Just One Marxist Microcosm..

The psychology that surrounded WWII has always been something that I have observed from afar. I am also sure that there have been books written upon the subject but even with a subject as large and profound as the Second World War, I still find that even within the minutia, within the microcosms, parallels between then and now need to be drawn in the hopes of correcting the perverted path of today..

As I have asked on other occasions, could WWII have ended with the same results if it were being fought today? I invariably come back to the unfortunate answer, no.. There are numerous reasons for this but I will take one very small microcosm from that War and make my analogy relative to today anew.

A documentary was made in 1944 entitled “With the Marines at Tarawa”. Advisers to Roosevelt balked at the idea of releasing the footage unedited as they found it to be far too graphic for the American public to handle. Weighing his options carefully, Roosevelt contacted a member of the media, Robert Sherrod. Sherrod, a photographer for Time Life, was the only person Roosevelt knew and trusted who was there during the battle that took place on the island. Sherrod told Roosevelt that the Marines want the footage released unedited. “Our soldiers on the front want people back home to know that they don’t knock the hell out of them every day of every battle. They want people to understand that war is a nasty, horrible business and to say otherwise is to do a disservice to those who died..” (WWII in HD) Against the advice of others around him, Roosevelt approved the unedited footage.

The footage won an Oscar in 1945 for “Best Documentary Short Subject” and immediately the sale of War Bonds were boosted and the documentary “galvanized the public’s support for the war effort..”

Imagine this situation in the world of “today’s” liberal Democrats..

The OWEbama caliphate gets hold of footage of a battle (let’s get beyond the fact that the liberals wouldn’t allow another “war” or “battle” to take place as nothing seems to be important enough for the liberals to fight for or against..) and OWEbama immediately invokes “executive privilege” until he can assemble “Team Goebbels” in order to “properly” retrofit the footage to the liberal’s advantage.

The “progressive propagandists” advised OWEbama that the footage ISN’T GRAPHIC ENOUGH for the “cause”. They call in Michael Moore, the liberal’s grotesquely overweight answer to Leni Riefenstahl, and through the “magic” of Hollywood, the proper amount of incriminating film is created in order to make the American troops look as badly as possible. Moore releases the “film” entitled, “Baby Killers, Koran Flushers” with OWEbama’s stamp of approval.

OWEbama calls in a member of the “impartial” media that he trusts and as a “tingle” goes up his girly leg, he tells OWEbama that this is a gold mine for the liberal Democrats and their War UPON America..

This fabricated footage wins an Oscar for “Best Documentary Short Subject” in a “Hollywood” that has moved 180 degrees from the Hollywood that awarded the Oscar in 1945..

The release of the “documentary” immediately boosts contributions to the Democratic Party as spokesman Jane Fonda leads the charge against American imperialism.. With the help of the “impartial” Cronkite media, the “documentary” “galvanizes support” for the liberal’s agenda of separating as many American’s as possible..

This is but one example of what I believe is a realistic scenario based upon the liberal left’s well documented destructiveness that has been focused upon America since the early 1960’s.. I also believe that there isn’t a SINGLE example that could be taken from WWII that would have turned out as it did in the 1940’s if the unthinkable were to happen in today’s liberal “America”.

Of all of the elements necessary for the liberal agenda to not only gain a foothold but to make substantial gains in transforming America to the Dark Side, the addition of the “impartial” media to the leftist fold has proven invaluable to their ability to acquire adherents to their Democratic dementia..

In 1945, the American liberal left hadn’t yet begun to destroy what we refer to as the “American identity”. The left knew that merely marching and throwing rocks wouldn’t make a dent so to speak, in the perception of the American public that America itself was “evil”. The left absolutely needed the consistent sledgehammer of liberal propaganda that could be provided free of charge, every night at Six and Ten PM.. Leading this charge was one of the “most trusted men in America”.. Today, the progressive propagandists of the liberal left wholly dominate the propaganda machine that is the “impartial” media.. Back then, all they needed was Cronkite and they had him in their hip pocket which meant that they now had America.. Through this once venerated venue of the alphabet stations, the liberals had unfettered access to the ides and opinions of those that they wanted to sway.

Had the “idea” of the “24 hour” cable news broadcasts been available at this time, the left wouldn’t have had the sheer number of liberal lemmings with which to infect America with the cancer of liberalism. Back before the “remote control”, before the Al Gore invented Internet, Cronkite had no real competition.. Generations of evil liberals were hatched and weaned on the propaganda of this crusty curmudgeon and now the left overwhelmingly controls the airwaves populated with the demented offspring of this “most trusted man in America”..

Beyond the carcinogenic effects of the “impartial” imperial media of today, the Democrats themselves have been poisoned by the “diverse” viruses of liberalism to a degree that has removed the idea of being “American” from their political DNA. Liberalism has supplanted Americanism from the Democrats to the point where even a Roosevelt wouldn’t recognize one of them as contemporaries. The idea of a John Kennedy or a Patrick Moynihan surviving within their repulsive ranks is as far-fetched as one could imagine. The liberal left now DEMANDS lock-step conformity as witnessed by OWEbama’s DEMANDS of fellow Democrats when the Health Scare pogrom was being voted upon. A Zell Miller couldn’t possibly call himself a Democrat any longer, as a matter of fact, the Democrats would drum him out. The treatment of Joe Liebermann stands as your definitive proof that the “big tent of ideas” is as nonexistent as an OWEbama tax cut..

Today’s liberal believes that “all things American” are evil yet this is NEVER enough motivation for them to LEAVE such a place in search of their Nirvana, they work to destroy from within.. If America is your enemy, the liberals will gladly feed the ammo belts into your machine guns..


13 responses to “Just One Marxist Microcosm..

  1. Your final point is a good one. I think, of all the things that confuse me this one cofuses me the most, it is that idea of “America, love it or leave it” and I confess I don’t know where that came from, but if you hate your country so much, why do you stay here? What’s that movie line?? “Don’t go away mad….. just go away!” It reminds me of an angry teenager screaming at her parents that she hates them and telling everyone who will listen all about how awful they are because they have required her to accomplish some household chores, at least attempt to find a job to buy gas for running around to play for the summer, and a show of respect and common courtesy but on the other hand… she couldn’t possibly be expected to leave because then she would have to give up her stocked pantry, freshly laundered clothes, clean bed sheets, a car to drive, HD TV and XBOX with games and an education paid for by said awful parents….. because that’s what parents are supposed to do! You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!!!

  2. Larry,

    Good story, and analogy. Plus, your analysis is right on. It also prompts this comment : Latinos claim that they are Latinos ” first “, and Americans ” second “. Apparently the Liberals have a similar claim, namely that they are Liberals ” first ” and Americans ” second “.

    We can be thankful that we didn’t have these Liberal loons in the military during WW II .

  3. T ,

    I too have asked why these haters of our country simply don’t go to a socialist country whereby they can immediately enjoy the wonderful world of Socialism, rather than fight and toil in order to change our current system.

    Or, maybe they could go to San Franfreako and be enthralled by goddess Pilosi. Then we could sell CA back to Mexico, and make millions of Mexicans happy, especially those ‘hiding’ in CA, AZ, and TX . And, as part of the deal, we would stop giving billions of dollars to Mexico. And, BTW goddess Pilosi would also be required to leave !

  4. I wonder if the reason they don’t leave and go to another liberal paradise is because they would become the victims of socialism instead of the rulers. It’s no good being at the bottom of the food chain because they know that is where the “rabble’ need to remain. It is good to be the king or queen.

  5. gsteelwraith

    The thing is people whom thought as today’s liberals do knew better than to publically air their views as they knew that to do so would have gotten them labelled as traitors or worse. Today’s Progressives are no different than the ones we saw in that time period, the architects of the League of Nations (which we wisely refused to join) gave birth to the travesty of the United Nations (equally flawed and equally pointless) and the New World Order. If World War Two were fought today, our liberal lions would side with the Nazis, whom are just as Anti-Semetic, Anti-Life, Anti-Capitalist, and Anti-Freedom as they are. Even Joseph Goebbels himself described National Socialism as being just a babystep away from real Socialism.

    The Progressives of today are the inheritors of the vision of Woodrow Wilson and the other Yale and Harvard trained Progressives of his era, and Obama’s promise to fundementally transform our nation is echoed in the statuary one can find in New York City where workers can be seen reshaping the Earth to fit their vision. They have been in the halls of power for over a century, aiding and abetting our enemies through two world wars, the Cold War, and openly working athwart the War on Terror. It is only now we understand the nature of the enemy within, and their willing accomplises, the Fourth Estate, because they see no reason to obfuscate their presence any longer.

    America isn’t evil in their eyes, it is simply theirs for the taking, while the average citizen is nothing more than a pawn in their games, pawns to be sacrificed at whim. As Harry Lime in ‘the Third Man’ might suggest, what do they care if one of the little dots down there stopped moving.

  6. A most excellent post to usher us into the 4th. I realize the fourth was from the first world war, but we celebrate our freedom every year we are free. Who knows how many we have left? We no longer have a prayer day for Christians. We no longer celebrate just Christmas nor Thanksgiving. At the moment I dare say we are probably as divided an America as Civil War times. If the people think we are evil, it seems we are at pains to prove them right. Gone is our shining pride, no longer burnished bright by friendship and little kindly deeds to one another or slowing down to let someone pass on the freeway. Gone is our moral upbringing because we no longer feel free to discipline our own children until they are out of the nest, leaving them unready and untested for the stormy world they are to step into. Gone is the student of learning historical firsts and sad historical pasts. Gone is our real hope for a brighter day, a more loving neighbor, a more relaxing time to get to know our own offspring. My parents anniversary recently passed and I was really missing them, thinking of what I wanted to show them, how wonderful their grandchildren are, how self supporting and family supportive they are. Our daughter has had brain surgery three times and has been left with very little short term memory. Her siblings will drop anything they are doing if she needs help – each and everyone of them and they have proven it. Her husband was an abuser and when we found out, I almost had to physically restrain her siblings, but he knows enough now to stay away. That is what a family is for. Each other. That is one thing I like about this Internet family is the fun and pokes we make at what is going on. We are not really mean, we just need to vent and this is a perfect place. Happy Fourth to all of you!

  7. 1945. 67 years ago. Many adults living in that time have now passed and many at an “advanced” age today including my Mother who will be 88 on the 16th of this month and possess all her self-mobility and sharp wit.

    There is a factor here I feel needs mentioning in that the difference in the America’s people mindset, not which political party currently held power. A fact that holds a prominent role here. While I find the thought of Owebama being “Commander I Guess” and handling the immensity of Air, Sea and Land forces of the US in link with the Allies, the comparison of Owebama simply cannot be made without understanding the differences of thinking between citizens in 1945 and of today.

    In short; The people of 1945 (and for years before) took care of their own. The only cost being a few dollars from the pocket of their family first, community second and the goodness from their hearts. It was the way it as.
    The government saw fit to offered their services in helping the downtrodden and the people said, “yes!” In the almost 70 years following the government has offered countless more “services” all to which the people have said yes, some never realizing this meant new or increased taxes, others not caring.

    So at the risk of boring you all, I offer you these thoughts. While it is undeniable that the liberals mantra is the champions of the downtrodden, yet they superfluciously are the worst enemy of them. The agendas pushed by them, as proven in the last four years, are socialistic. Republicans, though less obvious, are as guilty too. Consider the notion that all Three Branches of our Federal Government guilty in assault and attempted murder of our Republic.

    I have to give the government credit. The intracacy of the government’s study and plan for total take-over is one of admiration. Turning the mass into no more than field workers through poor education, government dependent “citzens”, killing al smalll business except that controlled by the government, and ostricizing religious beliefs.

    The government’s planning, in all of it’s intracacies, all of it’s careful planning and thought reminds me of a computer. But that computer has an anomoly. The anomoly being the human spirit to be have freedom. While we Americans know what freedom is there are billions of people around the world who want it but can only dream of it. What an army that could be!

  8. Richard and Joe,

    Good points. And may I suggest that if WW II occurred today, we would not see the same results, because we are no longer the UNITED States of America. There is NO way that the majority of our country would pull together and sacrifice the hardships that took place back then. We are living with some of the laziest, non-working, unpatriotic, selfish, and non-caring persons that have ever lived here.

    If our founding fathers could be here today, can you imagine how upset and probably sickened they would be , when they see what has happened to their beloved USA , the very country that they sacrificed so much to establish ?
    Would they be able to recognize the Constitution that they wrote ? And, if it were possible, I wonder what these super patriots would do to rectify the mess that we have today.

    With the re-writing and revision of our history, along with the dumbing down of our youth, how long will it take for someone to ask a question such as ” who was George Washington ” or ” what is a Constitution ” ??

    Sorry, but that is not how I want to celebrate Independance Day !

  9. JJ,

    I disagree to a pioint. As Larry says, Obama couldn’t handle it. He has no more concern for our nation than a dog does for a cat with a tick on it’s gonads. Obama would use the war for his own political purposes as photo-ops and announcments of “gutsy calls” when things went well but blaming it on Bush when they didn’t.

    Don’t forget the number of displays and people wearing the American flag after 9/11 happened. Almost 3,000 people died that day including the passengers who overpowered those sheet-headed fools that crashed in that field that day. It’s a funny thing, I never did hear if those brave men were liberals or conservatives, did you?

    I truly think that the American people, if their backs were against the wall, would forget their petty differences, lay down their politics and come together as one to fight for the preservation of our great nation.

    So many have died for our freedom. It would forever be a sin upon us if we simply layed ourselves down before our enemy. I for one will not and that’s the spirit in which I will celebrate my Independence Day.

    God Bless America!

  10. Joe,

    I was referring to the total effort of everyone during WW II, men and teens who didn’t hesitate to enlist, women who worked in the steel mills, and shipyards ( ie: Annie the riveter ) ,the sacrifices and rationing, etc.

    I don’t think we would get the same response today.

  11. JJ,

    Well, all those jobs would help Owebama out of the recession he’s dug himself into now wouldn’t it? Just as WWII’s industry helped Roosevelt out of the Great Depression. I can see your comparison of it all now though in that the Owebama’s labor force of today not being able to speak one damn word of English and we’d have to change it to “Rosetta the riveter”! Two problems:
    1. The United States of America is a super power of the world with one of the biggest and best maintaned militaries, not one of pre-1945 with veritably little ground, air or sea attack/defense equipment or manpower which we hhad to build and build in damn *ss hurry using anything we could get our hands on including the lead in grandpa’s fillings.
    2. Owebama’s “labor force” would need to bring an interpretor who could explain to them for the here-to-fore, courtesy Owebama, unemployed steel mill, ship-yard workers and, yes, even Rosie, the number of tacos they were going to have kicked out of them American style if they dare set foot in American factories!!!

    If you think there weren’t shirkers of their duties to serve our country in whatever way in 1945, you’d be mistake, there were. Although the total population back then was almost 140,000 million people, there were still drugs, sexual diseases, (although curable) gays, lesbians, religions and protests of the war.

    Our 2012’s national population stands at 312, 800 million. That’s an average of 4,668 an1/2 babies over the last 70 years. The mother’s of their children have found it necessary to find work outside the home to support the family or, politically, have found the words, “stay-at-home-mom” displeasurable upon the tongue. And while I’m not blaming anything on Mothers, I am saying it has been big government’s intervention that has made both feasible.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

    Have a Independence Day, Larry, JJ and all here in the Family!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joe,

    Thanks, and I wish that you and everyone here , had a most enjoyable Holiday .

  13. I know this is off the thread topic, but I felt it couldn’t wait, since I saw it just yesterday in someone’s comment on the subject of Obama on a blog page:

    Like any corrupt Chicago politician, Obama would frequently go the cemetery to register voters. One night he came across a grave so old and worn that he couldn’t make out the name on the tombstone. The staffer holding the flashlight got impatient and suggested that they just move on to the next plot. Obama angrily exclaimed, “This person has as much right to vote as anyone else here!”

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