No Choice

Lets take a gander at a few of today’s items.. China and Japan are feuding over some uninhabited islands. The Japanese call them “Senkaku” and the Chinese call them “Diaoyu”.. Leon Panetta “warns” about the possibility of war between these nations over these uninhabited islands..

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Syrian jets hit Lebanese territory” today..

Libyan official “warned USA ‘3 days before attack’” (CNN, HARDLY a bastion of conservative thought..)

American Embassies in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere were VIOLATED and sovereign American citizens were murdered..

“Pakistanis try to storm U.S. outpost, 1 killed..” (NY Times, AGAIN hardly a bastion of conservative thought)

UN “ambassador” Susan Rice stupidly calls the attack in Benghazi Libya “spontaneous” and the Libyan President called Rice’s ASSertion “completely unfounded and preposterous”.. (Fox)

Netanyahu wants America to “draw a red line in the sand” with Iran.. (Fox) (The “red line” imagery was not lost upon me..)

OWEbama has NO idea whether Egypt is an “ally”, Rodham contradicts OWEbama and Dhimmi Carter chastises his socialist understudy in public..

What the hell is going on? “Who’s on first” with these Democrats?

As the comedic totalitarian team of Abbot and Costello (OWEbama and Rodham) stumble all over themselves and as an American (hopefully voting) public that has been successfully anesthetized with apathy snores on, the WORLD continues to crumble from the Middle East on outward.. The problems created and enabled by OWEbama and the liberal Democrats have gone WELL BEYOND our borders..

Thanks to the liberal Democrats and their personal fifty-year war on America, this type of liberal lunacy that we have unfortunately witnessed for the last four years is what passes for a “foreign policy”. (STILL trying to figure out which set of policies under OWEbama and the Democrats has been a BIGGER failure, the domestic or the foreign..) No doubt, all of this is “foreign” to all of us who remember a different America before the Communists changed their name to Democrats.. Our military strength and our moral certitude combined to form our diplomatic assertion. Those days are now GONE.. People used to listen to America, now everyone just giggles.. This has to “change”..

Not only do they not “listen” anymore, the idea of taking pot shots at America (or its Embassies or its Ambassadors..) has become a hobby with those that would have never considered such cowardly gestures in the past.. Then again, those who are “considering” such gestures used to practice a “different” interpretation of their “religion of peace”..

I am trying to figure out if this is OWEbama’s answer to a romantic isolationism of the past or is this a modern “isolationism through inaction”? He needs to properly understand that that line of thinking didn’t serve the world well during Wilson’s second term when this type of thought was all the rage.. The Germans were involved in undue submarine subterfuge and their active pursuit of Mexico as an ally (note to OWEbama: an “ally” is a “friendly” or a coconspirator..) caused Wilson to ask for a declaration of war in April of 1917.

Even during those days when the idea of isolationism went beyond our geographic isolation, isolating yourself from what was going on in the world proved to be impossible. There was no sense in just “hoping that everything will just work out the way we would like it to” by taking such a “hands-off” approach.. Some people just have to be “convinced”..

The stakes were high. Wilson said that “western civilization itself” could possibly be destroyed.. Wilson himself acknowledged that “armed neutrality” was NOT an option..

SOMEONE MUST be the moral and physical leader of the world. For those who do not wish to “dirty their hands” relative to this, if we do not ascend to that position again, someone else will. The vacuum will be filled and if we don’t like how someone else chooses to fill it, well, it will be too late to change it back without “dirtying the hands”..

To refer to the parlance of our time, the world “is too big to fail”.. It WILL NOT remain rudderless for long..

It has become extremely difficult to even participate in foreign affairs to a miniscule degree without keeping the “or else” element in the back of everyone’s mind. The liberal Democrats have intentionally removed the element of “or else” from the equation so it is no wonder that no one has any desire to listen to any of the hot air socialist sorties being launched by either Rodham or OWEbama. So back we go to the “Monroe Doctrine” of 1823..

The Monroe Doctrine BASICALLY asserted the following: further efforts by European nations to colonize land within the United States or South America would be viewed as an “act of aggression” that would require intervention. The U.S. would not interfere in the matters of European nations, internal or external.. Haughty and heady stuff but absolutely unachievable..

Next we came to the (Teddy) “Roosevelt Corollary” (1904) and then the “Clark Memorandum” (1928) on the “interventionist” side. Enter the “Good Neighbor Policy” of FDR from 1934 on the isolationist side of the ledger.. There is “protectionist isolation”, economic and financial isolation but now with the liberal Democratic left, we have a “passive isolation” where the left hopes that through “impersonal causation”, things will just “happen” in a favorable way for the U.S. and the world.. Nonsense..

For better or for worse, things like the “global economy” put into place by others now dictates our “participation” in the “affairs” of others.. (And vice versa..) Our “obvious” intrusion into the “affairs of others” is now necessary because what WAS America’s superiority on ALL fronts, militarily, economically and diplomatically, has eroded to a dangerous level. This “back door” (subtle) diplomacy used to have the MIGHT of America behind its WORDS so we did not have to resort to ACTION. Now America’s words have been made meaningless and impotent by the liberal Democrats who specialize in making words meaningless and impotent, so our “obvious” (military) intrusion unfortunately becomes necessary..

Recently, our “enemy” doesn’t come from one “country” but they seem to come from one “area” and as well, they ALL seem to use the same “study guide”.. This is an unconventional war that needs to be fought unconventionally and wars need to be fought to WIN, the Democratic idea of fighting for a “tie” is what has made the idea of warfare distasteful.. The biggest problems left by American “interventions” have always come when we have left BEFORE the job was DONE. “Occupation” isn’t the “job”, killing the enemy in overwhelming numbers is the “job”. Destroy their desire to fight by destroying astounding numbers of THEM and let THEM clean up..

The Democratic left has far too much temerity to THOROUGHLY do the “job”. Why have we become AFRAID of succeeding at “war”? SOMEONE needs to LEAD. If WE don’t, someone else will..

“Impersonal causation” relative to world events is NOT an option.. We understand the unfortunate situation that the Democrats have put America into after their fifty-year focused war on America. THEY have left us with no choice.. Why else is there “no choice”? In as few words as possible, those that wish to destroy us do not believe in the idea of “choice” at all..


6 responses to “No Choice

  1. Larry,

    Almost too much to digest in one sitting, but good stuff nonetheless !

    If Japan and China want some excuse to fight a war , may I suggest that they join forces and fight the WAR ON TERROR , before it extends to their shores, at which time , an uninhabited island will be a moot point !

    Regarding the idoicy in the WH , – well, what more can one say , since it speaks for itself , and it speaks LOUD and CLEAR . Sadly though , the message resonates with the ‘stupid voters ‘, which might be the determining factor for the next four years.

  2. We really need a leader who understands all of what you are saying here. “Zero” just doesn’t get it… Then again after reading “Amateur”, most of the decisions are made by Valerie Jarrett, so what do you expect.

  3. Larry your line about liberal Democrats specializing in making words meaningless and impotent was an excellent point. They make it impossible to have words mean what they clearly should. No one can understand or have a discussion because the definition of ” is ” can’t be determined.

  4. Come on Family, lets get mad, lets get even this November.

    Need more fuel for the fire after finishing “No Choice”? Here is a link to more gasoline (which has STILL DOUBLED since OWEbama took office..)

    Come on people, lets see some comments. Remember that EVERY Democrat needs to be unemployed in NOvember..


  5. Need MORE? The latest TOTD will do ya..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Larry and Wingman- Such an apt analysis of the dems nature and attacks. The list of ‘Headlines” with which you started this article should be on page one of all this nations newspapers on a daily basis, but add just a little bit more meat so headline readers are made curious and they will read the full article. I must confess I, at times, just read the headlines and if it doesn’t pique my thirst for knowledge and understanding of what is going on, I will skip it. I don’t appreciate fluff pieces and redundant paragraphs inserted just to make a quota on words. I ALWAYS read NLTRNZ because I know I will be not be talked down to nor read be left scratching my head in consternation of the $100.00 words used to bolster someone’s ego. It certainly can be made a fact that the dems have their own dictionary and thesaurus which are constantly in flux.

    The Liberals have gone to war against WE THE PEOPLE and are using their vast book of dirty tricks and disinformation tactics with impunity. Their goal is to castrate the citizenship and leave them in limbo or purgatory (completely ignorant of the fact they are a part of the citizenship). We need to step into this war with sleeves rolled up and our courage unfailing by praying for guidance from above. Just reading headlines from WND is scary and then you get into the articles and find no advice nor direction from many of the authors. I read Mr. Farah and his call to withdraw all support to all nations, including evacuating our people, cut off payments and call for repayment of all “loans”. Have you heard of any nation paying back “loans”? I haven’t, yet I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the money we are owed could balance our budget in less than ten years as seems to be the norm. Why do people always talk about doing something solid, yet end up saying the benefits will not be realized until ten years down the road? We cannot know what this country will be like in ten years, but we know what it is like now. There are measures we could take to see a dividend within two years, but we are too easy on ourselves. I say put on your Armour and begin to fight for our rights, our heritage, our families and our futures. The Meek may inherit the earth, but being meek does not mean weak. Being meek should be about not starting a fight, but not backing down when one is challenged.

    Sorry this is so long. I wanted to share with you an article in our paper regarding one University opening a Center for Constitutional Studies. The guest speaker, David McCullough said this: “There is a tremendous need for the teaching of history. We are raising a generation that is historically illiterate and have a very sketchy, thin knowledge of the system on which our entire civilization is based on. It is regrettable and dangerous.” His last sentence is very powerful when one stops to think about what he said. “Dangerous!”

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