Ten Years..

The personal attack is the last vestige of the desperate and empty mind and with the liberals, I’m surprised that it took so long to get there.. For those immune to sarcasm, it didn’t that long at all..

Harry Reid the shady skeletal “Nevada land speculator”, has said that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years. This is based on a “conversation” between Reid and an UNKNOWN Bain Capital investor.. “The word is out” said Reid on the floor of the Senate. This was not some “off camera” kind of gaffe nor was it some “off the record” moment taken out of context by the “impartial” media, chopped and spliced in order to raise their ratings.. This was all done on the floor of the Senate.. Two things..

Note the clever (for a liberal) semantics. “Hasn’t paid taxes”.. The attempt to draw an image falls flat, even though the liberals are well versed in using their Crayons.. There is a difference between the Democratic habit of NOT PAYING taxes which is based upon NOT FILING your taxes (like Charlie Rangel as just ONE Democratic example) and not PAYING any due to the many nuances ensconced within the idiotic tax laws..

Since we are so “focused” on Romney’s taxes, should we forget about the Democrat’s interesting habit of not PAYING their taxes.. (See EVERYONE in the OWEbama caliphate..) Clearly, Reid’s “hate speech” is a criminal matter but these are the liberals and the RULES can’t be applied to those who are your moral and intellectual superiors..

Second, note for ALL to see, the obvious Democratic pattern that this election cycle has produced. Romney is a bully.. Bain Capital.. Release your tax returns.. Now, well, “the word is out”.. Unsubstantiated liberal lies, the righteous indignation of the left enflamed by the “impartial” media.. The burden of PROOF in liberal land falls upon the ACCUSED! Hey you, nothing to see over there, look over here!

In Reid we have a liberal politician who must think that he is a journalist. Journalists aren’t required to release the names of their sources but a politician making claims on the floor of the Senate, whose statements then become a part of the Congressional record, should HAVE to name their sources otherwise they should face charges. Period.

Distraction.. The more the nation is talking about the “bully-crap”, the less chance that there is for the nation to be properly focused on Fast and Furious, GSA, Solyndra, ten percent unemployment, debt, deficits and defaults ALL “built” by OWEbama and the collectivist caliphate.

Each and every liberal lie should be immediately and forcefully attacked.. “I’ll release a hundred years of tax returns if OWEbama will release ANY of his college transcripts, now let’s discuss the OWEbama depression” “Bain Capital? Yes, I ‘built’ that.. Now, can we talk about the disastrous OWEbama record of the last four years?”

How would this same tactic employed (the ONLY thing “employed” within the four years of OWEbama destruction..) by the liberals work (again, nothing “working” in OWEbamaland. SO much material..) for Romney? Here is our imaginary Romney quote: “I had a conversation with a former OWEbama administration official who said that OWEbama’s birth certificate was written on an Etch-A-Sketch, its as phony as a three dollar bill. The word is out..”

Would the “impartial” media immediately run to OWEbama demanding PROOF of this accusation? No, the DEMAND would be for Romney to NAME his source. The DEMAND would be for Romney to PROVE his accusation and EVEN IF HE DID, it would all be forgotten within minutes. A moment later, some more unsubstantiated socialist suppressing fire would be heard in the distance, catnip for the “impartial” media, unleashed by another of the unhinged members of the Democratic Party so that the focus can back to Romney “where it belongs”..

When you are attempting to run AWAY from the matter of YOUR record, the Democratic destruction of America for those who haven’t been paying attention over the last four years, getting the nation to focus on the minutia of OTHERS is your first and ONLY plan. With a VERY cooperative “impartial” media at the ready, this progressive pattern will not “change” in the coming months.

It was easy for the liberals in 2008, to fabricate and fictionalize a dreamy reactionary résumé for the Kenyan Kollectivist. The FACTS about Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and “Reverend” Wrong were easily pushed aside with the collectivist cover-all of “racism”. “They’re trying to make you scared of me..” (Please note that OWEbama hasn’t resurrected this knee slapper.. The past four years SHOULD make you “scared” of the possibility of what the NEXT four years under the OWEbama oligarchy would be like..) “I don’t look like the other presidents..” (Nope, we won’t hear that one either as the logical retort will be, ‘not only don’t you look like them, you don’t ACT like ANY president in our history, including the certifiable idiot Carter..”)

Even though EVERY logical question surrounding OWEbama was NEVER properly answered (thus the reason that they are still hanging in the polluted air surrounding OWEbama..) in 2008, WE have to look past these “problems” so that the Democratic liberals can distract us from the OWEbama RECORD of the last four years. His “friends”, his birth certificate, his Kenyan connections, his debt, deficits and defaults, his countless scandals.. No what’s important is the “fact” that an “unnamed” source has confided in another liberal Democrat that Romney pees while sitting down..

This could very easily be the first time that an incumbent will go through an entire campaign without mentioning a single thing that they have “accomplished” during their term.. No mention of a single thing that can be independently verified as being a “positive” for the nation.. OWEbama and the socialist shills like Reid will be firing Bolshevik blanks that the “impartial” media will try their absolute best to transform into neutron bombs..

The fabrication of “ten years without paying taxes” versus the reality of FOUR YEARS of complete and utter failure by an entire political party that had a “supermajority” and then used their unchallenged power to exacerbate the “problems” that they “inherited” from THEMSELVES, a Congress that has been solidly Democratic since 2006.. WHICH “problem” do you think gets MORE attention from the “impartial” media?

What will it be tomorrow? “Romney likes Chic Fil A..” There’s my gift to you, liberals. Try to run with it..


10 responses to “Ten Years..

  1. Larry,

    Good stuff.

    Here’s my choice for a Romney line to the Libs ” I like Chic Fil A so much, I decided to buy the company “. And then he might add – “of course there will be special discounts for all Republicans” . It is justifiable, since OWEbaama likes the class warfare tactic, and now Romney can play the political class warfare game. I can just imagine Dingy Harry complaining that Romney is “buying” votes by offering discounts !!

    Hey, if we didn’t have the Liberal Lunacy, politics would be dull.

  2. JJ,

    How interesting that TODAY’S miserable flop, the “kiss in” only managed to DAMAGE PROPERTY..

    The “class warfare” ONLY works on socialists and other flops and outcasts. Societies losers, those driven to the governmental teat..

    We want everyone to flourish but these liberal urchins refuse to participate, therefore the allure of socialism.

    CRASS warfare is the ONLY “transparent” thing about OWEbama and the socialist left.

    Thanks as always,


  3. Thank goodness I wasn’t drinking when I was reading. I laughed out loud and even read some of it to my wife (she has her own computer next to me) and she even laughed. If you use CRASS warfare, they will say they thought you said GRASS warfare. Give a liberal an inch and they have to change its meaning and use before they are satisfied. It is rather irritating the GOP candidate is so lily white he won’t throw mud. There is enough mud from the past four years to bury zippy five times over seven ways to Sunday. Let’s hope his running mate is a little looser and can sling anything. (I can dream, can’t I?) And I also think PRO (Pelosi, Reid, Owebama) team should be put in stockades in the public square where there are farmers selling ammunition.

  4. I think some one in Romney’s camp should ask for Owebamma’s records to be unsealed; you know Columbia, Harvard, why he has a Conn. Social Security number, etc. Harry Reid does this because that is all they can talk about as Owebamma does not have a record to run on so he makes things up. Same ole,same ole.

  5. Family,

    I don’t say this with any regularity but I’ve just completed “Tastes Just Like Chicken”.

    I’m sad to report that it will only be read about 100 times if past NLTZ history is any indication.

    I feel that it is of the highest importance and I ask that you forward it to EVERYONE who thinks properly. I don’t CARE about converting the left. We just need to mobilize the RIGHT.


    Thanks as always,


  6. Here it is.. PLEASE forward this to those who think as we do..

    I know that it will be ignored by the conservative thinkers and pundits, so I’m hoping that you will help..


    Thanks as always,


  7. Speaking of Dingy Harry, apparently it is pefectly ‘legal’ for him to say anything, true or false, and infer anything from the Senate floor.

    It’s almost beyond belief the things that Dingy Harry has done, and he does them with impunity ! How can he have so much control over so many – he seems to act like a Mafia don ?

    Therefore, perhaps it is time for some Senate GOP members to do likewise ,namely , make wild allegations, especially regarding OWEbaama’s secret, sealed past. And while at it, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, illegal campaign contributions, etc, etc. Hey, if it’s OK for the goose, then it’s OK for the gander ( my variation).

  8. Here is the latest from TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  9. beyond disgusted

    Dingy Harry is a disgrace. In a sane world, he would be a laughing stock; which tells you everything you need to know about our world today. Shame on those Nevada voters who re-elected him.

  10. Imagine what it is like for a GOP member of the Senate, having to tolerate Dingy Harry day in and day out ! It must feel like talking to a wall, or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

    Sadly, Dingy Harry is able to continue with his tirades and utter nonsense, adnauseum. What a disgrace.

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