Ipso Fatso

“Two American companies lay off hundreds as military uniforms to be made by prison labor..” (My FOX DC dot com) GOOD.. At least OWEbama managed to “save or create” a few jobs for himself and his administration after they are ousted in November..

“88,921,000 Americans NOT in the workforce, 63.5% IN workforce, lowest in 31 years.” (CNS News) For every 16 workers, one person is on government “disability”. As that number of workers to beneficiaries narrows, OWEbama and the liberals slither all the more closer to towards the socialist empire that they desire..

The GOOD news in all of that is that the liberal Democrats will NEVER be able to convince Americans to work and then hand the proceeds and the profits to the government to redistribute. As well, it’s a “hard sell” when the liberals have “worked” for fifty years at making the lowest class ALLERGIC to “work” of ANY kind, let alone the idea of “working for the government”.. The BAD news is that the Democrats have instead decided to just squeeze a narcoleptic and compliant middle class out of as much as they will tolerate (which is already too much TODAY..) so that the left can then hand it over to as many of the barnacles who will trade their self esteem for a “life” (not really much of a “life”..) perpetually chained to the bottom..

Why is OWEbama/Rice/Rodham perilously sticking to the “spontaneous” Embassy attack and murder LIE? If it was “spontaneous”, then it wasn’t THEIR fault for allowing it to happen. It WAS PLANNED, the Democrats ignored intelligence THREE DAYS PRIOR that the attacks were PLANNED and four Americans were murdered.. Like “Fast and Furious”, MORE American blood is to be found upon the dirty Democratic hands of OWEbama and crew..

The liberal psychosis, their inherent low self-esteem, causes them to reflexively NEED to “buy their friends”. This has a double edged “benefit” for the liberals with the back handed slavery of “buying their friends” through “benefits” redistributed from the middle class here in America. We should now discuss the “benefits” of aid to foreign countries. This is the equivalent of a child receiving an “allowance”. Bad behavior usually merited a loss of your “allowance” when we were children (and being raised properly).. Foreign “aid”, our “allowance to international “children” (not unlike the “allowance” given to domestic children, the Democratic voting base) should be based upon their “behavior”. Bad behavior, no “allowance”.. Go make a SANDwich, Habib.. Feel free to hate us while you chew, you can do that for FREE..

How about a few MORE statistics that help to support the “life at the bottom” missive from earlier.. A Gallup poll says that 67% of Democrats feel that the government should do MORE. Speaking of doing more, “8,786,049 Americans (not real sure that ALL of them are “Americans”..) are collecting government disability”. (CNS News) “For every dollar added to the economy, THREE DOLLARS are added to the (OWEbama) debt”. (Fox) I find it hard to believe that OWEbama’s government could possibly do any “more”, but lets not challenge them on it..

Brace yourselves for the ultimate hilarious terrorist irony of the day item.. “Pakistani protester dies after inhaling fumes from burning US flag..” (NY Post) Bet the flag was manufactured in China..

How is it possible for ANYONE to be apathetic about what has transpired over the last four years? People do not care because they do not believe that the government effects them, directly or indirectly.. Those that do believe that the government effects them, do not believe that there is anything that they can do to “change” it.. Maybe if the slow bleeding of sales taxes, real estate taxes, payroll taxes, etc, etc. were ALL collected on April 15th instead of throughout the entire year, maybe THEN the apathetic might begin to become concerned..

Iran: “$150 a barrel for oil”. (Breitbart) Lets REALLY start a “war for oil”. Lets start it BEFORE RUSSIA provides more of BOTH the military arms necessary for Iran to defend itself (never mind that the bearded barbarians aren’t capable of properly operating 21st century machinery..) and BEFORE RUSSIA helps Iran to complete its nuclear weapons capability that RUSSIA has enabled for years.. Patton was right..

Have we finally turned a corner? “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. Alright, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that they are victims, who believe government has the responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing..” (Breitbart) This quote from Mitt Romney comes surreptitiously from a fundraiser and now the rumors have it that Dhimmi Carter’s son made the recording.. SO WHAT, thanks Little Dhimmi, Romney is CORRECT! He told the absolute TRUTH! Since this was said a Republican fundraiser, Romney was speaking to the “victims” of the OWEbama Democratic redistribution money grab. What a shock.. I would be just as surprised if you told me that you went to an OWEbama fundraiser and OWEbama was recorded talking lovingly about Stalin, how to vote twelve times during an election and how to steal as many “revenues” as you can..

MORE OWEbama “history”.. “Median income worse now than during the “great recession.” (Washington CBSLocal dot com) “Unprecedented jump in food stamps” (Manhattan Institute) In case you have forgotten, a gallon of gasoline is over TWICE the price per gallon than when OWEbama stole office. I do not need to quote a source, just go to ANY gas station. Subtract that number from $1.80 when OWEbama slithered in and that number will be MORE than $1.80.. THAT’S the difference and that DIFFERENCE effects the middle class MORE than ANY other issue yet the “impartial” media continues its Monastic “vow of silence” in relation to the myriad of OWEbama Democratic failures.

By the way, ousting OWEbama is a great start, but EVERY Democrat, from the House AND the Senate, needs to join the OWEbama unemployment line this November.. They dance to the OWEbama tune but the House and the Senate spend the money and when they spend too much as they have for the last four years, Bernanke and the Fed (as “impartial” as the media..) will just devalue the dollar by printing up more dollars.. The ONLY way that the brakes can properly be applied is for as many Democrats as possible to be sent packing in November..

I looked it up, Michael Moore’s name in Latin transcribes to “Ipso Fatso”..


10 responses to “Ipso Fatso

  1. beyond disgusted

    Hard hitting & right on point, Larry. Romney was absolutely correct in what he said in that video; liberals always scream like stuck pigs when the truth is told, big surprise. I view this as an opportunity for Romney to address this 47%. Ask them if they are happy with their current circumstance, or if they want to have a better future. Let’s have this debate.

  2. beyond disgusted,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Sorry, there will be no debate..

    If the “47%” wants a better “life”, they just paint up a few placards with the words improperly spelled, alert the “impartial” media to their “plight” and suddenly what is yours now needs to be redistributed due to “fairness”.

    The Democrats, the elitists and the barnacles are beyond redemption. Period. Their deviousness and their sloth is reflexive..

    Utilizing the mathematical realities, that leaves 53% who have either “seen the light” or NEVER believed the liberal Democratic lies EVER.

    Everyone needs to do the RIGHT thing in November..

    Get mad, then get even..


  3. Larry, your post is right on point. I especially liked the Ipse Fatso. We can all use a laugh once in a while. Ipso is the most pitiful homiliest man walking in the high fashion world of the liberals. I think Michelle O should invite him to the Black House and serve him some veggies.

  4. Since, admittedly I know very little, let me state that I don’t know of any instance where ” buying friendship” was successful . And, IF this is true, then why does our gov’t. continually waste billions of dollars doing so ?

    I wonder how millions of Democrats , some of whom are rich , that work and pay taxes, really feel about being overtaxed , ( and where applicable told that the rich don’t pay their fair share ) , and demonized because everyone isn’t getting their “fair share ” ( according to OWEbaama ) , really feel about the Liberal “Class Warfare ” tactic. In other words , do these people really and truly want to be overtaxed, and consequently support those that don’t want to work and contribute to society ? Also, are they so naive as to believe that the “golden goose will lay golden eggs ”
    FOREVER ?!?

    The US credit rating has been downgraded TWICE under OWEbaama, how many more downgrades will it take for these fools to WAKE UP ? Then again, being fools – they probably don’t realize the problems caused by a downgrade ! I’m sure that President Romney and / or VP Ryan will be able to offer some sound advice !

  5. JJ.. buying friends does work….. until someone else comes along and pays them more!

    WE just can’t afford that kind of friends any more. Unfortunately, we have now betrayed and snubbed our actual former allies (a technical diplomatic term) Saudi Arabia and Israel, so we are pretty much toast.

    If R&R can get this ship righted, it will take a long time and lots of “elbow grease” to clean it up and get it sailing efficiently again.

    Larry, Ipso-Fatso??? I love it! We have to keep talking, and keep speaking the truth, until we get through to as many of the 53% as we need to. We have no other choice, we must get these Socialist idiots out of power before we don’t have a country left to save.

  6. T,

    But when someone else comes along and pays more, then it really didn’t work. Real friendship isn’t temporary , doesn’t have a price, and the number of real friends can usually be counted on one hand . Again, just my opinion.

  7. About the only friends America has are the Eastern European nations we helped rescue from the dark clutches of the Soviets. As a group they are watching in horror as this once great nation sinks into the same morass they themselves fell prey to. Liberals prove true the idea that liberalism is a mental illness wherein they keep trying the same things hoping for a different result. We need only look at Barack O’Carter’s failed Middle East plan of appeasement, apology, and apoplexy to see this being played out for all to see.

    Weakness is a fatal failing in liberal policies. The Arabs hate us and want us dead, period. From this there is little negotiation room and even less point in trying. despite seeing the failures of the past, look what they do: they send (from the Arab perspective) second-class citizens (women) and blasphemers (according to some, the ambassador to Libya was gay) as their representatives, and when they get killed, all the libs do is bleat apologies like sheep. Even Clinton would have at least blown up a laxative factory somewhere in the Sudan just to at least keep an illusion of doing something to show we are serious about holding them accountable.

    Between Romney’s 47% speech, and Obama’s video about being in favour of spreading the wealth, we now have a clear view of this election, if only our 53% could pay attention long enough to see the implications. On one side we have Obama with his core coterie, a dystopian proletariat of freaks, freeloaders, and entitlement junkies. On the other side are those of us whom haven’t yet sold our souls to suck at the teat of the totalitarian cow for our daily methadone dose of survival. However the fate of our nation lies not with either camp but with those whom awaken from their four year coma long enough to flip a coin to flip a lever and hope it all works out.

  8. Since the average attention span of alot of voters is very, very limited I think we should have to cough up all taxes about three days before the election date in November. There is a good reason why tax day falls in April…it’s far away from November.

  9. Excellent writing and wonderful responses! The word for me was ALLERGIC to working. What really galls me at the store is the customer separates her purchases into two orders – one I pay for and one she pays for. My share is ALWAYS almost double of her share and dang it, I can’t afford the cuts of meat for myself and family, but I get to pay hers. The second point regarding these transactions is the buyer in front with the two orders. She looks like she belongs with the Wal-mart group and most assuredly a Gold’s Gym escapee!

    My house is directly across the street from the polling booth for three different zones. I have a white vinyl fence which displays the blue “Romney for President” sign very nicely. We have not allowed candidates to use our yard to solicit votes, and I don’t think I am going to charge that. But they all will be treated to the Stars and Stripes in my front yard with the “Don’t Tread On Me” gold flag below. I may set up a recording of appropriate music to blare out “Stars and Stripes Forever”,”National Anthem”,”God Bless America” and so forth.

    I really like the idea of tax collection the week before election. And even more so, I would like to see the new President seated and sworn in within two weeks of winning. The skulduggery, mischief and mayhem OWEbummer could create in eleven weeks rattles my bones. Can you imagine who he is going to pardon? WAKE UP! Our heritage is in dire straits and we need all able bodied Americans doing their best to return it to harbor.

  10. Richard, you bring up a very good point about the “lame duck” eleven weeks available for mischeif and mayhem. I remember what the Clinton White House staff did when they left, how much worse will it be when those adolescents in OWEbama’s administration get mad because they aren’t in charge any more. There is a LOT of damage they could do, and I don’t mean just to the computers and desks and grafitti on the walls. They could do something really stupid like starting a war or destroying/falsifying records. I think it could be a lot worse than just granting Pardons.

    Mitch McConnel made a speech yesterday in the Senate, where he listed the activies of the “do nothing” Senate for the last year; the appropriations bills and the tax hike fixes that Harry Reid refuses to even bring up for consideration and communication until after the election as well as the nearly 4 years without a budget. He decried the standing around wasting time and not doing the people’s business. It sure sounded good… too bad he is all talk and not much action. I wish sometimes we could have one of those “no confidence” votes like they do in other countries. Maybe we could have gotten rid of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi a while ago,but then again it would have required the House and Senate Republicans to grow a pair. That may be too much to hope for.

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