Unprecedented.. Isn’t that another poetic way for me to say “historic” in relation to OWEbama? There is no doubt that this shampaign, starting now with the first day of the “Reactionaries Ramadan” in North Carolina, will be “unprecedented”..

As “Empty Chair Day” rages across the land, the liberals are all crawling towards the “Hajj for Heretics”, priming themselves with all of the narcotics and hallucinogens necessary for them to “function” within the mental vacuum that will be the Democratic CON-vention.. But why will this silly choreographed event be so “unprecedented”?

This will be the first convention and the first campaign in HISTORY where an incumbent president REFUSES to acknowledge what has transpired during the last four years which made up his first term in office.. Even before the first gullible gavel fell, the Democrats were acting even more strangely than they usually do.. In all honesty, if you encountered someone on the street who acts as the Democrats have been acting for the last forty-eight hours, you would certainly be placing a call to the fellows who usually are tasked with picking up Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich.. (AND Ron Paul..)

That’s right, within the fascist fairy land inhabited by the pathetic progressives, BECAUSE the level of Democratic destruction was so HIGH (not unlike the Democrats themselves..) the last four years were a mirage.. We have magically skipped from 2008 all the way through to today..

The left is avoiding the last four years and ANY discussion of that time, (remember, “We won..) as if it were some sort of chronological hiccup.. (This so called “-logical” is the part that throws the left and causes US to snap to attention and as well, whenever we hear a “hiccup”, Stoli Joe is usually following it with a Vodka stained belch..) The farcical manner in which each Democrat is avoiding the REALITY of the last four years is what is most humorous..

Since so many of the demented are already taking their smelly seats in the convention hall, the “methods of their madness” necessary for existing within their putrid cloud of denial has taken on a series of unusual patterns. It seems as if the Democrats have five methods of “dealing” with the RECORD that THEY have amassed in the last four years as the “impartial” media strap on their knee pads and get their crayons and coloring books out.. These maniacal methods are in no certain order of importance, the leftists just take one from the deck and then place it at the bottom of the deck to be used by the next collectivist clown..

Lets start with Democratic Governor Mark O’Malley of Maryland. His card? The “one word acknowledgement followed by paragraphs of piffle”.. On CBS’s “Face the Nation” O’Malley was asked by Bob Schieffer, “can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago?” O’Malley, “No, but (One of my verbal corollaries to live by, “always disregard EVERYTHING AFTER the word ‘but’”..) that’s not the question of this election..” (Yes it is, Mark..)

O’Malley stumbled “forward”.. “The question without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before George Bush brought us to the Bush job losses..” Blah blah blah and on it went.. Never mind that Mark made a “statement” not a “question” but O’Malley having said “No” to Schieffer’s query he HAD to start digging.. Once the Maryland moron finally shut down, Schieffer said, “George Bush is not on the ballot..” (IS there HOPE for a modicum of impartiality??)

Phase Two of this “plan” involves O’Malley doing a “Kerry” this morning, according to hot air dot com, O’Malley gave his answer from yesterday a bit of thought and this morning when he was cornered he said, “We are clearly better off..”

David Plouffle drew card number two from the demented Democratic deck, “ignore the question, talk about the weather..” On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, the “are we better off” question appeared before him on THREE separate occasions. Here were his pathetic dodges.. “It took us a long time to get into that hole, it’s going to take us a long time to get out of it..” “We were this close to a Great Depression (OWEbama and the Democrats put us IN a Great Depression..) and because of the leadership of this president we staved that off..” And now for lame attempt number three.. “We’ve clearly improved from the depths of the recession..” (Note that BOTH Democratic liberals used the word “clearly” when obfuscating..)

Card number three: “IGNORE the REALITY of the Democratic OWEbama environment and say that everything is all peach fuzz..” David Axelrod, who already has the look of a disheveled escaped mental patient without trying, drew this card first and his response to the “question” was “millions of Americans are better off under OWEbama..” (Fox News) Millions of Russians were better off under Stalin too, right, David?

Card number four.. “Racist”.. This one is so time worn through fictitious usage that only certified nut bags without a political career of their own (zanies with silly straightened hair come to mind..) will heave this one out.. Enter then, “We inherited this mess”.. Another knee slapper that is STILL being laughingly utilized by OWEbama himself..

Not to worry on this one, no one is really listening to him any longer. His “fundraisers” went from $10,000.00 a plate to fifty bucks a paper plate and he STILL can’t fill a room.. Matter of fact, the Democrats are so desperate, they are going to bus in local yokels in to try to fill the place for his Thursday night Nuremberg speech..

Card number five: “Disappear..” That’s right, pull a “Rodham”.. The old gopher is over in Thailand, stuffing her grimy gripsack with half-used shampoos and dirty face cloths, whilst keeping as far away from “Typhoid Barry” as she can. Flights LEAVING Washington, the flights occupied by Democratic deserters, DO NOT involve a flight path that takes them ANYWHERE NEAR North Carolina..

Here are but a FEW of the “historical” statistics that surround the Democratic/OWEbama destruction of America. (Just a few, we can only handle so much of these “historical” accomplishments at any one time..)

Unemployment WAS 7.8% when OWEbama came in, NOW it sits at 8.3%.. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Median income? It WAS $54,983.00 when OWEbama came in, NOW it is $50,964.00.. (Sentier Research) A gallon of gasoline? It WAS $1.85 when OWEbama came in, NOW its $3.78. (Department of Energy) The National OWEbama Debt? It WAS $10.6 trillion when OWEbama came in, NOW it sits at 16 trillion and COUNTING..

For good measure, toss in Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the latest sex scandal involving Homeland Security, the GSA scandal and on and on and on.. Good thing that it was the Progressive Prune Pelosi who promised the “most ethical” as opposed to OWEbama.. Then again, that was the ONLY thing that he DIDN’T promise in 2008.. Wait, he did say that he was going to have the most “transparent” administration.. Time to get out the phony beard and moustache, Hussein..

No wonder the liberal Democrats go all “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” whenever anyone asks them if America is better off..


10 responses to “Unprecedented

  1. Happy Empty Chair Day America!

    Put one on the front lawn.


  2. Great post Larry. The lies going on could put them all in hell. I heard an economist say when Obama took the helm the worst was already behind. But the stimulus made the difference is making our economy go on a downward spiral. Of course, add Obamacare to that and on and on. We are not better off today. My husband and I were talking about the future with Obama and another four years. I have not heard his plans talked about. Then I heard an author who has studied the administration for the past four years explain what his plans are. It’s frightening. No wonder he doesn’t talk about the future. This author said all this is in plain sight, not hidden. After all what have all those socialist Czars been doing for four years. Just one is closing military bases and making them “green labs”. Money for this will come from cutting our defense budget. Another one is raising taxes on the middle class and using that for government jobs to work on infrastructure. Roosevelt anyone? Talk about going back to the 30’s and 40’s. Grow the government and make people more dependent for ever. We just have to win this election or he will “fundamentaly change” our country for ever.

  3. beyond disgusted

    Another great post Larry. The only people better off are the liberal elites & the unions.
    Monica, another one will be punishing people who live in the suburbs via punitive taxation. Owebama believes suburbanites are responsible for the blight of the inner cities, & therefore they need to be punished.
    Off topic, but why hasn’t any prominent Republican politician exposed Obebama’s campaign slogan “forward” for what it really means? It is an old European marxist slogan which means moving beyond capitalism onto socialism & communism. And they have the audacity of accusing us of looking backward?

  4. Yes, I heard all of those Dems on TV saing they were better off than when Bush was there. Crazy bunch of squirrel bate they are. I have just to turn the channel it is so very disgusting to hear all of this. Great post Larry, keep it up.

  5. Right on. The DNC , in all of it’s intellectual splendor, has adopted an extremely important platform for their CON vention :
    Gay marriage
    Minimum wage

    In other words, the economy is fine and doesn’t need any improvement. The high unemployment rate is perfectly OK . There is no real need to increase private sector jobs, even though OWEbaama owes the labor unions big time.

    Since gay marriage is controlled by each state, how many votes does the DNC expect to gain by this ?

    Minimum wage increases usually result in job LOSSES, and fewer job opportunities. However, it will result in higher tax revenues, which will appease the Dems.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform – probably means more bennies for the illegals, such as increases in the dream act, or possibly some form of amnesty for illegals.

    Yup, the DNC has all of the answers to all of our problems, based on the above !! And, the stupid voters will confirm it .

  6. Dave from Anaheim

    If anyone is still wondering what happened to the money from the Scamulous bill of 2009 that was unspent, it is being spent now on OWEbama’s shampaign and the campaigns of the other Dumbocrats
    who are trying to steal House and Senate seats. This use of the money was written into the bill that had to be passed without anyone reading it.

  7. Dave,

    So far, $500,000.00 went to MSNBC and two of its liberal productions to pay for OWEbama ad space..

    I’m sure that there was more but that’s all that I know of at this point.


  8. Dave,

    Congrats, you and all other taxpayers are contributors to the OWEbaama shampaign, since those funds came from taxpayer dollars. Consider, if you will, that the 49 % that do not pay federal taxes ( and probably don’t contribute to his shampaign ) will probably vote FOR Owebama, and we taxpayers , who as mentioned above, have contributed to the shampaign – will NOT vote for him ! Almost sounds like “twisted ” logic !!

  9. Beyond Disgusted-
    Where is Obama’s new house in Chicago? Couldn’t be in the suburbs, could it?
    That is fricking screwed up, they take our money and give it away to polish their halo and call us racists and all manner of unheard of names.


    The URL is for a story of a judge telling a farmer he cannot eat his own food, He cannot drink the milk from his own cows………It is totally unbelievable.

  10. Richard,

    As we know there are many things in this gov’t. that are really ‘screwed up ‘ , but what is appalling is the fact that the status quo is maintained , and nothing is being done to correct it ! Would term limits be good place to start making changes ? Yup !!

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