Friends Or Foes?

Friends or foes? This is a question that I am asking of a number of people or groups as the election draws ever nearer..

The Ron Paul libertarian supporters, are you “friends or foes”? Reality check: the process ran its course and your candidate lost. (PLEASE, no “Grassy Knoll” conspiracy theories over the “process” being skewed against your candidate in your eyes..) What are you going to do? You have basically two options, neither very palatable..

Stay home. Reality check: score one more vote for OWEbama for each Paul supporter who “protests” in such a manner..

Vote Democratic? Question, why would you vote Democratic when you disagree with EVERYTHING that they espouse when you could vote for someone with whom you have a FEW disagreements with? Childish temper tantrums aren’t going to do anyone any good..

If Ron Paul had actually won the Republican nomination, how many Romney supporters would have screeched about “staying home” or as well considered voting for OWEbama as some sort of aggrieved protest? NONE. Get over yourselves and realize that Romney may not have been everyone’s first choice, but the process ran its course and Ron lost. By the way, a number of other Republican candidates lost as well and none of their former supporters are acting in such a sophomoric way as a group..

By continuing with your antics, one has to wonder, who are the “third party” candidates who would siphon votes from the left side of the ledger in 2012? There are none. The Democrats will all vote for OWEbama. They believe in his inbred socialism and holding your breath and stomping your feet won’t help anyone other than the candidate who allegedly is the polar opposite of your “beliefs” as a libertarian.. Way to go gang, that’ll show ‘em..

AGAIN, Romney may not be the “perfect” candidate but HIS first Presidential act was to choose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate. OWEbama’s was to choose Biden and it all went downhill from there..

As well, do you think that your “protest” vote for OWEbama will cause him to “see the light” when it comes to the “historic” debt, deficits and depression of his first administration? Do you really believe that the tiger will “change” his stripes or that the leopard will “change” his spots come 2013 if angry but prescience Republicans like you just “give him another chance”?

What if Romney said that he would ask Ron to chair a new post (if OWEbama can manufacture czars, Romney can too..) with direct oversight into the actions of the allegedly “impartial” Federal Reserve? Would that assuage your lacerated sensibilities?

The Tea Party’s candidates all lost in the same manner as Ron Paul. They are all real Americans, just like you. They have bit the bullet and they are supporting Romney. If a history lesson is in order for the Paul supporters, what did Ross Perot unleash upon America?

There is no doubt whatsoever that the election of 2012 is the most obvious case of “political absolutism” since 1979. The House and the Senate need to “change” and PLEASE keep in mind that since you all feel that as supporters of Ron Paul, you are all constitutional experts.. And as such, you then must certainly realize that three Justices could very easily retire due to their age during the next administration.

Do you want the Constitution being “interpreted” by three MORE liberal activist judges who would be appointed by OWEbama? How does that square with your “beliefs”? Are the sparks from that axe that you are grinding blinding you to the harsh realities that surround you? Are the chips on your shoulders weighing you down that heavily?

Numerically speaking, since there are relatively few Ron Paul supporters still chafing and choking on the bit of anger, why would the rest of the Republican Party be concerned about their hurt feelings and their thinly veiled threats of a voting apostasy in November? If what happened in 2008 is any indication, with the millions of ACORN Democratic “votes” from cartoon mice, dead folks and football teams, 2012 it stands to reason, will be a repeat of the same Democratic tactics. Every vote counts. Democrats get to vote at least twice, we don’t..

Be angry that your candidate didn’t win but in the end, the government that you will ENABLE by staying home, the government that you will ENCOURAGE by casting a nonsensical “protest” vote will affect you and yours and the WORLD as well for AT LEAST four more years.. All parties involved will await your apology..

Friends or foes? The “impartial” media.. Here is the transcript of the “unscripted” moments before a Romney presser where the assembled “impartial” reporters were preparing to corner the candidate.. “..pointing out that the Republicans.. Obama..” Another “reporter, “That’s the question..” “Yeah, that’s the question. I would just say do you regret your question..” Another, “Your question, your statement”? Back again, “I mean your statement. Not even the tone, because then he can go off on..” And then if he does, if we can follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound..” Back, “You can’t say that..” Finally, “I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on this question..” Need we ask if the “impartial” media is a friend or a foe?

How about the “Fed”? Are they a “friend or a foe”? They are alleged to be “impartial” but the Fed and all of their infinite “QE’s” are supposed to set in when interest rates become too high, not just in time for the OWEbama reelection campaign. Interest rates are at an almost all-time LOW so why would we need the Fed to infuse the economy with even more useless inflationary freshly-printed dollars?

How about the OWEbama Justice Department, how much “justice” have they been administering since 2009? Are they a “friend or a foe”? Some “major report” came out today and I will bet that you can’t guess who is at “fault” over OWEbama and Holder’s “Fast and Furious”? Jason Weinstein.. (Fox) That’s right, THE Jason Weinstein.. Jason Weinstein is the 2012 answer to Louis Caldera.. Remember, Louis? He was the fall guy for the OWEbama Manhattan fly over disaster in early 2009.. Jason Weinstein.. Righttt.. All his fault..

How about the Rodham-run Statist Department, are they “friends or foes”? Breitbart today relayed an article claimed that the “Blind Sheik”, the rug rodent who was responsible for the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers in which six Americans were murdered, will be RELEASED to Egypt by OWEbama’s Statist Department..

Mind you, Omar Abdel Rahman was sentenced to LIFE for his CRIME but according to the article, JUST LIKE the OWEbama whisperings to Medvedev, this will take place during the second OWEbama administration when he has more “flexibility”..

They are calling this a “transfer”, NOT a “release” based upon “humanitarian and health” reasons.. What was so “humanitarian” about a bombing attack on the Twin Towers that did millions of dollars in damages and was also responsible for the deaths of six Americans?

What are all of these people, are they “friends or foes”? With “friends” like this, who needs enemas..


13 responses to “Friends Or Foes?

  1. The latest TOTD:

    Where’s the fire?


  2. Larry, this is a topic that cannot be ignored. I know several Ron Paul supporters, and they are some of the most stubborn conspiracy theorists I have ever met. We MUST get them down out of the water towers before they shoot our candidate out of the running. YOUR words are the truth and need to be said over and over again, until the message gets through. We cannot let them “Perot” Romney and Ryan.

    It goes without saying that the Fed, the DOJ, and the State Dept are NOT friends of the American People. Not one of those departments has our country’s best interests at heart. They are too busy pushing their Socialist agendas and making sure their financial futures are secure.

  3. Larry,

    Another great and timely article. Perhaps President Romney should consider offering a position to all of his primary opponents, not just Ron Paul, and hopefully capture as many votes as possible.

    The LSM will soon start ‘reporting’ on all sorts of improvements in the employment numbers, houseing starts and sales, increased production, and a host of other “phony” and downright lying economic indicators. All will “prove” that OWEbaama has been doing a phenomenal job . Get the rubber boots ready , because the bull crap will deep and plentiful. And OWEbaama’s favorable ratings will go through the roof , thanks to the corrupt LSM.

    If OWEbaama gets re-elected, it will take much more than 4 years to undo the damage that his policies will have caused.

    If he doesn’t get re-elected, imagine how many criminals he will pardon, in a similar manner to Bill Clinton.

    In the case of Liberals, some things are predictable !!

  4. T, I agree with your assessment of the Paul supporters. I try to tell them we wasted a vote on Perot, but they do not listen.Some of the young I can forgive, but the 40+ voters should be able to see what is ahead with the bummer. We just have to keep on keeping on to educate all we can. I suggest we spread this article all over the web.

  5. I am finding myself in the position where I must vote against a candidate yet again, as opposed to actually supporting one I believe in. I haven’t had a President to vote FOR since Ronald Reagan, and in this cycle I never saw even one contender I thought was actually viable, not that it mattered by the time my primary came up Romney was already the presumptive nominee. In all my years of following this stuff, I’ve never seen such a sorry list of losers, and now I must hold my nose and vote for the guy whom lost to the guy whom lost to Obama, because I know the alternatives are far worse. I envy the Paul supporters because they believe they have a man they can believe in.

  6. beyond disgusted

    Glenn Beck played a clip from “that video” where Romney was talking about what the Fed is doing. He gets it! If Ron Paul supporters are paying attention, this ought to help them get on board. This really is the most important election of our lifetime. The choice really could not be more clear.

  7. Larry you sure can turn a phrase. With friends like these it feels like we are all getting enemas. Your point about the Supreme Court is one people have not mentioned this election cycle but just imagine the damage 3 more liberal justices could do. One can picture the acceptance of Sharia law over the constitution from a court like that .

  8. With three more Lib judges, we won’t be able to recognize the Constitution !

  9. If we want to save our Republic, there is only one way to vote.

  10. I must say, Larry, you’re on a winning streak. And I can well imagine the closer we get, the more TOTD will be jumping up. We all need to get out in front and lead the lost sheep. Polling booths aren’t always easy to find. They were held one year in a pollster’s home. So Larry, we will get out into the community and encourage voters to take their privilege seriously.

  11. Anyone who is opposed to voter ID , is in favor of voter fraud. PERIOD .

  12. Without a doubt, JJ!

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