No Charges

Lets take a brief look at how the Democratic “protection racket” is working for them..

John Edwards was cleared of ALL charges. ALL charges..

Fox News this morning said that “no charges” are expected in the “mystery” of how over a BILLION dollars of investors money “disappeared” over at MF Global.. (Remember that “investors” are the ENEMY within the OWEbama socialist circle. Wait, just the “average” middle class investor is considered to be the “enemy”, the “investors” who donate millions to the OWEbama shampaign? They are all okie-dokey and they were all “bailed out” by the Scamulous.. Don’t forget that OWEbama and the liberals “look out for the little guy”..)

You may be wondering who happened to be the leftist leader over at MF Global.. DEMOCRAT Jon Corzine.. (Who would expect any kind of uproar over a measly BILLION ending up in the liberal’s progressive pockets? OWEbama has used a progressive Pavlovian conditioning by wasting and stealing TRILLIONS, so a few BILLIONS won’t matter to the middle class, right?)

The Justice Department is in charge of the “investigation” surrounding the OWEbama/Holder “Fast and Furious” scandal. How do you think that THAT will turn out? What will the left use as a cover when this dropping of charges is “announced”? Another gaffe by Biden? Another “you didn’t build that” moment from OWEbama?

Is ANYONE “investigating” the Solyndra scandal? The TRILLIONS wasted over the liberal green boo hoo nonsense? Beacon Power? Ener1? And on and on and on? Anyone?

Who will be “investigating” the scandal featuring Pat “Neither an Innie or an Outie” Napolitano and her crew of the set of “50 shades of gray” over at Homeland and ICE..

Speaking of the “green” imbecility, RODHAM’S State Department has allegedly “misspent millions” with their work relative to Globaloney Warming over in EUROPE! (Fox News) It’s NOT like State has anything more PRESSING out there in the “world” to delve into.. Who will be “investigating” THIS scandal and how long will it take for there to be “no charges” filed..

Since ALL of these charges have either been dropped or will be dropped in the near future, how long will it take YOU to forget about them?

Another compelling aspect of the usual “scandals” is the “appearance of impropriety”. Please keep in mind that the “appearance” of impropriety that is attached to a “scandal” takes on an altogether DIFFERENT tone when a Republican is in the White House or the target of the “investigation”. The Democratic drumbeat of “guilty” reverberates throughout the “impartial” media’s minute by minute propaganda broadcasts as the stern grimaces of the “reporters” and the sanctimonious Democrats wringing their hands and shedding copious tears tells the easily gulled exactly how to “think”..

Since a socialist is hunkered down within the Slight House, NO ONE seems to be at all concerned about an ever-growing list of SCANDALS. Any ONE of these “scandals” would be enough in the jaundiced eyes of the left, to warrant a “special prosecutor” and a number of “special Congressional hearings” faithfully broadcast on CSPAN if a Republican were the TARGET..

As a matter of fact, the “appearance of impropriety” is so strong that when the left ladles it on, they go even farther to the extreme smear of “guilt by association”.. Who can forget how the left harangued over both Mark Foley and Larry Craig? All that you heard during that harrowing time (with a mid term election only a few months away, no coincidence there..) was George MarkFoley Bush.. On the few occasions that Bush wasn’t mentioned, it was “Republican Mark Foley”.. The message was delivered and it was subtle as a flying mallet..

Why was there no collateral “impropriety” to be found within the actions of the imbecile communist Van Jones, as just ONE example? Why isn’t the name Suzanne Barr being foghorned at the top and bottom of every news hour? Barr is even more consequential to the left as the Chief of Staff at ICE than either Foley or Craig was to the right yet we hear nothing but collectivist crickets.. As well, Barr is just “taking a leave of absence”, something not allowed to those that disagree with the progressives.. She will be back in some capacity once Joe Biden says something stupid or inflammatory enough to provide the proper amount of cover and concealment..

This is the illogical extension of the “theory” that the left can do no wrong. They have a “purity of intentions”.. Well, ALLEGEDLY.. The liberals use this “purity” to explain away their malfeasance. Then again, when do they ever HAVE to explain away their malfeasance? The “impartial” media certainly won’t ask the HARD questions and the rest of the journalists aren’t allowed in the “Narcissists Neverland Ranch”.. This “explanation”, when forwarded, covers their actual intent. Destruction.

Just on the off chance that SOMEONE MIGHT question ANY of the liberals from OWEbama on down (or would that be “up”..) on ANY of the myriad of scandals and failures available to the merely observant, the left is prepared to ignore the ACTUAL subject of the question if it in ANY way applies to the vast and overwhelming failures of the OWEbama socialism. Pointing out that the unemployment rate has not “changed” since OWEbama stole office (8.3% in February of 2009, 8.3% percent today. Mind you, this is just the total LEAVING out the ones who have dropped off the roles. Factoring that number in, the ACTUAL OWEbama unemployment total would be well over 15% and it has been un “changed” for four years..) will elicit a response like, “Romney wages war on women..” “Ryan wants to end Medicare”..

This type of taciturn totalitarianism accompanied by a Stepford look on their faces and it is similar to those deeply involved in a cult. Iit needs to be addressed. If the left is going to continue with this the plan of ignoring ANY question directed at them then it is time to STOP directing questions at them.. It’s time for the “loyal opposition” to just state the obvious facts surrounding the OWEbama legacy of complete and utter failure as a narrative. No more questions asked of those who refuse to answer them DIRECTLY.

All of this reminds me of the term known as “muscle memory”. This applies to the theory that a learned activity doesn’t become “muscle memory” until about a thousand repetitions have been properly performed. The brain, considered a muscle, (in the case of the left, the brain, when actually located, is to be found deep within the posterior. I’ll leave it to experienced pathologists or proctologists to determine its composition..) is being “conditioned” through the thousands of rote repetitions made by the liberal mouth pieces..

Exactly what will ANY so called “debate” between OWEbama and Romney look and sound like if this theory is allowed to continue? (On that note, what could anyone possibly do to sufficiently baby-sit Biden when it comes to his upcoming debate dismantling by Ryan?) I suppose that that is a silly question because the “moderators” for the debates have already been announced and the group looks to be an assemblage of the “fellow travelers” of the “impartial” media club.. If the “moderators” are so “moderate”, how “moderate” will the panel be?

The only chance for there to be ANY charges filed and more importantly, any CONVICTIONS relative to the charges, will be after the EVICTION of OWEbama and the entirety of the liberal caliphate from Washington..


14 responses to “No Charges

  1. And, it will be meaningless if any charges were to be filed, because OWEbaama will be dishing out pardons like jelly beans. Therefore , are there really any concerns for the Liberal Lawbreaking Losers ?

  2. I have thought about the same thing, JJ. There is just too much damage a defrocked legislative and administrative regime can do in a dozen weeks from the election to the purge. That is why I wish OWEbama was arrested and tried for high crimes and treason BEFORE the election. Larry alludes to the vast and overwhelming reach of dumbocrat rot and disease. When Romney takes the reins, it is going to be at least six months before the waves and ripples return to a more calming and positive sailing with the Republicans in charge. We need to make our mantra to never again allow dumbocrats any power or majorities. That would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

  3. Those of us who are watchful as to what is going on, but what can be done as an average citizen. I have wondered this ever since Owebama was elected by a bunch of idiots. First of all pray, then keep informed and vote all of the minions ot of office. Just talking about it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Some friends say they don’t care or what can we do?

  4. Alabama Redneck

    JJ, I totally agree with you that OWEbana will so busy signing pardons he wont have time for anything else. I just wonder?? If he doesn’t sign those pardons and throws them all under the bus because they let him down, what is the statue of limitations on these crimes and will a new AG be willing to pursue such charges.

    Larryl it has been far too long since I commented but I just wanted you to know that my wife and I are both well and happy. Thank you for another great article.

    Richard, you are so right that we must never let dumbocrats have any position of power again. From local city councils to the presidency.

  5. My fear is Obama will pardon everyone sitting in Gitmo. Basically giving Americans the middle finger for not getting re-elected. I think he’ll go big because he has rarely been defeated so his reaction will be big. I also think we’ll see destruction of the White House as the Clinton people did. Poop on desks, semen in desk draws, removal or damaged property, missing China, historic painting will wind up in the moving truck. How they get there?

    Another fear is still Marshall Law and having the Unions, ACORN and Occupy Wall Streeter’s are sitting in the wings and getting ready to do his bidding should the corruption from the election gets defeated by real register voters and The People kick his lying ass out of Office.

  6. Alabama,

    So great to hear from you again and the entire “family” is glad to hear that you both are doing well!


  7. My Dad and I were discussing Obama and Biden, that Biden has become a liability to Obama. I think when the televised debates start, we should making up a drinking game. Very gaff Biden makes and every lie Obama makes you take a drink or shot. We cannot play the quarters game because the liberals stole them.

    They are showing a legal movement to remove Obama’s name from state ballots. They have been showing something on the History channel. The campaign for each state of the Union needs 100,000 signatures to remove his name from the ballot. Has anyone else see the commercial? It would be sweet, wouldn’t it?

    The law seems to bypass our politicians. They get away with murder and will never be tried for their crimes against their constituents. Our legal system protects them from being charged and the liberals control our Court System. It’s frustrating and ticks me off that Obama has continuing broken our laws, has committed treason numerous times, and he still sits in the Oval Office, the press hides and deflects these crimes. I want to run screaming from the room every time I hear his voice, which is why I no longer watch the news. I’ve tried to find a way to legally remove these Judges who ignore Federal and State laws to protect the corrupt lawyers, Judges, politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, etc. But the system we currently have will rarely prosecute them. Our laws should be protecting the People, but they seem to only protect the corrupt.

    We left NJ before the election, Corzine should never been elected. There were a lot of rumors about his corruption working on Wall Street. Charges against him would have stopped him from getting elected by NJ law. He was also involved in with a Union President and gave the Union special treatment for contracts. The liberals in NJ have destroyed that state and were trying openly to bankrupt the state. The politicians in NJ have always been corrupt. I cannot remember all the corruptions and scandals, but it was getting worse every year.

    Chris Cristi is a breathe of fresh air but I worried about his health, he seems to get bigger any day. He needs to go on NutriSystem, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

  8. Eileen,

    Just heard that there will be NO CHARGES over the billions stolen over at MF Global.. NONE.

    Imagine if ANY Republican was involved with this group of limousine liberal thieves..


  9. Eric Holder’s middle name is ” NO CHARGES” – therefore what can we expect from the DOJ ??

    And, if you thought that Billy Bob handed out a lot of pardons, wait until you see what OWEbaama does – he’ll set a record that won’t be broken for a long time. It’s unfortunate, but it is coming. In adddition to term limits, perhaps we need a “pardon limit” . Just a thought.

  10. Speaking of Janet Napolitano, there are some rumors that she might step down !! Again, just rumors. Here’s hoping , the sooner the better.

  11. Larry,

    As I said, our legal system has been overtaken by the liberal, and by just BEING A LIBERAL generally means you are corrupt. They have taken control over all aspects of our lives, from the media, education, banks/mortgage companies, Wall Street, some state and local governments, our legal system from lawyers to Judges to the federal government bureaucrats and politician and how they work against conservatives and moderates. It will take decades to undo the damage they’ve done to this Country from the New Deal to a Great Society to John Kennedy’s New Frontier, the War on Poverty, etc, If we can undo any of it. With federal programs that create a sort of addiction to those federal programs. The liberals seem to stalk the underprivileged and throw them a bone; just a small one, and then they wait for them to come back to suckle on the breast of Federal Programs. One program seems to keep reoccurring through the liberal labyrinth.

    President Franklin Roosevelt, created a program called “The Works Progress Administration, the WPA was funded by Congress with passage of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935 on April 8, 1935. What was the motivation for creating this program? Let’s see shall we. It was the most ambitious New Deal agency, employing millions of unskilled workers to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads, and operated large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects.

    It fed children and redistributed food, clothing, and housing. Almost every community in the United States had a park, bridge or school constructed by the agency, which especially benefited rural and Western areas of the Country. The WPA’s initial appropriation in 1935 was for $4.9 billion (about 6.7 percent of the 1935 GDP), and in total it spent $13.4 billion, figures the liberals did know how to count back then either. At its peak in 1938, it provided paid jobs for three million unemployed men (and some women), as well as youth in a separate division, the National Youth Administration, the WPA provided jobs and income to the unemployed during the Great Depression in the United States.

    Between 1935 and 1943, the WPA provided almost eight million jobs. Full employment, which emerged as a national goal around 1944, but that, was not the goal of Work Progress Administration. It tried to provide one paid job for all families where the breadwinner suffered long-term unemployment. Most people who needed a job were eligible for at least some of its positions. Hourly wages were typically set to the prevailing wages in each area. However, workers could not be paid more than 30 hours a week. Before 1940, there was very little training to teach new skills, to meet the objections of the labor unions. This program ended in 1943. We were still in a war, still in a depression and they pulled the rug out underneath those who were employed by this program.

    These types of program keep showing up in the liberal labyrinth from Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and now Obama. Pretending to care but only seem to want to hook the people and continuingly keep them coming back to a point where they become addicted to these programs. Come election time, they pat themselves on the back and telling them, I care when they only care about getting re-elected.

    I’m also close to being done on the path to prosperity. Do you want me to show what the liberal perspective is about these to plans? The first was 72 pages long and the final one is 99 pages long.

  12. Since most Libs are proud of FDR and his New Deal, what would the Libs do now, if the same WPA type projects were done now by the non-productive ?
    Namely get them off the couch and out of bed, and actually work 30 hours per week building the roads, bridges, etc. Afterall, doen’t OWEbaama constantly preach infrastruture needs? He should be thrilled !

    Think about it – no more food stamps or welfare checks ,but an actual paycheck for doing ‘real ‘work , not the phony “workfare” crap. And, having work done at minimal wage, not by inflated union wages should add appeal.
    Unemployment will plummet, the deficit will be lowered, many will actually learn a skill or trade, sales of construction materials will increase, and on and on. Sounds like a win – win.
    HOWEVER, since OWEbaama owes the union thugs big time, WPA is not about to happen. Also, the Libs want their non-productive to remain non-productive !!

  13. FDR wasn’t interested in employing the people during the Depression. In what research I did on these liberal/progressive programs were about manipulating the scared citizens of this Country. He had to calm the Nation, so he gave them a crumb to try to satisfy their appetite. Then, he took away their food supply.

    The liberals are never happier then when they can manipulate the Country. They are most interested in targeting a group of people by using programs that have never worked, they manipulate the facts and stats and merrily pat themselves on the back.

    Reagan got generations off welfare. That is what we need again. It will never happen if the liberals control our Country and the people who live and work in this Country. They would rather tell them what they will do for them, if you can still remind asking for the crumbs.

  14. Eileen,

    Instead of just handing out welfare checks and fo0d stamps, let’s have real work done by the non-productive, and at least get SOMETHING in return for all of the billions of dollars we GIVE to these people, and at present the only thing we get from them is demands for more freebies !

    MAKE THEM WORK !!! Stop this freebie nonsense .

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