Fascist Funnies The Topper

I don’t care one iota what Billy Bob said last night (I care even LESS about what OWEbama will say tonight..) as ONE MOMENT from last night will tell you all that you need to know from now on and forever about the left. I feel that the liberal Democrats have topped themselves, nothing more needs to be said which can shine a brighter light upon their carnal lust for power no matter the embarrassing cost.. Let’s see how long THIS “controversy” lasts..

Suddenly, out of nowhere, when the platform had been written and approved weeks ago, when it was just fine until last night, we saw the true colors of the liberal Democrats. Abruptly, there was to be a “vote” (as much of a “vote” as any Democrat is allowed to have when their leaders want something done..) and it seemed to catch the assembled delegates off guard. As intended, I’m sure..

Ethnically-diverse liberal Democratic Mayor Villarigosa, who was getting what was thought at the time to be nothing more than his share of the “diverse” time in the socialist spotlight quickly said, “All those delegates in favor say ‘aye’”. “Aye”. All those delegates opposed say ‘no’”. “No”. (It truly sounded like an even split of BOTH opinions.) Back to Villarigosa, “In the opinion of the.. Let me do that again..” (Villarigosa KNEW the “outcome” that his leaders WANTED BEFORE he stepped up to the microphone, thus the preemptive “In the opinion of the..”)

Take two.. “All of those delegates in favor say ‘aye’. “Aye”. “All those delegates opposed say ‘no’. “No”. (AGAIN, it sounded too close too call without some kind of an actual vote.)

“I, umm..” (Sounds just like OWEbama does without the teleprompter, looks to be a problem typical to Democrats..) “I guess..” With that astoundingly insightful interlude, marionette Villarigosa turned to look behind him to one of the white guys who are actually IN CHARGE of this charade of “diversity”, the ones who until this incredibly clumsy moment, had eliminated ANY reference to God and Jerusalem from their platform.

Since the white guy didn’t know what to do, an unusual Eleanor Roosevelt-looking old white gal sidles up to the progressive puppet who was frozen in fear at the podium and she said, “you gotta rule and then you gotta let them do what they’re going to do..”

This was the Democratic platform’s answer to the OWEbama “executive orders” or their “recess appointments”. Here are matters which were SO important just a short time ago, the intentional exclusion of both God and Jerusalem and NOW they’re being shoehorned in when only a few of the both over- and under-medicated delegates were in attendance..

Back to the farce on the stage.. “I’ll do that one more time.. All those delegates in favor say ‘aye’. “Aye”. “All those delegates opposed say ‘no’” “No”. (AGAIN, WAY too close to just call on a verbal vote.)

“In the opinion of the chair, (not the “empty chair” that is OWEbama..) two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen..”

There can be no clearer definition or explanation of the liberal Democratic Party than this. None.

“Due process” was NOT afforded the delegates, their opinions DO NOT MATTER. Nope, the “Empty Chair’s” handlers had FINALLY come to the conclusion after several polls were conducted that being AGAINST God and Israel would COST them more votes than it would garner. The opinions of the atheists and the Nazis who comprised such a majority of the Democratic Party when they were putting their platform together are IRRELEVEANT to the cause of RETAINING POWER NOW. They SHOULD have been grossly insulted by this off-hand manner and they should have revolted just as old Eleanor Roosevelt said, “let them do what they’re going to do..” This leads me to believe that these “true believers” don’t even “believe” in what they say that they believe in..

The Democrats ARE anti-God and they ARE anti-Jewish. They are “anti-” a whole lot of things but come “convention time”, (note the first syllable: “CON”..) it becomes time to appear all centrist in order to fool the “independents”. Now all of the zanies that actually occupy the entirety of the Democratic Party are all whisked away, swept under the reactionary rug for the sake of “appearances”. Just a short time ago, the Democrats all busted their buttons about the extremists that love to wear their “hope and change” t-shirts from 2008 as they stomp and picket, but THIS is different. They are putting on airs and those so abruptly snubbed by the limousine liberal elitists “in charge” are reinforcing their function as nothing more than “useful idiots”.

These Democrats, these “Occupy” partisans ALL rolled over and played dead. These “no war for oil” placard carrying, card carrying communists all obeyed.. Their masters have spoken, their docility to their superiors was evident. They were steamrolled and they complied. They sat down and they shut up.

As well, those who were just patronizingly patronized to by the liberal Democratic elitists with a mere “inclusion” of just a few pathetic words should be equally insulted as well. Those Christian Democrats and Jewish Democrats should be outraged, maybe as outraged as they were when the owner of Chic Fil A expressed his opinions a few months ago, but no. They too will do their “duty”.

I’m not sure who in all of this is more reprehensible. The anti-God anti Jewish Democrats who will say nothing or the anti-God anti-Jew Democrats who sneeringly added a few words to their “platform” on their behalf..

This should tell you everything that you need to know about the Democrats. If you ARE a Christian Democrat, if the Democrats stand on the Planned Parenthood/abortion abattoir hasn’t been enough for you to actually consider the words that you read on Sunday morning, if THIS hasn’t convinced you, you are beyond hope. As well, the Jewish Democrats, there is an alternative where you are not thought of so cavalierly..

OK, how about this: America you are being lied to by the Democrats. Liberals: if you actually had the courage of your “convictions”, you would abandon the Democratic Party who will sell YOUR beliefs (if you actually HOLD them..) down the river in the hopes of procuring 51% of the vote.. The Democrats want you in the closet at election time.. Moderates: There is NOTHING “moderate” about the Democratic Party. They ARE the party of the Sandra Flukes of the world. Abortion on demand, imaginary “rights” all the way down the line.. Trying to find “moderation” within the Democratic Party is as futile as attempting to look for the same within Iran.. Conservatives: Zell Miller was the LAST Democratic conservative. Period. Conservatives have seen the light at the end of the liberal tunnel decades ago, what is the rest of America waiting for?

Come on America, the “inclusive” Democrats want you to see just how “moderate”, how “middle of the road” that they are. They love God and they love the Jews. Really.. Honest..  Once the votes are tabulated, it’s right back to the “old ways”.. Don’t forget that once they were caught, the DNC Chair called this ruse a “technical oversight”.. (Real Clear Politics) As well, “OWEbama had seen the language prior to the convention ‘but did not seek to change it’” (Politico)

All in favor say ‘aye’.. All against say NO..

The “No’s” have it..


11 responses to “Fascist Funnies The Topper

  1. The vote looked like the no’s had it. One commentator said that in order to get the vote they needed, they turn off the mics of the ones they want to loose. Dem’s have all kinds of tricks to make things turn out like they want them. Some one with sense said that decision to take God out of the platform is a loosing vote deal, so they put it back in.

  2. Wow Larry….you nailed it with this one!! The Democrats are truly reprehensible. I pray to God we turn all of this around in November.

  3. I was shocked to watch this.

    Not that I haven’t seen a confused Latino before.

  4. And they do not think that is the way he will rule in a second term. To He– with the vote it passes!!! If people do not see the influence of the Muslims in the progressive party I”ll loan them my glasses. 2016 platform, NO God, but 57 references to Allah. I have started to ask all reasonable Democrats to leave a party they do not know and doesn’t want them to join the Republican party at least until the country , and then they can reform the REAL Democratic party and help run the country for ALL people,

  5. Graywolf,

    57 states, 57 references to Allah.. Hmm..

    I STILL contend that the original “57 states” gaffe can be attributed to the fact that there are 57 member states in the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” and OWEbama was just confused due to the fact that he wants to make America member 58..

    Look it up, no one else has..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Larry,

    In your response to Greywolf concerning “57 states” what else can I say except, exactly.

  7. beyond disgusted

    Larry, you are so right, this whole debacle should tell everyone everything they need to know about demorats, but will it? Will it have legs? The Romney campaign SHOULD make hay with this. As for Jewish demorats, they are liberals first. There is no fixing stupid!

  8. Three. Three! THREE votes by Villarigosa with the same results of even-Steven and he decided two thirds were in the affirmative? I would say unbelievable, but I know who I am talking about and anything they come up with is believable because they CONTROL the process no matter what! What I can say is “What a bald faced lie! Yup! No fixing stupid.

  9. All I can say is, they certainly have the right animal to symbolize the democratic party.

  10. Yes I know it’s not a jack… , but it’s close enough.

  11. On a side note, took the advise of some here and saw 2016 . IMHO, the info. could have been presented in half the time, and the other time spent on his dark side – his failure as a Community Organizer, how he became a Senator and his lack of performance in the Senate, the questions of the birth, the SS numbers, the selective sevice application, the travels to Pakistan, the Communist Party in his family, the schooling in Indonesia, etc. and , of course the sealed records, in other words – the hard core stuff that really helps to describe him !

    ” Anti-colonialism” doesn’t begin to describe this radical fraud in the WH !!

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