Pogroms Panaceas Progressives..

OWEbama really thought that he had struck gold with his off the collectivist cuff, “you didn’t build that” remark. Since he seems so fond of telling everyone what they DIDN’T build, why isn’t he taking credit for that which HE DID “build”? HE built Solyndra. HE now OWNS “Fast and Furious” due to his curious use of executive privilege, he BUILT a permanent ten-percent unemployment rate, he BUILT “historic” debt, deficits and depression..

The OWEbama campaign ran a deficit in June. Surprised? He has overseen a deficit attacking the American economy (something ELSE he “built”..) for well over thirty months, so this “news” should shock no one..

H.L. Mencken said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. The “American public” that put OWEbama and the liberals into power in 2008 “underestimated” the feral fascism of the liberal left and therefore we are ALL going “broke”.. What did those who voted for this socialist think that they were unleashing on the country? Was it a lack of intelligence or was it a lack of concern?

One of the sixties emotional clichés was that ‘if we can put a man on the moon, we can end poverty in the cities..’ Here’s the rub.. The science involved in “putting a man on the moon” was of the 1+1=2 variety. The “science” of poverty under the liberal’s tutelage became a POLITICAL “science” where 1+1 equals ANY thing that the liberals need in order to redistribute the nation’s wealth. The Johnson “war on poverty” proves unequivocally that the left wanted (and STILL wants) poverty to FLOURISH..

Another of the psychosis necessary for liberalism to take root is the necessary “grievance mentality”. Liberalism needs victims and the Marxist mantras drilled into the soft heads of the lowest class by the limousine liberals assures that there are a number of permanent “victims”. “Victims” of the “system” that need the liberals guidance and empathy.. These “victims” haven’t yet realized that their saviors have had four years (actually its been FIFTY years..) to turn their woeful world into a progressive paradise and they have yet to do so. These “victims” will still pull the lever for the OWEbama caliphate come November and as Democrats, they will be allowed to do so as many times as they would like..

Leave it to OWEbama to take a more than dismal June jobs report and claim that “it’s a step in the right direction”.. Never mind that the 80,000 jobs “created” in June (I dispute ANY number disseminated by the OWEbama madrassa..) falls well below the 150,000 that it takes to keep up with the growth of the nation’s population. This might explain the liberal’s fascination with the abortion abattoir. If the liberals manage to kill off enough “future workers”, their imaginary 80,000 jobs “saved or created” will look like a miracle.. Not to be outdone, the greasy gopher Wassermann, socialist shill in charge of the collectivist carnival, said that she was “happy” with the June report.. Denial is another of the unattractive elements of the progressive psychosis..

“We’ve been fighting back. Too many of our friends and family members and neighbors are still out of work..” (Fox News 07/08/2012) Owebama was croaking like a totalitarian toad on the “Look The Other Way” shampaign of 2012. “Denial, Distraction and Diversion” is another of the monikers available for this absolute farce. Why doesn’t anyone, ANYONE, call this lunatic out on such sophistry? “Fighting back”? Focused taxes on job CREATORS, handouts to Solyndra and the like, bailouts to the “corporate fat cats who got us into this mess” and what has to be an INTENTIONAL unemployment rate bolstered by the fact that OWEbama’s “Council on Jobs and Competitiveness” hasn’t met for doughnuts in months, yeah they’re “fighting back”..

This is the same Bolshevik boob who said the month before that a similarly depressing series of economic indicators proved to OWEbama and the liberal left that the “private sector is doing fine”.. I suppose that he was factoring in all of the “jobs supported”..

This CANNOT be accidental. NO ONE involved at this high a level of the political game can be this naïve. Therefore, if it isn’t “accidental”, if OWEbama won’t admit that he and his collectivist crew were “in over their heads” starting in January of 2009, then this Democratic damage to America HAS to be INTENTIONAL. The progressive’s panaceas became pogroms. The idiotic “hope and change” of 2008 became the liberal’s latest attempt at the “Great Leap Forward” or the Holodomor..

The Republican firebrand walking (not RUNNING) against such a pathetic parade of pabulum, said in reference to this series of OWEbama socialist sidesteps and Democratic dances, “the president’s policies have clearly not been successful in re-igniting this economy..” Wow..

How about this for a response to the OWEbama nonsense.. “OWEbama and his Democratic coconspirators have since 2009, systematically set out to destroy the nation’s economy and primarily, the redistribution of the nation’s wealth. They have purposefully targeted the nation’s middle class and as they have had a “supermajority” in both Houses, they PROMISED an unemployment rate of at the MOST 5.4% IF their “Stimulus” was put in place. The LAST time the nation saw a 5.4% unemployment rate was when George W. Bush left Washington and the OWEbama Marxist minions slithered in.. By the way, a gallon of gasoline was $1.78 at the moment of Bush’s departure and Nancy Pelosi PROMISED to LOWER gas prices if the liberal Democrats were given power. Gasoline now sits at TWICE that price..”

On the “you’re about to get it” front, here are just a FEW of the TAXES and penalties in store for you IF the OWEbamaScare Marxist medical malpractice isn’t aborted. (Perfect liberal action word..) Medical device manufacturing tax. (ANOTHER attack upon “manufacturing” by this “job creator”..) $20 BILLION over the next ten years. The “high medical bills” TAX. You USED to be able to deduct medical care if it exceeded 7.5% of your annual income. Under OWEbama, make that 10%, the result, 15 BILLION more in taxes given to the government, taken from YOU. The “flexible spending account” cap. SOON it will be $2,500.00. This is a direct attack upon special needs children which will net OWEbama and the government at least 13 BILLION over the next ten years.. The “OWEbamaScare Surtax on Investment Income”. (Is this about health care or is this about “investments”..) Top dividend rates will soar from 15% to 39.6%. Capital gains now races to 23.8%.. Tally up $123 BILLION more from the earners to the government. Medicare Payroll Tax Increases. This will take effect RIGHT AFTER THE 2012 ELECTION. Coincidence?

The liberals have decided that the mysterious “20 million Americans (ILLEGALS included..) who are uninsured” are so important that they have intentionally disrupted the medical insurance of the OTHER 300 or so million REAL Americans..

Make this a November to Remember..  Please..


10 responses to “Pogroms Panaceas Progressives..

  1. gsteelwraith

    I won’t say Mr. Obama’s ‘you didn’t do that yourself’ line will be the straw that wrecks his campaign, but it is certainly telling how he truly believes how we are all part of a collective, and that individuals are interchangeable and ultimately disposable.

    My mother worked for our local MR&DD schools here, and I can recall the tales she told me of how the Democrat party officials would come to her school and register these retarded kids to vote. Never mind these are eighteen year old kids whom can barely walk, talk, speak, or even (in some cases) wipe up after themselves (she worked with severely handicapped students), but by golly they will vote Democrat. Sadly these kids would be the first victims of the Obamacare plan once fully implemented.

    Really, our best hope for a chance to get out of the liberal morass is a low voter turnout. We have to hope enough people on the Left are so disenchanted with their Kenyan Klown Prince of Krime that they decide to stay home, and that those whom have no incentive to work are so slothful to roll off the couch and flip a lever for the Dems.

    I wish an add like the one you describe would air, but we all know it won’t, as the biggest difference between us and our enemies is that we wish to keep the political dialogue civil and they don’;t care.

  2. I believe with all my heart that he is intentionally doing as much damage to America as he can, while he can. He went into this with an agenda, and he has a lot to do, especially in case he doesn’t win reelection.

  3. A link to the latest from TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  4. Franklin Roosevelt once said, “There are no coincidences in politics.” And Obama’s, no matter how ill-timed or thought out statement, “You didn’t build your business on your own,” merely erases all holdings of his political calling. Obama, by that statement, purely does not, will not, understand the differences between collective and individual. Obama is a socialist true to heart.

    Johnson refered to blacks as ni66ers privately all through his presidency and yet kicked off their irresponsibilities upon the rest of the nation with his “War On Poverty.” Who better to nurture the false ideas of minoral grievance and victimization than the Rev.s Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton issuing Miracle-gro. bro.

    I have written innummerable times to my local paper’s “public voice” on the issue of Obamacare. I have limited space but my letters are well researched and documented in the information I give. All have concerned the “surprises”, especially to elders, that will hit after the Nov. elections. Obama is hiding them and I can’t get the paper to print my letters. It’s totally pi__ing me off!

    Off note, I don’t know whether any of the Family knows this or not but the IRS had created a way for illegal aliens in this country to pay taxes. While this may add some salve to the sore, the illegals are still able to claim up to 20 dependents on their tax returns even if they don’t have children or if their children are overseas! People no one has ever seen! This is actually happening and resulting in a $4.2 fraud of taxpayers money each year!! I’ve seen verification of this through a news teams investigative video.
    Rep. Paul Gosar has introduced H.R. 6165 that would end the illlegal aliens loophole. Write or call your congressmen and tell them to back it! Afterall, if it were fair, shouldn’t we be able to deduct the people we never see but send trillions to in our taxpayers aid each year?

  5. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but in the midst of typing the 4th paragraph of my comment, Word Press deleted everything. This is the second time that the entire comment was eliminated.

    A few random thoughts : if OWEbaama is really intent on destroying this country, would he really want to be president of a destroyed country ? And would he really wish to remain in a destroyed country, and if not , where would he go ? And if he has a place in mind, why not simply go there NOW, and forget all of the grief that he is encountering now.

    In fact, why don’t any of the hard core Socialists , rather than struggle to change this country, simply go to a Socialist country and immediately begin to enjoy all of the wonderful aspects of Socialism ? Just imagine how many years that they have been “suffering” by remaining here !!! Can’t you just ” feel their pain ” , as Bubba would say ?

    OWEbaamacare was supposed to cover the 30 million that had no coverage, and at the same time lower the cost of all healthcare. As it turns out , and at no surprise to the family and other astute individuals, this OWebaama scam / lie will result in more than 30 million NOT being covered and at an increased cost of OVER 0ne trillion dollars. Think about that – if OWEbaamacare did not exist, more would be covered, and we would save over one trillin dollars !

    The idea that more would be covered and at a lower cost was ABSURD, not actuarily sound, and yet was signed by our intelligencia in the District of Corruption ! Is there any wonder that this country is 16 trillion dollars in debt ?

    Ten % of American companies dropped employee coverage, another ten % might do the same , due to OWEbaamacare. This should send some sort of message to everyone. I wonder how many Americans , with an IQ above room temp. , really believe that OWEbaamacare is ” FREE “. Going one step farther, I wonder how many taxpayers really believe that it is ” FREE ” .
    Then, how many on the dole really believe that it is ” FREE ” – would that be almost 100 % ? Just a thought, on one small aspect of this article.

  6. OWEbama doesn’t want a ruined country, he wants a changed one. He could not rule a country with people who think and work. H needs to be lord and master of the populace to feel he has accomplished his goal. Problem is, he has gone too far and will never be able to correct course, not even if he has four more years.
    BHO will have the blood of millions of aborted babies on his hands when he meets his maker. But you can be sure he will DENY it, DISTRACT from it and DIVERT attention away from the abortionists and planned parenthood, his money launderers.
    We flew to Alaska last weekend and a bumper sticker caught my eye:
    When love of power is overcome by the power of love, then shall there be peace.

  7. Richard,

    However, his idea of ‘change’ is, in reality ‘ruin’ , IMHO .
    And since he has never admitted to making a mistake in his entire life, he will simply blame someone or something else.

    BTW , how was Alaska – in addition to awesome, beautiful, abounding in nature ?

  8. I agree fully. It seems he has a dictionary for words no one else has or makes things up as he goes along.

    Alaska was all that and more! We lived there for three years 35 years ago, so it was nostalgia for us. But the booming businesses in Ketchikan took us by surprise. The nature trails were more than astounding and the forests ever so green and air you wished you could bottle. Our daughter and her pilot husband engineered the trip for her 40th birthday as she wanted to show her four kids where she grew up and we got to go along as memory for her. We took a float plane trip back of the island where Ketchikan is and saw such beautiful and unspoiled mountains and lakes. Caught site of a couple of mountain goats, a very fat black bear and miscellaneous small creatures. It really was great!

  9. Richard,

    Since you had a 35 year frame of referrence, did you notice anything that would indicate ” global warming ” ? Or, perhaps did the locals have any comment on the topic ? Just curious. Thanks.

  10. Ketchikan is called the first city in Alaska since it is the biggest city first to appear on the Alaska Southern Penninsula. We saw no sign of global warming and plenty of snow very close to the ocean on the mountains and the islands we flew over which I don’t remember seeing 35 years ago. The forests we entered were very wet and cool as I remember them from 35 years ago. Ketchikan also is called the city that recycles the ocean as their annual rainfall is measured by the foot: sixty some feet. So no global warming.

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