Barclay You Say?

The CEO of Barclay’s recently took a pounding in Britain by the MP’s there over the latest “banking scandal”. Bob Diamond (and other Diamond family members, more on that later..) are now “public enemy number one” as the class separatists of the left think that they now have an opening with which to score politically here in America. (Attention Occupy dirt bags: leave the Methadone clinic and report to the park!!) I am advising them to be very careful..

For the domestic liberal pulers and criers who would like to utilize this as another weapon in the idiot “occupy” arsenal, I would like them to understand that we will have no choice but to TRY to unearth a few of the intriguingly similar “scandals” that the OWEbama caliphate and its “impartial” media myrmidons are trying to keep sufficiently buried..

According to NBC’s Michelle Kosinski, Diamond faced the MP’s who had the tone of righteous indignation at the ready. “You were complicit in what was going on or you were grossly negligent or you were grossly incompetent” so said one of Diamond’s MP grillers..

The SAME can also be said of OWEbama and his imbecile buddy Holder as relates to the NOW FORGOTTEN “Fast and Furious” OWEbama scandal. Executive privilege was the last hole card OWEbama had to play on this and now all of his collectivist cards are on the table, yet no one seems to care.. It should be no problem whatsoever to attach the previous quote from the MP to OWEbama AND Holder yet no one is doing so..

Barclay’s traders were “fudging numbers” relative to interest rates and an email campaign between them was in place to keep it under wraps.. One email said, “keep it to yourself, otherwise it won’t work..” Before we EVEN get into the OWEbama proclivity towards “fudging numbers” this was the PRECISE game plan utilized by the liberals as they tried to keep the deep dark secrets surrounding their fiction, their “political” science of globalony warming “under wraps”..

Since Diamond has been cashiered, exactly who lost THEIR “job” relative to the email scandal involved in the cover up of the REAL facts surrounding globalony warming? Which one of the thousands of tenured radical liberals that were eye-ball deep in this is now squeegee-ing car windows at some busy intersection due to being a part of this CRIMINAL activity? Crickets yet again..

As well, OWEbama’s “executive privilege” makes the MP’s quote worthy of being directed at the Democratic Deflector. It’s bad enough that Holder will probably get a pass like John Edwards got, we cannot allow OWEbama to get one as well.. “OWEbama lied, Mexicans died..” “OWEbama lied, Brian Terry died..”

Ask yourself this question: is this REALLY about monies lost (real or imaginary) or is this another progressive political piñata? Is this “dollars and cents” or is this “dollars and sense?”

How much money did the Barclay scandal actually lose? It has yet to be proven that investors or borrowers lost money relative to the rate manipulation but Barclay’s was fined $453 million dollars anyway. Lets peek AGAIN at one of OWEbama’s many Marxist scandals. “The Solyndra scandal cost at least a half-billion dollars” (Chicago Tribune 09/18/2011) Please keep in mind that that price estimate was from almost one calendar year ago, how much MORE has the “cause” of OWEbama’s liberal “green science” and its latest scandals cost America’s middle class? Does anyone care? More on THAT later too..

How much did the scandal surrounding the PROTECTING of the “political science” of globalony warming cost the taxpayers? Is ANYONE tabulating such a figure? The OWEbama “green” scandal of Solyndra is but a distant memory, its wasteful abuse of the middle class’ tax money based upon the faux “science” is still protected by the left and its fifth columnists of the fourth estate even to this day..

Does a dollar illegally taken through the “banking scandal” cost MORE than a dollar taken illegally through the “globalony warming” scandals? No, a dollar is a dollar, right? You might argue that since there were literally NO repercussions relative to either the globalony warming email scandal or the Solyndra scandal, because BOTH liberal political science ruses are still operational, they will cost the middle class VASTLY more than the Barclay’s scandal will EVER cost.. Oh well, the left was “concerned with the environment”, so no harm no foul.. Their “intentions” were good..

Its NOT about “money”, its ALL ABOUT WHO HAS the money. The liberals use their “causes” as the cover and concealment for their primary goal, the acquisition of political power that in turn allows them unfettered access to the MONEY that has been EARNED by the middle class. The liberals use their alleged “empathy” and “compassion” as the reasons for their failures that are actually programmed. You heard me, the liberals program their programs to FAIL. Everyone else is “greedy”, the liberals “care”.. Invariably, regardless of the topic, when a liberal or one of their pathetic programs fail, the cause is ALWAYS due to being “underfunded”..

The NBC report even called out Diamond’s daughter, one Nell.. They sanctimoniously brought up her “25,000 a semester high school.” She is a “socialite”. She goes to “charity balls” and she “vacations in Aspen”.. Really.. Where’s OWEbama kids? Where have THEY “vacationed” recently? How about FELON Tony Rezko and his real estate acquisition for the OWEbama family, a MILLION dollar mansion.. AGAIN, it is NOT about “money”, its who actually HAS IT and what their alleged motives in both politics and in public are.. If you think and talk “correctly” within the liberal pantheon, you can have as much money as you can steal..

Barclay you say? No way, Jose. Fast and Furious. Solyndra. How about the 13,000 NEW pages of regulations for the NEW OWEbama Health Scare TAXES.. How about the nearly 600 million in Scamulous money for Solyndra? Is the “green scheme” out of scandals? Nope..

Add to that the LATEST Scamulous recipient, NGP. Harry Reid’s Nevada Geothermal Power, gifted nearly 100 million from the OWEbama Scamulous, is going under and they are taking YOU with them. Socialist skeleton Harry Reid laughingly said, “Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy..” (Washington Times) Harry is just the heretic of hot air, harness that with Scamulous money..

A trillion dollar Scamulous. Permanent ten percent unemployment. Debt, deficits and defaults.. How is this even a contested election? If REALITY played ANY role in politics, this would be at least a twenty-point landslide. Since reality seems to matter not, let’s talk about the horrors of Barclay’s and lets forget about Solyndra. Or Fast and Furious. Or the OWEbama unemployment.. Or the Scamulous. Or the OWEbama Depression. Or..


6 responses to “Barclay You Say?

  1. How right you are, Larry. I just read a FoxNews headline regarding the pumping of green bio fuels into Navy ships at a cost of $26.00 a gallon!!!!! And we know how economical ships are!?! The only way to stop this malarkey is to decimate the dimocRATS! How sickening it is to read the news of these hypocrites! They have NO shame whatsoever! They have no scruples. This also can be said of the total Congress as they have turned a deaf ear to the people while slipping the money out of our wallets. Yes, it is all about who has the money! And once it enters the federal government system, it is like there never was any money and they turn around and ask for money like they never received any. Then they try and legislate pork back into the flow of things. We really, REALLY need to clean House, Senate, Sleight House and Czars! Mitt Romney needs to gird his loins and take up the good fight! He is going to need armor, shield and the sword of truth. Truth is the one thing the democRATS cannot tolerate. Truth to them is like acid rain, so let’s get the truth in the news! Can you tell I’m mad as h e double hockey stick?

  2. Good points. Apparently it doesn’t matter if the Dem law – breakers get caught , because OWEbaama will pardon them. Perhaps they also believe that OWEbaama will be in power for a long time. Afterall, HE is the most important branch of the federal gov’t. ( The Congress and the SCOTUS exist for HIS pleasure ) . He has been doing whatever he wishes, and nothing is done about it.

    If you observe the path taken by a ‘nobody’ named Adolph Hitler , and compare it to another named BHO , the similarities are scary.

    Are OWEbaama’s actions planned acccordingly, or is it a mere coincidence ?

    You decide .

  3. noleftturnz


    Ive noticed something of late.. We have JJ, Richard, Joe and Eileen as the “stars” of our comments/ panel show.

    Guests include gsteelwraith, trivia man, T and a few others..

    Better than anything on MSnbc..

    Thanks as always,


  4. There you have it… as long as you are still beating PMS-NBC you are doing good!

  5. It doesn’t matter what they do, as nothing will be done to them. They stall, stall, stall until the act is forgotten due to the short attention span of the average person. If necessary the DOJ will just refuse to inforce the law. If they are not dictators who is?

  6. Larry,

    Thanks, but I am not a ‘star’, I merely verbalize what is on my mind at the time. And, I am not in the same league as Joe and Richard. Plus, I cannot hold a candle to Eileen’s research abilities.

    If , as you say , we are ” better than anything on MSnbc ” , then perhaps we should get a pay raise .

    On second thought, since just about anything is better than MSnbc, perhaps the pay raise won’t be forthcoming. Then again , we could be like the Libs and form a union and demand outrageous wages and benefits ( even if we might not deserve them ). Nah, I don’t think any of us could even pretend to be Liberal.

    Speaking for myself, I would not be opposed to receiving a bottle of good wine ! Just a thought 🙂

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