Tastes Just Like Chicken..

Shall we add a few more notes to the “Chic Fil A Day” notebook as this topic, like ANY, when the carcinogenic collectivist charlatans decide to over-involve themselves, is just distraction and diversion for the advancement of the liberal ethos.. The liberals cannot help but to expose themselves as the Marxist manipulators that they are.. They ARE “transparent” and they ARE beyond “hope”..

Meet Adam Smith. No, not the Scottish Adam Smith who famously wrote the seminal capitalist book “An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations”.. (Therefore making him ‘public enemy number one’ within the world of the socialist liberals..) No, this particular Adam Smith decided to take the Chic Fil A matter into his own hands as only a properly indoctrinated liberal can..

Smith decided to berate an employee of the Chic Fil A in Tucson Arizona. So far, so liberal. This didn’t seem to satisfy Smith as he had to record the ravings and then release the recording on the Internet.. The WORLD is ALWAYS entitled to the lunatic ravings of a sanctimonious liberal.

Keep in mind that Smith decided to do what SO many other verminous leftists have done before him. He utilized the modern conveniences of the recording device of a mobile “telephone” and the Internet to broadcast his screed to the world. Narcissism and egomania drive the liberal animal and like almost every liberal alive, Smith wasn’t strong enough to be an exception to this reactionary rule..

Remember that Smith had to feel completely comfortable with this plan of his, as this type of vituperation has been the liberal leitmotiv for decades and the reason that it has been this way for decades is because it has WORKED.. Smith has seen generations of liberals going from the idea of non-violent “confrontation” to the merely rude to the violent. (ANY reaction used to be OK within the liberal world when it came to what THEY perceived as “injustice”, property damage, the trampling of the RIGHTS of others, etc..)

Since so many leftists before him have had their illegal actions excused due to their liberal zeal, he was merely following (following: the MANDATORY liberal trait..) in the fascist footsteps that were taken by thousands of liberals before him. A world where the liberal’s ACTIONS have been perverted and reclassified as a protected act known as FREE SPEECH.. (A “legal” miracle as stunning as calling abortion a matter of “privacy”..) Such “freedom” is a heady thing and it creates a “mob mentality” within an individual believing that the “mob”, whether its with him at the time or not, will protect HIS act..

Smith, literally bursting at the socialist seams, unloads on the unfortunate employee.. “Chic Fil A is a hateful company. I don’t know how you sleep at night.. This is a horrible corporation with horrible values..” Smith, drunk with the self importance necessary for inclusion within the liberal mythology can’t resist praising himself.. “I just did something really good. I feel purposeful..” Smith proves that he has the necessary progressive provenance and that he, like the generations before him, has been sufficiently marinated in the juices of liberal stupidity.. He “feels good”, the corporation is “hateful”.. All of the liberal prerequisites were in place for Smith to be knighted by any of the liberal kings or queens.. (That WAS intentional..)

A funny thing happened on the way to Smith’s being beatified within the progressive pantheon of gods.. After news of this liberal’s nonsense made it to Smith’s employer, (Vante) they fired him..

Here is a part of the statement released by Roger Vogel from Vante. “Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company. We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante or its employees..” (Would you be surprised to learn that UNEMPLOYED liberal Smith used to be an “adjunct lecturer” at the University of Arizona?) As seemingly insignificant as this sidebar seems to be, this SHOULD be a watershed moment, a shift in the totalitarian plates..

These type of actions and apologies USED to come from “corporations” AFTER liberals like Smith “exposed” them to the “impartial” media.. When reactionary robots like Smith used to go to “corporations” and break out all of the windows of the building, the CORPORATION used to apologize to Smith! The paradigm has CHANGED and it will remain CHANGED if the people who have been bullied by generations of leftist brown shirts REFUSE to accept the actions of the PAST!

Let just a few of the Vante statements words sink in.. “General population”.. That is YOU. That is the countless thousands upon thousands of Americans who stood in line the day before at Chic Fil A’s all across the nation in an attempt to send a peaceful message to the liberal elite that REAL Americans are tired of their haranguing.. This firing of a lunatic liberal and the apology that followed would have NEVER happened had the phenomenon of the day before NOT occurred. Chic Fil A Day was the conservative’s Woodstock and it is a testament to what happens when the “silent majority” is silent no longer.

As the “impartial” media IGNORED the Chic Fil A Day, they have also IGNORED Smith’s response to what USED to be the typical liberal thought and action.. As co-conspirators with the liberal left, they HAVE to ignore those moments that SHOULD “empower” the citizens to take the nation back from the liberal elitists.

EVERYONE SHOULD be taking note of this ENTIRE situation. The liberals should see this as a shot across their Bolshevik bow. WE should take this as the moment when the political paradigm “changed” for the BETTER.. Whether this happens or NOT is up to YOU..

Secondly, listen to the veil of sanctimony drop like a thud when some of the FAILED “Kiss-In” protesters voiced their opinions. (Their differing opinion, which we wholeheartedly ENCOURAGE, unlike them..) In reference to the LARGE amount of cash that Chic Fil A took in the day before, a protester said, “We’re going to let people know where that money is being spent..” (ocweekly dot com)

For what SHOULD be the last time (but it won’t be, I’ll have to say it again).. “Causes” are nothing more than cover and concealment for the fact that the liberal left just wants MONEY. Money is power and power is used to convert the masses. The left ONLY cares about who HAS money and who HASN’T, until they can wrest it from them through theft, deception and distortion..

Victory in November? Tastes just like chicken..


7 responses to “Tastes Just Like Chicken..

  1. Amen Larry! You are so right that Chic Fil A does give to where their heart is, against homosexual marriages. They are also free to spend their money any where they like. So does the left. They don’t give to organizations that they do not believe in either. That is a stupid statement from the left. All they can do is sceam loud without any thoughts as to what they are saying. Praises to Chic Fil A. November is looking better. Think I’ll go have a chicken sandwich at a place that stands for what they believe and I do also.
    Keep up the good work Larry!

  2. Being a certified Liberal Loon, Adam Smith obviously does not understand the definition of at least two words, namely ‘hateful’ and ‘horrible’ . Wonder how many other ‘words’ have confused this alleged , former adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona ! Perhaps that helps explain his FORMER status at UA . Apparently some so-called institutes of higher learning allow just about anyone to be an adjunct lecturer .

    Giving employees off on Sunday doe not make a corporation ‘horrible’ or ‘hateful’. In fact, it was not all that long ago that some states had laws prohibiting doing business on Sundays.

    Opening their doors to , and hiring, both heterosexuals and homosexuals does not make a corporation hateful and horrible.

    When I saw that Rahm Emmanuel, the alledged ‘elected’ mayor of Chicago , had refused Chic Fil A the opportunity to do business in ‘his’ city, I perceived it to be , in part, a distraction from some of OWEbaama’s problems, such as Fast and Furious, etc.

    Is it any wonder that Democrat controlled cities are in deep debt ?

  3. Finally I think businesses and cities and states have come to a halt on getting God and morals out of American and are tired of being PC. Three cheers fir Vante! In one of the articles I read they had a survey. As I took the survey I was surprised on how many agreed with the conservative view point and felt Adam Smith got what he deserved! I am excited top watch the paradigm shift. I think the brakes may have been applied when the Governor survived a recall and it has taken this long to get the Juggernaut slowed down. Now we just need to turn it around and head for the values our forefathers put in place.

    Larry, I printed this article and have forwarded it to many people. I will keep the printed and high lited copy on my bulletin board so I can reread your challenge and talk with others about what needs to be done. Just curious, how do you think Adam’s wife and kids feel about him being unemployed?

  4. Great article, Larry – yes, let’s hope & pray that the paradigm just might have shifted a wee bit, please, God!! Will do my best to post it and email it widely…

    Richard, is this twerp Adam Smith married? I sort of thought he was gay – but, of course, I could be wrong. He sure acted the fool, putting himself and his mental-midget brain on display for all the world to see!! Lord, he must feel like an idiot – that is, unless his lib prog friends circle the wagons and try to make him feel that his cause was just…

  5. Richard,

    I’m sure that he will become the next Marxist marytr.. He can become the Democrat’s next Horst Wessel..

    Maybe the Huff-and-Puffington Compost will pick him up..

    The liberals won’t let him drift for long.

    Maybe he will join MSnbc.. The opportunities for liberal crackpots abound.

    Thanks as always,


  6. OWEbaama campaign goes 3 D


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