Lather Rinse Repeat

The Hajj is over and the forlorn fascists of the left have departed North Carolina, making their way back to the various asylums and clinics that they call “home”.. One has to wonder exactly where it was that they left behind MORE garbage, all over the ground in North Carolina or all over the airwaves of the world..

As they COMPLETELY glossed over the RESULTS of THEIR four-year record of failure, as Rodham (as the OWEbama emissary) was shown the back of the Chinese hand while she deftly avoided the convention, the world of the leftist liberal OWEbama government churned on.. The Marxist minions in DC continued to toil in the socialist salt mines..

Is it still necessary to point out the FACT that the Democrats have COMPLETELY sold their political soul to the left EXCEPT during those moments when they seek to hoodwink the “independents”, otherwise known as the “UNOBSERVANT”? ESPECIALLY within the last four years, these small moments within the liberal epoch have been overwhelmed by the blatant socialism enabled by the narcissism of “Dear Leader”. (“We won..”)

Is it necessary to point out that the OWEbama “government” actually claimed that “more Americans rely on their families for assistance than the government..” According to USA dot gov, or what the left calls the “government made easy” web site, OWEbama and the rest want to “help you get back on your feet..” Once you’re “on your feet” they want off of them again and onto your backside “on the couch” and all that they ask of you is to consider them come election time once you get to the polls..

THEY claim that ONLY “15%” of Americans are on “government assistance” and therefore “federal officials have undertaken an effort to help people to apply for federal assistance..” (Washington Examiner) Yet, OVER 47 MILLION Americans are generously taking in food stamps.. (Bloomberg) These numbers don’t add up as they ALWAYS seem to do when using the “liberal Democratic math of political convenience”.. Add in the nearly NINETY MILLION people NOT in the American workforce (CNS News) under OWEbama and the Democrats means that “government assistance” over the last four years has proven to be a complete debacle..

Is it necessary to point out that Solyndra, already the “green beneficiary” of over a HALF BILLION of YOUR tax dollars courtesy of OWEbama, will now receive a 23 MILLION dollar TAX BREAK courtesy of those SAME OWEbama Democrats. (Fox News) I thought that “corporations” were “evil” in the demented minds of the left? Where are the protests? Aren’t these “corporate fat cats”, the ones who “got us into this mess”, supposed to be ostracized as opposed to being perpetually “bailed out” by YOU because of the dictates of a Democratic dictator?

Is it necessary to repeat this? Isn’t this similar to the directions on a bottle of shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat? (THIS explains why the concept is a mystery to the hygienically challenged liberal Democrats..)

YES IT IS NECESSARY. Therefore, I will encapsulate the WORST from the screeds of Billy Bob and OWEbama. The “speech” made by the stand up act that is Biden, the “oops, we love God and the Jews” brown shirt blasphemy (Did you know that the Democratic platform that had eliminated ALL references to both God and Jerusalem was unanimously approved by the Democrats back in August in Detroit?) and others are already a matter of record, therefore, you have already forgotten about them..

Lets begin with Billy Bob..

“They want to get rid of those pesky financial regulations designed to prevent another crash and prohibit federal bailouts..” CLINTON is responsible for ending the Glass-Steagall Act. (Graham Leach Bliley Act of 1999.. Clinton HIMSELF said “the Glass Steagall Act is no longer relevant..” (Frontline 07/03/2012) As well, both HE and Barney Frank are RESPONSIBLE for the “mortgage meltdown” and the Democrats are by far the BIGGEST proponents of ANY kind of “bailouts” for “those that got us into this mess..”

“No president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years..” Uhhh.. Sorry to inform you that Ronald Reagan did JUST THAT and that goes a long way towards explaining the 49 state sweep in 1984..

“Our economy has produced about 4.5 million jobs..” THIS bogus statistic was trotted out with as great a frequency as the “race card” at a $harpton racist rally.. To quote Breitbart dot com, “if we’re supposed to date responsibility for job creation from the day people take office, then Congressional Republicans, who entered office in January of 2011 are the ones responsible for the creation of 2.9 million jobs..”

“The Recovery Act saved or created millions of jobs and cut taxes..” And Bill Clinton is a faithful husband.. Clinton lied so often that for a moment, I thought that he was under oath before a Grand Jury..

With an America that is so fascinated with such “entertainment” as the so-called “reality shows”, why is everyone buying in to the Democrat’s updated version of “Fantasy Island”? On to OWEbama, if you can stand it..

“Joe Biden, thank you for being the best vice president I could have ever hoped for..” That PROVES how nonsensical the “Hope” was in “Hope and Change”..

“You elected me to tell you the truth..” No, “you” elected him because you knew that there would be less fallout when you cast yourselves as misogynists as opposed to racists during the primary run up..

Ahh, wait a minute.. We ALL know that anything from OWEbama was going to be a misdirection, an illusion and an avoidance of the nasty realities brought about by four years of nonstop nonsense, inflicted UPON the middle class by OWEbama and the Democrats.. But there were a few kernels of TRUTH in what OWEbama said. Unintended, of course, but truth none the less..

“Trivial things become big distractions.. (Romney’s tax returns..) Serious issues become sound bites.. (OWEbama’s debt, default and deficits..) The truth gets buried under an avalanche of money and advertising.. (Stimulus money used to buy OWEbama time on MSNBC) You will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation..”

“It is a choice between two different paths for America. To restore the values that built the largest middle class and the strongest economy that world has ever known.. A nation that triumphed over fascism and depression.. Where everyone plays by the same rules..”

Makes you wonder whether the Democrats just got lazy and copied Romney’s speech. Nevertheless, those words ARE true. This IS the “clearest choice in a generation” and the “avalanche of money” from Soros and Michael Moore CANNOT “change” that reality, even though they will die trying..

As OWEbama nattered on, there was NO mention of his overwhelming debt which ironically crossed the SIXTEEN TRILLION dollar mark right about the time the Democrats were deciding whether or not the idiot marionette Villairgosa should try for a FOURTH TIME to make the slight crowd “get the hint” and agree to allow the mere mentioning of both God and Jerusalem into their progressive platform..

If OWEbama WAS elected to “tell you the truth”, he should have been impeached in February of 2009..

For the next sixty days or so, a man “elected to tell you the truth” will do no such thing as he has for the last four years. Yet ANOTHER “promise” broken by OWEbama but then again, who other than me is actually keeping score as the Democratic dance of deception continues to lather, rinse and repeat..


7 responses to “Lather Rinse Repeat

  1. An incredible piece as usual…keep up the extraordinary work!

  2. Obviously neither OWEbaama nor Clinton will discuss the truth about OWEbaama’s failed policies, and therefore we get the lies and fabrications. They might try to take that “lemon” of a presidency and turn it into lemonade, but what they end up with is the typical Liberal ” Kool Aid “. Nonetheless they keep trying, and the “kool aid ” becomes more lethal.

    I won’t bother listening to OWEbaama, but yesterday AM , I saw a news clip of him coming out on stage to make his “pitch” to his faithful. He did not appear to look very happy or confident. Later , during the announcement of the dismal jobs report, it was noted that the President gets the report the day prior to the national release. Maybe that is why OWEbaama looked a little depressed.

    Apparently his speech was a re-hash of 2008, with a little Jimmy Carter thrown in for some additional Liberal ‘zest ‘ !

  3. So glad the convulsions (gag) are over. Now the MSM will repeat, trim or add as necessary to keep all the lies in the air and viable. Too bad we can’t abort them!

  4. It is clear Obama is not concerned about private sector jobs because on the books already are his plans for his FDR newer deal. Raising taxes on the middle class to pay the out of work, high paying union government jobs. What better way to expand the government. He always says he wants fairness. Take the money from the workers and give others a chance so we can even out the living standards of all. Such a utopia. I think this fairness is already a part of the N. Korean philosophy. So now we know what all the radical tzars have been up to for the last four years. All in plain sight the plan is there for all to see for the next Obama term.

    However, isn’t it interesting Obama never talks about any of this on the campaign trail. If he did, would the zombies just think this is a great idea or scare the hell out of some.

    I don’t know if any of you saw the man on the street at the N.Carolina convention, Jay Leno style. He asked the Dums there if high corporate earnings were a good thing. Shockingly, they all said is was NOT good. And these people will be voting. God help us.

  5. P.S. Richard, DITTO!

  6. Monica, the tsars may have been working on this for 4 years, but the progressives have been working on it for at least 100 years. They have so many things in the bank they can pull out the next nation killer in less than a day. If we get the country back in Nov we MUST clean house and disregard the FEELINGS of the poor libs/progressives/socialists/communists. We are infected with a deadly cancer, and every cell of it must be excised or it will return in a few years, only it will be smarter and more deadly.

  7. beyond disgusted

    The Owebama economy is not a result of him being in over his head, or that no one could have fixed it in 4 years. Everything he has done has been deliberate. How many of the unemployed & new food stamp recepients are happy with their new lot in life & will vote for more of the same. Scary question……..we will see in November.

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