It has only happened once before and it was a rousing success but SUNDAY NIGHT at 7PM CST, there will be a “live” chat in the comment section of this posting at NLTZ.

Calling all Family members, NOW is the time for your voice to be heard!! A LOT to cover, who is game?

Never give in, never give up and never again!!


103 responses to “NLTZ LIVE SUNDAY NIGHT!!

  1. I’m in Larry.

  2. Larry,

    CST or CDST ??

  3. 8 PM Eastern… I will do my best!

  4. Testing.. One.. Two..

    Tonight the discussion will be around the Ryan pick..

    Love Candy Crowley over at the CNN Communist “News” Network calling Ryan’s choice a “ticket death wish..”

    My Thought? First Candy should stay AWAY from her first name as she is but one Snickers bar away from having to stop at the highway weigh stations by law..

    The left is SWEATING over this. Romney is now saying that the ECONOMY is front and center.

    Your thoughts?


  5. AS well, OWEbama just CUT Medicare and calls it an “achievement”..

    The RNC raised over $3,500,000.00 in less than 24 hours after the Ryan pick..

    The night before I thought that Ryan would NOT be the pick, then I thought about the Palin pick which helped to light a fire under both the base but under McCain as well..

    It makes sense for a large number of reasons..

    Your thoughts?


  6. Yes, the economy should be front and center, since it is all encompassing – budget, deficit, jobs, etc. And, we better get it corrected soon, or we are on our way to the European model.

  7. Hi Larry and Family, Was just watching Mill Romney and Paul Ryan in their wonderful Wiisconsin home coming. I had tears of happines.

  8. JJ,

    Stop making sense.

    The left WILL NOT allow the economy to be discussed, thus the “focus” on Bain, tax forms and other Romney diversions..

    Ryan can easily overcome the left diversions and distractions.


  9. Monica,

    Agreed. It was the best choice. I believe that Romney needs to learn from Ryan..

    The local left in STL is up in arms. Their “tactics” of the last month haven’t “changed” a bit..

    Focus on the facts..


  10. Yes, I like Ryan as VP. He’s the budget expert, and his expertise is sorely needed now.And remember, he is not afraid to challenge anyone, that is something OWEbaama learned. Since he has spent several terms in Congress, he knows the drill – and can be a force to be reconned with.

  11. The “focus” has to be taken away from the media and their attempt to KEEP the “focus” on these alleged Romney things..

    Romney doesn’t wear matching socks, film at 11..


  12. The “facts” weigh very heavily AGAINST OWEbama BUT a “fact” filled campaign will put the nation to sleep even though THEY are the VICTIMS of the OWEbama economy..

    How do we overcome this reality?

    Your thoughts?


  13. R &R will overpower OWEbaama and Biden any day of the week. They can have a one two punch that will send OWEbaama back to Kenya, from whence he came, and to which he should return. Perhaps after his prison sentence is completed.

  14. beyond disgusted

    Ryan is indeed an excellent choice; & I don’t believe for one minute that the leftists are overjoyed with this.

  15. Finally got here.

  16. I really like Ryan and have been impressed by him. His name never occurred to me, and I am very happy to see this pairing.

  17. JJ,

    Cant wait for the Ryan Biden “debate”..

    Moderator: How do you reply to Mr. Ryan’s charge?

    Biden: Burpppp.. Can I use the potty?


  18. Anyone see the interview on 60 minutes?

  19. Facts, presented in a manner which the average person can grasp, are necessary . Unlike OWEbaama who can only resort to denigration , and I believe more and more are getting tired of it.

  20. Did not see 60 Min.

  21. beyond disgusted,

    NO, the left may try to put on a happy face but the circular “logic” employed by OWEbama and the LACK of logic employed by Biden will be sorely tested and the NATION had better be listening..


  22. JJ,

    We ALL know that its sexier to wax rhapsodic about “ten years of tax returns’ while getting a pass on sealed college records and the fast and Furious executive priv..

    This had better be an in your face battle.

    Keep playing a loop of Reagan saying, “are you better off now than you were four years ago..”


  23. I would like to see a “real” debate – you know, the type where everyone has to follow the rules, and stay on topic, and not go off on a tangent.

  24. beyond disgusted

    I, too, can’t wait for the Ryan/Biden debate. But I fear Biden will be given soft ball questions, such as “Would you like another drink?”

  25. Reagan was a master communicator – hope Romney views some of Reagan’s speeches.

  26. Eileen,

    Ryan occured to me, but I didn’t think that he would be chosen as he already appears stronger than the presidential candidate.

    So? The REAL strength of a candidate is surrounding yourself with STRONG people and if this is any indication, Romney will do just fine..


  27. JJ,

    Surely he was a “communicator” but his REAL strength was the core convictions that he held made it EASY to communicate.

    Reagan didn’t need teleprompters yet OWEbama does.

    That surprises me as we all know that OWEbama firmly believes in socialism, why does he need the flash cards?


  28. Neither Romney nor Ryan have hidden any of the records, such as birth certificate, education, travel, etc.

    R&R must challenge OWEbaaama on everything, no holds barred – it’s past time to expose the fraud.

  29. beyond,

    I’d love to see them REALLY put some spin on the ball. A FULL ticket debate.

    All four candidates going at it..


  30. I haven’t noticed Romney using a teleprompter, has anyone ?

  31. Owebama has nothing to run on so he and Biden, so their only thing they will do is throw stupid crap and political games at the American people and I think we are fed up with the nonsense..They will lie and distort Ryan’s economic plans AND let’s hope they both know how to dumb it down so the liberals will understand. I’m worried about the Seniors in FL, The liberals are telling Senior they will lose their benefit in Medicare and Social Security.

  32. beyond disgusted

    He needs the teleprompters because he can not speak intelligently without them.

  33. Eileen , good to hear from you – hope all is well !

  34. JJ,

    Very true but our BIGGEST adversary is the “impartial” FREE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN ENDORSERS press.


  35. Eileen,


    They want to have the campaign focus on what R and R MIGHT do as opposed to what OWEbama HAS DONE!!

    This is where we step in!


  36. JJ, I’m doing okay, just burnt out on politics. It happens sometimes. Now I have some hope.

  37. beyond disgusted

    Eileen, I am also worried about the seniors; it seems they always fall for it. You would think that after decades of this, they would wise up.

  38. If anyone is killing SS , and Medicaid it’s the Libs. They are constantly looking for more ways to waste taxpayer money. Then, they claim they are not gutting anything – liars.

  39. JJ,

    Above I mentioned that OWEbama CUT Medicare and called it an “achievement”. (Breitbart)


  40. Workfare was very successful, but OwEbaama is desparate , and he will continue to pander to the non-productive , no matter what .

  41. They should focus townhalls in areas in FL, where Ryan can explain his plan one on one and crush Owebama/Biden strategy. I can smell them already.

  42. And, we know what OWEbaamacare will do to medicaid.

  43. Did anyone see the 60 min interview? I’m even more impressed.

  44. Wonder if Ryan’s plan addresses the Federal depts. that are not needed and are huge financial drains – Education, HHS, etc

  45. Owebama stole funds from Medicare to play for parts of ObamaCare. I forget the amount, something like 700 billion.

  46. Eileen,

    Florida and Ohio are already being fought over..

    I believe that your wish will come true.


  47. God I hope so.

  48. Eileen,

    Yes 700 billion and he called it an “achievement”..


  49. And, wonder if R&R have plans to address the massive fraud in the medical programs.

    R&R need to shred OWEbaama’s constant class warfare crap, sonce it seems that too many of the stupid voters keep falling for it.

  50. JJ,

    Under Reagan a young and misguided Wisconsinite named James Stockman who later turned turncoat, focused on these things during the Reaganomics days.

    Ryan, if given the chance, will do it without the back stabbing..


  51. JJ,

    YES, it eventually HAS to be answered..


  52. The Democrats always rob from a program to pay for their “projects.” They have rob social security which is why they needed to find money elsewhere.

  53. One thing that’s hopeful, either men were attorneys.

  54. R&R need to keep the regime’s illegal and questionable tactics in the fore front, like fast and furious, voter fraud, Holder’s dismal of various lawsuiits, etc.

  55. I did the background on Romney, which Larry posted months ago, do you want one on Ryan?

  56. JJ,

    These stories have DIED, haven’t they? NOW its all about Romney’s taxes, right?

    HERE is where the “impartial” media will help the left..


  57. Owebaaama is a real coward, he won’t answer questions , and when was the last time he had a real press conference ?

  58. Eileen,



  59. JJ,



  60. Its a foregone concludes that Obama and the Democrats will cheat. Create distortions in R&R.

  61. beyond disgusted

    I’ve never seen a more corrupt administration in my life. There is so much ammo here, it should be a cakewalk. Problem is, the truth does not always win out.

  62. Romney should DEMAND that OWEbaama’s records be unsealed and Romney should offer to match OWEbaama item for item on all pertinent background info.

  63. beyond,

    That is why we have to circumvent the media through places like NLTZ and through our converstaions with those “on the fence”.


  64. I have stuff from 2010 and will just add to it. As I said I was a little disappointed when I asked him about term limits but was very impressed by him at the Townhall hosted by Heritage Foundation.

  65. JJ,

    Wouldn’t that be nice? What are the chances?


  66. And, R&R should also go after Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, et al, for their involvement for so many of our financial problems.

  67. Eileen,

    If the RIGHT people are doing the RIGHT things, then term limits might not be the worst of issues to back burner..



  68. beyond disgusted


    Personally I don’t know anyone on the fence; they are either voting for Romney, or are all in for Owebama and have no interest in listening to the truth. As we all know, you can’t fix stupid.

  69. JJ,

    Lets start with the VOTERS simply taking them out of power..

    That would be a nice start..


  70. We can educated the public with the truth when the Dems and Obama make claims, research the facts and spread the facts out to the public, promote the truth and expose their deceit. I have no problem doing the research and Larry can post it and anyone will have my permission to post it on other sites.

  71. beyond,

    They’re out there. We just have to address them whenever we get the chance..


  72. It might be time to test all members of Congress to determine if they are really qualified , as in intelligence, to be there. IMHO , the qualifications for federal office are too minimal. Prime example ; OWEbaama !!!

  73. Sounds good, Eileen.


  74. JJ,

    If EVERYONE took their vote seriously and I don’t know how they can’t since that vote determines how much of their own money is handed over, then the problem would take care of itself.


  75. Where are Joe, Richard, Graywolf and the other regulars ?

  76. beyond disgusted

    The qualifications for voting are too minimal; that’s why we are where we are.

  77. Wondered myself, JJ..

    That’s OK, we can handle this.


  78. beyond,



  79. beyond,

    I totally forgot that the left can conjure up zillions of votes in a matter of seconds..


  80. Larry,

    And if everyone over age 18 and/or everyone with an income, including entitlements, of over $500.00 per year had to file tax return, ( or the bennies would stop ) the non-producers would get a rude awakening.

  81. Regarding voter ID – whenever someone says they are opposed to it, they might as well say that they favor voter fraud.

  82. JJ,

    A lot file, they just get everything back..


  83. Often wondered what the 2008 results would have been if there had been no voter fraud !

  84. JJ,

    An unquestioned scam. That and the “interpreters” that go INTO the voting booth with English illiterates.


  85. JJ,

    McCain 58, OWEbama 40


  86. Larry,

    Yes, many do. But I’m looking beyond that.

  87. Larry, Hawaii has elected Daniel Inouye two years ago and the man and he is 88 years old. Same age as 88 year-old Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. I think that is too old and to much. Do they really have the mental understanding If he serves until June 29, 2014, he will become the longest-serving senator in history. Inouye has already announced that he plans to run for a record tenth term in 2016, when he will be 92 years old. That’s too long in my opinion.

  88. Well Family,

    Its been almost 90 minutes and I’ve been writing another NLTZ article and three more TOTD’s while we’ve been talking..

    Thanks for this, it was great and its off to the races!!

    Never give in, never give up and never again1

    Good Night!


  89. Larry,

    And, as we know , Mc Cain was not a good candidate, in fact almost a ” non-candidate “

  90. Eileen,

    I myself feel that if Reagan were alive at 104, I would STILL vote for him.

    Right versus wrong..


  91. beyond disgusted

    One solution would be anyone receiving “entitlements”, excluding SS & medicare, no longer has the right to vote. If you don’t pay in, no vote for you. And, by the way, I cannot stand these freebies being called entitlements. Where is it written that bottom feeders are entitled to anything?

  92. Since I don’t watch the news or read a newspaper, you willl have to tell me when a lie or an Obama claim is annouced.

  93. Good Nite all enjoyed it !

  94. beyond,

    THAT is the liberal voter/power base and that would be amazing..


  95. Eileen,

    Safe bet, if he’s awake and his mouth is moving, its a LIE..


  96. This was fun. Everyone have a great night and a good week ahead. And maybe thank God for giving us HOPE.

  97. Have a great night everyone!!

    Thanks as again,


  98. beyond disgusted

    This was great, really enjoyed it!

  99. Does R & R = REMOVE & REPLACE??????
    I do like the sound of that!!!

  100. Nightsong,

    YES!! Perfect!!

    100 comments. Outstanding!

    Thank you all,


  101. Family: I’m sorry to have missed the “live” chat. Unfortunately, I was fighting with my internet connection. It always seems to go off at the wrong times. I hope to join you the next time.

    Never give in, Never give up and Never again!

  102. Regarding the LSM, AKA the OWEbaama media in recent years, I wonder why they are so pro -OWEbaama . Just a few thoughts or questions :

    1) To the best of my knowledge, the media ( except NPR ) are privately or investor owned businesses. The Libs often claim that the GOP favors businesses. However, the alphabet networks and most of the media are Liberal. Isn’t this a contradiction ?

    2) One of the first things that a dictator does when taking power is to take control of the media , for obvious reasons. Since OWEbaama is an avowed Socialist, and apparently a dictator wannabe, why would the media go overboard supporting someone who would commandeer their business ?

    3) This same media is experiencing declines in revenue, and yet go out of their way, even to the point of embarrassment, to support and defend a bunch of liars, tax cheats, and other assorted law breakers. And they do it with impunity, while expecting everyone to accept their crap – hook, line, and sinker.

    4) Apparently their business model is based on a philosophy that can be summed up by saying ” as long as people continue to buy our garbage, we will continue to sell it “.

    5) And just like OWEbaama, when they can’t defend their actions, and their poor record – they denigrate their opponent . Apparently, birds of a feather do flock together !

    6) Are these media types such great journalists that they all see something that we do not see ?

    Just a few thoughts and questions – anyone else feel the same way ?

  103. Eileen,

    What is so deep down frustrating to me, it is not educating the public as in that will take decades of governmental formulation reversals. This public’s book of learning has been only the MSM and they have no conception of the word “future.”

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