The Last Minute

Call them what you will.. The “maybes”. The “independents”. The “unaffiliated”. The “persuadable”. Whatever. I call them the “oblivious” and there are still large numbers of these voters out there. After the last four years of focused OWEbama Democratic destruction, you would have to be “out there” in order to say that you haven’t yet made up your mind as to your vote in November..

These “whatevers” are annoying in that when asked as to what “turns them off” relative to a political campaign, they usually start by saying that a campaign frontloaded or overloaded with “statistics” overwhelms them. Whatever. Just pick ONE statistic that directly effects you. With OWEbama you won’t have to look that hard in order to find one.. I feel compelled to help them in their search..

Middle class income (I will use the middle class as the OWEbama caliphate claims to be the protectors of the middle class) in January of 2009 was at $54,983.00 a year. As of today, after nearly four years of OWEbamaNomics, that same middle class family brings home $50,964.00. (Sentier Research) Maybe it could be the fact that a gallon of gasoline went from $1.80 when OWEbama stole office to a national average of $3.76 today. In relation to the most ardent supporters of the plantation progressive political pogrom, black families LEAD with an overall drop of 11% LOST income since 2009. If these statistics bore you, ask yourself this question. Which has been WORSE for you and yours, the “Bush recession” or the OWEbama “recovery”.. Does ANY of that help you decide?

The problem is that the realities brought about by statistical analysis causes the “whatevers” to have to confront the truth that a number of them are directly responsible for today’s Democratic Depression because they voted for OWEbama in 2008. You don’t have to admit that to anyone if you are justifiably embarrassed, just do the “right” thing in November 2012.

The other and more prominent problem with the “whatevers” allergy to statistics is that the only other option left for the political campaign to sway once the realities of the statistics are cashiered is the campaign of the inconsequential. Personal attacks, mud slinging, you know, all of the patented Democratic delights.. This allegedly “turns off” the “whatevers” as well. Without statistics or slurs, what have the “whatevers” got to base their vote on?

According to Fox News, 29% of the “whatevers” have a strong interest in the campaign and 51% have “made up their minds”. I just have to ask, what are the other 71% and the other 49% doing?

I say that it is time for the veneer of all of the old “-isms” to be washed away and for reality to take hold of this perilous situation that has been placed upon this nation by the “whatevers” of 2008. 29% and 51%? How can anyone be “undecided” at this point as ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of what OWEbama and the Democrats have done since 2009 has directly effected the “whatevers” and everyone else.

The Fox article even called them the “persuadable”. Pray tell, what NEEDS to happen in the next few months to “persuade” them if the napalming of America by the Democrats since 2009 hasn’t managed to convince them? Does the OWEbama unemployment rate need to go ANOTHER point or two higher than its already “historic” rate? Or will it take another quote from a local Republican candidate in Missouri used as a deflection AWAY from the OWEbama Democratic RECORD to finally help them across the finish line..

Eliminating statistics works well for the Democrats as the statistics accrued over the last four years work directly AGAINST them. The liberals are avoiding numbers with a deft dexterity because the VICTIMS of the OWEbama statistics would rather hear about Romney being a “bully” in school. Then again, with the “impartial” media as un-indicted coconspirators, this type of drivel is ALL that they will hear. Wait, the “whatevers” don’t want to hear these kinds of personal attacks, this rhetoric. They don’t want to hear the statistics surrounding their shrinking life savings either.. It’s so confusing..

Can you discuss the “issues” without reliance upon statistics? No. This is how the Democrats campaign and this time around, this is how they HAVE to campaign. They “promise” and if they are questioned using statistics (otherwise known as PROOF) they merely “promise” to do more. Failing that, they bring up something unsubstantiated and irrelevant and the “impartial” media takes their clue and runs with it. The FACT that four unencumbered years, including a Democratic “supermajority”, have given us Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the Health Scare Scam, the Scamulous and on and on and on either bores or confuses those who are within the “whatever” category.

Lets try this then.. I want EVERY “whatever” to send me twenty dollars. To you, Mister or Miss “Whatever”, I am neither benign nor malignant, I have no effect upon you or your world whatsoever. There isn’t a single “whatever” who would comply and send me a mere twenty dollars. I can hear them now, “that’s twenty dollars out of my pocket, no way buddy..”

These are the same people who are too “busy”, too “confused” or too “whatever” to become even minutely involved in a campaign that will take TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM THEM when all is said and done. Taxes, penalties, fees or whatever the Democrats would like to call them, they are ALL coming from ALL of us.. The Democrats shallow and imaginary campaign strategy of surrounding a socialist “community organizer” with the protective cloak of “racism” during the 2008 election PROVES just how carcinogenic the apathy and the gullibility of the “whatevers” can be. The FACT that they and the REST of America have been punished over the LAST FOUR YEARS for this blasé attitude STILL hasn’t convinced them to “get involved” even on a cursory level today..

Misinformation abounds as the nine headed Hydra of liberal Democratic politics flails with an almost endless energy. They are wrong and they are wrong at two hundred decibels.. It is widely “perceived” that OWEbama “is a more trusted candidate” on Medicare. Really? The FACTS, the “statistics”, prove that OWEbama STOLE over $700,000,000,000.00 FROM Medicare to help fund his OWEbamaScare program. Note that “Medicare” effects the elderly predominantly and the elderly comprise a percentage of the “undecided”. MEDICAID, directly effecting the liberal Democratic voting base, is NEVER discussed or tabled..

“In 2004 and 2008, about 10 percent of voters reported they didn’t decide until the last week, according to exit polls.” One erstwhile “whatever”, Michelle Woodby, says that she has been known to wait until “the last minute”.. Timing is everything in the game of politics.. As long as she makes the “right” choice, she can wait until the last second..


17 responses to “The Last Minute

  1. Answer: People are STUPID.

  2. Eileen,

    I’ve been using the term ” stupid voters ” , since Nov. 2008 , because people , as described by Larry, deserve the name.


    Good analysis and reasoning. However if this group would read your article, it probably would have no effect on them. Some base their vote on one sound bite , or commercial – then that becomes the determining factor for their vote. One little thing that struck them , and they go with it !

    They probably spend more time in the morning deciding what to wear, then on deciding how they will vote !! Stupid voters .

  3. Stupid or retarded voters also works. When it gets down to it, the American people were fooled by a slick confidence man. They were sold on the idea of hope and change because they were thoroughly sick to death of the hold the Bush family had had on American politics for two generations, and they were prepared to vote in anybody whom couldn’t be connected with Bush 43. However, what they didn’t do was do their homework and learn something about the candidate they intended to vote for. Stupidity and laziness was at work here. A cursory reading of Obamanomics in the leading Economics trade publications was sufficient to tell me what was going to happen on the economic front, and reading “Dreams From My Father’ was plenty enough to tell me we had an anti-colonial zealot and a Chicago thug coming to power. A Brooks Brothers suit doesn’t make a thug any less thuggish, no matter how good the tailoring.

    The fact that Romney isn’t walking away with a win in the almost daily polling means that the distractions are working. Most voters have the attention span of a hyperactive gerbil, and much of the protoletariat has figured out they can vote in their own freebies. The lot of them don’t care that Obama and his minions are destroying our country and won’t care until we’re all living in shanty towns, lining up at soup kitchens and riding bicycles to the glorious People’s Communes and Tractor Factories.

  4. There may be hope in the future. We just returned from watching the movie 2016. I am sure the readers here would have learned little about Obummer, but I heard people talking on the way out, ” I did not know that”. This town has a population and the theater was 2/3 full for a 2 Pm Sunday showing. As I said there is HOPE, real, not OWEbummer type. Good article as always.

  5. Obama is buying these polls as he did in 2008. It was exposed in 2009 that he paid for the polling locations. I also worked for a polling place in New Jersey when I was in College. I know the games they play, we called in Democratic Counties, like Mercer, Hudson, Bergen and never once made calls to the Conservative Counties like Hunterdon and Warner. It was entirely fixed and I didn’t stay more then two days. When I question why we were only calling Democratic Counties, they told me to call and keep my mouth shut. I got up and left and told the arrogant asshole to take the phone and put it where the sun never shines. Any polls from the networks (minus Fox News) or publications like New York Times or the Washington Post. They are trying to tell conservatives to stay home Obama will win.

  6. G.

    I had Gerbils and they were smarter than any Democrats. Eventually they knew when to get off the wheel because they weren’t going anywhere. All my animals are smarter than a Democrat.

  7. beyond disgusted

    I would agree with “oblivious” to describe this group. Another appropriate adjective would be “clueless”. Saw 2016 this afternoon; thought it was very well put together. My friend observed that almost no one in the audience was under 60 – hmmmmmmmmmmmm; then again, it was a Sunday afternoon.

  8. To the “undecideds” ….as our Governor in New Jersey (Chris Christie) would say ” What are you, Stupid or something?”

  9. They usually vote according to the latest jingle, still playing in their little bitty heads, when they step into the voting booth.
    Most of them are probably numb to the high unemployment, increasing (unreported by Hate Stream Media) death tolls in Iraq and Afganistan, 100 million people now dependent on duh gubment, and on and on, to even be aware anymore as to just how much damage this America HATER has truly done to this country.
    MAObama’s brew for fundamentally “F”ing up this country is, high unemployment among blacks (turn up the heat on the angry black man – BUT, blame it on the white guy, open the borders to allow MILLIONS of illegal hispanics into the country, FLY IN millions more radical muzzies, and then when he launches another 9/11 killing spree with millions of muzzies killing every white person in sight, ANGRY blacks will jump right in to the killing fields, and once the slaughter begins, the hispanics (aka “people of color”) won’t be able to stop themselves from climbing on board the Hate\Kill Whitey Express.
    “Napalming of America”?? HAHAHA… I am soooo stealing that line.
    Oh well, I guess I better get ready for bed…. gotta work tomorrow…
    Or…. whatever…


  10. A lady I work with voted for Barry and will again. She told me she is a proud socialist. I replied, “oh, a NAZI huh?”. She was aghast so I explained that NAZI means national socialist. Like many fools, she thought that communism was the extreme left and Nazism is the extreme right. I explained to her that the extreme right is no government at all and socialism or NAZI is just a tiny bit to the right of communism. She did not speak to me the rest of the day but we are speaking again now. Unfortunately, people this stupid are still allowed to vote.

  11. It is hard to believe at this late date that there are people who can’t decide who to vote for unless they like no job or any future. Staying home is not an option either. Thats a vote for Owebummer. With Romney there is a good chance he cn turn things around. Maybe its in the water.

  12. I just checked the box office totals for 2016 Obama’s America . It made the top ten. Came in at 8th place with the box office total of $6.2 million, in only on 1091 screens. That’s not a bad number. Fairly unknown distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures. The total over both weeks is just shy to $10 million. Last week it was i limited release. It went wide this past weekend. Still under what most screens. They are 3000 + or lower to 2500. These stats are pretty good. Each theater took in $5,718 pre showing. The highest about of any other movie. Even beat The Expendables 2.which appeared on 3,355 screens and they took in $4,024 per showing. If the film industry was fair and did a real WIDE release, it would have come in 1st or 2nd. But they aren’t fair.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be going to see it in a theater, we have 2 theaters close to our home but they aren’t showing. The theater that it’s in is downtown and not interested driving in a hurricane. I believe they will release the DVD before the election.

    Can I ask if it was good? Did you learn anything new?

  13. Just more evidence that the dumbing down programs are successful. Social promotions have replaced academic promotions. Take a look at the so called ‘honor rolls’ in your schools – almost every kid is on it, and those that are not, are on the “distinguished ” honor roll . Just more evidence that many believe that there are 57 states, and that George Washington was born in 1876 ! Dictators keep their people poor and stupid, and with our lowered earning capacity and the above mentioned education ( actually LACK of education ) situation – guess where we are headed. Add in to the mix the regime’s socialist ideas, their disregard of the Constitution, and all of the laws that have been broken, and the path becomes a little clearer.

    Sadly, it is not so clear for the average stupid voter, who will vote for OWEbaama no matter whet he does.

    Eileen, too bad that it was only your dream !!

  14. Dictators also control the media – wonder if the LSM is aware of that .

  15. Amen to all of you. I too am stumped of the fact so many have yet to decide who really represents them. Our DO NOTHING congress is a total embarrassment as a representative of the people. It seems they are all afraid to do anything and know that if the pot starts being stirred, they will lose their edge, benefits, pork, a goodly portion of their perks, be saddled with a very real term limit amendment and a salary freeze and/or take-back. The Tea Party needs to stir the tea beginning now and working to a crescendo on election day. The people need to find their voice and sing praise to our forefathers and The Constitution at the top of their lungs!

  16. I was just wondering:

    l ) If the under 3o age group will realize that they and their children will be responsible to pay for OWEbaama’s wild spending spree.

    2 ) If anything is being done to safeguard the military vote, so that we don’t have a repeat of 2008.

    3 ) If the non-productive will soon realize that their freebies cannot last forever.

    4 ) If it is time to establish ‘real’ qualifications for POTUS , other than date and place of birth.

    5 ) If we will ever get serious about term limits and realistic wages and benefits for all gov’t. employees.

    6 ) If the LSM will ever realize that they are being used by the WH .

    These are just a few of many random thoughts.

  17. Everyone who lives in the Gulf Coast, get ready, the media is making a big deal of this but the local news is down playing the storm. The direction of the storm keeps changing. I imagine I’ll be off line for a few days, hopefully not too long. Everyone stay safe.

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