Learned Some Lessons

“I think that I’ve learned some lessons over the past four years and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside..” (Univision) “Well, there you go again”.. (HAD to quote one of America’s GREATEST Presidents. By the way, HE “inherited” a “mess” and HE didn’t spend the next four years MAKING IT WORSE or blaming his predecessor, he fixed the “mess”..)

Since you’ve “learned that lesson”, why don’t you LEAVE NOW and try your best from the “outside”.. Countless easily manufactured jokes about the OWEbama gaffe aside, if you REALLY give a good “read” to that quote and if we don our Democratic “Grassy Knoll” tin foil conspiracy caps, there might be more to be discovered when we read between the “lies”..

Consider this: “you can’t change Washington from the inside”.. Could this “Biden-ism” be an alert to the “protesters”? Imagine the scenario.. “Protesters” converge upon Washington determined to “change Washington” from the outside.. The dirty denizens descend upon the Capitol with their misspelled progressive placards and a host of venereal diseases in tow.. They “shut down” Washington and their “actions”, conveniently coordinated by the Democratic Party, “forces” OWEbama to declare “martial law” near the election.. Let that one simmer upon your palate..

As you postulate the previous, ANOTHER theory comes to mind.. The ONLY chance for these “plans” to succeed would be if they were prepared  OUTSIDE of the OWEbama Democratic “Den of Dunces” in the Slight House.. This is an “administration” “CONFUSED” and “bewildered” over the terrorist attacks upon our Embassies, so coordinating a nationwide protest for their political benefit might be a bit too vexing.. (Can’t call it “taxing” as the liberals know EVERYTHING about “taxing”.)

With OWEbama’s perpetually confused collectivists, the far left hand doesn’t know what the far left hand is doing.. One liberal lemming says it’s a terrorist attack, another “doesn’t know” and for good measure ANOTHER Statist Department buffoon said, “I don’t think that we know enough.. We’re going to continue to assess and then we will be in a better position to put labels on things, OK?” (Victoria Nuland, Fox News)

Yesterday, for the FIRST TIME, someone within the bewildered OWEbama administration FINALLY acknowledged the unvarnished truth, yet it was as difficult as pulling teeth.. As the perspiring poltroon, Jay Carney sweated his way through those words, enter OWEbama with egg on his face as he chats with Univision and HIS ulterior motive for his words and deeds of late become crystal clear..

Univision, a MORE probing media outlet than literally ANY domestic domesticated Democratic “impartial” “news” source, wouldn’t let up on OWEbama. They continued to blister the Brown Bolshevik and here was one of his ridiculous responses.. He claimed that the “U.S. saw something it’s seen before where there’s an offensive video or cartoon directed at..” (You know who, the “practitioners of the religion of peace”..) Wait just a minute..

If what OWEbama says is true, (Not at all likely, but what the heck..) this offending “video” has been available on the Internet for quite some time. OWEbama and his ever-alert Statist Department, ineptly run by Pantsuit Pat (of Saturday Night Live fame..) should have been MORE than “prepared” and should have had extra security in place at EVERY American installation that is surrounded by the bearded baboons.. After all, this was something that has been “seen before”, why wasn’t his administration ready? Whatever.. Unfortunately, THAT sad excuse wasn’t well thought out and I need you to brace yourself for the REAL reason that OWEbama has been sounding off in so cowardly a manner..

The Embassy attacks were planned, that much is obvious to everyone not on the Democratic dole.. OWEbama and Rodham are hoping to cover and conceal their culpability and they are proving that there are no limits as to how low they will go in order to do so.

OWEbama and Rodham are now INTENTIONALLY trying to re-focus the Mooselims around the world upon this insignificant and previously obscure “video”. Their words are now causing the ENTIRE “Mooselim world” to begin to attack other American installations and other American citizens.. BOTH OWEbama and Rodham are MORE than willing to sacrifice MORE Americans as they try vainly to deflect the blame for the FIRST incident away from themselves and they have both intentionally incited incidents by repeating their Marxist mantras about this “video”.. BOTH should be indicted for BOTH incidents, negligence relative to protecting American facilities and American personnel and secondly, inciting riots abroad by constantly blaming a “video” for their inactions in the first terrorist attack..

Have no fear, according to OWEbama, his goofy administration is “doing an investigation” trying to get to the bottom of whether Al Qaeda is involved.. He “doesn’t want to speak to something until we have all the information..” This coming from a demented Democrat who agreed with the California Raisin who claimed that the Health Scare Scam had to be passed “so that you can find out what’s in it..” An “investigation” wasn’t too important then, why is it so important now? Then again, we NEEDED an “investigation” about the Health Scam then, we don’t NEED one about the terrorist attacks now..

Their cowardice doesn’t end there. The US Embassy in Pakistan has produced THEIR OWN “video”.. In this offensive “video”, (a “video” that should illicit a similar response to the OWEbama caliphate here in America..) made in order to “soothe” Mooselim “tempers” (White House Dossier) here is what OWEbama says.. “The United States is a nation that respects all faiths..” If such knee pad diplomacy didn’t sicken you enough, please consider Rodham’s contribution to this vile “video”.. “The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video” (meaning the anti Mooselim video) Again, “look away from us, focus on the video, the video..” Neville would be so proud..

Listen to the reluctant Jay Carney.. “It is, I think, self evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack..” (Fox) What has been “self evident” since the moment that this terrorist attack took place, was that OWEbama was going to begin scrambling to try to find anything else that he could place the blame upon other than his deficient administration.

Within the shell of this unquestionable tragedy, we can surely “hope” that this Democratic docility will bring permanent closure to the idea of ANY further political aspirations for the homely housewife with “35 years of political experience”.. As well, this had BETTER bring the end to the “4 year” career of the Not So Dark Knight.. But I HAVE to ask, will it?

There is only ONE reason why Romney hasn’t opened at least a double-digit lead over the serene socialist.. The intentional ignoring of the hideous domestic and foreign policy failures of OWEbama and his entire administration by the “impartial” adversarial media.

As OWEbama stumbled onward, he said, “you can only change (Washington) from the outside. That’s how the big accomplishment like health scare got done..” Really.. Health Scare got “done” on the INSIDE via the bribes to Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson. We cannot forget that the “Democratic” ferret Arlen Specter finished his own turncoat political career on that shameful vote as well.. So desperate was OWEbama to try to save himself he mentions probably the most unpopular bill EVER passed, a bill that will BANKRUPT the middle class unless it is gutted by the NEXT administration..

It is unfortunate that as a nation we have to “learn some lessons” as well. Most importantly, we need to learn FROM those “lessons” of the last four years so that we do not make those same mistakes AGAIN. Four years of Democratic IED’s placed within our economy and our foreign policy is more than enough. It’s time for OWEbama and his Democratic friends to join their unemployment line and if that doesn’t suit them, federal prison is also an attractive option..


14 responses to “Learned Some Lessons

  1. I disagree vehemently with his premise. It is precisely from within that Washington has to be fixed. He just didn’t have the attitude or the aptitude to accomplish it.

  2. Get used to seeing this article.

    It’s going to be up for a while as I feel that what it just touches upon is of the utmost importance.

    If YOU aren’t taking EVERY opportunity to inform any independent voter you are doing a disservice to America.

    This HAS to end in November.

    For those so industrious, just hit the “archives” of both NLTZ and TOTD, they are on the right side of each page.

    Pick ANY month since January of 2009, better yet, early 2008..

    I will know if anyone is doing so as WordPress lets me know what articles are being viewed.

    Find the “topics” of that day and ask yourself why you haven’t heard that much about the topic today? I’ve tried to reinforce and reiterate as much of the OWEbama socialism as possible.

    The very idea that there has been SO MUCH liberal lunacy that can only be catgorized within the million or so words that I have produced since January of 2009 is enough to tell you that OWEbama needs to go.

    100 days to the OWEbama “Taxamageddon”. Fast and Furious. Embassy seiges, Solyndra and on and on and on..

    Get angry, get busy and don’t you dare say that I didn’t tell you so..


  3. Larry,

    Without question, you have done MORE than your FAIR share to ‘get the word out’ and expose this fraud in the WH. Job well done, my friend !

    Just heard that OWEbaama is chastising Congress for not remaining in DC and getting some work done !! What a hypocrit – we had an Ambassador tortured, sodomized , and murdered – and his reaction is to joke on Letterman and party with entertainers !! That is not just PATHETIC it is UN AMERICAN . And on top of that, to lie that it was all about a video.

    And speaking of lies , he told Univision that Fast and Furious was started by Bush. It seems very obvious that this fraud in the WH has some serious mental ,and psychological issues that require immediate medical attention.

    Now, I’m NOT suggesting anything here, just asking a question ( and if anyone has the answer, please respond ) but, didn’t Hitler have similar psychological problems ? Just a question .

  4. JJ, I believe both men suffer from narsiscism. If you look up the description you will certainly see the comparisons fit both to a tee.
    Larry, I haven’t run into any people sitting on the fence. The Obama supporters are trenched in and God only knows why they are still supporting him. I call them noninformed. They see a few sound bites from the liberal media and take what they say as gospel. I have tried but they are unwilling to listen. I told my husband yesterday I have never heard a president who can stand before its citizens and tell bold faced lies. I only hope that in the debates Romney will call him on those lies. The worrisom thing about the debates are the boot licking moderators. How can a conservative win with all the cards stacked against you and so many ignorant people? Will Romney be bold? Anyway, no matter how good he does you know the liberal media will say Obama was fantastic and won. Yes they will.

  5. Family, Thanks for letting me vent. Another thing I find stupid is the mantra by all the pundits, both sides, is that Romney is stiff and unlikable. What the hell are they talking about? I never heard anything so rediculus. I find him very likable and normal. He speaks with passion at him rallys. I want someone who is sensible and down to earth. What, what, what do these idiots want him to do? Act like Obama? No, we had that crap for four miseralbe years!!!!!!!!!

  6. Monica,

    Regarding the debate moderators, how about the interviewer from Univision ? He put OWEbaama on the spot, but was extremely professional and prepared. Love to see him there .

  7. Narcisism – definitely. However, I was wondering about some other deep seated psychosis, the stuff that the shrinks really delve into !!

  8. We have to hope Washington can be changed from the inside, because the alternatives coming from the outside are a whole lot less pleasant. We need to vote out Obama and his cast of minions, we need to vote out all incumbents (including any Senator or Congressperson whom voted for Obamacare) , and we need to watch out because I can promise you our Dear Leader will do everything to rig the election, or arrange a ‘Reichstag moment’ to ensure elections will never take place. I am still expecting something to happen, and October is around the corner.

    Whether its the Israelis knocking down the Iranian nuke ops, causing a general uprising of the bearded barbarians, or an (unlikely) resurgence of OWS, or some manufactured causes belli that activates Martial Law, I don’t trust the Dems to allow fair and impartial elections, and I think we should all be worried that the tabulation is being done by a Spanish company run by George Soros.

    Even if Romney wins, the Kenyan Klown Prince of Krime still has eleven weeks to sink this country and take his revenge upon us. Taxmaggeddon will be assured at this point, and he and his cronies will have no reason whatsoever to not punish us for rejecting him. To paraphrase Ned Stark, “We have one hundred days and winter is coming.”

  9. G. Nichols,

    And, he wants to have the power to “turn off ” the internet, should he deem it necessary !! Spoken like a true dictator wannabe .

  10. The scenarios written in the article and family response is enough to make my skin crawl and my heart rate rise. I have been dithering about buying a gun. I have always suspected zippy would manufacture and/or purchase a catastrophic event in early October to give him the excuse of canceling elections and declaring martial law. The one hope I have is the military won’t march to his orders, rather they would march on him and his goon squad (God willing) and work to make the elections go forward. If the presidency is taken any other way than Constitutional Vote, we will forfeit 225 years of prosperity and freedom. It would summarily put us at the bottom of the dog pile with stockades and public hangings being brought back as well as the KKK, communists, secret societies and riots, pillaging and plunder. If we don’t do it right, the future looks abysmal.

  11. JJ and Monica… beyond narcissism, he is first and foremost insecure… a secure Politician isn’t so thin-skinned. He takes offense and anyone who questions him. To be a successful leader you have to have enough confidence in yourself that you can stand up to criticism, or argue your side of the issue. He can’t even get his “message” straight without a teleprompter! He is a Liar and a Fraud.

  12. T,

    I would love to see a ‘real’ debate between OWEbaama and Dr. Charles Krauthamer . Well, actually, it wouldn’t be a debate , because OWEbaama doesn’t have a snowballs chance against Dr. K. – nonetheless it would give me great pleasure to watch the “great orator” have his clock cleaned !!

    Of course it won’t happen, but I got a ‘little tingle up my leg ‘ just thinking about it !! 🙂

  13. JJ. I would pay to see Dr. K wipe up the foor with Obama. It would be just awesome. That is a good part of the reason I wanted Newt for the candidate, because I believe he would hve cleaned OWEbama’s clock as well. Sigh! I guess we will just have to see how Mitt does.. I think (hope) he can hold his own.

  14. T,

    Speaking of Dr. K – whenever Juan Williams ( a diehard OWEbaama defender ) tries to challenge Dr. K. – Juan always loses !

    Sometimes I wonder if Juan is being paid by Fox to play a role, because many times his comments are totally absurd, hardcore left, and often not part of the discussion at hand. Playing the fool apparently pays well !!

    Too often, Juan spews the Liberal talking points , and at times goes into a rant, in the typical Liberal fashion. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth .

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