Demented Dichotomy

The fact that the left gets SO upset at the mere mention of “religion” is still perplexing to anyone who is even mildly observant.. Liberalism itself is unquestionably a religion in the eyes of its “followers”.. They are “followers”, no they are travelers, make that “fellow travelers”.. That’s much better..

The left has often stomped and bellowed over the “separation of church and state”. This “concept” can ONLY be found within a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists Association in 1802 yet it, like SO many other imaginary concepts brought up through postulation alone, it is now considered sacrosanct within the liberal ethos for political expedience.. (This is also the perverted place where ACTIONS are deemed “speech” and abortion is to be discovered DEEP within the right of privacy..) To the left, the words written in this letter are then taken and written into stone within the liberal “religion” yet the words written in the Constitution are to be disregarded when they DO NOT fit within the progressive paradigm. This the moment when the whole “living document” business, so popular with the judicial activists of the left, bubbles to the surface..

I find this “separation” in relation to the liberal RELIGION to be another demented dichotomy that has become all to reflexive to concept of liberalism.

Lets also state that liberalism is without question a “religion” to its adherents in both thought and deed. Lets also state that the separation of church and state is a concept with VERY limited application within the liberal world. We should think of this as the left’s inherent “immoral absolutism”.. (Let us also state for the record that their exalted temple sits in Washington D.C., but a bit more on that later..)

The left would like you to believe that they think in terms of “grays” (in order to believe this, you must take at face value that the liberals have the capacity to “think” and I realize what an absolute stretch of logic this has to be..) but the left is ALL ABOUT thinking in terms of “black and white”.. With the left, this phrase takes on numerous meanings as the absolutism of “black and white” also crosses over into their political definition of “black and white” in terms of the left’s racial discrimination to be found within “quotas”..

The left’s unique Bolshevik blinders makes you understand why the left doesn’t question the LACK of a “separation” of both church and state within the Mooselim “world”. Why doesn’t this even cross the liberal’s highly tuned reactionary radar? The best explanation can be found within the fact that the liberal “religion” is quite similar the to Mooselim religion and the fact that BOTH seek an absolute FUSION of religion and state.

As well, the Mooselim “religion” is completely off the table when the denigration of religion is the topic at hand. Christianity and Judaism are the ONLY “religions” that will be found within the collectivist crosshairs as they pose the biggest threat to the religion of liberalism.. Even MORE shocking to those of us functioning with our eyes OPEN is the absolute FACT that literally EVERYTHING that the left stands for within “their religion” (drug use, pornography passed off as “entertainment”, gay rights, gay marriage, religious aversion, THEIR free speech, their right to protest etc., etc..) would ALL immediately be outlawed under the penalty of death if the liberal’s buddies were to take over the world..

It must be a shock to a liberal when they are confronted with the overwhelming evidence that liberalism IS a “religion” and it’s a “religion” that they fervently practice. Then again, “proof” always brings about a severe allergic reaction from the apostles of the left with outbursts similar to Tourette’s Syndrome.. “Proof” is the wooden stake through the heart of liberalism and when it is presented to those who have properly swallowed and digested the Eucharist of liberalism, its denunciation must be done at the highest of decibels..

Can we logically call liberalism a “religion”? They certainly PREACH about liberalism and its many benefits in order to convert you to their “religion”. They believe in “god”, however their “god” looks an awful like each of the liberals themselves and as “gods” within their own pantheon, their thoughts and deeds are both “pure” and above reproach.. The air of omnipotence surrounds the liberals every thought and deed not unlike a powerful but polluted perfume..

The liberal’s sanctimony therefore springs from this self-imposed “purity”. If you ask them, they bear no malice, they bear no hate, and therefore there is a purity that permeates the entirety of the liberal “religion”. This reminds me of the “thoughts” of the crackpot General Jack Ripper from “Dr. Strangelove” where he spoke constantly of a “purity of essence”.. Purity of thought, purity of motive, purity of action, purity of essence..

They also lay claim to an unusual “inclusiveness”, they operate out of a “big tent of ideas” that allegedly EVERYONE has access to and where EVERYONE’S “ideas” are to be “tolerated”.. Again, the “purity” sniffishness exhaled by the liberals falls well short of the mark when you merely DISAGREE with them.. THEN the left goes all “Old Testament” on you.. Fire and brimstone, death by plague, you name it, its ALL descending down from the liberal Nirvana upon those who have done nothing more than to “disagree” with them..

The apostasy of “disagreement” within the liberal “religion/politics” gets one excommunicated in the most unattractive method possible. What happened to Joe Liebermann when he “disagreed” with the liberal “political/religious” line on the War in Iraq? If the left could have figured out a way to stone him to death outside of the Senate like their religious contemporaries from the Middle East do for such heresy, they would have dispatched Joe post haste and the “impartial” media would have danced and thrown candy in the streets..

The liberals cannot deny that there is a complete merging of their politics (the “state) and their “religion”. Within the liberal world, the government is another of their “gods”. The liberals would like nothing more than to transform the “government” into a Democratic deity run ONLY by the benevolent liberal gods themselves.. This is another of the reasons that the left targets actual “religion” for termination because when religious institutions are no longer available, everyone will HAVE to turn to the liberal “religion/god” of government for the “answers”.

If the liberals were at least honest about themselves, a public confession of their “religious” beliefs would go a long way towards explaining their bile towards “other religions”, but “honesty” is as foreign to them as intelligence and hygiene..


10 responses to “Demented Dichotomy

  1. Secular Humanism, Humanist Manifestos I, II, & III, are the Liberal’s bible. Their worldview reveals their ‘itching ears’, to hear what they want to hear and think what they want to think. They are at war with Christianity in it’s truth and purity. They accomplish their objectives by using Satan’s own means of half truths and decite. God may very well have given them over to their immoral ways to the point of accepting illogic as logic. I know no other way to explain how they can be so obtuse to reason.

  2. Liberalism: A religion based on the belief that the government is the “higher Power” the adherents are the judge and jury, and the “rules” (we don’t need no stinkin’ rules) are changeable, depending on the situation. Also known as Secular Humanism, New Age, Progressivism, Socialism, or Communism.

    It is a religion based on tolerance, but only for those things which were previously considered immoral, illegal, and anti-social by the majority of society. However, it tolerates NO argument or disagreement with what it has decided is immoral, racist, or anti-social.
    It is based on multi-culturalism rather than social unity or common identity. However, it discourages the recognition of individual rights and responsibilities.
    It demands “equality”, but requires special privileges to be given to certain classes of individuals. The rule-makers are the only ones who are allowed to decide what is fair, and some people are more “equal” than others based on the whims of the rule makers on any given day.
    It demands absolute adherence to it’s rules no matter how often they change, and requires the believers to give up their right to question the authority of the rule-makers.
    It hides the identity and power of the rule makers.


  3. Larry and T,

    Good points. However, there appears to be a question of denotation vs connotation ( this is the area where the lines get blurred ). If most Americans regard themselves as Christian or Jew, as opposed to non-Christian, then could a Liberal Christian be considered as having two religions, if Liberalism were called a religion? Also, could a Liberal Christian be a Cult member, if the Cult is considered to be a religion ?
    For example is there such a thing as a Protestant Catholic, or a Catholic Muslim ? Is it actually possible to practice that type of religious combination ? The terminology alone appears to be a self-contradiction.

    Perhaps the term ” religious fervor” might be a way to sum up the Liberal fanaticism. Just a thought, not a diatribe.

  4. So, OWEbaama goes to Iowa, and due to the drought, he announces that his Ag Dept. will purchase $170 million worth of meat, poultry, and fish items from the farmers , for use in the fed food programs. Now, if the drought causes a decrease in production, why take these items out of the food supply , since a reduced supply usually causes an increase in food cost?

    Also, since there will be a decrease in corn, why does the regime insist on increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline, since it will therefore REDUCE the amount left for the food chain?

    Is this some sinister OWEbaama plan to reduce the food supply, and subsequently force people to get their sustenance from OWEbaama’s federal programs ?

    I’m not into some conspiratory theory, I just don’t fully undestand the actions of the District of Corruption. Any ideas ?

  5. Just saw an adv on AOL offering the opportunity to enter a drawing to have dinner with OWEbaama. Three lucky persons will win a dinner, air fare and hotel accomodations . The retail value of the pkg. has a max. value of $1600 per person. Apparently spouses are not welcome .

    The adv shows Owebaama and Mooseshelle in what appears to be a sandwich shop, or perhaps a bar/ restaurant. It doesn’t even look like an enjoyable dining experience ! Well, what can you expect from someone who has no class ? Wonder if he believes that his class warfare tactic is condidered as having ” class” !!

  6. I wonder if the OWEbaama shampaign has a minimum contribution for the re-election fund – if not, then we might consider contributing one cent, via credit card, because it will cost them a lot more than that to process the contribution. It’s just one small way for us to help spend their money, since afterall, the Libs sure love to spend ( waste ) money !

    Just putting in my 2 cents worth . . . . . er, make that one cent.

  7. It is possible the liberals can’t think, because they don’t know the meaning, since they have been spoon fed their opinions since birth. Truth and proof are surely the wooden stakes available to put a liberal in a stupor. Using words like honesty, pure, trustworthy , chastity etc., etc. will surely leave a liberal with his lips flapping in the breeze while his mind is racing to form a coherent rebuttal to what was pointed out to them. JJ- Where is my share of the beef and chicken my money is buying? Yup, going to the dumbocrat voters still attached to the teat of hope and change. I’m sure you have all heard how Warren Buffett says he can end the deficit in five minutes. His ideas are spot on. We need to pack his instructions with all the new electives come this November so they know what we want once they take their oath. Maybe we should we require every session of Congress be started by them standing, raising their right hand and repeating the oath that put them where they are. Repetition is an effective learning tool and this could assist the Houses of Congress in keeping on task. Maybe we could extend this to the Supreme Court for the beginning of their sessions. And I think the President should start every speech and televised event with him raising his right hand and repeating his oath. Well, that was a lovely dream!

  8. Richard,

    Your share is going to the non-productive ( there are other choice words, but as you can see, I’m practicing some self-restraint). However, don’t feel alone, because my share went to the same place.

    And, repeating the “oath” is all but meaningless, since the District of Corruption has almost destroyed the Constitution. Their “hand(s) ” actually were in other places – places that render financial rewards.

  9. JJ- And those do-nothings will eat better than I can afford.
    If you want a good laugh today, go ‘conservativebytes/com’ and read about the seals “Swift Boating Obama”. The comments after the article are hilarious and one sentence zingers. We’re not alone!

  10. JJ… I liked your fresh look at the religion angle… it made me think again about my thought process.

    So, I think the answer to your question is this: The definition, if you will, of a Liberal Christian could be a Christian who has been side-tracked by a false prophet, like David Koresh or the “Jonestown koolaid” guy. So, a Christian by birth and/or teaching, but who has become a member of a Cult that proclaims to be Christian, but in reality is not. The same applies, I believe, to the Muslim who has become radicalized by one of the cults of violent jihad, eg… AlQeda, Hesbolla, Taliban ; or to the Catholic who believs himself to still be a Catholic, but who has decided it is ok to pick and choose the peices of Church teaching that they will follow, eg… birth control, abortion, divorce… That sort of thing.

    We identify ourselves as ‘pick a religion’ because of our up-bringing or past experiences and traditions, but that doesn’t mean we give up that identity when we twist the meaning of said religion with new, “progressive” behaviors, traditions and beliefs.

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