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The Last Minute

Call them what you will.. The “maybes”. The “independents”. The “unaffiliated”. The “persuadable”. Whatever. I call them the “oblivious” and there are still large numbers of these voters out there. After the last four years of focused OWEbama Democratic destruction, you would have to be “out there” in order to say that you haven’t yet made up your mind as to your vote in November..

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Biased Or Non Existent?

No one really likes a pop quiz but here goes.. Who is Floyd Corkins? Floyd Lee Corkins? Don’t know? You’re not alone and there are a number of very good reasons for that..

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No Charges

Lets take a brief look at how the Democratic “protection racket” is working for them..

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In brief: The choice of Paul Ryan places the focus squarely on economic matters, a topic which the liberal OWEbama Democrats couldn’t possibly be weaker on.. (That is, if it is at all possible to list in some sort of order of importance, EVERY matter in which the destructive Democrats are weak in..) Thus the liberal plan for 2012: stifle or failing that denial and deflect..

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Demented Dichotomy

The fact that the left gets SO upset at the mere mention of “religion” is still perplexing to anyone who is even mildly observant.. Liberalism itself is unquestionably a religion in the eyes of its “followers”.. They are “followers”, no they are travelers, make that “fellow travelers”.. That’s much better..

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It has only happened once before and it was a rousing success but SUNDAY NIGHT at 7PM CST, there will be a “live” chat in the comment section of this posting at NLTZ.

Calling all Family members, NOW is the time for your voice to be heard!! A LOT to cover, who is game?

Never give in, never give up and never again!!

Sort Of Sit Still

Yesterday’s TOTD entitled “Sit Still” was actually part of a Romney series that hopefully helps the Republicans when it comes to learning from the abundance of electoral history. If you “learn” from history, there will be a much better chance that you can “make” history later.. The entire concept flows around three theories.. Sit Still, Attack and Timing Is Everything..

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