What has happened to all of the world’s “investigative reporters”? Have they all mysteriously disappeared and have their faces begun appearing upon countless milk cartons? Where are those who cut their journalistic teeth “exposing” some of histories most memorable moments?

What about possibly the most famous of them all, Woodward and Bernstein? Who can forget their expose on the “Watergate Scandal”? (We will discuss at a later time whether the ENTIRE Watergate incident was worth the effort by comparison..)

Here we have a snippet from Liberal-opedia, “the connection between the break-in and the re-election committee was highlighted by media coverage-in particular, investigative coverage by the Washington Post..” Woodward and Bernstein, Post reporters, through the information gleaned from William Mark Felt Sr., former Deputy Director of the FBI (identified in 2005 as “Deep Throat”) brought down the Nixon administration.. (NOTHING delighted the liberal establishment MORE than the humiliation of Nixon, the “exposer” of Alger Hiss, leftist communist poster boy years before..)

Before Woodward and Bernstein, we had Nellie Bly (1887 “Ten Days in the Mad House” Conditions in a woman’s asylum) Seymour Hersh, who has a rare “double” on this, his My Lai massacre expose and his Abu Ghraib “reporting”.. (Ooohhh, scary.. By the way, Hersh’s reporting of Rodham didn’t get quite the attention as his previous efforts did, I wonder why?)

Who can forget the narcissistic nitwit Geraldo Rivera and his April 1986 “Mystery of Al Capones Vault” which was as captivating (not) and as vacant as the Snake River Canyon exploits of Evel Knievel.. This nonsense should have cashiered the bombastic Rivera and sent him to the unemployment lines but it mysteriously catapulted him to “stardom” as he is now one of the unfortunate pedestrian efforts that we have to suffer through as Fox tries to be “fair and balanced”..

The “investigative reporter” was supposed to be the bastion of impartiality in an era dominated by an annoyingly obvious liberal bias within the “mainstream media”.. Who can forget the breathless nattering of the New York Times and their “exposure” of DDT which then developed into a book entitled, “Silent Spring”.. (Never mind that YEARS later, most of this was “exposed” as buncombe and a lack of DDT caused Malaria, once nearly eliminated in Africa, to make a strong comeback there..)

Even local news affiliates proudly boast of having at least one “investigative reporter” who is “on your side”.. What has happened to all of these intrepid truth-seekers? Lets take a look at when the “impartiality” seemed to disappear from the once respectable “investigative reporters”..

A list of the most famous exposes reveals a group of what we can call today “the usual suspects”.. From 1890, “How the Other Half Lives”, Jacob Riis, (immigrant slums in New York City. For MORE on the “poor”, see “The People of the Abyss” East London and Lincoln Steffens “Shame of the Cities”.) “The Jungle” exposing the meat packing industry (1906, Upton Sinclair, a hectoring socialist who once ran for Governor of California as a Democrat, of course.. Sinclair once said, “The American people will take socialism, but not the label..” This sufficiently explains OWEbama..) Edward R. Murrow (1954 “CBS Reports”. One of the many hatchet jobs performed on Joseph McCarthy)..

What we seem to have here is a “pattern” that had developed even before today’s embarrassingly obvious “media bias” became all the rage.. Big business, the poor, those who fought communism and then later, war.. One would be lead to believe that the liberal Democrats and all that they believe in are as pure as a driven snow.. This illusion comes from an INTENTIONAL lack of genuine “reporting”..

For example, how well has Matt Drudge been received? After all, he “exposed” the Clinton Lewinsky Scandal that seemed to take forever to actually catch on.. How about the National Enquirer exposing of the liberal rat John Edwards, who took refuge in the Beverly Hilton’s men’s room, caught canoodling with a concubine as his wife bravely fought cancer?

This leads us to the inevitable: where are all of these “investigators” relative to the copious SCANDALS and COVER UPS perpetrated by the Democrats and the OWEbama administration?

Where is the “hard-hitting expose” about the payoffs to Lincoln, Landrieu and Nelson for votes for OWEbamaScare? Relative to that, what about the SCANDAL of the bribes offered to Democrat Joe Sestak to drop from the 2010 Democratic primary so that “recent convert” Arlen “Apostasy” Specter, whose vote for HealthScare was secured, could waltz into the Senate seat in Pennsylvania? Silence..

How about a thorough going-over over the SCANDAL of “Solyndra” and all of the other “Green Schemes” that bilked the already over-burdened American middle class taxpayer out of trillions of dollars? Nahh, nothing but crickets..

Will there EVER be a complete account of all of the felonious activity surrounding the OWEbama/Holder “Fast and Furious” SCANDAL? The liberals might have thought that the world was coming to an end with the miniscule Watergate scandal but at least no one died as a result.. Hell, a ride in a drunken Massachusetts Democrat’s car is fraught with considerably more peril than ALL of the Watergate hokum..

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that there haven’t been investigations of almost any kind relative to the OWEbama SCANDALS is because as soon as some panel would be seated to begin investigating, ANOTHER OWEbama SCANDAL appears on the horizon.. The SCANDAL of nearly four dollar a gallon gasoline, ten percent unemployment, “historic” debt, deficits and defaults.. According to OWEbama, it’s all “default” of George Bush and with that, the “impartial” media nods in approval..

The almost complete ignoring of the OBVIOUS SCANDAL that is the OWEbama/Rodham COVER UP of their failures in Libya where four Americans, including our diplomat to Libya, were murdered in a TERRORIST attack is CRIMINAL. The “impartial” media IGNORES the Democratic fiasco, OWEbama and Rodham INTENTIONALLY attempt to deflect attention to an obscure video that has been available for viewing for MONTHS, in the hopes that MORE Americans can be murdered at the dirty hands of the bearded baboons.. ANYTHING to take the attention AWAY from them..

After over two weeks, the liberals STILL can’t uniformly state that not only was this a terrorist attack but that the policies and procedures that they have demanded be put into place led to this atrocity. Meanwhile, OWEbama goes crawling before the assembled simians at the U.N. (the U.N. was the brain-child of the afore mentioned communist Alger Hiss..) and continues to APOLOGIZE to those who should be terminated..

What are these “reporters” “investigating”? Romney’s tax returns. Romney’s “47%” statement.. Such nonsensical, childish inanity is regurgitated incessantly as the liberals wring their grimy hands while the “reporters” IGNORE the genuine SCANDALS and COVER UPS taking place behind the socialist scenes..

One has to ask in light of recent events ALONE, how is it possible for the media to NOT be “impartial” in the face of such overwhelming proof of the daily failures of Democratic liberalism? Have they jettisoned even the slightest bit of professional standards as the evidence grows and grows that not only are they “biased” but they are COMPLICIT?

It is fair to say that we do not need “investigative reporters” to investigate that claim..


18 responses to “Investigators

  1. Well done Larry… I think you have actually answered the question of how politicians get away with lying to us all the time about everything.. they have figured out that there is no longer a legitimate journalistic spirit in today’s media. They know they will not be investigated so they don’t have to be truthful. This is how we got to where we are.. there is no one to expose the lies.

  2. T,

    I expect nothing less from the Family and you nailed the concept behind a few of the most recent articles and TOTD’s.. Imagine adding the TOTD “Why Lie?” to this article..

    As I have said, EVERY NLTZ article could become a book, every TOTD could become an article..

    I haven’t had the time to say this lately but I appreciate EVERY member of the Family and their contributions to BOTH sites.

    Not to get away from the topic of this article (which should be forwarded to EVERY “reporter” in your home town..) but both NLTZ and TOTD will be going silent in a short while as I am off on another mission to the Middle East soon.

    I am hoping to be back before the election, one that has ramifications far beyond the next four years.

    I need everyones help.

    Send everyone that you know who might be a bit wishy-washy on their choice here.

    Recommend your favorite articles.. Our very survival as a great nation is at stake.

    My thanks to every member of the Family,


  3. Family,

    Please click the link and read the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  4. Thanks Larry for all you do. wishing you safe travels.

  5. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, thank you for an exceptional article once again.

    Going back to Nixon I am sure you remember or recall that two of the lawyers that helped topple him were none other than Bill Clinton and his furure wife Hilary Rodham. Many people seem to forget or discourage that bit of 411.

    When I read this article I really had to wonder if these people are just plain stupid (investigative reporters) or if they actually believe the garbage they spout out everyday. All those women on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, et. al., are in for a very rude awakening if OWEbama gets another four years and they find themselves wearing burkas. Most of them would look better that way anyway. Heh, heh, heh/. (sarc)

    If OWEbama gets another four years, I can just see him being asked if he inherited this financial mess from GWB or himself. 100 to 1 he would answer it is still Bush’es fault.

    Larry, my best to you and your family on the Mid-East trip. Take care and be careful. We need you back here. May the good Lord watch over you while we are absent one from another.

    PS: Wife and I are doing fine but lost my sister in Kalifornia this AM/ She was 92.

  6. Superlative work. Thank you. Posted verbatim for 4K+ friends to see on FB each time…

  7. Yes, Larry the media are in it for Owebama. The whole State Dept was all in the cover up of the terror attack in Syria. It is scary, shameful and immoral what is going on. You will be in my prayers on your trip. Be safe. We look forward to a safe return.

  8. Larry, GOD speed and a safe trip. We will keep you in our prayers. I think the Diplomat to Libya was set up. He was reported to be gay. Reports Obama was active on the bar and bath house scene in Chicago. The Diplomat was reported to fear for his life there. Could he have been silenced with a little collateral damage of 3 others to insure he did not spill any beans that would hurt the coming election results?

  9. Alabama,

    So very sorry to hear.. The entire Family will keep you and yours in their prayers..


  10. Lance,

    I appreciate all the help that I can get..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Mary,

    Thanks for your kind words..


  12. Graywolf,

    I have to say that I haven’t heard of any of those theories but then again, NOTHING would surprise me with OWEbama and the liberals..

    Now if we could just find someone who would “investigate”..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Graywolf, is that a pseudonym for Harry Reid ? some really outlandish statements about Obama, that “someone reported”. come on now

  14. Larry, once again a great article and I have watched the depletion of brains in our media. So “Pain at the Pump” is now get used to it. And the lemings do just that.

    The last thing I do when I close my eyes at night is say a prayer for the Romney, Ryan families. I will include you in my prayer to keep you safe on your journey. Be looking forward to hearing from you before the big Nov. day. I am telling all libs to be sure and vote on Nov 13th.`

  15. I had a mouth full of ice when I read Monica’s instructions to the liberals and nearly chocked to death. Extremely good one. Your work Larry is exceptional. I would say if we had one “investigative” reporter with your insight, there would be liberals hiding in the shadows, hoping to not be seen. One question I have is are the investigative journalist afraid OWEbama will “out” them? That would certainly put a target on their back. I yell at the TV when I hear military secrets revealed and have to say the Seals are showing admirable restraint. History will not be kind to OWEbama and maybe ten or fifteen years down the road most of his transparent reign will be exposed to the sun and put a target on his back. I’m surprised I haven’t seen dart games with his face as the target.

    Go with God, Larry. We will all be praying for you and your family while you are away. If, as your wife said, you are always writing things down, you will probably have a book ready when you return. I hope you get the “true” news where ever you are.

  16. Larry, I tried to find the blog that had the homosexual comment, but I must have deleted it, I read 60-80 blogs a day, so they are deleted when read in most cases. I went through the archives of the ones I thought it might be in. If I stumble on it I’ll send it to you.

  17. Obamaphobe look at this. Try this site for info on Gay obama.

  18. Obamaphobe, go to http://www.worldnet and read the article on “Obama did not join Wright church fior religion”. Lppk at the previous article in the archives. NO name is not a pseudonym. I started to turn gray at 10-11 and some one called me a gray wolf. I liked it and kept it .

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