Too Big To..

The recurring theme that we have heard from the liberal lunatics when it came to bailing out “those who got us into this mess” was that these institutions were “too big to fail”. Reminds me of the bloated bureaucratic Democratic government of.. Fill in the blank, any name will suffice..

The government is the prime example of what happens when things get too big. Those seeking to apply the righteous concepts of efficiency and effectiveness within the withering world of government are automatically in over their heads and their noble ideas are immediately cashiered when one tries to alleviate the primary and the collateral problems surrounding something “too big”. As in so many other matters, “size matters”.

One of the prime reasons that the left has historically pushed and shoved for a Behemoth sized government is that it inherently becomes ineffective and inefficient. These “problems” which are actually based upon the built in redundancy of not only the federal but also the state and local branches as well, are excused by the left as a matter of being “under-funded”. “Over-staffed” has NEVER occurred to them.. From the jaundiced and perverted perspective of the left, ANYTHING can be “cured” as long as more money keeps coming in and as well, more liberals are arranged and sequestered to properly “redistribute” it..

As a matter of practice, the dearth of governmental “helpers” in Washington consistently gets bigger even as the idea of “giving rights and responsibilities back to the states” periodically rears its silly head.. When this concept is laughingly tabled on those rarest of occasions, (usually in conjunction with an election, must fool the voters..) the STATES usually abstain and argue against the idea. The states are set in their ways, they know exactly how much is expected of them and they are willing to do no more. As well, when the states want to pass responsibilities onto the cities in this same manner, the entire scene comically repeats itself.. We must not interrupt everyone’s taxpayer funded nap time..

Another fascinating facet of the liberal government is that as it grows, it exponentially ensnares and enslaves more people thereby ensuring that even in the worst case scenario, their governmental jobs will be secured. Liberalism creates “victims” and when there are victims scattered across the landscape, once an “epidemic” is spotted, only an intrusive and overbearing liberal government can properly “save” those in distress.. The left sees “need” everywhere and only they and their monstrous government can fix it..

Speaking of best case scenarios, when a politician boasts and brags of wanting to “reducing the size of government”, the best that we can hope for is that this intrepid lawmaker can SLOW the increase in the size of the government. NO ONE in Washington or any state or local government for that matter will EVER voluntarily give up their seat at the trough. It becomes a fistfight because politician “A” is trying to fight for the “little guy” and those who would seek to oust him or her “has no concern for how many citizens they hurt with their callous plan to eliminate waste”..

Really creative liberals, once they realize that their cash cow may be in the crosshairs of common sense, will almost invariably claim that this attempt by others to reduce waste and or inefficiency is a thinly veiled and targeted “racism” against those that the professional governmental job holder seeks to “aid”.. ANY trick in the book is in play when it comes to keeping their seat on the gravy train..

Redundancy is already built in within the Washington quagmire, add to that the specter of state and local positions that allegedly are “working to cure” the SAME problem and you have the recipe for a completely ineffective waste of resources and revenues on THREE levels. Everyone involved, especially the liberals, are “trying to do the right thing” but the idea of having them “do the right thing” efficiently is the political equivalent of Kryptonite.. There are probably a large number of programs that are housing more federal, state and local political cronies allegedly in search of a “cure” than there are alleged “victims” of whatever malaise that these governmental entities are searching in vain to “fix”..

As the government becomes larger, the “problem” that the government seeks to cure or fix HAS to grow at an equal and proportional percentage.. This problem, as well as its “well-intentioned” saviors, is therefore ALWAYS in need of “more funds” so that a “cure” (a “cure” that has been illusive despite decades and trillions of taxpayer dollars overseen by the political potentates..) can be found.. The longer that it takes the better and the best way to make that trek longer is to make it ineffective and inefficient..

The office of the president. We can honestly say that the president cannot be DIRECTLY blamed for the fact that there are WAY too many cabinets and secretaries. (The current Democrat CAN be blamed for the additionally unnecessary addition of too many Czars..) Presidents ARE responsible for placing individuals into these positions of power who CONTINUE this endless charade and for that he is INDIRECTLY responsible, but responsible nonetheless.

The “size” of the government is a convenient excuse at those moments where waste and inefficiency are brought to light. “One person can’t be expected to oversee every operation of the government..” Fine then, task the thousands upon thousands of toadies and sycophants whom you have employed (the taxpayers have employed..) to come up with the answer for you.. Nepotism and cronyism certainly do not help these “public servants” as they “seek to shrink the size of government..” The problem is that the “size” of government is the excuse for its inefficiency and ineffectiveness but no one is actually doing anything to end the cycle other than merely rearranging the deck chairs even when a new administration comes to town.. Refilling ALL of the old seats with new posteriors allows the “problem” to persist and in most cases, expand..

The liberals especially believe in this self-perpetuating governmental growth concept. They instinctively believe that when it comes to governmental size, “a hundred million liberals can’t be wrong”..

Right along side the self-perpetuating size of government is the plethora of bureaucratic regulations. These titanic tomes are written in the longest hand possible, these governmental hindrances chiseled out by these career obfuscators allow these authors to remain employed because SOMEONE has to be able to explain the unexplainable to the unfortunate victims of this landslide..

Too big to fail? I say that it is too big to succeed. I say that it is too big to do anything BUT “fail” in whatever its appointed task is alleged to be.. Except for the task of perpetuating itself in perpetuity..


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  1. noleftturnz


    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. The size of government is inversely proportional to it’s success.

    To solve a problem, one must first understand ( and admit the existence of ) the problem. Very few in the District of Corruption will either admit or understand that the gov’t. is too big and has failed, in spite of all signs and indications.
    As the bureaucracy and it’s massive payroll expands, so does the amount of fraud and waste in almost every gov’t. program. This is counterintuitive to what should actually take place. In their attempt to garner the ” corner office ” , managers and supervisors enlarge their departments ( since size matters ) ,which might bolster their ego, but usually does not improve efficiency.

    I always find it somewhat comical whenever some entity has to meet new budgetary requirements due to decreased revenue or income , and the spokesperson says ” we are going to eliminate unnecessary positions ” !!
    And, no one asks the simple question ” if they are unnecessary, why did you hire them in the first place ” ? Does this question EVER get asked in the case of gov’t. jobs ?? ….. Nah, apparently NOT !

  3. With all the job losses during this current fairy tale of administration, has there been even one government employee “laid off”? Has anyone ever tried to comprehend the amount of paper used by each bureau? If the health scam was 2700 pages long, and there are 535 elected positions, how did they print this behemoth and how many did they print? Size does matter, so every one keeps saying. But nobody is saying less is better. I’d wager 50% or more of the Federal Government workforce are sitting on their hands or playing hanky panky and looking to the next paycheck or training week in Hawaii. The staff in the Sleight House must be continually bumping into each other.

    Another thought is the Tea Party. It seems each state has its own Tea Party but never interact with other state parties. For the Tea Party to succeed, they need to get organized and work as a team, as one or several districts or regions. Begging for money without a clear target to use that money is foolhardy.

  4. Giverment can not be lean and mean. All the excess employees bring family and friends as liberal votes. Without bought , stolen, and illegal votes the progressives could not win any office above animal control. The more employees the more votes, and the more coerced money for elections. Our government is no longer anything like the founding fathers saw it. Crook, crookeder, crookedest, but little or no honest. Funny I can not make up any other words for being more honest. Guess I’ll leave the words to our woorsmith, Larry.

  5. Richard: The “Tea Party” isn’t organized across state lines, per se, but there is a lot more nation-wide cooperation going on than you will EVER see in the lame-stream media. I attended the FreedomWorks FreePAC event in Dallas, TX Thursday night. There were over 10,000 people from all over the country (and actually some foreign countries) in attendance. This sort of became a kick-off event for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event on Saturday, but this night was sponsored by FreedomWorks who’s main mission is to work with Tea Parties and others that champion true conservatism. They teach grassroots communication, organization and how to effectively use social networking. They held a huge rally for Ted Cruz immediately before the main program – Ted is the conservative in a Republican run-off election against the very moderate squish, Dewhurst, for the US Senate (TX) tomorrow. Ted has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dick Armey and many others. It was amazing to see so many like-minded people in one place and hear such terrific speakers. And it wasn’t just Texans (I actually am from Texas – drove almost 4 hours to get there) – the people sitting next to me were from Tallahassee and the ones in front from Chicago. Many people from across the country have figured out the value of having REAL conservatives in the Senate and are supporting Ted, with both money and time, much like they did Marco Rubio, even though they can’t all vote in that state. Read and sign up to get emails from conservative sites like this one and and FreedomWorks, and you will find that there are a lot of people working behind the scenes. Heaven knows we have to do that because the media certainly won’t report on it. (Did YOU know about the events in Dallas last weekend and how many thousands were there? You never saw it reported on TV. If Obama had that many show up at ANY kind of event lately – guarantee it’d headline every network and newspaper. Duh) I keep hoping people will wake up and vote for REAL change.

  6. Thank you for the update! I had no idea of the organizing going on, so you can see I am among the uninformed. Glad to be a part to the Tea Party and will always support a True Conservative.


    Tea Party is alive and well and better organized than before look at Scott Walker results Also the more recent election that brought conservatives to office
    Blue states like mine won’t change but we shall overcome nationally
    Larry HOWS the dog

  8. noleftturnz


    I believe that Daiomn is doing alright as I have not seen him since July 18th as I broke my right foot and our “rules” say that if we are injured, our dogs must go to our training facility.

    Makes no sense, its not a catstrophic injury. THAT would make sense.

    Thank you for asking,


  9. noleftturnz

    The latest from NLTZ:

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  10. Larry, if anything sounds sensible, the gov will not try it. They want us to depend on them for everything. Makes people dependent on them.

  11. Larry,

    When you and your dog are separated for a period of time, does it take a little time for both of you to get back ” in sync ” ? Also, are you able to visit him in the interim ?

  12. noleftturnz


    A small amount of time, these dogs do not forget what they do. I can visit but since its my right foot, driving is difficult.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Does that mean that you do not have a chauffeur ?

  14. That is correct, JJ..

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