Sort Of Sit Still

Yesterday’s TOTD entitled “Sit Still” was actually part of a Romney series that hopefully helps the Republicans when it comes to learning from the abundance of electoral history. If you “learn” from history, there will be a much better chance that you can “make” history later.. The entire concept flows around three theories.. Sit Still, Attack and Timing Is Everything..

First, I sincerely hope that the Republicans internally produce ACCURATE polls for themselves. Not like the “CNN” polls of collectivist crackpots from the bus stop and the Methadone clinic that always have OWEbama leading by seventy points that are released hourly by the liberals.. I believe that for their sake and ultimately for the sake of the nation, that HONEST polling would help refine their message. Doctored polls where only a certain segment of society is utilized benefits no one and produces a false sense of security. Keep these results, REGARDLESS of the findings, to yourselves and learn from them..

I see just a few reasons why this election cannot mirror either 1980 OR 1984 even though it SHOULD be a repeat of those seminal events. There are a few differences that need to be addressed and addressed soon if things are to “change”.

Chiefly, the biggest difference is the difference between Romney and Reagan. The “impartial” media was just as antagonistic and biased to Reagan then as they are to Romney today. At this point in the proceedings, Romney reminds me more of Mondale than Reagan. This is in reference to overall demeanor, not policy. Reagan stood by his guns (and he did so since 1964..) and it seems as though Romney is still trying to figure out how to load his.. Romney needs to be definitive and forceful especially in the face of the liberals “tactics” that if left unanswered, will continue in the same manner endlessly through the general election.

As OWEbama stumbles (“you didn’t build that”), let it fester (Sit Still) and then ATTACK. The shelf life of “you didn’t build that” is about over, have patience, he will verbally miscue again. Failing that, if he decides to “Sit Still”, ANY of his previously enacted socialist sophistry will sputter and explode if properly exposed..

Let’s take a peek at the election of 1980..

Even though Carter proved both at the time and even years later, to have been an abysmal failure as president, all the way through the very last weeks in October he had a LEAD over Reagan that was slightly above the margin for error. We see this psychosis replaying itself within the context of the OWEbama abject failure that by comparison makes Carter look like a political wizard just this side of Jefferson.. Yet the “polls” show this as a “margin of error” race as it did in 1980..

Reagan actually wanted the Cleveland debate to be held the day before the election. He KNEW that “timing is everything” and such a small window between the debate and the election would hopefully take the voters natural “forgetfulness” out of play. The “window” didn’t really close until 48 hours before the election when the polls showed a HUGE movement in the “undecided” to Reagan..

As well, there were moments within the 1984 landslide that need to be reviewed as well..

Reagan came within 3,761 votes in Minnesota of having a 50 state clean sweep. This had all the makings of a “mandate” yet, the Republicans picked up only sixteen seats in the House (making it 253-182 liberal) and the liberals actually picked up one seat in the Senate.. Here was the opportunity to slam the door possibly forever on the “Roosevelt liberalism” that had proven to be a complete disaster yet the Republicans seemed to sit on their hands.. This was a REAGAN landslide and Reagan should have used his unquestioned popularity to bring other Republicans into the fold especially since the choice of Mondale was in essence a sign that the left giving up on 1984..

With the 1980 and the 1984 elections, there was as stark a “divide” between the ideas of the candidates as there has ever been. This certainly SHOULD hold true in relation to this election. This “divide” should be played upon. The man who “promised” to be a “unifier, not a divider” has intentionally divided the nation without ANY negative repercussions. NEVER have the hideous “results” of a four year “experiment” with suffocating socialism been more evident, a stark “divide” between socialism and capitalism, yet the CULPRIT of this crime against America and the middle class seems to be getting a pass..

Even though OWEbama has been so helpful with his countless economical implosions and his non-telepromptered malapropos, people don’t really like “change” once it has allegedly been established. The natural apathy of the VICTIMS of the last four years of the OWEbama socialist meddling means that the VICTIMS enjoy being tortured. The REALITY of the last four years miraculously ISN’T ENOUGH to convince people (yet..) that this mistake cannot have another four years to stumble and bumble..

Is it laziness or is it apathy that arms the VICTIMS of liberals like Carter and OWEbama with a perverted Stockholm Syndrome? This “oh well” attitude MUST be fixed because the focused liberal destruction of America over the last four years CAN be “changed”. If the results of the last election don’t “change” this time around, OWEbama won’t either..

Who would believe that “Romney caused my wife’s cancer” yet turn away from the reality of the taxes forcibly removed from their paycheck every Friday? That is, those who actually receive paychecks thanks to the OWEbama socialist takeover and the destruction of millions of American jobs.. Who would believe that someone who actually ran both a corporation and a state successfully WOULDN’T make a good president yet a loser that really hasn’t held a job other than a “community organizer” WOULD make a great president? Since the “community organizer” “won”, is everyone willing to realistically look at the “results”? Are the REALITIES of the OWEbama caliphate that have literally surrounded the American public become that inconsequential to them?

This isn’t a fistfight, it’s a dance and the two LEFT feet of the liberal socialist OWEbama should make it a cakewalk..

Cue the music, it’s time for the dance to REALLY begin..


6 responses to “Sort Of Sit Still

  1. We need to study each election to find the strength or weakness of a campaign. But how do we get something like that to study when there is so much bias and downright lies told and the m(ass)es taking the bait – hook, line and sinker? Our country has been eroding rapidly since Reagan was President and I can only think that the left felt the shift of American once again turning to God and panicked. Reagan was unapologetic about being a Christian, so the left has roiled the waters with chum and literally removed our sense of worth and God given choices.

    You may think I’m nit-picking, but I start at a grocery store where you see extreme laziness and inconsiderate people every minute. They can’t properly park the very expensive grocery store cart – twenty steps are too many, provided by the store. Maybe we should go back to the days when you walked to the store carrying and empty bag and coming home with it full. And who cares the cart rolls easily into a vehicle or is left in an empty car space so the driver has to move it to park? Go to any exercise gym and look at their parking lot. How many cars are park far away from the building? I guess they don’t consider walking an exercise. This is the same person who won’t take a couple of hours or more to have his/her say in the direction this country is going. If you are prepared for a long wait to vote, everything works out. How much less television will you have to miss to vote? I’ll be taking my eReader or books-on-tape and a couple of pieces of candy or mints. It is my duty AND my pleasure to vote. And I will carry a small cheat sheet to subdue my halfzheimer.

    Okay, I’m off my soap box. GOD BLESS THE USA!
    NEVER give up, NEVER give in and NEVER, EVER AGAIN!

  2. Your point is such a good one, Larry…

    The biggest reason I see that would explain the left’s ignorance, must be laid directly at the feet of our education system. How do we expect our youth to understand what happened in prior races, what the issues were, and how the candidates handled the race? They were never taught these things. They spent their time learning about “self-esteem” and “team building” and “mother nature”. History – the truthful stories of this great nation – are no longer taught in public schools and surely not in our universities. The Left has control of our schools, and until we are able to break that hold, we will have this mess. I read a great artilcle to day at RedState about this same issue….

    We will have to teach them some other way.

  3. Larry, you hit on a problem that I complained about for years. No one reads the stub attached to their pay check, all the charges on the phone, electric, and gas bill. If people would just look at all the taxes, fees, and charges on their bills, and then looked to see how much they made, taxes taken out, and how little their check is for they would want to know where all “MY” money is going. Richard you hit a nerve with the shopping cart. The first mark on my new truck, in 2004 was from a cart blown into it by a thunder storm while in a Walmart lot. lazy Bas****ds left it one slot from the cart park.

  4. CauscasionForRemovingObama

    I concur w/ Larry that the polls have to be skewed. There appears to be no possible way using logic/common sense that anyone could conclude Romney trails BHO by 9 points, in essence, losing by more than McCain. However, after reading articles this week from Erick Erickson of Red State and also from Alan Keyes, it does appear that we still have disgruntled conservatives who act & speak as if they will just stay home if they can’t get the perfect candidate to run against the Fence Post Turtle in chief. This is the only place left to focus. The socialists and ultra left-wingers have their perfect candidate. “We the people” have to unite behind Romney, otherwise our Republic is sentenced to a painful death. Do conservatives really think sitting on the sidelines will do anything other than get more Elena Kagens, Kathleen Sebelius’, Cass Sunsteins, Van Jones, Janet Napolitanos, Rahm Emmanuels, and worse. Not to mention the gloating from hollywood, late night comedians, the ladies on The View, and the Lame Stream Media. Let’s end the chill up their leg once and for all and get everyone breathing to go and vote against the Fence Post Turtle. I can’t stand the thought of my kids and grandkids being enslaved for the remainder of their lives under a socialist nanny state.

  5. I agree with Greywolf…..people are simply not paying attention to alot of things. One of my favorites is when I ask a neighbor what they thinkk about the recent property tax increase and their reply is” I have no idea how much it is because it gets pay in my mortgage”. If they had to go down to the tax office every three months like I do with a big fat check (due to a recent huge property tax increase here in N.J.) I believe they would be much more aware of what it’s all costing. Also, if income tax day were the day or two before election day, don’t you think that would be kind of a wake up? I always thought it was soooooo convenient that the powers that be decided to put alot of months between tax day and election day.

  6. AND on a similar note, today’s TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


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