Everything In Moderation..

“Everything in moderation”.. So goes the old saying. Within the world of Republican politics of late, this unfortunately has become the “norm”.. Let’s take a peek at why that is the case.

We can safely say that Ronald Reagan was the last true conservative to either hold the presidency or even to survive the primaries and run for the office. From HW to W, from Dole to McCain, the Republicans since Reagan have forwarded nothing but “moderates” for the presidency. Even within today’s highly charged uber-leftist atmosphere, the Republicans forwarded Romney as their candidate.

In point of fact, there isn’t a single Republican alive that wouldn’t be painted as an “extremist” by today’s “impartial” liberal media. Time has certainly proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that mere disagreement with the Democratic left automatically gets you labeled as an “extremist”. (Progressive Projection..) Such lunatic labeling is done to both marginalize you and to SILENCE you. Even Romney has been identified as such and nothing could be further from the truth.

This is the same “impartial” media that only seems to have antenna sensitively primed for the alleged “extremism” from the RIGHT. The blatant extremism of the Democratic liberal LEFT that has invaded and overtaken the Democratic Party for generations hasn’t seemed to set off any alarm bells within the nation’s “newsrooms”..

Answering the EXTREMISM from the left, an example of extremism unlike any seen in generations from the OWEbama caliphate, with “moderation” is lunacy. If the “impartial” media sees “right-wing extremism” within EVERY Republican, why don’t we just give it to them with both barrels? Instead, we acquiesce to the whims of the “impartial” media and offer up a “kinder, gentler Republican”..

The pump was primed in 1988 for another conservative to take the Reagan conservative flambeau and to possibly put a nail into the coffin of the liberal virus that had overtaken the Democratic Party. Had another stone cold conservative continued the Reagan Revolution, the Democrats would have had no choice but to start cultivating conservatives Democrats like Zell Miller instead of fertilizing more and more of the leftist lunatics like Kucinich and Dean. Today with the socialist soiree in full swing in Washington, our answer should have been the “stark contrast” that OWEbama spoke of in North Carolina..

One of the biggest problems with a moderate is that they seem to have an ambiance about them of not having BELIEFS, they merely have “positions”. There can be no excitement surrounding a “moderate”. Most moderates are about as exciting as a dial tone.. (If anyone knows what that is any longer..) POSITIONS vacillate because positions are found within the vacillations of the “polls”, BELIEFS come from within.. Those whose BELIEFS dominate their political philosophy do not “flip-flop”, unfortunately those with “positions” seem to do so with an alarming frequency..

Everything in moderation, except when answering the extremism of the political left..

Democratic dummy Joe Biden was in Zanesville Ohio yesterday. In honor of that event, the town was re-named for a day in Biden’s honor. ZANIES-ville Ohio heard Biden say, “I say to the press, fact check me..” Oooohhh.. First, the “impartial” media would do no such thing, that is left to the “extremists” who disagree with the OWEbama.. Second, I am flashing back to one Gary Hartpence from Colorado.. The liberal poster boy said to the New York Times in 1987, “Follow me around. If anyone wants to put a tail on me go ahead..” Hartpence needed a “tail” because of all of the “tail” that he was chasing around while he was claiming to be a collectivist choirboy.. (The Clinton understudy was pinched with Donna Rice on a yacht aptly named “Monkey Business”..)

Speaking of “fact checking”.. Eva BROWN’S dozens of “vacations” have cost the taxpayers at least ten million dollars.. Prove me wrong. Let’s suppose that I am off by a million dollars.. Please tell me why even ONE tax dollar should be spent in this manner.. The OWEbama’s, through the generosity of the nation’s taxpayers, already make a considerable amount of what they call “their own money” every year, why can’t they pay for their vacations themselves? Romney can start providing tax returns when OWEbama starts providing the receipts from his wife’s numerous vacations..

Speaking of the whole “Romney tax returns” gibberish, the topic still hasn’t perished and as long as the OWEbama camp refuses to take the “credit” for their “historic” performance over the last four years, we will continue to hear about “tax returns” as a distraction from the OWEbama record from the “impartial” media.. I say Romney should bombard the liberals with decades of tax returns for just one reason.

The Democratic liberals, especially those within the OWEbama cabinet, don’t file tax returns so they would have no idea what it is that they are looking at.. That will bring closure to the matter as people like William Jefferson (money hidden in his deep freeze..) and Charlie Rangel (“historic” tax cheat..) would be completely baffled by the paperwork involved in properly filing tax returns..

The media is supposed to be “impartial”. Since they obviously AREN’T, they have violated the trust that the public has placed in them and they should be properly identified as “partials” or “endorsers”. As well, they should be charged with malpractice and ANY income that they have derived from such a hoax should be turned over to the OWEbama government in order to lower the “historic” OWEbama DEBT..

I have heard it said that eleven years ago today, the world was a different place. September 10, 2001.. It has also been said that the world “changed forever” after the terrorist attacks of the next day, eleven years and one day ago.. September 11, 2001..

I’m not quite sure if that statement is true..

The liberals worshipped the unsavory practitioners of the “religion of peace” BEFORE 9-11 and they certainly haven’t lost any love for them and all that they stand for today.

Conservatives despised the unsavory practitioners of the “religion of peace” and all that they stand for both before and AFTER 9-11..

It think that it can then be said that the terrorist attacks therefore seemed to just fortify the beliefs held by each group, liberals and conservatives..

If the actions of our enemies on September 11th didn’t change the liberal mind, then nothing will..


16 responses to “Everything In Moderation..

  1. I think Romeny or someone from his campaign should answer Obma on his tax returns this way. I’ll release all of my tax returns if you will release your passport, you records from Occidental College, your records from Harvard Law School, your writing while at The Harvard Law Review that is if you want to be the transparent person you say you are. How about why your Law License and Michelle Law Licenses were revolked? Then We’ll talk again. I think Romeny’s campaign needs to get blunt on Obama and his record of the last four years. Tell exactly what he has not done and how he breaks the law by going around Congress with the Executive orders. If he doesn’t get tough on Owebama, he is going to loose this election because Owebama lies about Romney every time he opens his mouth.

  2. Mary,
    Agreed. Ryan is doing some of the attack, but not hard enough. Perhaps they should put Eric Cantor out there as an attack dog – he could do it, and take some of the attention off Romney. Wars are not won by being defensive !

  3. Admittedly, the Republican candidates post Reagan, have been rather Milquetoast in their plans or action and their ability to communicate their real beliefs. Romney is holding back when I think he should go on the offensive all out. Honestly, I think there are enough treasonable actions by Obama that lend themselves to an all out frontal attack on the Administration and the “do nothing” Congress, he could start a dialog all the voters would get involved in and maybe create a wave of awakening throughout the Republic. I view Romney as the last defense against our country returning to the Dark Ages when there was no religion within the land. We cannot win this battle until we invite God back into our lives, our schools, our public buildings, our legislatures, both city, state and federal. We must BELIEVE in ourselves and invite our neighbors to open a discussion on politics and get them involved. There are many good people in this land who have been cowed into “going along to get along” which is like handing your power of attorney to the communists. And JJ, I hope Ryan steps up the attacks. Romney and Ryan need to work as a team and let the sun shine on the OWEbama ‘transparent’ workings.

  4. I completely agree with your theory. They had better start soon to completely tell the truth about this administration and how they are ruining our country.

  5. Richard,

    I don’t know if a ‘dialog’ would work , since these are the same stupid voters that not only ‘elected’ OWEbaama, but are also responsible for his high ratings. And, as per the CONvention, do the Dems really want God involved ?

    Maybe it’s time for R&R to play the Dem game, and promise a lot of free stuff , and claim that the Romney ‘stash’ is much bigger than the OWEbaama ‘stash ‘ , since afterall, there are many , many on the dole ! Let’s face it, ” Uncle ” Barack is handing out a lot of freebies, and he continues to come up with more ways to hand out EVEN MORE !!

    Of course, if the GOP rank and file do not understand the plan, it could backfire.

  6. beyond disgusted

    This is what has bothered me about Romney all along. He had no problem vanqueshing his Republican opponents in the primaries; but put on the kid gloves dealing with Owebama. Wasn’t it Reagan who said “paint with bold colors, not pale pastels”?

    When are Republicans ever going to learn that there is nothing they can do to get the media on their side? Apparently, never!

  7. Romney is just too polite….what we need is Chris Christie to set Obama and his gang straight. If Christie had been the Republican nominee we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  8. Speaking of Christie, I happened to catch his speech at the convention, and he sounded a little like he was campaigning for himself rather than R & R.
    He bragged quite a bit about what he did in Jersey, which I thought was over the top, when he should have been praising what Mitt had accomplished.

    It seems like he might be consdering a run for POTUS – just my opinion !

  9. JJ- That was thought exactly. Something like “We come to bury Romney, not praise him”.

  10. And if Christie is considering a run for POTUS, he might also consider losing about a pound a week, in order to at least look ‘presidential ‘ by the time the campaign season begins in earnest.

    He did a good job reversing the mess that Jon Corzine had created in a hard core Dem state. Perhaps Brown in CA might tke a few pointers from Christie, before CA goes totally bankrupt and then expects the fed to bail them out. Then again, Libs would rather spend, spend, spend – rather than work at saving.

  11. Owebama fails again, or more aptly stated – “continues ” to fail , regarding our relations with Israel . It is obvious that the fraud in the WH is more interested in the shampaign trail and David ” Super Lib ” Letterman , than in meeting with Bebe .

    Also, let’s see how OWEbaama handles the killing of our Ambassador in Libya, assuming it doesn’t interfere with his college tours !! Maybe he needs 4 more years to decide what to do when one of our ambassadors is murdered !

  12. Amen to this. He is definitely out of touch and soooo weak. He will get us all killed if we don’t vote him out.

  13. If he were half as smart as he would want us to believe, and a real patriot, he would man-up , admit his failures, and resign. But, he is hell bent on destroying this country and will say and do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. Plus, Mooseshell wants 4 more years of living ‘high on the hog ‘, at our expense , of course. Wonder if she’ll will have a mental breakdown when she leaves the WH , and gets back to some sort of reality !!

    If and when the truth about OWEbaama’s hidden past comes to light, he won’t be able to command big bucks , ala Bill Clinton, by giving speeches . And, since he often sounds like a preacher, maybe he could share the pulpit with one of his mentors, Jeremiah Wright, since apparently that congregation will accept anyone who is anti-American !

    Why is it that so many who are anti-American, remain here – rather than moving to another country?

  14. JJ- You just posed the question of the decade. If they hate it here so much, why stay. We certainly don’t want them and their attitude.
    Regarding the embassy tragedies: I’m with Krauthammer “They can all go to Hell”. Mr. OWEbaama needs to immediately expel all the diplomats of the countries involved. Then he needs to tear up the checkbook for them and bring our Americans home.

  15. Richard,

    I’m also with Dr. Krauthammer. Perhaps Mitt should consult with him.

  16. I’m a big fan of Charles Krauthammer. He is always spot on. Wish Romney would take advice from the Dr. His comments on Special Reports are always the best.

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