In brief: The choice of Paul Ryan places the focus squarely on economic matters, a topic which the liberal OWEbama Democrats couldn’t possibly be weaker on.. (That is, if it is at all possible to list in some sort of order of importance, EVERY matter in which the destructive Democrats are weak in..) Thus the liberal plan for 2012: stifle or failing that denial and deflect..

From the liberal’s perverted perspective, this message of defiance from the revitalized Romney Ryan camp MUST be shut down starting now.. Immediately, if not sooner.. Thus the “Romney is a bully, Romney causes cancer” tripe. The left DEFINITELY paid attention to the Chic Fil A protest even though they did everything that they could to suppress it.. Within the malodorous Democratic dungeons, it was a tectonic shift of the political plates comparable to the Scott Brown election.. The left is sweating but they refuse to acknowledge that fact (or ANY other ‘fact’ for that matter..) in public..

For the Democrats, ANY claim, no matter how preposterous, doesn’t have to work for long, it just has to work. Well before the expiration date of the last leftist lie vomited forth finally expires, they are working on the next and placing it into the progressive pipeline.. The ability to substantiate ANY claim is irrelevant for within the dystrophic world of liberal politics, the TARGET of the false claim has the responsibility to disprove the UNprovable claim made by a liberal.. The time taken by the Republicans to disprove the liberal lies just takes time off of the election clock and affords the left more time to evade their “historic” record of the last four years.. Place a question to ANY Democrat about ANYTHING and their answer will be, “Romney worked for Bain, horrible, isn’t it?”

Taking their inherent collectivist creativity ANOTHER step farther (which, after taking that step, places them but one precarious step closer to plunging into the political abyss..) just yesterday OWEbama said, “we don’t want to go back to the failed policies that got us into this mess..” (Fox News) WHAT?? Here we have the stark reminder that the ever-cryptic and completely false cry of “racism” is waiting in the wings and it will be dealt from the bottom of the Democratic dirty deck when necessary.. The fact that the left has resurrected the whole “got us into this mess” laugher proves the intellectual and political sterility of the left. This usage goes WELL beyond that though.. (More on that thought a little later..)

OWEbama is saying that the LAST FOUR YEARS under his inexperienced tutelage DIDN’T HAPPEN.. America just went from 2008 to 2012.. OWEbama’s ineffective (of effective, depending upon ones perspective..) destruction of the economy was just a dream. (or a nightmare, AGAIN depending upon your perspective..) It was all someone’s else’s fault.. OWEbama doesn’t even have the usual courage of the historically destructive leftists who typically stand amid the squalor created by their creativity, claiming that their “intentions” were good when they try to explain away their intentional/unintentional Napalming of America..

Just yesterday, Stoli Joe managed to wiggle his way out of the restraints that had kept him out of sight in the basement of the Slight House.. While “campaigning” in Danville Virginia he actually said out loud, in front of God and everybody that the Republicans “will put y’all back in chains..” (Washington Free Beacon) Imagine that..

An elected official (Biden, ‘elected official’, scary enough, right?) a representative of the Democratic Party, actually said that in public.. The Democratic Party, the party that fought AGAINST the removing of the physical “chains” of slavery, the party that employed (back when the Democrats had even the least amount of concern with the word “employed”..) fire hoses and baseball bats to reinforce their antiquated slavery. The Democratic Party, the Party that once their “old” slavery was finally abolished, went about the subtle transformation of the physical “chains” of slavery to the mental “chains” of slavery through their disgusting creations of “benefits”..

Driving yet another nail into the proof (for anyone who has been a coma for the last four years..) that Biden is almost as frightening as OWEbama as a “leader”, said just a bit later (still in Virginia, mind you) that “we can win in North Carolina..” (Washington Times) Whatever, if the nation is laughing AT Biden today, they won’t be crying about what he and OWEbama have done for the last four years.. ANYTHING that changes the direction of the nation’s attention AWAY from OWEbama is on the table and in play..

Why is the focus on ANY type of “distraction”? Because with each passing DAY, ANOTHER OWEbama miscue comes to light, EVEN within the oppressive environment of the “impartial” media providing their usual friendly attempts at suppressing fire..

Solyndra, the GSA, Beacon Power, Ener 1, Serious Energy, Fast and Furious, the “bailouts”, The Scamulous”, the Health Scare Scam and now for today, “Pat” (I’m not a hermaphrodite) Napolitano and one of her “gals” who allegedly “runs” ICE. Suzanne Barr, (no relation to the trailer trash Roseanne.. Who?) is “on leave” relative to the exposing of ICE and its “frat house” environment over at DHS.. (Fox News) Nothing important going on over at DHS, the Department of Homeland Security, its not like they are charged with anything of ANY importance.. Oh well, don’t forget “we inherited this mess, nothing to see over here..”

The Democrats are emphatically proving that relying (lying..) upon “put y’all back in chains” and “who got us into this mess” as their gambit means that they have all but given up upon winning the election LEGALLY. Were the Democrats out tilling the Marxist minefields looking for new fascist fodder they would be saying that they want to win over the “independents”. By using the OLD schlock, they are doing nothing more than reinforcing the “message” within the liberal’s disgusting voter base.

This PROVES that the election will be about the Democrats eliminating the votes of those who oppose them, (OWEbama vs. Ohio, the administrations attempt to neuter the military vote in the key battleground state of Ohio) and arbitrarily giving the ability to vote to the undeserving. (The ILLEGALS are tops on this list..) The ILLEGAL “Mickey Mouse votes” accrued by ACORN in 2008 will be a drop in the bucket this time around as those tasked with the responsibility of “finding” (creating) votes for OWEbama will NOT be as “controversial” or as identifiable as the ACORN imbeciles were..

Every Democratic distraction should be met with ANY of the OWEbama failures. Simply ignore the “question” posed and use the time to expose more of what the OWEbama Democrats have mutilated. If the left can ignore the truth when “campaigning”, we can ignore their lies when doing the same..


17 responses to “Stifle

  1. Larry,

    As usual, another great article.

    I believe that Romney and Ryan ( R&R) should go on a strong offense, thereby putting OWEbaama on the defense, by bringing up an Owebaama problem ( a new one each day ) so that the regime has to waste time trying to defend/ explain it. And R&R should not let up, but hit harder and harder each time. The regime has caused a ton of problems for this country, and that message must be forthcoming, so that even the hard core Dems begin to understand that their boy is a dis(ass)ter.

    And, R&R could do it without resorting to character assination, or mud slinging. It is past time for the truth to prevail. And, hopefully R&R could show how the LSM has not been truthful in it’s reporting.

    With a constant barrage of hard hitting facts, the uninformed should eventually become informed.

  2. JJ,

    Are you saying that R&R should take a page from RR?

    Romney and Ryan, Ronald Reagan?

    If you’re not saying it, I am!!

    Thanks as always,


  3. Good shot across the bow. It seems more and more the libbers have decided not to use stifle and have gone directly to distract and/or denial.

    JJ- from your computer to R&R! OWEbama has done more than enough dastardly deeds that R&R could use a different one each day right up to the election or recycle the worst every couple of weeks. They need to gear up with the heavy artillery of things gone wrong and who is to blame. And I hope they don’t try and white wash the Repubs and Conservatives, because we have some dirty laundry that needs cleaning. FORWARD is a great theme, but we need to add “Into The Right” with that word or maybe “Forward Into Open Air”. There actually is much hope and vision to be used with “FOREWARD”. But if we keep the libbers on the defensive constantly, they will be hard pressed to be making up lies out of cheese cloth.

  4. Richard,

    I would not go with FORWARD , because it is OWEbaama’s theme. It is politi cally defined as ‘progressive or radical’.

    PROGRESSIVE is politically defined as ‘progress or reform’.

    PROGRESS means’ improvement’

    REFORM means to ‘make better’

    Therefore, the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/ Forward party falls short of the definitions, EXCEPT for one word – RADICAL

    Therefore I would let the regime keep the word FORWARD !! 🙂

  5. OK..

    Stoli Joe uncorks another boner (the STUPID kind, NOT the Clinton kind)..

    Watch for his to need to “recover” at some location in the near future..

    Watch the “Draft Hill” noise start from the left.

    PLEASE do it. The fleeting momentum will only be temporary and I can’t wait to take the vituperative virago on again as the focus of our ire. Another “historic” move, dropping your VP..

    They will HAVE to contiune to deflect because I will give ANY human $1,000.00 if they can mention ANY positive accomplishment made by Rodham at State.. Now it will be the fantasy of “39 years of experience”..

    Go ahead, I’ll wait..

    Thanks as always,


  6. My goof! I’m in complete agreement. They are very Radical!

    Just as a note, Larry, I have had to log in to post four times. Doesn’t matter right now as I am changing my E-mail. Maybe it will get better.

  7. Okay Larry. We know now you don’t know how to get rich. You’re betting on the wrong horse!

  8. Yes, it makes it unanimous – I’ve had to log in six times now.

  9. I agree with JJ. Keep the dems on the defensive. Use the Reagan theory. I believe a winning ticket. Give Owebama time away from the teleprompter and he will tell us everyting that will help the Repubs. (His true feelings.) I am very pleased with Ryan a very good choice.

  10. Exactly… and preparation for the debates must be razor sharp.. Don’t leave O-man any room to wiggle. I can’t wait to see Ryan wipe up the floor with Biden… Everywhere I post these days, I am shutting down Liberal scare tactics and attempts at fooling the naive by rebutting with the truth, and a plea for folks to go and find the truth….. It is the ONLY defense we have against this onslaught of mud slinging and name calling.

    We MUST win this election at all costs. We must defeat this Socialist or we will never e able to get our country back.

  11. Richard,

    If I may:

    Getting rich is difficult with my avocation. As well, I would be betting on a cow, not a horse with Rodham.

    The Weekly Standard reported TODAY that OWEbama, Biden and Rodham are having a meeting. What about I wonder? They have 21 days by law to remove Biden.

    The liberals would have something to be charged up over, the “War on Woment” tripe will reappear as the choice of Ryan has already corroded the the youth vote from the Democratic side..

    Remember that you heard it here first.

    Not saying that it WILL happen but it is NOT that far fetched.

    We shall see..


  12. Still researching the two bills known as the Path to Prosperity. But, I wanted to comment on blubbering Biden. I really believe that Obama uses him as a distraction so the media focuses on him (and his stupid comments and actions) and not the things that Obama and the Dems have destroyed. He also needs a reminder about the History of this Country. The South Democrats were the slave owners, and a Republican President freed them and was assassinated for his actions.

    I need a little clarification on the recent comments. Since I rarely watch the news anymore (I don’t want to raise my blood pressure for the 2012 election) but what is this thing about Romney killing a woman? I just heard a small comment and don’t understand what they are talking about. If someone could do a brief rundown so I have something to look up, a name or anything else will help the research.

  13. Regarding the new deal for the young illegals, and the so-called requirements and restrictions , and with the scam plan of the regime to buy as many votes as possible – does anyone really believe that the so-called requirements and restrictions will actually be enforced ?

    There is one place where I can expect enforcement – Jan Brewer’s state of Arizona !

  14. Richard, I agree with JJ, Forward is not the right word for the Right/Conservatives. I would use Make Right or Give America Back to the People, something like that or Let’s have real Hope & Change. I’ll have to think about it to make it simpler so the liberals can understand.

    I love Obama’s new wording “Shared Prosperity” is just a nicer way of saying Socialism and Obama clearly choose “Prosperity” because Ryan’s Bill uses the term Prosperity. Its rather obvious he wants to confuse the left by using such a big word, where they would need to look it up in a Dictionary. By the way, Ryan’s two bills are only 99 pages long. I think its about time for a bill to get voted on that is no Bill longer than 200 pages can never be passed. No one wants to read 2500 pages. My Senator, Jeff Session told us that they really weren’t giving the Senators time to read ObamaCare. He said he had to use his staff to take a hundred pages or so, so they could breakdown what was in that section. He believes the Democrats wanted that so they wouldn’t or couldn’t read that Bill, until after it was brought up for a vote.

  15. Eileen, even a bill of 200 pages is a rough slog to understand due to all the legalese used by all the lawyers trying to out do one and other. I hope someone answered your question regarding Romney killing a woman with cancer. The name to look up is “Soptic”.

  16. Eileen Richard,

    In short the LIE involved this fellow who has been an OWEbama shill before.

    The LIE basically stated that Romney (Bain owned GS Steel) caused this fellows wife to die of cancer due to his not having insurance.

    Here’s the rub: Joe Soptic CHOSE HIMSELF NOT to insure his wife who then became ill with cancer allegedly.

    The liberals then created a LIE in the form of an OWEbama commercial around this tripe.

    The Demos admitted about five days ago that they knew of Coptic BEFORE they made this ad..

    I say “allegedly” relative to this because “if a Democrats says it, it MUST be a LIE”. This is the motto of Democratic Shampaign 2012..

    Words to live by.


  17. Has anyone noticed how the Lib pundits are making absolute fools of themselves in their ludicrous attempts to defend Vodka Joe “Chains ” Biden ? These fools want you to believe that they are able to get into Joe’s brain and therefore have this amazing ability to decipher what Joe meant to say , vs what he actually said. And , some of these pundits are Black . Go figure !!

    Joe “Chains” Biden lives in Delaware,and claims to have been born in Scranton, PA – which is in coal country , and where you will NOT hear locals say : ” Ya ‘all” .

    BTW , someone said that he had teleprompters , and if that is true, wonder what was on them vs what he said !!

    But, as usual, Vodka Joe will get a pass from the WH and the LSM, and he and OWEbaama will continue to denigrate R & R .

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