I have finally found an ACLU lawsuit that I wholeheartedly endorse.. No, I have not lost my mind.. No you are not seeing things.. This one is LONG overdue yet I have immense reservations that the end result will accomplish nothing as one liberal bastion is going up against another liberal bastion.. “Accomplishing nothing” is what liberalism in all of its forms is all about.. Hold on, trying to be positive, yay ACLU!!

The Michigan branch of the ACLU is suing the Highland Park school district on behalf of eight “students”. The ACLU says that the Highland Park schools have “failed to ensure children can read at the appropriate grade level..” So many questions.. Glaringly obvious: what took you so long? Never mind at this point, I’m trying to support the ACLU on this one..

I have to make this endorsement with a myriad of reservations.. Kary Moss the president of the Michigan ACLU said, “this is not about pro- or anti- charter, it’s not about funding or pro- or anti emergency managers. It’s about the right guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and laws of the state..” I applaud her enthusiasm as I feel that for the most part that it is genuine. The “U. S. Constitution” part is a stretch that is probably similar to the abortion “privacy” stretch and I’ll write that part off to reflexive Pavlovian habits on the part of the ACLU.. This is a state law issue but an important one nonetheless. The “funding” part? Don’t worry, sooner or later this WILL be the overwhelming part of this lawsuit, one way or another, win, lose or draw..

On every level, across the entire spectrum of available evidence, empirical or otherwise, this is undoubtedly a slam-dunk for Miss Moss and the Michigan ACLU. This has unfortunately effected eight generations of students, not just eight students.. The small scope of this lawsuit (eight students) doesn’t appear on the surface to have ANY long term benefits for the victims, hundreds of thousands of them in the Detroit schools systems alone, going forward.. Still trying to support the ACLU on this one, its MUCH better than their countless lawsuits trying to get the cross at Mount Soledad removed or the removal of the nativity scenes at City Hall and so forth and so on….

There is a “right to read” provision within the Michigan Compiled Laws that is unquestionably the matter at hand. End of story. Again, what took so long as the public schools ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY and ESPECIALLY within the inner cities have been playing “pass the trash” for generations.. Sorry, still backing the ACLU here..

An article in the Detroit News (“ACLU sues Highland Park Schools”) someone managed to find one parent who weighed in on the matter, one Michelle Johnson. “I’ve got an 11th grade daughter who was too ashamed to be here today because she’s reading at a third-grade level..” OK.. Fight.. The.. Impulse.. To.. Use.. Common.. Sense..

Michelle, how long did it take YOU to realize that your daughter essentially could not read? Are YOU in ANY WAY obligated to participate in the process of educating your child along side the school system? Has you or your daughter ever heard of the “public library”? From third grade to eleventh grade.. As an obviously concerned parent, why didn’t this become apparent to you by say the FIFTH grade? An eight-year gap in “achievement”, passed from grade to grade and her inability to read has mysteriously escaped your sharp eyes and now that a “lawsuit” has been filed, you and your daughter’s grievances NOW have need to be addressed? Can you HONESTLY say that your daughter took FULL advantage of EVERY opportunity to “learn”, both inside and outside of the classroom? Wait, wait.. Behind the ACLU, behind the ACLU..

Enter the “American Federation of Teachers” and their “president”, David Hecker. He claims that his “group” has been “calling attention to the ‘unequal educational opportunities’ in the district for years..” Here it comes, wait for it, wait for it.. No PROOF of Hecker’s ASSertion, just the ASSertion.. No reports filed by ASSociation members, no transcripts of meetings held by the ASSociation, just an ASSertion by the ASSociation..

Enter the sanctimony.. “We call on the state of Michigan to uphold its obligation to provide high quality education to all students..” Ooohh, I smell the subtle “racism” in the polluted air around Dave’s statement, “all” students.. Hey Dave, the state of Michigan, actually the TAXPAYERS of Michigan, “provide” $7,466.00 a year PER STUDENT, it is NOT about the money (and that is just what the STATE provides for “education”).. When will YOU “uphold YOUR responsibility”, better yet when will you TAKE “responsibility” for the pathetic results.. Again, this has to be an absolute slam dunk for the ACLU..

Dave, the district has an “$11 million” deficit, what have you and your ASSociation done to HELP with this deficit? Any chance that you could turn over any supporting records or documents that show just how efficient you have been with the taxes gathered “for the kids”? Nahhhhh..

“Hecker says the plan to privatize the entire district appears to be based on finances, rather than education.. Psst, Dave, since you and your ASSociation care about NEITHER finances nor education, its nice that someone is finally concerned about either one of them.. And finally, for those who have been waiting, Dave could restrain himself no longer.. “A bolder approach to transforming Highland Park schools would require adequate funding..” Imagine that, the FIRST item on Dave’s wish list.. $7,466.00 from the state ALONE, not counting what the federal government and the city of Detroit are chipping in and it’s NOT enough to educate kids sufficiently..

Sixty years ago when the “government” was providing maybe $500 a student, was this “problem” as prevalent as it is TODAY? It is NO surprise that even though the intrepid Dave and his ASSociation have allegedly tried to educate the flaccid minds of Highland Park, “the district is among the lowest performing in the state..” MONEY has NOTHING to do with it, but within Dave’s perverted world money has EVERYTHING to do with it..

According to the 2011 Michigan Educational Assessment Program, “10 percent of third-graders in the district were proficient at math and 22 percent were proficient in reading..” Hang on a minute, back to Michelle and her aggrieved 11th grader and to Dave and his ASSociation.. Let’s take these statistics at face value. “10 percent” of the students managed to actually be proficient in math. If the environment of “lack of funding” were as prevalent as the “educators” claim then no one would score sufficiently. Yet a hard-nosed “10 percent” and “22 percent” STILL managed to actually LEARN, most probably ON THEIR OWN.

I wonder if the nations of the world who OBVIOUSLY don’t have anywhere near the $7,466.00 a student (again, from the state alone..) score better than the Highland Park “students”.. Hmm.. According to the Washington Post (12/07/2010) the “U.S. scores 500 out of a perfect 1,000 nationwide in reading, 502 in science and 487 in math..” According to the 2009 “Program For International Student Assessment” South Korea took number one in Math (545 to 487, U.S. in 25th place) and Finland took number one in Science (554 to 502, U.S. in 16th place) and South Korea AGAIN took number one in Reading (539, U.S,, 500. U.S. in 13th place.) The news is even worse if “non-OECD countries” are included in the scores. Would you like to take a guess at who tops the charts then? China.. That’s right, it’s ALL about “insufficient funding”..

Also to blame here is the “mentality” fostered and empowered by the left, that “education” within the inner cities is “selling out to the white man” which is all a part of the liberal “victimization” program created to endlessly supply the lowest class with warm bodies and empty minds.. Those who IGNORE this leftist mental porridge, these “10 percent” and “22 percent” members, will hopefully continue their journey upward and escape the perpetual poverty being enabled by the empathetic liberals and join a world excited about their participation.. You will recognize these percent-ers at recess as they are the ones being “bullied” because they’re “smart”..

In the end, what will the “class action law suit” filed by the ACLU accomplish? There is NO NEED for any kind of a “trial” the evidence is patently obvious and ANY money expended is therefore a palpable waste. What good will a “payoff” of any kind made out to eight students do? Allegedly, if they go BACK to Highland Park, they won’t be “learning”, the state will pay (which means that the already overburdened taxpayers will pay..) off the EIGHT “victims, the lawyers involved will all take their cuts and the state education department will cry poverty when the NEXT request from the Uneducators comes down the pike..

This “payoff”, if the lawsuit ends up victorious for the “victims”, should be in the form of a set aside student account in the name of each student ONLY. It will also be payable ONLY if each of these eight “students” start flying right and they make it to college.. The account will make payments in the form of college tuition ONLY. If after ten years these “students’ haven’t managed to get into a college, the money if forfeited back to the state of Michigan. An “education” pay off shouldn’t be going to anything other than education.. I wonder how many of the eight will reconsider if these realistic riders are attached to the lawsuit?

When the dust finally settles around this lawsuit, a group of people as completely unconcerned with POSITIVE “results” as the liberals are will NEVER care about EVER bringing POSITIVE “results” back to the classrooms. This lawsuit will just disappear as if it never happened.. “Results” in the eyes of the left, are based upon “exclusion” and are therefore “hateful and discriminatory”. The ENTIRE liberal political and social ethos MUST be scrubbed and sanitized, better yet in order to guarantee success, EVERY leftist infantile impulse should be removed from America.

Until the targeted “victims” of the liberal “Final Solution” awaken to the fact that it is the LEFT that has robbed them of EVERYTHING from their self respect on up, NO amount of money stolen from others will matter no matter where it is redistributed to. The liberal’s compassion does not buy complacency in their victims.. I say that the “10/22 percent” get ALL of the funds that are being wasted on the intentional underachievers and we tell these “victims” of liberalism to vote AGAINST those that enslave them or if not, go sell a kidney on Ebay in order to finance your “lifestyle”..

Oh whatever.. Go ACLU..


8 responses to “Go ACLU..

  1. This is unheard of. Proud to hear they will try to get something right. Thanks Larry

  2. Oh – My – Goodness! The ACLU is actually trying to do somebody some good? What is to become of the Michigan ACLU Chapter? Will they get their hands slapped? Will they be fined? But I agree, Larry. The students (and mom and dad) need to WORK for that payoff. Your guide lines are great!

    I think we need to send every office of the ACLU a copy of ‘THE HARBINGER’.

  3. Apparently the ACLU in MI couldn’t find any abortion clinics, or terrorists, or drug dealers, or illegals, or pedophiles to defend. One might think that law enforcement has done an exemplary job in defeating crime. Not so fast, look at the high crime rates in Detroit alone. In which case, perhaps the ACLU braintrust simply did not understand the ” crime report ststistics ” !
    Or, maybe they thought that the school district had a good insurance policy. whereby the ACLU could score some big bucks. At last resort , and being aware of the tactics of the ACLU, how many really believe that it was all about the students , and nothing else ?

    Afterall, the ACLU is a primetime oxymoron. And, if it still gets federal funding, how can it defend non-citizens ? Just a thought.

  4. I still have not learned how to spell ” STATISTICS ” – perhaps the ACLU could file a suit on my behalf !!! On second thought , I am not a terrorist, or abortionist, or pedophile, or an illegal alien. So much for my dreams of a hugh windfall.

    Yeah, I realize that today is not Saturday !!

  5. noleftturnz

    The latest from TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  6. Speaking of lawsuits, an OWEbaama panel of ‘non-expert ‘ experts, has decided that EKG tests ( to detect heart problems ) , and PSA tests ( to detect prostate cancer ) are NOT NECESSARY and are also RISKY !!

    Remember that one of the criticisms of OWEbaamacare was that it did not address tort reform. The above info. helps to explain that reason, in that now the doctors , hospitals , and medical personnel can now be sued if they perform those two tests. The ambulance chasers can now camp-out at the
    hospitals and wait for an EKG to be performed on an emergency patient.

    Eventually, the destructiveness in OWEbaamacare will become more evident. Hopefully in time to repeal it !!

  7. You darn right using the Constitution as a right is a bit of a stretch. I find no where in our Constitution guaranteeing anyone an education. As near as WWII there were illiterate men and women who gave some or all for our country and, unfortunately, for the likes of the ACLU in representing every dis-believing bastard who wants to remove the crosses from their graves.

    In past years it was the sparsity of schools, today it is making children attend the schools. Within this past week the city of Omaha has decided to spend $500,000 on a guidance team for teachers to solve the truancy issue in the public schools. It will supposedly help them learn to “reach out” to those that are consistantly skipping school. I’m thinking, “Where are the parents?” Even if a single one has the responsibility to make sure their children are in school. And there is where the problem is at, with the parent. “Babyboomers”, call them what you want, the fact is we are a nation of adult children/parents and until you make the child/parent suffer more for his offsprings actions, nothing will be accomplished except throwing money at it.

  8. Joe,

    It’s not just ” where are the parents ” , it’s also ” where are the penalties and consequences ” for bad behavior ? At present we have too many egg and sperm donors instead of “parents” , and too many children having babies, and too many on the dole with ” zero ” responsibilities.

    Throwing good money after bad ( the Libs solution to all problems ) has never worked and it never will.

    Schools need good teachers, not more administrators. Colleges and Universities that train students to become teachers, might consider the Hillsdale College approach to educating potential teachers.

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