enemy hiding inside.

    Sunday, March 21, 2010, a secret door opened in Obama, the shiny golden black man. A raging army of democrats charged out. Without mercy, they began their vicious bloody slaughter of every value, freedom and institution we Americans hold dear; launching the end of America as we know it.

    Wielding swords of votes reeking with the putrid odor of back door deals, the democrats landed a severe death blow to America and individual rights by passing Obamacare.

    The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question. “Why are you siding with these white racists against America’s first African American president?” I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama’s race is not an issue.”

    Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama’s race not being an issue. In reality, Obama’s presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator’s virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into Obamacare. Obama’s race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate and most recently even the Constitution of the United States . Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase health care which is clearly unconstitutional.

    No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said “No” to both presidents’ proposals and it was the end of it. So how can Obama get away with giving the American people “the finger?” The answer: He is black.

    The mainstream liberal media continues to portray all who oppose Obama in any way as racist. Despite a list of failed policies, overreaches into the private sector, violations of the Constitution and planned destructive legislation too numerous to mention in this article, many Americans are still fearful of criticizing our first black president. Incredible.

    My fellow Americans, you must not continue to allow yourselves to be “played” and intimidated by Obama’s race or the historical context of his presidency. If we are to save America , the greatest nation on the planet, Obama must be defeated.


  8. gsteelwraith

    Your assessment of the current Slacker Generation is telling and damningly true, Larry. The new workers I see at my place of employment are indolent, lazy and with little prospect of ever becoming anything other than entry level personnel. Most of them spend their breaks connecting with their little devices and blocking out the world with their earphones so they don’t have to acknowledge anyone else’s existence while in their little bubble of ‘Me-Space’. As interacting with people is a part of our job, Customer Service, most of them are lost.

    The education system has been dumbed down for the express purpose to ensure Democrat and Progressive control of society. A functionally illiterate, dysfunctional Protoletariat is much easier to control than a nation of individuals whom were taught to think and act for themselves. Once they are taught to accept outside instruction from their masters on all things, you have the useful idiots needed to keep voting in the same crooks every year and ensure nothing ever changes. The public education system is now no more than a political indoctrination camp supervised by elitist twerps whom couldn’t get real work any other way.

    If this country is to survive this War of Identity, we cannot look to our youth for hope, those wastrels are a lost cause and are too busy lapping up the offal offered up by their Progressive masters. The WW-2 Generation is dying off after enduring the Great Depression and defeating Communism and Fascism, and the glutted ranks of the Boomers are sticking it to us in ways the so-called ‘Man’ never dreamed of. It is our generation, already worn down from paying for the Baby Boomers hard-partying lifestyle, and the Millenials self-indulgent twaddle, who will have to bear the burden.

  9. Today the Constitution of the United States of America has been moved to ICU and put on death watch. At the same time the peeps coming from the egg of Socialism grows louder. If the Nov. elections goes for the Progressives you will witness the birth of the United Socialist States of America, total collapse of the world economy, and possibly the start of WWIII. Our military will be so weak we will be defeated, so Islam can control the world. PRAY, VOTE, and PRAY more.

  10. Wow, twas a big day yesterday – OWEbaama gets ownership of the most massive tax in our history, and Holder is cited for contempt of Congress.

    Since Owebamacare was backdoored thru the Commerce Clause, Chief Justice Roberts declared it to be a tax , thereby zapping OWEbaama BIG TIME , and showed that OWEbaama shot himself in the foot !!

    Roberts also reminded everyone that Congress does the legislating and that there is an election in Nov. which could change many things, including some members of Congress, the President, and Owebamacare.

    By not voting along party lines, Roberts apparently tried to keep politics out of the decision, and maintain some degree of dignity for the Court . We’ll see how that plays out.

    Also, Roberts may have handed Romney the keys to the WH.

    Meanwhile, OWEbaaama will act like he can walk on water as he spends the next few months on Air Force One wearing- out his teleprompter as he brags about his super successful health care fiasco.

    November will determine the success of ” Robert’s Revenge ” !!

  11. Great read Larry, and all commenters as well… At work so I don’t have much time, but I enjoyed this one.

    A quick word… Herman Cain could have been (maybe, if we had had more time to vet him) the Republican’s answer to the “Black Messiah, and could have given the racist rant a run for it’s money, but no one would stand with him when the cockroaches came out of the woodwork to defame him… Notice how they scooted back under their rocks when he withdrew? That was a mistake on the part of the party… but then they really don’t know which way the wind is blowing, do they… they are too busy blowing their own hot air!

  12. T,

    Apparently Cain made 2 mistakes prior to running :

    1 ) He didn’t hire any shyster lawyers to both hide his past and intimidate anyone who would say anything negative.

    2 ) He didn’t write a phony autobiography whereby he proclaimed himself to be the ‘annointed one’, nor did he explain the truth about being a real Black vs someone who is half -white , but claims to be Black.

    Two simple errors !!

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