Trying To Be Realistic

The first of the socialist shills that we heard from was Kim Messina who bravely declared “clearly the Governor has the advantage” (WSJ) in the upcoming debates. Enter from stage left, DNC spokesman Dan Woodhouse who is the next nitwit in line playing the “undersell the Democratic damaged goods” game..

“Mitt Romney has more time to debate, OWEbama hasn’t debated in the past four years in terms of a campaign debate..” (Fox News) Nonsense, but we have come to expect nothing more from the Marxist marionettes..

These ARE NOT “debates”, these are OWEbama as the incumbent, explaining his alleged “victories” while glibly avoiding his FAILURES. Looking at that hard evidence, I too would want to “lower expectations”..

Then again, maybe if OWEbama and the Democrats hadn’t spent so much time locking Republicans out of meetings while claiming “I won”, maybe if the DEMOCRATIC Senate had produced a budget in the last four years they might be better prepared when it comes to a “debate” somewhere down the line.. How much “debating” was done when the Democrats had a “Supermajority” other than the “debate” as to how the socialists spoils were going to be divided as they “divided” Americans..

From there Woodhouse goes straight downhill and into the embankment.. “Democrats are trying to be realistic about expectations” because OWEbama “is lucky to be able to devote three consecutive hours to debate preparation..” So much material, so little time..

Most importantly, the Democrats jettisoned the concept of “being realistic” decades ago.. That ship has sailed and sunk in the socialist seas.. The REALITY surrounding the OWEbama record DEMANDS a “lowering of expectations” because OWEbama spent four years “lowering” EVERYTHING in sight, from our standard of living (DOWN 8.2% under OWEbama) (Investors dot com) to our standing within the world community as a LEADER..

The only things OWEbama hasn’t “lowered” as he lowers his head in his ritualistic bowing to political scrubs and midgets are taxes, unemployment and gas prices which have DOUBLED over what they were when the liberals stole D.C. courtesy of the typical Democratic voter fraud.. (Believe me, there’s more..) No time to “prepare”? Stop visiting late night talk shows and day time talk shows, Eye Candy Man..

Again, according to OWEbama he has accomplished “historic” things so the debates should be a cakewalk for such a polished, proficient and prolific politician like OWEbama. All that he has to do is to “realistically” bring up all of his “historic” accomplishments that took place in his first term.. If he does so, these will be the shortest debates ever recorded.. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.. I too would want to go about “lower expectations”..

Woodhouse joins the ever-growing choruses who are again painting Romney with bizarre brushes as they did during the primary season. He gives Romney credit for “dispatching” Newt Gingrich “who Woodhouse considers a pretty good debater..” If we are suddenly going to be all “realistic”, the “impartial” press wanted Gingrich dispatched by Romney BECAUSE Gingrich IS such a “good debater” who would have easily lacerated and defeated the incompetent or “too busy” OWEbama..

Woodhouse then explains “Democratic Deflection 101” for any political tyros out there.. “He wants to see OWEbama ‘talk from his heart about where the country was and where he wants to take the country..’”

Anything missing from any of that? How about the four years in-between this “was” and “wants”? Again, applying this novel “realism” concept that has allegedly been embraced by the liberals, what of the “reality” that the Democrats were in control of BOTH Houses since 2006 and that makes them responsible for the out of control spending that has created the OWEbama “reality”? The ONLY topics of collectivist conversation seem to be from 2008 on back or 2013 “forward”.. Such Democratic amnesia isn’t at all “realistic” OR surprising..

Woody wants OWEbama to “connect with the people just like he did in Charlotte”.. OWEbama was so successful at “connecting with people” that even with all of the bribes and payouts handed to union slugs, homeless vagrants, drug addicts and all of the rest of the Democratic voting base, he STILL couldn’t manage to fill an outdoor 75,000 seat stadium.. His screed was laughingly moved indoors where a comfy 65,000 less liberals were out of the way of the “weather” which had frightened the Democrats and caused this sudden change of venues.. Righttt.. Damned globaloney warming..

“The first debate will focus on the economy and Woodhouse wants specifics from Romney on his economic plans..” Hang on, hang on, hang on.. For the last fifty years and for the last five years specifically, we have a political party that has developed an absolute allergy to anything remotely resembling “specifics” and now they are making demands that Romney be “specific”.. What will happen if Romney is “specific” about ALL of the OWEbama Democratic FAILURES of the past four years? How will that go over with the NEW party of “specifics”?

If I were Romney and one of the debate moderators (oxymoron..) demanded that I be “specific”, I would say, “I will gladly be specific about what I want America to be tomorrow when OWEbama is “specific” about how he has failed America both yesterday and today..”

“Its going to be interesting to see if Romney brings out more than zingers, it would be nice if he came with substance..” May I quote from one of the greatest debate moments in history, “there you go again..”

Debates (and unfortunately politics in general) are ALL about “zingers”. If it fits onto a bumper sticker or a button, if it can be used as a “sound bite” by the “impartial” media, it is the political equivalent of gold. Then again, if Romney comes in with more of those pesky “specifics” on the economy that OWEbama has carpet bombed, he’ll be creatively accused of being a “racist” as the under medicated left always changes its mind to fit its specific political needs of the moment..

The liberal Democrats aren’t fooling anyone.. All that OWEbama has to do is show up. Even if his totalitarian teleprompters blew up on stage and he then acted as though he had laryngitis, the “impartial” media would be singing his progressive praises minutes after he departs the stage..

The liberal Democrats WILL NOT admit that they are already playing with a “home field advantage” when it comes to the starting lineups of the “impartial” members of these debate panels. Unless a few members of Univision manage to make one of the debates, the concept of “impartiality” will be nowhere to be found..

Then again, WHEN have the OWEbama Democrats had to explain ANY of their malfeasance of the last four years? The members of the Democratic left have a “purity of motive” that hygienically scrubs all of their failures away. (It is without question, the ONLY thing “hygienically scrubbed” when it comes to the members of the left..) Their “purity of motive” supercedes ANY and ALL negative results of their applications of socialism to capitalism and the resultant intentional economic implosions..

If the left lowers expectations for OWEbama by raising Romney’s debating status to that of a modern day Cicero (remember, when a liberal Democrat begins complementing you, there is something else prompting the compliment..) only Romney can FAIL.

We have the Democrats all out there (where else would they be..) claiming that Romney will win the debates even though OWEbama has a “record” of four years worth of “historic” FAILURES attached to his ridiculous résumé with which to brag about and the Democrats STILL want you to consider voting for their man..

The Democrats haven’t yet gotten around to their default labeling of the Republican candidate as “dumb” as they have historically done with others as they, along with the ever-present help of the “impartial” media, have still been wearing out the “tax return/Bain/47%” nonsense..

For good measure, everyone has been reminded that there is a “war on women” (as the left ignores the Mooselim “war on women”, as they smirk and sneer at Ann Romney through THEIR “war on women that don’t look like men”..) or that Medicare will disappear (even though OWEbama STOLE over 700 BILLION from Medicare to fund OWEbamaScare..), etc..

So we are “trying to be realistic”, right? There isn’t ANY need for neither a debate nor a series of debates. Based solely (soul-ly..) on the OWEbama and Democratic “Napalming of America” or its “Target America First” nonsense of “Cash for Clunkers” to bailouts to takeovers to bribes to TRILLIONS STOLEN from the middle class.. From deficits to defaults to debt.. From ten percent unemployment to raising taxes on ALL Americans to lies and cover ups.. These ARE ALL “realistic” so THERE IS NO DEBATE NECESSARY. The “debates” are only there to try to deflect your attention away from their FAILURES, of that there is NO DEBATE..


9 responses to “Trying To Be Realistic

  1. Family,

    A link to the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


    Never give in, never give up and never again

  2. With liberals asking the questions I don’t see how Romney can have a debate. If he explains the tax cuts and spending cuts, most of the demoncrats would not understand anyway. I am watching the debates, but do not have much hope for much of a bump. It is hard to beat an incumberant, even Owebama who has run our country into the ground. I do believe the poles are tied. I know this sounds dreary, but I really am trying to stay poitive. It’s impossible to fix stupid.

  3. As I was reading I could see in my minds eye a grocery list of “Epic Failures” by Owebama hanging from Romey’s podium, in very large letters facing the audience. And I was wishing we could get Krauthammer as a moderator. What would he invoke? Sure am wishing for the reporter from Univision!

  4. At this point the best thing that Romney could do is to take a page from Newt, and call them out when they ask a stupid question. Also, I heard yesterday that the format for this debate is different; rather than ask questions and let each one have a chance to answer, they plan to ask questions and then have a “discussion” time. This allows the candidates to talk to and ask questions of one another. There has to be more to it that this…. I wonder how they plan to use this format to OWEbama’s advantage, because you know they wouldn’t allow it unless it was to his advantage.

    I’m planning to watch because I think Romney is going to beat Zero up pretty bad. I also expect him to slap back at the moderators when they are unfair. At least I’m praying that is what happens.

    Richard: Krauthammer would be wonderful, would that we could get so lucky!

  5. I’ve heard rumours the two camps have been negotiating in some way about the debate, probably to soft-pedal things so neither side has to actually address the flaws in their past. As much as I’d like to think this debate will a substantive argument over principles of governance and their opposing philosophies (we’ll have to wait for Biden v. Ryan for that one, as Romney and Obama are basically two sides of the same coin), reality tells me it will be a dry-gulching of Romney, perhaps to have him be the recipient of the ‘there you go again’ moment.

    The VP debate will be more interesting, but less important. Ryan has the gravitas to beat Biden, and Biden is a ham-fisted faux intellectual. We may see a ‘you’re no Jack Kennedy’ moment there, and we’ll have to see if Ryan is quick enough on the draw to counter.

    As much as we might daemonize Obama, he is still a smooth and articulate conversationalist, even without a teleprompter. He sold us a bad bill of goods before, and he can still come back to make the case that we should not demand a refund from him. I just don’t see Romney, whom is just too darned stiff, able to debate him in a fair venue, let alone one where the libs hold all the cards.

  6. Linda Archer

    I’m just crossing my fingers and praying for some remote fairness.
    If Biden in the VP debate says, “you are no Jack Kennedy…Ryan should come back with “well, I’m no Joe Biden, for sure.!”

  7. Larry,
    Your last paragraph tells the whole story. These so-called debates , with the so-called moderators will be an uphill battle for Romney, and a forum for OWEbaama to ignore the past and cite his need for four more yerars to ” finish the job “.

    Owebaama has NEVER admitted to being wrong, and he is all about promises, promises, and more promises – in other words, lies, lies, and more lies. And with the LSM on his side, and the huge number of stupid voters, the huge number of ‘takers ‘,the unions and the usual Democrat voter fraud tactics, thats all that he needs.

  8. Supposedly the SCOTUS came back on Oct. lst . But why, since OWEbaama is essentially rendering them along with Congress, as ‘non-essential’ . He is doing whatever he pleases, regardless of the law.
    For example, the WH has purchased a correctional facility in IL ( of course ) for $ 165 million , without approval of Congress. The suspicion was that OWEbaam wanted to transfer the detainees to there from Guantanimo. But the WH said that ” there is no plan ” to do so. Which of course raises the question – then why buy it ?
    Well, apparently the typical back door OWEbaama approach is to transfer prisoners from a Supermax prison in CO to this correctional facility, which is NOT a Supermax prison. This raises two questions : is it secure enough for hard core criminals , or will millions be spent to upgrade it ? [ sound like job creation ? ] Then, what happens to the empty Supermax in CO ? Will it be the new home of the Guantanimo detainees ? If not, then why spend so much money to close a Supermax, and then spend more to upgrade a correctional facility ?

    Granted, this is just ONE small example of the WH doing whatever it pleases , regardless of the expense.

    So, are we going to have THREE branches of gov’t. . . . . or not ??

  9. BTW, although Larry is away, I hope that NLTZ does not go silent, since I’m sure that members of this family will have something to say, especially after tonite. As you know, he encourages comments from us – so , let’s comment !!

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