Even though the left has tried to eliminate the concept of “outcomes” as important, outcomes are still important. As proven by the sediment of the socialism utilized by OWEbama in the last four years, the left can only make so much reality disappear but that has in no way stopped them from trying..

According to the left, the “outcome” of dodge ball is “bad”, “outcome based education” (grades) are “bad”.. “Outcomes” are therefore “unfair” within the liberal lexicon.. The liberals have tried to numb you to the effects of “outcomes”.. As always with the left, only CERTAIN outcomes are “bad”. No matter how the left tries to spin it, the outcome of the election of 2008 was unquestionably bad.. Can’t spin it, then just ignore it..

The FACTS, the “Inconvenient Truth” that surrounds the facts collected through the current collectivism CANNOT be “debated”. These “facts”, the “results” of all of the numbing numbers that have been carefully assembled by the OWEbama administration’s handiwork of the last four years have been listed here and elsewhere with seemingly little effect.. Because of this “handiwork”, the left wants a completely DIFFERENT set of what they call “facts” to be our nation’s focus.. Barring that, they want you to be completely unconcerned about the “process” and there are several ways they will get to that “outcome”..

“The deluge”.. The deluge of commercials, advertisements and mailers.. The “24 hour news cycle”, sufficiently marinated within the collectivist cauldron of “impartiality”, regurgitates the latest propaganda.. Had enough, here comes more.. People instinctively “tune out” at this point as they reach an individual level of “overload”, whatever that level may be. Mission accomplished.

Those who have “tuned out” have effectively connected with their inner apathy. Apathy causes the “outcome” to be skewed as the apathetic stay home. Those who stay at home have added an uncontested vote to the opponents totals..

As we look at “outcomes” and votes we have to wonder in amazement how the apathetic become apathetic because it certainly isn’t due to an aversion to the concept of voting..

Shall we look at the “voting” for “American Idol” or maybe “Dancing with the Stars”? More “votes” will be cast for some obscure crooner or some cherubic hoofer this year than will be cast in the upcoming Presidential election. The “outcome” of either of those silly television shows has NO EFFECT at all upon your life.. None..

The “show” that is “politics” is “boring”. No singing, no dancing.. (I disagree, politicians “sing and dance” wildly, they just don’t do it in the same manner as the “stars” of these silly television shows..) (I have also previously postulated that politics is show business for ugly people..)

The political process is MEANT to bore you, if it were “exciting”, they couldn’t “get over” on you, as you would be riveted by what was taking place. However, literally EVERYTHING politicians do or do not do DIRECTLY EFFECTS your daily life. Your FREEDOM. Your FINANCES. Yet you are bored.. The OUTCOME of EVERY election, local, state and national, DIRECTLY EFFECTS literally EVERYTHING about you, so I have to ask WHY AREN’T you “riveted”?

For example, in order to get to the proper outcome in 2012, the left wants you to forget what has happened between January of 2009 and today.. There should be NO painful reminders, we should all look “forward”.. If you absolutely HAVE TO “reminisce”, it was ALL “inherited” from George Bush, NOT from BOTH Houses of Congress which have been firmly Democratic since 2006..

In reality, the “idea” of making the “historic accomplishments” of the OWEbama administration DISAPPEAR should be a task that even David Copperfield would fail at.. Therefore, Jim Messina, OWEbama Shampaign manager, is a better magician than David Copperfield.. Messina will succeed with MILLIONS of otherwise cognizant people who will be sufficiently anaesthetized come November proving that “reality” can easily be removed from the VERY REAL world of politics..

As stated within the first paragraph of this article, there is no questioning the fact that the outcome of the 2008 election was bad. In order to “learn from our mistakes” we must look back, exactly where the left DOESN’T want us to look for a variety of reasons, and take note.. Only fools do not learn from their mistakes and it has gotten so bad that there are STILL millions of people who still believe that they didn’t make a mistake in 2008..

In 2008, there were 202,323,000 Americans who were of the eligible age to vote. The election of 2008 managed to bring 63% of eligible age voters to the polls. Therefore, 74,839,310 DID NOT either register or they did not show up to cast a vote.. Nearly 75,000,000 people who could have voted DID NOT vote.

The Democrats spent $10.94 per vote in 2008. They raised $778,647,962 and they tallied 69,498,215 votes. (We CANNOT give an accurate statistic relative to the cost ratio of dead votes, cartoon character votes or other mysterious and historic Democratic voting blocs.. As well, it is IMPOSSIBLE to properly measure the effect of the FREE advertising provided to the liberal Democrats by the “impartial” media..) The Republicans spent $5.78 per vote in 2008. They raised $346,666,422 and they garnered 59,948,240 votes..

There were 131,393,990 votes cast in 2008. 129,391,708 votes were cast for either OWEbama or McCain. There was a “difference” of 2,002,282 votes cast for NO REASON. On a note that HAD BETTER NOT factor in relative to the election of 2012, Ron Paul received 41,905 useless votes in 2008..

So 74,859,510 of those of eligible age in America didn’t vote and 2,002,282 votes were cast for a cast of characters.. Therefore, 76,861,791 directly effected the “outcome” of the election of 2008 which has directly effected the lives of EVERYONE, voter or otherwise..

ALREADY we have heard of “voter irregularities” in Florida.. The Democrats are already chumming for “victims”. Please note that there were NO reported claims of “voter irregularities” in 2008 because the “correct” candidate won.. The SAME voting process that was alleged to be so problematic in both 2000 and 2004 (see, the incorrect candidate won..) wasn’t a problem at all in 2008..

Mind you in 2008, OWEbama “won” North Carolina by 0.32% of the vote tabulated. Indiana was “won” by OWEbama by 1.04%. Most tellingly, Florida went to OWEbama by 2.82% and Ohio went to OWEbama by 4.59%.. If Romney takes these states by these miniscule margins, the “pregnant chad”, “confusing” voter machines, the whole “voter irregularity” nonsense will again be replayed. In 2008, there was NONE of this.. No recounts.. No scandals..

The fact is that the “outcome” of THIS election will also have a direct bearing upon EVERY American, whether they are eligible to vote or not. OWEbama inspired debt and deficits will plague the voters of tomorrow. The possibility of two to three Supreme Court Justices will effect the voters of tomorrow and on and on and on..

There can be no argument that 2008 was a mistake. We have learned from that mistake. If we HAVEN’T learned, then the “outcome” of 2012 will remain the same as 2008 and we can also say based upon four years of “historic accomplishment” by OWEbama, the “outcome” for 2016 will only be worse..


85 responses to “Outcome

  1. Family,

    First, a link to the latest TOTD:


    Next, in my absence, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to comment here because this is YOUR home.

    Send like-thinkers here, work on the “undecided”..

    1,155 articles and TOTD’s as this election grows nearer..

    Thanks as always for everything that you have done to make these sites what they are,


  2. Larry,

    Great article, especially the statistical analysis. Since the Dems spent almost twice as much as the GOP , I wonder what the outcome would have been if the GOP had spent an additional $56 million. The GOP got more bang for the buck, which makes them more efficient ( in terms of ‘votes per dollar’) than the Dems . This is typical , in that the Dems always ‘spend ‘ more than the GOP !

    So, although the stats are ‘results’ based , the question remains : if the GOP had spent more, would the outcome change accordingly ? Just a thought .

  3. I cannot abide the “reality” shows. My flesh crawls when I see what some people will do to get noticed. Thanks for the statistics. I am going to write a letter to the editors of Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide magazine with your comparisons. Some of the letters I have read are positively infantile and ghastly. I probably won’t get published, but at least I am going to try!

    Other than keeping the family informed and active while you are gone, would there be anything we can do for you family while you are away? You and yours will be in my prayers.

  4. About the only reality show I will actually sit through is “Ice Road Truckers’. Real people doing real work makes more sense to me than the red-necked idiocy of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’, although they look to me like your average liberal voter in their natural environment.

    I’m not so certain spending more money per vote would have done any good for the GOP in 2008. The moribund campaign McCain run should have provided the current crew a letter perfect primer of what NOT to do to win this time around. Instead of using the best weapon they had (Palin) they sequestered her away, merely because she didn’t line up with the milquetoast McCain and his grand strategy of Snore and Offal. At some point we have to determine when to stop throwing good money after bad.

    We’re here in 2012, and we’re about to get McCained again, with another candidate whom can’t talk his way out of a paper bag, and sure enough his best weapon (Ryan) isn’t getting a whole lot of press. Add to this a NFM (Not Fox Media) whom is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the DNC (NBC and MSNBC are particularly guilty of this), funneling polling data which suggests a victory lap for the Anointed One, and its no wonder the masses are embracing apathy, its a seemingly leadpipe lock for Obama. If this happens, I’m not so sure there will be a 2016 election for us to worry about.

    I plan on watching the debates tonight closely, as this is hugely important, even if more people will be switching to cable to watch whatever mind-numbing brain-gruel is on instead. At least they won’t interfere with Thursday Night Football.

  5. I don’t know G. Nichols….. you may want to re visit those Romney comments today. He did a pretty good job of it last night. I was impressed.. OWEbama looked like an idiot without a clue and Romney didn’t even have to break a sweat. …you get to have your own airplane, and … house, but you don’t get to have your own facts!!! LOVED IT!!!!

  6. Apparently the ‘great orator’, the geniass in the WH , the Teleprompter Titan – failed to show up last nite ! There was no debate – it was a total destruction .

    I would sum it up by saying ” Mr. President , pack your bags “.

  7. As can be expected from a Liberal Loser, Al Bore has the answer as to why OWEbaama did so poorly during the debate – it was due to the high altitude in Denver !! Wonder if he will offer the same excuse for Jim Lehrerer !?!

    Al , is it possible that you are suffering from a ” low level ” of brain fluid ?
    Just a question !!

  8. Another “excuse ” for Owebaama’s poor debate performance is supposedly his being worried about a Washington Examiner story regarding illegal campaign contributions from offshore and via non-traceable credit card numbers.

    Apparently the regime will do anything to stay in power.

  9. For the first time in his life, during the debate, OWEbaama was challenged ” face to face ” , and he lost big time ! Now he is on the shampaign trail mocking Romney for not having correct stats, and not having a ‘specific’ plan. Owebaama still believes that he is right and everyone else is wrong, especially since in his own mind – he has never made a mistake .

    Owebaama claims that Romney isn’t a good business man, because he doesn’t know about a deduction for outsourcing jobs. Actually there is no deduction – OWEbaama is wrong on that one. Granted, companies save by having lower labor costs, but that is not a deduction !

    What is troubling , is that so many stupid voters believe that OWEbaama won the debate !! That might be due in part to the so- called educated and informed Liberal pundits who claim that OWEbaama won.

    Wonder how many actually believe that the unemployment rate fell to
    7.8 % !! For example, in August, manufacturing output reached it’s LOWEST in four years . Do people really believe that companies hired MORE workers to produce LESS ?

    Just a few random thoughts.

  10. T,

    You’re right, OWEbaama didn’t have a clue most of the time. The comment about his 5 boys telling less than the truth went right over OWEbaama’s head ! And, , inspite of 3 attempts by Romney regarding the 5 trillion dollar debt, OWEbaama still didn’t get it ! Economics 101 goes right over his head .

    And, OWEbaama believes that he should get 4 more years !!!

  11. Family,

    Just because Larry is away for a few days, there is no reason for this site to go silent. Richard, T , and G. Nichols can’t be the only family members who have something on their mind. It really isn’t mandatory to wait for an article from Larry in order for you to have a comment. Here is your opportunity to say WHATEVER is on your mind, so why not take advantage of said opportunity?

    As the Bard of Avon might ask ” Wherefor art thou ” ??

  12. Thanks for rattling the trees, JJ, I would love to have more time to devote to this page…

    What’s with all of the baloney about “Romney Lies”!!!!!!!
    I guess we have them running scared, and Mitt told us it would get worse before we are done. I am frankly SICK TO DEATH of listening to the Talking Heads drone on and on about what the LSM has to say. They are the liars and need to be ignored.

    Since when is what some idiot over at the New York Times writes in an editoria column, news? There was no real journalism there – there is no story there – it’s just spin, to make Obama look good and try to destroy the reputation of Romney. We are becoming the country we have spent blood and treasure to prevent in Europe. When our Media lies to us, we are done! We need to call them to task, and demand that they be neutral. If they can’t, then they need to be GONE! Enough already!

  13. T,

    Yes, time seems to be a decreasing commodity in all of our lives. But, this election requires more of our time, or else we’ll be in for some BAD time, should the OWEbaama regime prevail !
    One of the questions remains, namely – exactly why is the LSM supporting, and lying for this loser ? What do they gain by risking any journalistic integrety, assuming that they have integrity ? When they are exposed, they’ll LOSE big time .
    Also, when dictators take over a country, they also take over the media. Perhaps these so-called journalists need to study a little history. Apparently these LSM personnell don’t seem to understand why some of their colleagues are losing their jobs – do they believe that is is because OWEbaama is doing such a great job ?

    So, the question remains – what will the LSM gain by suporting OWEbaama, other than perhaps an invitation to the WH Christmas party, or a sit-down interview with their boy ?

  14. When did “Adolph ” Axelrod get promoted from OWEbaama ” excuse maker and spinmaster ” to spokesperson for US policy ? Maybe OWEbaama appointed him as a “special” cabinet member, since the real cabinet seems to be non-existent.

    How can Adolph expect us to believe anything that he says, especially since he claims that OWEbaama won the debate with Romney ? Maybe he believes that if the LSM accepts his crap, then everyone else will also buy it .

  15. Supposedly, according to an unnamed OWEbaama aide, OWEbaama left the debate stage believing that HE HAD WON !!!

  16. ( word press posted only my first sentence, so let me continue )

    How dillusional , how narcissistic, how ego centric, is he to really believe that he won ? We are seeing more and more reasons why he is NOT qualified to be POTUS, and yet he is still getting ‘favorable’ ratings. UNBELIEVABLE ? Logically speaking – absolutely. However add the LSM to the mix , and the whole dynamic changes . Add Soros to the mix, and it changes even more. Add the non-productive to the mix , and you have the answer ! [ note : ACORN already has an office in the WH , so it does not have to be added , since it is in play ]

    How would you like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ if and when OWEbaama ever gets to see a psychiatrist ? Just a thought.

  17. But JJ we know he is a narcissist, and we know he is deluded. But there is hope… have you seen today’s rassmusen and gallup polls? R&R are finally pulling ahead. The debate with Bozo tomorrow night will add more and when zero and Mitt debate again @ that town hall it will heap more crap on OWEbama. The end is near, my friends. Don’t stop believing now!

  18. I am also a pretty faithful reader of RedState and I wanted to share this article with you today… It is a very well organized expose on the Liberal Media… It does not, however, answer JJ’s question about what they have to gain by supporting this outrageous administration and it’s far left agenda.


  19. Regarding the Ryan / Biden debate , I have two questions :

    1) Are the questions pre-screened ?

    2) Will Vodka Joe give a direct answer to a direct question ?

  20. Answers:
    1) Not supposed to be… yeah, right!
    2) Depends on how much vodka he has had… the more the better, Joe!!!!

    I hope I can stay awake long enough to see the “commedy hour” as facebook is calling this debate. Sleepy! It has been a long week!

  21. T,

    Tape it – then you could breeze thru the crap, I mean ‘gaffes’ !!

    Hope the long week was productive , even though today is only Thurs. !!

    I presume you’re working on quarterly returns 🙂

  22. Saw part of the so-called debate last nite, and once again the so-called moderator was ‘missing’. Wonder what Martha’s excuse will be for not being a ‘real’ debate moderator.

    Jim Lehrerer’s excuse is that he wanted Romney and OWEbaama to have a discussion amongst themselves . IF that is true, then why did he set up the rules of engagement regarding alloted time, who goes first, how much time for rebuttal , etc. ? He even went so far as to ‘feed’ OWEbaama some response lines ! No, Jim you failed – admit it ! When will you Libs ever admit that you’re wrong ?

    Back to Raddatz – she allowed Biden to constantly ramble on with his stock talking points, and she did not insist that he give a direct answer to her questions. But she wanted Ryan to give “specifics” for the R & R plans, but during the time that I watched, she did not ask for ” specifics ” from Biden !

    And, what the hell was up with Biden with all of the smirking, laughing, and wierd facial expressions, along with his constant interruptions while Ryan was speaking ? Plus, Biden’s finger pointing while he proclaimed : ” the fact of the matter ” is . . . . blah , blah etc. Apparently Joe does not understand the definition of the word ” FACT ” . He also seems to have a problem with the word ” TRUTH ” .

    From what I saw, Biden was vicious and Ryan was too polite . Just my opinion !

  23. T,

    It appears that the other 70 followers of this site have ‘followed ‘ Larry on his vacation. Don’t know how you feel about it , but I’m a little upset that I wasn’t invited to go along – perhaps it’s a secret mission !

    NO , that’s not true, I was just pulling a little ” Biden fact of the matter ” verbage. Actually, truth be told, just trying to keep the site from going silent – for what it’s worth !!

  24. I know what you mean JJ. It feels like a losing battle, but I will keep going until the whisle sounds.
    Joe was as obnoxious as I have ever seen anyone in a political debate. He made Al Gore look positively presidential. It was painful to watch. Practing Catholic my foot!!!!! Hypocritical Braying Jackass!

  25. T,

    Agreed. I have not heard nor seen any reviews of the debate, and was just wondering how our opinions compare to the pundits. Have you heard any thus far ?

  26. The consensus seems to be that it was really close on substance.. although even CNN’s poll had Ryan @ 48 and Biden @ 44…. but the non-LSM folks are saying Biden and his braying donkey, snickering, smart ass interruptions and talking over Ryan cost him a lot of women and independents. I sure hope so, but we wont know for sure until the new polls come out.

  27. Thanks for the info. If CNN had it at 48 / 44 , I wonder what FOX had .

    I don’t know if it is possible, but I can’t recall a politician ever giving a direct answer to a direct question ! I would really like to see a debate wherein the rules are to answer the question and not denigrate your opponent. If one cannot win on the merits, then perhaps they do not belong in the race . I’ve about had it with the chaaracter assassination crap .

  28. Amen. And a filter that wont let them tell lies.

  29. Ditto. Would like to see the network teckies do a montage of the antics of Biden from the split screen during the debate – one long strip of all of his facial expressions, etc. That might get the message across as to the real fool that we have as a VP !!

  30. I must disagree with R & R regarding the the jobs growth under OWEbaama. ” The fact of the matter” is that they, especially due to Vodka Joe, have created over 2,016 jobs – primarily in one area. That area would be, “as a matter of fact ” , in ‘fact checking’. And, as we well know, it is extremely important that we have the correct ‘facts’, particularly when politicians are making outlandish claims during their routine bloviating and postulating.

    And, as a “matter of fact ” , 89 % of the 2,016 jobs were created since the first Romney / OWEbaama debate. Plus, 47.6 % of the 89 % of those jobs were created this week due to the outlandish claims of Vodka Joe, which , of course, he claimed to be ” real facts ” !!

    Then, when Vodka Joe mentioned that one of Ryan’s comments must have fallen from the heavens , meteorologists acrosss the country were besieged with requests as to the validity of Joe’s claims .

    And, as a matter of fact , truth be told , since today is saturday, then

    this is just a little ” Saturday Sarcasm “.

  31. Oxymoron of the day – ” Correct Facts “

  32. I especially enjoyed the pictures of grinning Joe next to “the Joker” from batman….. stunning resemblance!

  33. JJadds stacked

    Come January, Vodka Joe can leave the WH , and go directly to his friends in Hollywood, and continue to play the fool !

  34. Don’t know why it shows ” JJadds stacked ” !!!???!!!

  35. Word press strikes again – my comment ( which is now gone ) had me listed as ” JJadds stacked ” .

    What I had written was :
    Then , when he leaves the WH in Jan. , he could go directly to his friends in Hollywood and continue to make a fool of himself .

  36. T,

    Since you are apparently the only other person who is reading or responding on this site, let me ask this question :

    What odds would you list for each of the following scenarios:
    1 ) That term limits are mandatory for Congress
    2) That Congress has the same benefits and Social Security as the private sector
    3) That Congress not get paid until it passes the required budget each year
    4) That we get a Balanced Budget Amendment
    5 ) That we eliminate the position of Czars
    6 ) That we have term limits for the SCOTUS
    7 ) That a sitting POTUS who is running for election pay for campaign expenses from his campaign fund
    8 ) That early voting be eliminated
    9 ) That all primary elections be held within 90 days of the general election
    10 ) That each state’s primary election be on a rotational schedule, so that each state has the opportunity to vote on the first day.

  37. WOW, JJ, that is quite a list!
    First – and this applies to ALL 10… the answers are absolutely dependent on who wins the white house and if we get a majority in the Senate.

    Assuming we get both of those things…..(yes, I know about ass-u-me-ing)

    1) 50/50 It could… depends on how many Tea Party folks get elected
    2) 50/50 Same as above…
    3) You’re kiddin’, right?????
    4) 85%Yes, with probably some emergency language in there somewhere.
    5) 75% likely… we got to see up close and personal how that was abused..
    6) Never Happen… I think that’s in the Constitution, isn’t it?
    7) Nope… not unless it’s part of an overall revamp to do away with these 501-C-3 disasters-on -wheels.
    8) Only if some form of electronic voting for elderly and such is enacted. It would be a good trade off.
    9) Nope
    10) Never Happen… to much ‘tradition’…

  38. What do you think will happen tomorrow night at the Town Hall style debate?

  39. T,

    Thanks for the response. Actually had a longer list, but pared it down ! Although we are in agreement for the most part, I think it is obvious that Congress needs an overhaul, in several areas. The Constitution can be amended, as we know ; and sometimes traditions should be modified – afterall , “times are a changing ” , as they say .

    Regarding the so-called debate :
    1 ) It’s not quite a Town Hall meeting , in that the questions are pre-screened, the moderator is not independent, and the time constraints probably won’t be followed .
    2) In all likelyhood, OWEbaama will not answer directly, will tend to denigrate Romney, and proceed to fabricate .
    3) Owebaama will not admit to ever being wrong , and will play the usual blame game.
    4) When Owebaama does any of the above , Romney may call him on it, but not as strongly as he should.
    5) Since OWEbaama has led a sheltered life, he can’t take any form of criticism, and therefore Romney should try to take advantage of that , thereby throwing OWEbaama off his game .
    6) The Dems want “specifics ” from Romney, therefore he should give them some ( although on the other hand, the Dems seem to offer none ), BUT be careful in rendering ‘statistics ‘ because if he isn’t 100% correct, the Lib pundits will have a field day afterwards ! But, just like Biden’s wrong “facts”, OWEbaama could probably cite anything, and the Libs will be OK with it . No double standards here . . . . . yeah, right !!!
    7 ) As we know, the OEWEbaama record is a disaster, and Romney MUST attack it whenever possible, but with discretion.

    That’s the short list.

  40. ” The wheels on the bus go round, round, round . . . . . . ”

    And those wheels just ran over Hilary Clinton, because she was just ” thrown under the bus ” by the WH , in a perfectly timed manner , just prior to the debate.

    Benghazigate is real , and it is much worse that Watergate, in that not only were many LIES told, but FOUR Americans were murdered .

    Heads should roll , and if they do, it won’t happen until well after the election.

    Wonder if Billy Bob will come to the defense of his wife – he can’t continue to pretend to be in OWEbaama’s corner forever. Remember, he told us how he really feels about OWEbaama when Hilary was running for POTUS ! Many Dems still give Billy Bob a lot of credence – maybe he should speak up now.

  41. Last nite, prior to the actual start of the so-called debate, Candy Crowley ( the so-called moderator ) might have started with the following statement : “I voted for OWEbaama, I will vote for him again , and I will do what I can to assure that he ‘wins’ this debate “.

    She cut off Romney several times, fact checked him, assured him that he could continue his comments LATER , ( but did not ), ignored the clock repeatedly, and seemed to be more interested in having her ‘pre-selected’ questions answered. That’s right – she selected the questions that were to be asked, thereby controlling the agenda. And, she permitted non-answers to the direct questions.

    When the debate schedule was announced, I asked , on this site , the following question ” why would the RNC agree to debates moderated by Liberals ” ? Talk about going into the lions den !!! Didn’t R & R have anything to say ?

    Quite frankly, I’m tired of the same old talking points. I suppose we’ll see another sham of a debate next week , and the LSM will do their usual claim that OWEbaama had ” won ” !?!

    Here’s my question for the Presidential Election Debate Commission – ” why is FOX not allowed to provide a moderator, in fact why not TWO moderators, thereby establishing an equal playing field – 2 Liberals and 2 conservatives ” ? Isn’t OWEbaama constantly preaching ” fairness “, and wouldn’t a balance of moderators actually be “fair ” ?

  42. Nope… Hilly is doing this for something…. just wait, it will become obvious soon. Could be a VP spot, or another shot in 2016, time will tell.

    Some debate huh? I’m so sick of listening to that empty suit LIE! It came close to me throwing stuff at the TV. but Romney did a good job, and Candy mad a complete idiot of herself! I did enjoy that part.

  43. T,

    Regarding Hillary, as we know the Clintons never go away – they keep coming back. If you listened carefully to her response about Benghazi, she merely described her job, rather than admitting that she made an error in not providing effective security. Politicians say things in a way that due to their very selective choice of words, allow you to assume something that they did not actually mean.

    Regarding the so-called debates, can you imagine what uber liberal Bob Scheiffer will do next week ! Owebaama doesn’t have anything to worry about – Bob will make certain of that !!

    Once again, the question remains – why did the GOP , RNC, and R & R agree to FOUR Liberal moderators ? What were they thinking ?!?

  44. Benghazigate continues. Apparently two of the Americans who were killed were not even assigned as security to ambassador Stevens, but were a half mile away on a different assignment ! The plot thickens , the lies continue, and OWEbaama has made NO concerted effort to thoroughly investigate and tell the truth. Apparently it is more expedient to go on more TV shows ( especially ‘comedy types ‘ , rather than some serious news programs ) to proclaim his innocence and that he will ‘fix’ any problems .

    More and more seem to interpret his comment as ” the ‘fix ‘ is in ” , rather than his ‘repairing’ of any problem areas.

    Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them ?!?

  45. Since the start of the debates, the entire regime,from OWEbaama to Carney, to Axelrod, to Rodham (and Billy Bob ), plus the moderators and the LSM have done more ” walking back ” than Michael Jackson doing his ‘moonwalk’ . Do these fools really believe that they can spout out any type of statistics and get away with it, especially in this day of instant info. and social media ?

    I saw part of Tuesday’s debate ,and regarding the present high price of gasoline, heard OWEbaama claim that the low price of gasoline back in 2009 was due to the economic depression at that time. What ??? Therefore , since gasoline is now twice what it was in 2009, does he believe that our economy is now booming ?

    He wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by NOT drilling here and by NOT installing the Keystone pipeline . He is opposed to fossil fuels, but sends two billion dollars to Brazil, so that THEY can drill for oil, and then we will buy the oil from them . Apparently he believes that oil from Brazil is is NOT foreign , and that it is NOT a fossil fuel !! Perhaps I need to buy a Liberal dictionary in order to understand his ” Liberal Logic ” .

  46. Oxymoron of the day – ” Debate Moderator “

  47. At some time , we’ve undoubtedly seen someone ‘talking to themself ” . It might be due to some personal quirk , or even some form of mental illness. There’s probably a medical term for the condition, but I don’t know what it is.

    I wonder if there is a medical term that would apply to someone who writes on a site , such as this, knowing that no one will read it. In other words a person who is ” writing for themself “.

    Since the latter applies to me, should I be concerned and therefore seek professional help, or should I simply ” write it off ” ?

  48. It is certainly an odd outcome, that ALL of the moderators are from the left. Makes you wonder who has their head in the sand….

  49. Srry to leave you hanging JJ… I had surgery on my knee Thursday… just getting back to catch up on things…

  50. I have been known to talk to myself….. it’s not an issue….. 🙂

    The lies are getting thicker and meaner… did you hear about the idiot Chris Matthews on MSNBC who said it is “unconstitutional” to challenge the president! What kind of craziness is this? I knew he was an idiot, I just didn’t know he was really that stupid!

  51. T,

    Perhaps their collective heads were in a certain anatomical cavity !

    Surgery does tend to put a hold on life, so to speak – hope all goes well.

    Just think – Matthews get paid big bucks to say really stupid things . I have said many stupid things, but didn’t get paid a single penny . I’m surprised that he is even aware of the Constitution.

  52. Investment Opportunity:

    [You may want to consider getting on board early for this one]

    A British Engineer just started his own business in Afghanistan.

    He’s making land mines that look like prayer mats.

    It’s doing well. He says prophets are going through the roof.

  53. Doctors

    (A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.

    (B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.

    (C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171

    (Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. Of

    Health and Human Services)


    Now think about this:


    (A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000

    (Yes, that’s 80 million)

    (B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.

    (C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .0000188

    (Statistics courtesy of FBI)


    So, statistically, doctors are approximately

    9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.


    Remember, “Guns don’t kill people, doctors do.”



    almost everyone has at least one doctor.

    This means you are over 9,000 times more likely

    to be killed by your doctor as by a gun owner!!!


    Please alert your friends

    to this alarming threat.

    We must ban doctors

    before this gets completely out of hand!!!!!


    Out of concern for the public at large,

    we withheld the statistics on


    for fear the shock would cause

    people to panic and seek medical attention!

    May the god of happiness smile upon you !

    “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do”….God Bless!

  54. Richard,

    Good stuff, and thanks for checking in.

    BTW , since you were AWOL , do you have an ‘excuse note ‘ from your doctor ? 🙂

  55. Richard… great stuff… I laughed for 20 minutes…..
    JJ, I’m at home, but doing well. Can’t drive for a week, starting pt on Wednesday.

  56. Another debate tonight….. can we stand another? I’m not sure……
    I wonder what lies he will tell tonight?

  57. T,

    If you get a good Physical Therapist, and if you follow the instructions faithfully, you will have a good recovery. Good luck !

    The Liar in Chief, with the blessings of the LSM, can lie with impunity and the stupid voters will go along with it. Let’s see if uber liberal Schieffer can pretend to be impartial ! If he doesn’t start off with Benghanzigate, you’ll be able to smell the fish . This whole debate series has turned out to be one -sided. Surprised ? Nah !!!

  58. Saw most of the debate, and didn’t get to smell the fish, since Schieffer came out of the gate with Benghazi , and then, lo and behold – NOTHING , or almost nothing from Romney ! Apparently he had a strategy to be non-confrontational, or he didn’t want to open the door for OWEbaama to make excuses or do damage control, or whatever else he had in mind – guess will have to wait and see if it worked .
    For the most part , both tossed up their routine talking points , but OWEbaama did claim to do alot behind the scenes with our allies.
    Romney seemed to miss several opportunities to challenge OWEbaama’s stats, but maybe he was just content to settle for a draw in this debate, since he had the momentum in his favour from the first two debates.
    Guess I’ll wait to see how the pundits scored it .

  59. T,

    As an accountant, do you think that the average voter has a definitive knowledge of the difference between ‘debt’ and ‘deficit’ , since those two terms have been tossed about quite a bit for almost a year now ?

    It seems as though many , even some pundits, don’t seem to know , since they’ll interchange the words, and therefore change the content of their comment. Just a thought.

  60. JJ… NO, the average voter has no idea what the difference is… It is in the interests of the Left to confuse the two, so that they can spout their “narratives” and confuse the discussion as much as possible. If a person has been listening carefully, the Right has been trying to clarify, and many are figuring it out, but those koolaid drinkers can’t be bothered to learn it, they might then have to actually think about what is being said. It all goes back to that Lies, damn lies, and statistics thing.

  61. The political version of ” fun with numbers ” !

  62. The solilloquy over at ‘NLTZ thought of the day’ continues, if anyone is interested! It’s merely an attempt ( perhaps a poor one ), to keep the site from going silent !

  63. Someone asked the following question a few months ago – ” if the Electoral College votes are split 50/50 , how is the presidency decided ?”

    Apparently, the House of Representatives will name the POTUS , and the Senate will name the VP . Can you imagine Vodka Joe declaring himself the VP ? Furthermore, can you imagine him as VP for President Romney ?

    Continuing with this weird scenario, would Biden stay or resign ? If he stays, would Romney put a muzzle on Biden, or try to convert him to conservatism ?

    Those are just two questions, imagine how many more would ensue !!

  64. Now, 6 weeks after the massacre at Benghazi, the WH is claiming that it said all along that there was a terrorist attack. Apparently they expect that since their base of stupid voters accepts their lies, everyone else will also accept their crap!


    That is the apparent directive from the regime. In other words, put as many as possible on welfare, on food stamps, on disability income, on sub-prime mortages, on free cell phones and computers, etc. , etc. Don’t stop there, make sure that the illegals get as many freebies as possible, plus the right to vote.
    And if you want to keep your job, you must “close your eyes and authorize “.

  66. What has happened to ‘intelligence and common sense’ ?

    As I understand, to be a member of Mensa, one must have an IQ rating in the top 2% of the population . Therefore , I was wondering if there is a name for a segment of the population that ranks in the bottom 50% of the population.
    Granted, that is a large number, but after hearing and reading comments from ‘ man on the street ‘ type questions, along with ‘letters to the editor’ in a local paper, the answer to my question would be either ” liberal” or “stupid “. Combining the two descriptives, namely ” stupid liberal ” would not work, since it is an oxymoron.

    However, since there are many liberals in the top 50% who are possibly intelligent, that would preclude them from one group.

    On second thought, perhaps the best name for this bunch of losers is :


  67. Is it safe to say – ” the proof is in the posting” ?

    In other words, is it obvious that your’s truly does not have any writing ability?

    The answer must be a resounding ” YES ” , especially since there have been very few comments made , and none in the past 5 days. I’ve been trying to keep this site somewhat active while Larry’s gone, but apparently to little or no avail. There was a debate on Monday nite, but NO comments here .
    Benghazigate is serious , but once again – NO comments !

    Hey guys – it’s getting lonely here . Can you help ?

  68. I wonder how many young adults, including college students, who voted for OWEbaama, really understand that they and their children will be paying for the massive debt caused by their boy. Apparently the number is very small, because the fraud in the WH still resonates with this group.
    Maybe these young minds are not aware of the problems in Europe, especially Greece ! Maybe they believe that massive debt is the new economic model. Or, maybe they believe that the debt will somehow miraculously disappear.

    These young adults are the future of this country ,but unfortunately they don’t comprehend the problems with massive debt and wasteful spending.

  69. Sorry JJ. Healthwise it has been a crappy year. I got a little side tracked again.

  70. Hi to all, Happy you guys are keeping the site going. I have been watching all the reports on Bengazie on Fox. Wow. Now that is what real reporting is. They have done a stellar job digging out the facts and my own personal feeling after watching, is the collapse of a decision that comes straight from the president. Another example of dithering and not being able to make an on the spot decision to help the men asking for help. As in the past he waits for an ok from Valerie Jarrett. So he just went to bed like any other day and off to campaign the next day. How can any human being be so cold hearted? Let alone the president. This is the crime of the century and a deriliction of duty.

    I hope we hear from Larry before the election. I voted already (and only once). Now I am just praying for the best.

  71. T,
    Thanks for checking in, and I hope you’re feeling better. No need to apologize – I understand.

  72. Monica,
    Good to hear from you – it was getting a little lonely! I agree,
    Benghazigate is serious, and heads need to roll. Jennifer Griffen @ FOX needs to be given much credit for her coverage and insight of the massacre and cover up. Can the LSM afford to lose any more credibility ( assuming they had any left ) by refusing to give it adequate coverage? Their defense of the corrupt OWEbaama WH is disgusting.

  73. Owebaama, thanks to mother nature, now gets a chance to ‘play POTUS ‘ , and hand out more money than ever before. However, he might be upset, because it took him off the shampaign trail.

    Bush got hammered for not going immediately to assess the Katrina damage. Let’s see how the LSM covers OWEbaama’s visit, or lack thereof, to the storm ravaged states.

    Romney, is asking those who come to his campaign stops to bring donation items for the victims of the storm. If Romney visits the storm ravaged states, will the LSM accuse him of politicizing the storm ?

  74. Romney, neighbor helping neighbor. Obama, government awarding tax payer money trying to make it look like he is the generous one.

  75. Benghazigate….. what a weak name for an impeachable offense, in my opinion. He is such a fool, he thinks that we will be snowed because he gave up a couple of days of campaigning so he could look presidential. Monica you are so right. I liked you analogy… neighbors vs the redistributionist in chief..
    There is a great article about the senate armed services chair sending a letter to “O” asking for some questions, not that he will get any, but at least he is publicly asking them. I pray thay this is the straw, as the cliche says, that costs him the election.

  76. It didn’t take very long for Romney to be criticized for collecting supplies for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Andrea Mitchell, and other Liberal Loons claim that since the Red Cross is requesting donations of Blood and money, therefore Romney is in opposition to the Red Cross !?! Sadly, these idiots are being paid to be stupid. Is there any question why we have so many problems in this country? Wonder how much these same idiots donated to the Red Cross , and how much time did they actually spend collecting ‘anything’ for the victims of this terrible tragedy? Romney was personally out there collecting and loading supplies.

    These Liberal Loons probably didn’t realize it, but they were actually reporting that Romney is the good neighbor, and a caring individual. And, that he was doing something positive, while they were being blatantly stupid.

  77. Regarding Hurricane Sandy, OWEbaama said he instructed the gov’t. employees to eliminate the ‘red tape’ to help the victims. Translation : open the US Treasury floodgates and dispense as much cash as possible ! That’s right, the biggest cash-dispensing POTUS wants to do almost anything to stay in the WH.
    Apparently OWEbaama bribed NJ Gov. Christie with a huge amount of money and aid , for the opportunity to view the damage in NJ !
    In New York , mayor Bloomberg turned down the OWEbaama visit.
    With the flow of ‘easy cash’, can you imagine how many people will ‘claim’ to be residents of NJ, NY, MD, WVA , and the other affected states ?
    Although it is not the preferred method, but thousands of jobs will be made available in cleaning up and rebuilding the damaged areas. Wonder if OWEbaama will take credit for these jobs ?

    Also, in not allowing a disaster to go to waste, Al Bore is claiming that Sandy was caused by – you guessed it – “Global Warming ” !! Apparently he’s looking for more ‘carbon credits’ .

  78. Lame stream media = Useless idiots. I saw tweets from some people in N.J. whineing about who was going to reimburse her for the food she lost during the storm. Just another one of the 47% wanting the taxpayers to pay for everything. The takers know all the angles and it is getting old.

  79. Everyone=
    If I need an excuse I’m in trouble because Word Press has decided I am the enemy and will not give me anything freely. I have to mine the site. I am no longer getting any notice when anyone posts. But at least I can read the excellent exchanges going on. We just put our garden and lawn to bed for the winter. I have a guy coming to aerate the lawn before the snow flies. The city used to allow us a pile on the curb in Spring and Fall and they would come and haul it off. They stopped that about ten years ago, so we have to cart our green waste, and ALL loads must be covered or the fee is double. I have used a lawn service the past two years but may take it back next year.

    We got a wonderful crop of Vonvotfd Grapes this year and our daughter-in-law got 35 quarts of pure juice. My son was a carpenter by trade before getting into the computer business, so he is building her a beautiful fruit room in the basenebt That will help with three growing boys and part time sister. The grand kids are so great te ne around and as they get older it is wondeful the see them develope their charactoresl

  80. Richard, I made pure grape juice one year when the kids were young. I used a “Finnish” juicer. Quite a contraption and so easy. We don’t worry about getting the yard ready for winter since we live in the desert and it is now so beautiful.

    I am getting nervous with only five days until the election. What can we expect to go wrong. I yearn for the old days when we went to the school and voted on election day and that night or the next morning we had a new president. Too much can go wrong now and probably will.

  81. Richard,

    Good to hear from you – I too have had my battles with Word Press, usually every week !! Hope you can hang in there – I enjoy your comments.

    Monica ,

    Thanks for hanging in here, talking to one’s self gets boring !


    Hope you’re feeling better, and able to hang in here.

    Have never gotten into grape juice – perhaps I should . Can either of you render some tips . I do enjoy wine, but that’s another story .
    Word Press is acting up – will stop now. Hope this will post

  82. Due to the election, hurricane Sandy, Benghazigate, and a few other happenings, OWEbaamacare has been relegated to the back burner, so to speak. Actually it should be on a burner, a real one , so that it could be consumed by the flames of hell, from whence it came, and returned there , (perhaps along with everyone that wrote it, sponsored it, and voted for it) . These cretans knew full well what they were doing, and they should be punished accordingly.

    As we know, this atrocity will destroy our healthcare system, eliminate coverage for millions , (but provide coverage for illegals), vastly increase the size of gov’t., take over 15 – 20 % of the economy, and put us on a fast track to becoming Greece.

    My question is – how can we convince the stupid voters that healthcare will NOT be ‘free’, and that OWEbaamacare is a total disaster ? It seems that there are too many who must suffer from the disaster before they believe that it is in fact – a disaster. They are just like a child, who in spite of warnings, insist on touching something that is hot, or sharp, or injurious in many ways , and then suffer the pain. Then, they’ll cry and pretend that it is not their fault.

    Therefore, I don’t want to hear the stupid voters cry , because if they do – then OWEbaama will have won . Then, of course, ALL of us will suffer !!


    Today, the new jobs numbers came out. Unemployment ‘crept’ up to 7.9% !

    Why is so much attention given to a phony number ? Is it to get OWEbaama re-elected ? More and more are unemployed, more and more have stopped looking for work, plus, due to the impending Taxmageddon, companies are not expanding and therefore not hiring . Supposedly over 100,000 new jobs were ‘created’ ! With the above info, HOW could there possibly be so many ” newly created” jobs ? Let’s face it, some guy building a few birdhouses in his garage cannot be considered a ” newly created job “. On second thought, maybe the Liberal Dictionary will disagree with me.

  84. Oxymoron of the day – ” Liberal Dictionary “

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