Fascist Funnies Day Two

Remember, folks, the day STILL isn’t done.. Plenty of time for the liberal Democrats to be.. Liberal Democrats..

South Carolina Democratic Chair (NOT the “chair” in the Slight House..) Dick Harpootian drew an analogy of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Hitler’s mistress.. (“She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.” Weekly Standard) No problem, according to the Weekly Standard, “a top Democratic delegate from Kansas” compared Paul Ryan to Hitler and the day before “a top California Democratic delegate” compared the SAME Paul Ryan to Joseph Goebbels.. (Nonsense.. Jay Carney is Goebbels..) Ol’ DICK isn’t as intelligent or as creative as I am as I will use the “Eva” analogy in a much more insightful way and I will do it right now..

Last night’s keynote address given by Eva BROWN (better than you, DICK..) can be summed up in a nutshell. (And how else could you encapsulate the liberal’s nonsense other than in a “nutshell”?) She said, ‘we need more time.’ REALITY translation: You FAILED.

No one realistically expected one liberal socialist Democrat to fix the problems set in motion way back when Barney Frank and Billy Bob Clinton were screwing up the real estate/mortgage industries which eventually led to the collapse of both.. No one realistically expected this same progressive poltroon to cure all of the problems that have been put in place by a Democratic House and Senate since 2006.. No one in their right mind that is..

However, everyone realistically expected things to AT LEAST level off or to maybe improve ever so slightly.. That certainly wasn’t too much to ask. After all, according to OWEbama, the “problem” was “inherited” from Bush and he was gone, so there was nothing but clear sailing from that point “forward”.. Democratic House, Democratic Senate and a Democratic president.. All systems go.

After suffering through the FIRST OWEbama shampaign, we should have realized that being “realistic” didn’t have anything to do with what was taking place or what was going to take place..

Then again, as the Styrofoam GEEK columns swayed in the Bolshevik breeze in Denver, OWEbama “promised” to do all that and everything else that you could think of.. Lachrymose liberal tears flowed and the world now had its “savior”.. Everyone knew that you should NEVER listen to a liberal, but the “high hopes” that OWEbama FAILED to achieve were put into the hearts and minds of the totalitarian true believers by the Democratic dunce HIMSELF.

The rest of the Democratic rodents chimed in as well. Even turncoat Arlen “The Ferret” Specter was beside himself.. From Porcelain Puss Pelosi and her “most ethical Congress in history” all the way DOWN to Harry Reid crowing (between illegal land deals in Nevada..) to beat the Bolshevik band.

Isn’t it interesting that the most prophetic Democratic statement about this was to have come from the disappearing Rodham from back in Rhode Island way back in February of 2008.. (Probably her BEST moment of the entire campaign short of Billy Bob’s “fairy tale” comment..) “Let’s get everybody together, let’s get unified. The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know that we will do the right thing and the world will be perfect..” The crowd roared but these same mouths were busy mouthing “I love you Hussein” to the cameras in Denver just a few months later as Rodham was taking her State Department payoff..

In nearly four years of focused intensity, from Stimuli to bailouts, from Solyndra to Fast and Furious, America would have probably considered a “leveling off” of the Democratic disaster to have been a moral victory for OWEbama.. All he did was make things APPRECIABLY WORSE by pulling out all of the stops and standing on the accelerator. (“D” for Destroy, right?) They just ‘need more time’..

Instead, sixteen TRILLION OWEbama debt dollars later, millions of American jobs lost (possibly permanently..) OWEbama and his minions want ‘more time’.. Does ANYONE really believe that the Democrats and OWEbama have now gotten “smarter”?

YOU FAILED.. Matter of fact, your failure was positively an “historic” “change”..

A few years back, the Democrats used to giggle with mirth at the idea that George Bush would never admit that he was “wrong”. They would snort and howl with derision at the very thought..

What can one call the COMPLETE DISAVOWAL, not only by OWEbama but the entire spectrum of Democratic dullards, of their “historic” accomplishments of the last three and a half years? Is that anything other than someone who won’t admit that they were WRONG? If the OWEbama economic machinations had actually worked WELL for America, would the OWEbamazombies be ignoring these “accomplishments” and not telling everyone that they were RIGHT?

It sounds as though the Democrats couldn’t locate enough Democrats after scouring Carolina Methadone clinics, bus stops and jails to fill a 74,000 seat stadium for the OWEbama knee slapper come Thursday night. Because of a “lightning threat” (THAT will teach you to take God out of your platform..) a 20,000 seat indoor facility will have to suffice. As long as the teleprompters can be rolled in, that is all that matters..

Solyndra genius Steve Spinner was of course, given a “red carpet” treatment at the Hajj this morning. The sly Spinner caught a glimpse of an ABC news camera and he made a dash for the exits of the convention hall..

Since the venue for the OWEbama Nuremberg nattering Thursday night has “changed”, the demented Democrats who will be assembling (50,000 LESS..) are going to have to bring their own balloons. Yes there is allegedly NOT going to be the usual “balloon drop” after the Dork Knight delivers his own eulogy..

This “problem” could very easily be solved by making it mandatory for EACH speaker at the Hajj to have to attach balloons to their progressive pie holes. There is enough hot air and helium being produced by these liberal lemmings so that millions of balloons could be filled, even enough balloons to lift Michael Moore into the socialist stratosphere..

Breaking news flash: According to Fox “Democrats restore God and Jerusalem to platform..” Too little, too late. Yet another bit of patented progressive patronizing when they showed their true colors days before. ANYONE who professes to be either “religious” or those of the Jewish faith who claim to proudly support the Democrats and OWEbama are beyond redemption and in need of medication.

There HAS to be something wrong with the “religious” who agree with the Democrats and their abattoirs filled with compassionate rubber apron wearing Mengeles, the Jews who support the Democrats and OWEbama’s blatant back-handing of their home land..

And Day Two goes on..


One response to “Fascist Funnies Day Two

  1. sophie fancher

    you are so bad how could you say that to a women who has worked very hard to be an asset to the United States of America shame on you Dick
    you will not get my vote or any of my friends either you and obama
    deserve each other. no wonder your party omitted God.

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