Marxist Minutia

The liberals make what they call an “argument” without substance and they call it a “fact” or the truth. This is “argumentative minimalism”, an assumption based only on their self imposed moral and intellectual superiority. Conservatives make an argument marinated in “facts” and the liberals call it a “lie” without any further proof of their assertion..

If its “fair” within the liberal nomenclature for them to demand 70% of the wealth from the “rich” in the form of taxes, penalties and fines, why wouldn’t it be “fair” for them to take the same to the middle class and from the poor? (Mind you, this is EXACTLY what the left wants to do. Their vocal pronouncements claim that they are taxing the “rich” when they subtly seek to penalize the middle class simultaneously. The AMT and the Bush tax cuts are but two examples and that’s just the beginning.. Don’t forget that their most effective weapon in this regard is the changing of the “numbers” relative to transforming the middle class into the “rich” for tax purposes..)

This IS the goal of the left, as it is with all communists, the dismantling of the middle class. If the left could figure out how to take 70% from the middle class after soaking the “rich” for their 70%, the 70% that they would ask of the lowest class would be a breeze because the lowest class has for generations “trusted” the liberal plantation owners to “do the right thing for them”.. Otherwise, the “rich” tax grabs are mere class separation and crass envy. Can you imagine the liberals with 70% of EVERYONES income with which to redistribute? How “fair” would that end up being..

The recipe for liberalism: ladle in equal amounts of stupidity and greed, salt to distaste..

This election MUST be the beginning of the end of carcinogenic liberalism. I cannot imagine four more years of this leftist lunacy as this election would then be merely the end of the beginning..

Former OWEbama guru and now the warden over the asylum known as Chicago has stepped up intrepidly and said that Chic-Fil-A is not welcome anymore in Chicago because the organization “doesn’t represent Chicago values”.. This is the same socialist sycophant that is WELCOMING the forgotten fascist Farrakhan..

News flash: the president of CNN (Communist “News” Network) Jim Walton is stepping down. All twelve of the network’s viewers will probably not notice.. Walton said that CNN “needs new thinking..” ANY “thinking” at CNN would certainly be a welcome change..

On the “YOU built that” front, OWEbama and his moribund Marxists managed to “grow” the economy at the staggering rate of 1.5% in the second quarter of 2012.. Sounds like there weren’t that many “jobs saved, created or supported” in the last quarter.. Why does this election even need to be held?

Carrying this GREAT OWEbama economic news farther, the DOW was UP today over 211 points, the NASDAQ was up over 65 points.. Silver lining, right? For SOME, welcome to the liberal world of the haves VERSUS the have nots.. Remember, its not about money with the liberals, it’s a matter of who has it..

The difference here is that the second quarter GDP number (+1.5% for the second quarter) effects the middle class, the DOW numbers effect limousine liberals like Robert Wolf. Wolf is the outgoing president of UBS investment bank. (OOOH, an evil banker) He is off to start another business “32 Advisers” and who is his first client? UBS.. Just a bit incestuous but not surprising from a member of the liberal “gated community” crowd..

I suppose that we could look back at Wolf’s visit to Fox Business and Liz Clayman from yesterday. Here the Wolf in wolf’s clothing, an OWEbama spokesweasel, tried to stand up for OWEbama even though he said, “I don’t do politics, that’s not what I do best..” “At times, OWEbama works with the private equity industry..” He then went on to crow about Carlysle and how it “got involved in a refinery in Philadelphia..” Great. How about OWEbama’s blasphemy relative to the Keystone Pipeline Project if he’s not only so worried about oil and refineries as well as JOBS and as well, the idea of “ending oil imports as relates to security”..

Shall we ask Wolf how his position on the OWEbama “Jobs Council” is going since he hasn’t seen hide nor hair of any of his fellow council members in over six months? During that time when JOBS WEREN’T being “created”, how many rounds of golf did OWEbama play? How many fundraisers did he attend?

No the “silver lining” of the DOW and NASDAQ effect the limousine liberals and the GDP effects the middle class. The middle class isn’t as deeply “invested” in the DOW as the elitist socialists are, the dismal GDP is the result of the goods and services, and goods and services are created through JOBS and JOBS are REAL hard to come by in the strange new world of OWEbamanomics..

It seems as though there is a “controversy” as to whether the American Flag will be “dipped” during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. This violates the flag protocol, the USOC says that the flag will not be dipped.. However, if OWEbama were to be carrying the flag for our Olympians, it would see logical that the flag would be bowed as he has a penchant for bowing and groveling to anyone who even looks a might bit authoritarian, hotel doormen included..

Another reminder.. GSA. Solyndra. Fast and Furious. MF Global. Beacon Power. Serious Energy. Health Scare. FAILouts.. Takeovers. Debt. Defecits. Defaults. “Historic” unemployment. If it weren’t for the suppressing fire of the fifth columnists of the fourth estate, how much MORE would we know about? What hasn’t yet been discovered of the OWEbama incompetence, malfeasance, waste and destruction?

Since virtually NONE of these topics has gotten the coverage that each deserved, I was wondering exactly WHEN it was that the “impartial” media gave up on the idea of being “impartial”? When did the “impartial” media decide that THEY were bigger than the story? Cronkite? Shouldn’t they, as an act of contrition, refuse to be called journalists any longer? Shouldn’t they be called “Democratic delegates” instead if honesty were required of them?


9 responses to “Marxist Minutia

  1. noleftturnz


    Ten hits and one comment over at TOTD. Soon to shut down. ALL TOTD’s will be collected and assembled into lagniappes as the last two articles have been.

    NLTZ will soon follow. I feel as though the November election will bring an end to NLTZ as well.


  2. jr not of dallas

    The results of the November election will give us a change in command
    in all three sections of Congress and will change the message you have had to push for your followers Then you will be able to work on an agenda to insure change for the good to this country

    The last presidential election had 130 Millions people vote and it is up to us to exceed that number this year to ensure we can cover the cheating by the
    opposition All the special interests are less than 30 Million and with a population of 300 Million there must be 200 Million of voting age
    My family has 30 people and 28 voting age that I will be sure get to the polls.

    An artcle I read yesterday gave me comcern as it stated that the general public on the dole looks at the Repulican party as the one that wants to cut taxes which they do not pay and therefore will not benefit and also wants to reduce their entiltements so they go to the Dems every time SCARY

  3. jr,

    Your last paragraph is the key, because OWEbaama only needs to put a few more thousand on the dole, and he will win. Thousands are being added to the dole every week, and the number of federal employees is also increasing.
    The plan is simple , since people , like animals, don’t tend to bite the hand that feeds them !
    Disability benefits can now kick in when the unemployment checks stop. Workfare is now a “joke” . The ‘Dream Act’ is now the ticket of admission for illegals. Owebaama is handing out bennies like jelly beans and he has all but told the Congress and the SCOTUS to “go to hell, because I’ll do what ever I damn well please”.

    Wonder how long it will take for Owebaama and Axelrod to start attacking Romney’s grandchildren !


    JJ I do not believe all the people on the dole are happy Some want more
    in life and hopefully enough to make a difference ib the November vote
    If this POTUS IS NOT DEFEATED I suggest all employees claim 15
    dependents and eliminate income tax withholding to starve this beas

  5. Larry, even if we win the POUS, Senate, and House there will be many battles to fight.There will be many RINO’s to fight, the LSM, liars trying to set up the next election, on and on. Keep up the good work. You may be doing more good than you know.

  6. gsteelwraith

    In response to the subject of the Fourth Estate there is the apocryphal story of a young Pulitzer being sent somewhere to cover a revolution only to find there wasn’t one. Upon calling his editor he was instructed to start one.

    The idea that journalists have ever been free and unfettered from bias or an agenda is a nice thought but ultimately a fantasy. Journalists have always pushed their view of the world, and so it is almost impossible to determine where the propaganda begins and ends. Newspapers have been controlled by the Mob, and various poltical affiliations, Left and Right. It is only now, when they it has become so obvious that they have tossed aside even the appearance of impartiality and ethics, that we see them for what they are.

    The Age of Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow is long over. Cronkite’s assessment of the events of the Tet Offensive effectively gave the libs all they needed to poison our efforts. While we certainly secured the strategic objectives of the war, in that communist forces never brought down another regime in the area, it was done so at a greatly increased cost of life, and our South Vietnamese allies were left swinging in the wind.

    Add to this is the growing Liberal influence in the schools turning out journalists. 95% of all college professors are, at best, Liberal and at worst full-on Marxists, and they impart their political leanings to the young and impressionable students we entrust into their care. They take the ‘skull full of mush’ (as Professor Kingsley would say) and turn them into willing tools of the Marxist takeover of our nation. My poor sister, whom went to school as journalist, still can’t believe me about how the members of her former profession are nothing more than shills for Obama and his Progressive masters. She believes in the falsehood that is journalistic integrity. Remember, it is the victors whom control the printing press.

  7. How sad to read of a possible terminal friend. I won’t give up but I’m still going to need a good boost from time to time, Larry. Maybe the patient will recover and turn to a whole new career.
    gs- Ask your sister how much gas has gone up during these final months of the campaign? Has her editor made her change the tone of an article?
    I think we need to get a law passed that ANY and ALL government, Federal, State, or Local employees or those elected should publish their tax returns yearly in the area they are working or elected from. We have a big hullabaloo going on about one school superintendent and various administrators receiving as much as 25 per cent more than other school districts in the state which are larger. So let’s see some tax returns. They work for us, so we should be able to audit them!?
    And Larry, I really liked your culinary recipe for liberals.

  8. Larry – I always read your articles but rarely comment. Isn’t always easy to find time to do it from work (which is usually 10-11 hours/day) where the computer is. (WordPress login gives me grief sometimes too.) Recently scored an iPad for a birthday gift so it’s a little easier to do from home now. Keep up the good work.

  9. gsteelwraith

    R- my sister is no longer a journalist, she now works in advertising. In all honesty, her editor was an old school journalist whom also believed in being simply an observer and reporting events without a percieved slant. They actually walked the walked, as opposed to the current generation.

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