Contrition Attrition

The task at hand, the ousting of OWEbama and his caliphate, seems easy enough when the REALITY of his domestic economic failures are discussed, (When ARE they “discussed”? Not often enough..) but when we add in his foreign policy failures, we reach the point of collectivist critical mass.. (Make that critical ASS..) Unfortunately, his latest foreign affairs screw up has cost an ambassador and three other Americans their lives..

The “practitioners of the religion of peace” murdered Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens along with three other Americans in Libya. Yes, Libya.. Another of the wonderful cesspools in the Middle East who still seems to be under the spell of “Arab Spring”.. Shall we toss in Iran, Egypt and Syria as well? Where has the lumpy liberal who alleges to be in charge at Foggy Bottom been for the last four years? What has the pantsuit pachyderm been doing while the toilet that is the Middle East continues to fester?

A president can only do so much and the best barometer of how a president will do is the choices that they make within their staff and the cabinet posts. (Not to mention the czars..) OWEbama’s choice for VP? Biden. His choice for Secretary of Statists? Rodham.. OWEbama, Biden and Rodham.. Three strikes and you’re out.. Well, three strikes and WE’RE out..

We have the apologists of apostasy, the ones who turned “terrorism” into “man caused events” and turned the “war on terror” into an “overseas contingency operation”, to thank for all of this.. When they aren’t bowing before simian savages, they are prostrating themselves before the simian savages..

Ah yes, “Arab Spring”.. (Don’t forget that OWEbama actually used the latest Arab Spring as one of his excuses for his dismal economic numbers..) The ORIGINAL “Arab Spring” was enabled and empowered by ANOTHER weak-willed cowering collectivist, Dhimmi Carter.. Liberals CANNOT be put into positions of power, the difference between their failings and their successes are only a matter of exactly whom is being queried..

On the face of it, you have to wonder why the Mooselims were essentially baiting Carter with the hostages from the American embassy. In the end, after 444 days, the hostages were released shortly after President Reagan finished the oath of office.. Was this because the Mooselims were so annoyed with Carter who had finally allowed the Shah to be treated for his illness within the United States? No.. Didn’t the Mooselims know that as a pathetic Democratic liberal, Carter was an unequivocal supporter of theirs? Yes.. Didn’t Carter’s unabashed Palestinian cheerleading project his proclivities towards the Israelis, the avowed enemy of the Iranians? Yes.. Then why?

They KNEW that Reagan would take a much different angle in relation to the idea of Americans being held hostage. The Mooselim savages believed that UNLIKE the cowardly liberals, Reagan hadn’t taken the “or else” out of the international “diplomatic” equation.. (The Lebanon Marine barracks bombing would illicit a “Carter-ian” response of withdrawal, but the Mooselims didn’t call Reagan’s bluff on any scale matching what they did to Carter..)

How have the liberal Democrats “responded” to this atrocity. Well, they are “outraged”.. Yes, that’s it.. “Outraged”, and they “strongly condemn” it as well.. (National Journal)

The cauldron of crackpots occupying the “Middle East”, Libya, Iran, Syria and now Egypt, need to be reigned in. The ONLY thing that animals understand is brute strength, they do not appreciate “acts of kindness” from smarmy liberals. If OWEbama isn’t man enough to make the call, (It would appear that he didn’t “make the call” to take out Ol’ Spinach chin, it was Rodham who “made the call”. Then again, she had to because her idiot husband DIDN’T “make the call” THREE TIMES during his pants-dropping presidency..) he should just step aside and allow Israel to do the job.. OWEbama has time to do some fundraising and he has time to sit and squawk with Letterman but he has no time for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu..

OWEbama had no problem “making the call” to give $1.5 billion tax dollars to the Egyptian Mooselim brotherhood who attacked our embassy in Egypt and burned our flag. He swooned over the Libyan revolution and they kindly killed our ambassador along with three other Americans and all that he could muster in response to these murders was.. Another apology..

OWEbama is desperate for ANYTHING that will take the focus away from his dismal and destructive domestic Napalming of the American economy. Here Americans have been murdered by more of the “practitioners of the religion of peace” and all that he and his administration can be is “outraged”.. Then again, they’ve done more than that of late..

While they have “strongly condemned” these murders, the OWEbama caliphate have been very busy addressing the concerns of this “region”.. They have been apologizing to everyone that they can possibly find..

Here is Rodham’s “answer” to four Americans being killed in cold blood and two embassies being overrun.. “We condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Mooselims.. The U.S. deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others..” (EXCEPT Christians and Jews..) “Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation..” (EXCEPT for Christians and Jews..) If you haven’t picked up on it, she is upset with the AMERICANS..

This is the SAME Rodham Statist Department that last week reiterated its position that the U.S. does not consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel.. (Breitbart) These are the SAME Democrats who had to resort to chicanery against the will of the assembled Democrats at their Hajj last week, in order to “insert language” mentioning “God” and “Jerusalem” at the very last second..

According to Rodham, this is the country in “transition to democracy”, “democracy” that would NEVER have happened without the Americans. The Libyan morons would still be filling up those “mass graves” that Qaddafi was so fond of.. This “transition to democracy” has DERAILED and morphed into ANOTHER outpost of radical Mooselim Islam on OWEbama and Rodham’s watch..

What else have the Democratic liberals been up to over there? On what is a “holy day” here in America, (September 11th) OWEbama was sending his greetings to the “Arab Forum on Asset Recovery”. His personal emissary at this “event” was none other than the “Fast and Furious Future Felon” Eric Holder.. What else have they been up to? As OUR embassies in Egypt and Libya were being attacked, as our citizens were AGAIN being murdered by the members of the “religion of peace”, The Washington Post reports that the OWEbama administration is “considering eliminating 3.2 billion in Egyptian debt to America..”

In case you were wondering how the Afghanis felt about all of this, we can only look to Hamid Karzai. He “condemned the inhuman and abusive act..” OF THE “filmmakers”, which he said, “caused enmity and confrontation between the religions and cultures of the world..” (This latest affront to the hyper-sensitive Mooselims was some “film” found on YouTube..) The ONLY “confrontation” will take place once the liberal Democrats are out of political office and in federal prison..

The Democrat’s kneepad diplomacy has run its collectivist course. The liberals HAVE to understand that kowtowing to savages gets you nowhere. The left has bleated, screamed and cajoled the American people for sixty years and we have acquiesced to their nonsense in the hopes that if we gave in a few times, that they would just shut up and go away.. “Giving in” to the liberals didn’t work and they took full advantage of it. Why do they believe that “giving in” to the Mooselim savages will work when the same tactic didn’t work against them?

OWEbama’s domestic policy failures are proving to be just as dangerous as Rodham’s foreign policy failures. Never mind, why hasn’t Romney released his taxes yet??

Unfortunately, under the Democratic rule, we have reached a “contrition attrition”. Their kneepad diplomacy will never work.

Unleash Hell..


17 responses to “Contrition Attrition

  1. We know that all people can se weakness in a leader and will take advantage to attack. This “Leading from Behind” is not working too good for the Good old USA. His main suit is to apologize for the US instead of talking to the leaders and tell them we will take all measures to stop any attacks from them. Such as cuting off all of that free money they get and making Hell come down to earth on them. I cannot imagine any one with one ounce of brains that would vote for Owebummer. R & R November 6.

  2. Apparantly, most of the world ( especially terrorists ) realizes that we do not have a POTUS , but that we have a fraud in the WH .

    Regarding the murder of ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans, OWEbaama claims that we will seek ‘justice ‘ !!
    JUSTICE ?? – or did he mean ‘fairness’ ? When is this fraud going to grow a pair – apparently NEVER .

  3. It is clearer now more than ever, OWEbama is nonfunctional and his foreign policy is called foreign apology. I think the most we could look for now is when Mr. Romney is sworn in as POTUS, his acceptance speech should start “As President of the United States of American, I order the FBI and/or CIA to immediately, with all haste, put under arrest Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Leon Penatta, harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and various others for Treason and High Crimes against the United States of America, a Republic which will seek convictions and maximum punishment including imprisonment and forfeiture of citizenship as well as forfeiture of all unlawful monetary means acquired by them in their years of service, and after they have served their prison sentences at the maximum security prison and fulfilled all punishment, they be deported to the country of their allegiance”.

    I can still dream, can’t I?

  4. Michele from NY

    Once again, the fraud and his minions are turning my stomach. What kind of “leader” continuously apologizes and places blame on his own country? Maybe that’s it though, this really isn’t his country. Get this creep and his asslickers out. November can’t come fast enough.

  5. Larry, great article. I am going to send acopy to my Texas Representative, Louie Gohmert. He is one of the few good ones.

  6. beyond disgusted

    There is not a day that goes by that this regime doesn’t assault my sensabilities more than the day before. Everything Owebama is doing is on purpose, & I’d have to say he’s been hugely successful. And the stupid, including the treasonous media, think all of this is just fine.

  7. I seem to recall telling you all why we should not have involved ourselves in the mess in Libya, and sure enough I was proven right. It would have been nice I were wrong, because perhaps things could have worked out better, and maybe a US Ambassador might still be alive. That we should retaliate against these people is a ‘duh’ statement, and I think collateral damage should be used as an instrument of policy. Setting Benghazi on fire with incendiary bombs in retaliation would be a good start. Using Marines to establish kill zones around our embassies would solve a lot of problems. These savages don’t understand the language of diplomacy (and rather like teaching pigs to dance its rather pointless), but they respect force.

    Our President has shown nothing in the way of leadership during this crisis, and Romney can only do so much without looking as though he is undermining the President’s presumed moral authority (the fact Obama himself did this to Bush 43 is besides the point). We need to cut off all foreign aid to these nations, and leave the barbarians to squabble among themselves.

    While we are on the subject, has anyone else noticed the silence coming from the UN?

  8. Larry, you out-did yourself! Excellent!
    In one swoop you make me cry in shame of our present leadership and at the same time you are showing me that all is not lost. With writers like you and the family, we can have realistic aspirations. ( I hate the word “hope” it’s become a four letter word to me since Obummer’s usage. He dirtied the word.)
    We can all dream too like Richard but I’m afraid Romney is not the man to do those things. We need someone like George Washington, maybe an Abe Lincoln and Reagan would pleasantly surprise me if he did.
    A George Patton would be ideal followed by Joe McCarthy and Barry Goldwater. We would all rally around any one of them showing up. Till then we must keep the dream alive.
    I’m with you Richard!

  9. Quixtop- I feel the same way regarding ‘hope’. I’m not much of a linguist (farm boy with a near illiterate dad) and struggle finding expressions that haven’t been soiled by the libbers. I am seeking a real candidate who will stand firm by the principals for which this Republic is famous. Any of those you named would really be an excellent standard bearer. And I would really like to see some Military candidates. Seems they would have a clearer vision regarding leadership of the USA at home and abroad.

  10. Good stuff everyone.


    Are you thinking of Col. Allen West, the Rep. from Florida – he seems to have his act completely together !! Hell, he still has the crew cut , and he looks like the ” no nonsense ” type !

  11. Graywolf:
    Small world – Louie is also MY Rep! We have lived in Nacogdoches for 20+ years – where are you located? Yes – Louie IS certainly one of the good ones and we’re doing our best to hold onto him. I am facebook friends with a couple of liberal Demoncrats (have to keep up with the enemy) and it is hard to believe how much they all hate him and the really ugly things they say. Of course, I also find it pretty incredible that people I consider to be relatively intelligent and educated defend Obama and all of his minions in economic issues and this horrible international fiasco. Are we really SUPPOSED to understand that kind of thinking? sigh.

  12. JJ- That is the type we need, NO NONSENSE type and a REAL Patriot. There are many good men and women in the Military and they would be excellent in filling cabinet positions, heading Federal agencies and write speeches. Can you see a disabled veteran writing for zero? I can’t either.

  13. Richard ,

    As a veteran, I must agree . Can you imagine how many men and women that are on active duty right now, that have to refer to OWEbaama as their Commander in Chief , and are really proud of that fact ? If I were on active duty now, it would be a problem for me , and I wouldn’t be anxious to call him the CIC .
    On top of that , now he wants to reduce the military, to help lower his debt and pay for his healthscare scam. With all of the problems in the mid east, and terrorism, and Iran’s nukes, the geniass wants to cut our defenses .

    What a disgrace to our country and the office of POTUS !!

  14. C Bartlett, we live in Kilgore. We have lived here over 20 years. It is as close to any home we have ever had. I am retired military, so we lived in 25 different houses before I came here to run the clinical laboratory in the local hospitals. Our granddaughter is a freshman at SFA this year. Bob

  15. A question for family members in TX – did a Muslim owned store in a mall near Houston actually close on 9/11 in honor of one of the terrorists who crashed a plane into one of the towers ? Any comments ?

  16. JJ, I am in a small town 4 hours North of Houston, and do not get news and paper from there. I’ll see if any of my friends know about that store.

  17. JJ – I grew up in Houston and still have relatives there. I will check with them and see if there was anything published locally.

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