Homeless Homilies

Another series of vamps on the theme of liberalism and several elements of the “poor” that the liberals claim to want to “help”..

At any given moment in time, when the altruists get together to sniff each other’s facetious flatulence, they invariably begin carping about “ending the cycle” of something. Such haughty talk reminds me of how the left likes to “empower”.. Such socialist sophistry is nothing more than another series of LIBERAL “action words” that don’t have ANY “action” to them whatsoever.. Such liberal “busy talk” certainly gets the leftists moving but their intended actions and what they end up “doing” in the end are polar opposites from each other.. Liberal Definitional Inversion..

As the liberals gather, they squeak of “ending the cycle of homelessness/poverty”.. Ending the “cycle” of homelessness/poverty involves not working backwards from where you are but going to where it BEGAN. It’s a “cycle”, it’s a rather long drawn out process of really bad personal decisions, usually dozens of them that have been constantly repeated by the now miserable wretch.. By going to the “beginning”, you can then work to ensure that OTHERS do not BEGIN this “cycle”.. At least 50% of these efforts in relation to the poor should be focused here. If you REALLY want this to END, you have to go to the BEGINNING!

Here in St. Louis we have “New Hope 6”. New Hope 6 is the SIXTH try at GIVING the poor a place to live. It has been demolished and rebuilt over and over. Rebuilt and GIVEN to someone.. There is NO personal “investment” in such property on the part of the recipient. There is no “pride” of ownership, no dignity, no self respect.. That is why the “rage” exists in such places, they finally figure out that they have been “taken”. They SHOULD direct this “rage” at those who ENABLE the poison of poverty to continue, yet they don’t.. These “projects” are destroyed repeatedly by these beneficiaries because the left CANNOT “give” dignity to ANYONE, it has to be EARNED through accomplishment. “Earned” is a collectivist curse word within the permanent environment that is necessary for the liberal political scheme to continue.. How it HAS managed to “continue” from generation to generation is a complete mystery..

One of the first steps in this degenerative process of becoming “poor” is getting people to rely on other people for their necessities. This is the first domino that needs to fall. Note that the liberals ALWAYS bend the definition of “necessities” to mean such “conveniences” as color televisions, computers, cellular telephones, microwave ovens, automobiles.. If the left can get what were once normal human beings to cashier their own self respect and dignity, then they can EASILY transition these urchins to RELY on the liberal government and they have managed to successfully do so for far too many generations..

Where does this poor/homelessness “start”? There are a number of “places” but I am more than willing to say that it “starts” within what passes as the public school system. The liberal dystrophic process of indoctrination starts here.. That which used to be the crown jewel of American accomplishment is now a liberal enterprise devoted to doing nothing more than refilling the lowest echelon of bottom feeders and parasites in perpetuity. The liberals KNEW that an “educated” public would easily catch on to the progressive pogrom, therefore it was time to dismantle the public schools and turn them into day care centers for the “poor”. Once those that were excluded from the public schools were finally allowed to enter, the left then began to dismantle and destroy the public educational system in order to reinforce their “new and improved slavery”.. Without an education, your chances of becoming “poor”, STAYING “poor” or even “homeless” are considerably higher..

How are the liberals “helping”? Let’s take the topic of vouchers. Vouchers would allow the POOR the MOST latitude to escape the abattoir of the public schools, thereby affording them the opportunity to support themselves. This “support themselves” idea would eliminate the necessity of the liberal political animal. That is why the left works against ANYTHING that will actually bring about the END of the “cycle of homelessness/poverty”.. Who has intentionally destroyed the American public school system? Those who claim that they want to HELP the “poor” and for over sixty years they have been allowed to “help” these “victims” in their unique way..

The liberals should do something WITH the poor/homeless, not do something FOR them. “For” them is just handing them the money taken from OTHERS. By doing something WITH the poor, they can end this “cycle”. Teach them a trade, accomplishment and overcoming adversity builds dignity and self-respect. The left has spent so many generations telling the poor that they are not obligated to participate in the process of “success”, they’ve spent so much effort on turning the poor into barnacles that the idea of the poor “helping themselves” is as abstract to them as quantum physics..

When the liberals give someone the money that they have taken from others, there is ALWAYS a “fee” expected from the beneficiary in return for the liberals generosity.. This “fee” is usually a VOTE in the case of the lowest class, a voluntary indentured servitude is also sufficient.. The left will support you with the earnings of OTHERS forever as long as you allow yourself to be manacled to their progressive plantation..

“Everybody deserves a quality life”.. Let’s break that down.. “Everybody”, liberal inclusiveness brought about through the liberal’s patented “bring down the betters” nonsense. “Deserves”. THIS is the liberal Nirvana, it is the foundation of intrusive liberal politics. “Quality”. WHO determines this? What are the parameters of “quality”? No matter, EVERYONE CAN have a “quality life” if they participate in the process. NO ONE is “entitled” to anything..

I’ve often wondered where the liberals self congratulatory attitude came from in relation to their altruism that is actually financed by others.. We all know that the liberals do what they do so that they can “feel good” about themselves. We all know that they are doing this for THEMSELVES. Having been around far too many of the liberals lowest class zombies, I think that I may have the answer. Liberalism has removed gratitude (among OTHER positive human traits..) from its beneficiaries. If the liberals didn’t do this kind of stuff to “feel good” about themselves, if they didn’t stand about slapping themselves on the back there would be no emotions involved in the process because there is NO emotional interchange between the altruist and the recipient.. The PROPER response of humility and gratitude to the left’s faux altruism has been conditioned OUT of the poor/homeless, which in the end makes them MUCH easier for the left to control..


15 responses to “Homeless Homilies

  1. Once again, Larry, you have expressed my thoughts. I feel that irresponsibility or disrespect or both of ones self is the key word here.

    My Father and I did ‘moonlighting’ work in birck, block and concrete laying. Always small jobs, houses, driveways, etc., he once contracted a larger job requiring additional labor more than myself. Omaha had the Open Door Mission the time serving primarily as a homeless shelter for alcoholics. But those who would work would be on the street in the mornings, my Dad decided to hire one. It took four days of the man in constantly begging to get payed his hourly wages before my Dad relented. Being that young I told my Dad not to or we’d never see him again. We never did. I think about that sometimes and while I’m pretty sure the man didn’t put that money away in an IRA or other retirement package, he drank himself to death with it ridding society of another leach.

    A columnist in the paper wrote about the general decline of intelligence of Americans. Not only did it involve geography, national and inter-national, political issues, number of voters (or not) in the last presidential election and why and the fact that 10% of us can’t even name the Three Branches of Government. Obviously, since they can”t name them they have no idea what they do or my guess is could they care as long as their needs are taken care of.
    Coincidentally, in the same days paper, a news article tells me that Nebraska’s State Legislature and Board of Education is going to change the social studies books from what they were to include “more important names, places and dates of our history.” How ’bout that! Their even gonna make students learn the names of all 50 states and their capitals!

  2. Larry,

    That is a really good article, and it should be published in every newspaper.

    I’m aware of situations that have occured at various housing projects that some of the so-called ‘poor and unfortunate’ should really be referred to as ” sub-human “. In one case, the idiots in ajoining units were too damn lazy to open the door of their unit , and have to open the door of their neighbor, that they decided to simply put a large hole in the common wall.

    In another case where a whole new complex was under construction, and a section was completed, families were moved into the completed units. Now, since these vermin were in the area, construction materials ‘disappeared’, damage was done to units that were completed and also to those still under construction.

    In another case, a new high rise was opened, and the first thing the ‘poor and unfortunate ‘ did was – to destroy the elevator. Then , of course they complained that they had to use the stairs ! We should he thrilled that our hard earned tax dollars are being put to such good use !!!

  3. Joe,

    Right on. A good example of what you are saying would be the Jaywalking segment of the Tonite Show with Jay Leno. Some of the individuals are so stupid,( or should I be kind and simply refer to them as ‘uninformed ‘ ) that I wonder how they get from point A to point B ! Some of them don’t even know that there are 50 states . Since I don’t watch Leno very often, I missed the Jaywalking segment when OWEbaama said we have 57 states.

  4. The plus of Habitat for Humanity is the involvement required of the future owner..It is a great program, but needs tweeking so the actual future owner does the work rather than pay somebody to do your work. It is respect of yourself and showing you are responsible. Doing something like this plants the seed to get off the dole. I have seen kids given expensive items which were in total shambles by the first week, such as the housing being trashed by “Bush”, as OWEboma would say!

  5. Larry, Excellent article. I have thought this way for many years. The libs feel so good giving away other people’s money.

    I just heard that with a stroke of a pen Obama just gutted the welfare bill. Our country will no longer require the recipiants of welfare to try and look for work or prepare to get a job in any way. This is another way of trolling for votes, by giving away free Obama money. Socialism at its best.

    Larry, do you know if Stoli Joe is going deaf. I have noticed that in every speech he has made recently he screams and shouts. I wondered if he was deaf or is trying too hard so people won’t fall asleep at his boring narrative.
    And I might add how generous Joe is because on his tax returns his donations were a few hundred dollars. Such charity!

  6. Monica,

    Regarding Vodka Joe, his personal donations to charity are low, because he is accustomed to giving away OTHER people’s money in extremely large amounts, and that is what makes him very satisfied. Those large amounts , in his own mind, are more important than his personal, shameful pittance . And at the same time , he’ll grab as much as he can for himself.
    Yup, he’s just your typical Liberal hypocrite.

  7. Our eldest Granddaughter works for a man .power Co. in Mobile Al. She says one of the things that makes filling vacancies difficult is people tell her “I can do better on unemployment or I make more than that on welfare”. They know how much tax they will have to pay and rather take than contribute.The latest move by obummer just might buy enough votes to keep him in office till death do us part

  8. Outstanding Larry as my dear mother used to say gratitude is riches, compaint is poverty.

  9. Thomas Kelly

    You can travel the Globe, you will not find a public housing project that is a successful model for anyone to replicate. They are what I refer to as throw-away housing. You can identify them as you drive by, no one needs to explain what they are. They explain themselves, by their style and condition.


    I’m certain that everyone reading that statisic will agree that it is not satisfactory. Even OEWbaama believes it to be unsatisfactory, because he wants the number to be HIGHER, perhaps like one in every five should be on food stamps, as evidenced by the recent TV ads that encourage more to sign up for “his ” freebie. Yes, the lair in chief wants more to partake of the OWEbaama freebies , because if your income is up to 400% of the poverty level you could qualify. BTW, the current poverty level is $23,000 of income. Want a shock ? Do the math and see how many could ‘qualify’ for this handout. FDR must be thrilled beyond belief!

    Speaking of FDR , I wonder how many times he and Eleanor voted for OWEbaama in 2008.

    Does this sound like a little Saturday Sarcasm ? I’ll let you decide.

  11. Hey Joe,

    I know that this is an ‘off the wall ‘ question, but since you are from the same town as Warren Buffett, does he ever give investment advice or tips to his hometown folks, in order for his fellow residents to increase their incomes, and in turn improve the entire community?

  12. I just noticed something that I had not seen before, because I do not look at the OWEbaama re-election campaign ads. But at the bottom of one , it reads ” paid for by the Obama Victory Fund 2012 ” .

    Sounds like Mr. Negativity is practicing the ” Art of Positive Thinking ” !!

    Does this help solidify his position as a hypocrite ? Or, is it just “wishful thinking” ? Afterall, he is back preaching his “Hope and Change ” crap. Perhaps he feels that if he “fooled ’em once “, he can fool ’em again. Just a thought.

  13. JJ,

    Warren Buffet, being born and raised in Omaha, NE., is the only “Oracle of Omaha” billionaire of investment the city can claim. He has not and does not live the life of the wealthy. And although there are differing companies that may feature him as their featured speaker of seminars that the company’s idea (one that he agreed with) thereby manifests into being more “trustworthy” upon those who still had doubts. The appearances are few and far between and, no, he doesn’t simply “give out advice and tips to hometown folks.”
    Think about this. Obviously Buffet witheld any advice or tips to his secretary, the one he complained about paying more federal taxes than he did. But if Buffet tipped me with advice, I would have listened, and strived to become a rich like him. Then I would have noticed that my secretary was paying more in taxes than I and complained about it although her taxes and mine are generated by two different sources and my lawyers are fighting delinquent 10 years of back taxes in court. That’s when I devise the Joe Plan, tax the rich! Hell, being a billionaire, it ain’t hurting me to keep these fools tied up in court for the next 100 years. And all the while this fool of a president is loving it thinkiing ‘we gonna get all those whitey rich people.’

  14. Joe,

    What is really pitiful is that fact that so many in this country are extremely gullible and believe that the tax the rich scam will solve our economic problems, just because OWEbaama said so. These same people are basically ‘stupid’ when it comes to simple math, because if the rich were taxed as per the OWEbaama plan, that tax money would fund the gov’t. for a grand total of 8 1/2 days . And what do they expect to cover the balance of the year ? Perhaps they forgot that bake sales have been outlawed !!

  15. Oxymoron: Journalistic Ethics
    When you say they are stupid, it means they haven’t thought for themselves. The nice thing about stupid conservatives? They’re teachable. Liberal stupidity is hereditary and resistant to any self thinking. Sometimes a miracle happens and they begin questioning and are then teachable.

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