Biased Or Non Existent?

No one really likes a pop quiz but here goes.. Who is Floyd Corkins? Floyd Lee Corkins? Don’t know? You’re not alone and there are a number of very good reasons for that..

This Corkins is the LIBERAL gay rights activist who opened fire at the Family Research Council in Washington. I would also quiz you as to whether the coverage of this event by the “impartial” media were in any way “biased”, if there had been ANY coverage by them at all..

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and type “Family Research Council shooting” into a browser and note the DEARTH of “news” available.. Imagine the amount of puling coverage this type of incident would have received if the recipient of this hate had been any of the nation’s friendly abortion abattoirs. The suspect would have been immediately branded a “conservative” and its open season from that moment on..

As well take note that when events allegedly “happen” and the alleged “victims” are obviously liberal, the media immediately identifies the suspect as a conservative or better yet, a “right winger”.. When it turns out that these “incidents” were actually perpetrated by the VICTIMS themselves, (which happens to be the case in almost ALL of these fictitious “hate crimes”) there are NO apologies or retractions from the “impartial” media.. The damage is done, they just move on, no harm, no foul..

Now the “impartial” media just ignore the “news” if they can’t figure out a way to use it to further the liberal cause.. This phenomenon has come about since the media now considers it to be their mission statement to MAKE or SHAPE the news rather than “reporting” it. This seemed to start with the uber-paleo-liberal Cronkite.

When America didn’t kick or snort when fed the communist line by “America’s most trusted newsman”, the rest of the media midgets began to follow suit and pile on.. The heyday for “coming out of the ‘impartial’ news closet” seemed to be the Tet offensive. Now the “impartial” media all proudly boasts about carrying the flag bearing the hammer and sickle, not unlike the nation’s pedagogues and all of the members of the Democratic Party..

Lets take a gander at the DEARTH of coverage by trying to find ANY coverage.. I found ONE outside of Fox News from the “impartial” folks at CNN.. Their “coverage” devoted as much space to clucking about an alleged thousand-dollar donation by Don Cathy of Chic Fil A to the FRC. Their “story”, ALLEGEDLY about the SHOOTING at the FRC, even included Cathy’s quote that originally sparked the “uproar” that blew up in the faces of the “compassionate until you disagree with us” lefties..

Where are the usual liberal howls about “injustice”? Where are the collectivist caterwauls about how horrible “guns” are? Since the criminal was a gay rights “activist”, the non-actions of the “impartial” media appear to be a tacit approval of the criminals actions.. “Appear to be”? No, they ARE..

The Washington Post considered Corkin’s typically demented liberal thought pattern to be nothing more than “a disagreement” with the FRC.. When someone “disagrees” in a manner similar to this and a liberal or a liberal organization is the TARGET, not the SUSPECT, is the “impartial” media coverage as sparse and unfocused as it was in the most recent case in Washington? Seems silly to ask, doesn’t it..

Who can forget, as just ONE of the hundreds of verifiable tall tales told without repercussions, the fictitious fabrication that was woven by Tawana Brawley.. With NO proof of ANY kind and with the wispy-haired windbag $harpton ever at the ready, the “impartial” media rushed to the scene and broadcast each and every out and out LIE by both Brawley and $harpton.

As each moment passed, the “story” became more sinister and diabolical as the horror of yet another “hate crime” became the “impartial” media’s opportunity to pick up ratings and therefore sell more commercial space.. The “impartial” media NEVER spent even a single moment delving into this lunacy in order to “tell the truth” to the American public. It was all about hysteria. It was all about the sale.. The idea of “media integrity” is as shallow and meaningless as an OWEbama political “promise”..

From Tawana we now move to the FRC shooting. There was definitive proof corroborated by numerous verifiable witnesses and a genuine “victim” of a shooting by a typically deranged liberal. Based upon the statements made by the liberal suspect, this is at least a hate crime as well as a case of domestic terrorism. Yet the “impartial” media appears to be too busy following the OWEbama “deflect and distract” shampaign over Romney’s tax returns to have properly covered a true news story that had another of the liberal urchins and underlings as the culprit..

Corkin’s also had 15 Chic Fil A sandwiches in his backpack proving that the left has more than ONE member of the Michael Moore Buffet Buster Club on their roster of ridiculous reactionaries.. At his first hearing, Corkin claimed to only have “$300 to his name..” I have to have a go with that..

First, Chic Fil A says “thanks for your business, tubby..” Second, $300.00 is about all ANY downtrodden, misunderstood liberal FAILURE would have “to his name” (as FAILURES, their desire to cling to the socialist Democratic anti-capitalist message is all the stronger..) and third, if you didn’t need fifteen sandwiches to feed yourself every six hours, you might have a bit more “to your name” than $300.00.. I guess Mommy Corkin won’t be getting her rent money for putting Floyd up in the basement for a while..

As well, refer back to the CNN “article” allegedly about this incident. The idea that Don Cathy would, at any time, donate $1,000.00 to the FRC is about as “news worthy” as announcing that George Clooney likes to sniff OWEbama’s progressive posterior.. (For a price, of course..)

This falls into the “impartial” media’s desire to create an excuse for every guilty liberal suspect. The constant Democratic drumbeat of “hate”, the liberal’s need to define their opposition as being driven by “hate” (as a distraction from the FACT that THEY are the ones consumed with “hate” for those who disagree.. Progressive projection..) creates a frenzy within the liberal bottom feeders like Corkins who are already are predisposed to mental instability simply by being a liberal..

As the cherubic gay rights activist’s plan was coming as unglued as he evidently is, he said, “I hate what the people in this building are doing, I don’t like your politics”.. Uh ohhh.. I’ve always been told that there is no place for “HATE” within the liberal lexicon.. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.. I find that as humorous as the whole “religion of peace” piffle.. Within this statement made by a typically unhinged member of the left, ALL of the motives employed by the left are boldly on display..

“Hate”. The liberals “hate” deeper and more vehemently than ANYONE that they target as “haters”. Within their world, they are allowed to “hate” as they do so from the position of moral superiority, they “hate” all the right people, so its fine, get it?

As far as “politics” goes, we all know that politics are a sacred cornerstone within the church of liberalism and we are all very well aware of the fact that the members of the “impartial” media sit in those progressive pews and they have swallowed the Eucharist..

Isn’t it interesting that the media can actually claim to be non biased through the non-existent coverage of this shooting..


15 responses to “Biased Or Non Existent?

  1. That’s right..

    The observant, those who subscribe to BOTH sites might recognize this.. Yet it IS the TOTD, but I’ve added about 600 more words just for fun..

    I suppose that my question should be, why doesn’t everyone subscribe to both sites? Are my fees too high?

    A “little Saturday Sarcasm” I suppose..


  2. “The liberals “hate” deeper and more vehemently than ANYONE………”
    That one statement is Iconic. There is no rebuttal or explanation needed nor is it possible. The truth is very hard to deny when there is so much evidence available.

  3. Your fees are jsut right Larry. Worth the money too. Keep them coming.

  4. Larry, It has taken years but I have a feeling more and more people are now aware they can not trust the MSM for unbiased news. I am sure it will take many more years to ever see them get the message and change their bias. Thanks to sites like yours on the internet and radio we now have a chance to hear and express our thoughts. So thanks again Larry, you are a prince.

  5. Question is, who’s gonna come up with a plan to rid DC, Courts, Entertainment, Education, and Mass Media of Communist Democrat control?
    It must be done. These are the control elements. You’ll never get America back until the Commies are purged.

  6. Teachers will be difficult because of tenure (some states are trying to reverse that), but it would have to start with the Unions who control most states employees. A possible way would be with money. Judges and the Court system depends on whether they are voted into Office or appointed, vote them out of Office. Here in Alabama they are voted into Office and at the last election we got rid of a corrupt Police Chief, the DA and two judges. Our local media exposes the corruption, it might take a while to remove them, (removing one judge took a decade, but you need to show another judge who’s willing to issue a warrant to obtain more evidence, judges are rarely courageous) but they do eventually remove them or arrest them. Lawyers lose their license to practice law, some ended up going to prison. On the federal level you need a brave Secretary of Justice to follow both federal and state laws and remove corrupt on all corrupt bureaucrats, all politicians, not just the ones in the opposite party, corrupt Union bosses, etc. It’s clear that Eric Holder is a coward and will never follow our federal and state laws to remove the corruption from this administration. He seems more intent on politicizing our federal laws, then following them.

    When the People stop using or reading the corrupt media withholding back their money, a movie, magazine and newspaper, they are all in a business, as in show business, production companies will be to first to close down and there have been a number of them closed over the past three years. Magazines continually close their offices (Life, George, etc) because their operating cost cannot be run on the money taken in. They cannot run if there is no or little money to pay their employees and their operating cost. How many times over the last decade has there been a threat to the close down the New York Times? Washington Post? Two Philadelphia newspapers closed down in the last ten years and the two remaining merged. Some are now only online, but they still need an audience to make any money. We can shut them down by not buying their product or by not buying from their advertisers.

    It will take us decades to reverse the damage they have done. It took them 60 years to destroy them and will probably take 100 years or more to reverse those destructive programs and projects.

    If the media, especially television news programs, continue to lose their audiences, they can no longer charge high fees in commercial revenue. That’s how they make their money. All the morning shows have lost many of their audiences; they don’t know how to bring back their former audience. Changing show host is not working and especially the Today Show has destroyed that show. NBC is desperately trying to bring their former audience back, hiring/firing show hosts, and producers and have been unable to find a combination that works. Good Morning America and The Early Show are even more pathetic. Daytime television is gone. Soap operas were once a large revenue for them, but the audience grew tired and stopped watching, they were losing money. Three soap operas remain, game shows are gone, the networks are throwing talk shows out there left and right, and I don’t know how long they can remain on air if they cannot find sponsors. Change is happening now whether you are aware of it. America can reclaim the media. Don’t buy the products of a commercial/advertisers that air during these show. The companies will look elsewhere for a popular show.

    Even cable audience is down. Their news programs are declining, firing show hosts. Changing news networks cannot charge huge fees for advertisers. I think the hosts of these programs eventually insult what audience they do have, people are becoming smarter, turning away. I think the next host to lose their job will be Chris Matthews. They are trying to create new cable outlets but they are failing. FoxNews is still number one, audience’s feel they can trust what they hear. They can and do charge large advertising fees because they have a large audience, CNN, MSNBC cannot charge high fees and can no longer pay their talent (industry term for reporters, show host) the salaries they demand.

    CBS is number one network because they have a great deal of family shows, use likable and/or well-known actors in their series and CBS can charge a lot for their commercials. Revenue for NBC and ABC is down, way down for NBC. ABC is trying to bring audiences back with lame sitcoms; but they do have some good dramas such as Castle, Body of Proof, Grey’s Anatomy come to mind (although GA seems to be declining). It will take them a while for them to reverse the damage but as long as CBS continues to give their audience, what they crave and understand them. Some of their new, fall series looks promising, looking forward to Elementary.

    Therefore, Lance that’s what is happening right now and we need to continue to do these same things to send a message to these networks and continue that message to force real change. They may try to hold on, but they cannot when they have no revenue coming in. With cable as another challenger, the lose of their audience will still elude them.

  7. If you are a hater then everyone must be a hater because you CAN NOT be wrong. If you are a racist then everyone is a racist. The list goes on and on like lier, adulterer,thief, etc.

  8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve recieved questionaires about various things such as whether the government should shut down Fox News. We know the feds are interested in this because they refuse to toe the Obama line like all the other propaganda machines out there. Most of the masses are too stupid to understand what will happen once the plug is pulled on Fox.

    As far as purging the commies, we are so badly corrupted as a society, it would require witch hunts ala Joe Mc Carthy (whom by the way was right), and a Krystalnacht-like approach to do it in anything like a hurry. Nobody has the stomach to invoke such extreme measures, for which we can be grateful. While one cannot evict all the teachers, breaking the back of the national teachers’ unions, and defunding the DoE would be a good start. They have spent a century installing the means of control, and so we will need years to clear out the mechanisms put in place.

  9. And the question remains – how long can the OWEbaama media survive ? By supporting OWEbaama’s lies, illegal activities, character assassinations, hidden past, etc , etc , and as these things are being documented by real journalists, the LSM won’t last very long. Add to that the fact that the network’s evening news reports have become ‘old news’ due to the interne, and companies like FOX that feature news related programming throughout the day. Does it make sense to have the high- priced evening news anchors reporting ” old news ” ? How much longer can NBC continue to pay Jay Leno the big bucks , even though his staff was reduced by 20 , and he took a pay cut ?

    Newspapers are facing the same problem – delivering “old news “. Also, look at the number of ” news clips ” shown on TV , that are actually derived from a by-standers cell phone. No need for a ‘reporter’ to arrive late, and then put their ‘spin’ on what had happened. Social media has become a part of the news delivery system . Of course, “buyer beware” still applies.

    When the alphabet networks had a stranglehold on the news delivery system, alost everyone believed that Walter Cronkite was ” Mr. Believable “. Well, we now know that it was not true. The LSM has duped a lot of people – it’s time for them to change or go away !

  10. The worm is turning….. the Left Sream Media, Alphabet Networks and Old Line Newspapers are slowly but surely going out of business. So capitalism is working… BTW… Did y’all see the Front Page of this month’s Newsweek magazine? Holy Cow!!! Please tell me this was NOT a hoax!

  11. T,

    WOW, I do not read Newsweek, but if the article follows the cover, then I would hope that several things happen :

    1) The average person will begin to realize the TRUTH about OWEbaama

    2) The other publications and the LSM ( especially the alphabet networks ) will FINALLY start to report the TRUTH about their boy in the WH .

    3) Hopefully R & R will get the non-biased coverage that a real journalist would report.

    4) If the above hold true , then OWEbaama is DONE !!!

    Here’s hoping that the LSM takes a turn for the TRUTH .

  12. Just I predicted. If Newsweek wants to stay in business they need to stop overlooking Obama faults and do some really reporting. No one is buying their puff pieces on Obama. Now, I wish they would report on his crimes as President. Treason, etc.. but I doubt they would ever go that far. The American public knows they cannot trust our media to report the truth and have stopped watching and reading their products. It’s clear that the network news division are in trouble, this is just proof of my theory. If they want to stay in business they need to do fair, truthful reporting. If not, the newspapers, magazines will go out of business.

  13. JJ and Eileen,

    Love ya both but..

    Newsweek did this in order to put on the appearance of “imaprtiality”.

    Tiiming is everything. We are too far away from Election Day for the grousing of a token conservative in Newsweek to matter.

    They didn’t mean it. Just wait, in a week the Repubs conveve and it will all be forgotten.

    Consistency. Let see Newsweek pull another one out in the end of October..


  14. Larry,

    You may be correct, but at least Newsweek said something that the others won’t say. And as I said – hopefully more of the truth will come out. In other words, how bad must OWEbaama get , before the LSM starts to do their job ? There has to be some limit to their undying support of this fraud in the WH .

    As I stated previously, I did not read the article, therefore I can’t really say much about it.

  15. The LSM is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. How long will it last? Well, figure Joseph Goebbels had em going from the mid-thirties right until the Soviets took Berlin in 1945. The LSM will keep pushing the Progressive agenda until it is no longer profitable for them to do so. BTW, Newsweek will soon stop physical publication and become ‘web only’ due to falling subscriptions.

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