It has all come down to this.. I will try my best to resist the overwhelming temptation to quote chapter and verse of the entire litany of OWEbama Democratic failures, but in the course of this article, a number of them will inevitably appear for dramatic effect and for the reinforcement of the obvious.. This constant reinforcement of the OWEbama realities would NOT be necessary if Americans weren’t so easily distracted and deflected by the Bolshevik buncombe being ladled out by the left which has been endorsed and endlessly repeated by the polluted “main stream” media..

As well, for some unknown reason or reasons, there were a series of “debates” when there has been NOTHING to “debate” since January of 2009.. What is of the utmost importance to remember in reference to this most important of elections is that there is MUCH more than merely OWEbama that must be jettisoned from the political paradigm.. He MUST go but he is not ALONE..

Since the figurehead (careful with that pronunciation..) sits at the top of the Democratic dung heap, lets just review the RECORD of the last four “historic” years, if ever so briefly.. (“The RECORD”: something not available to America back in 2008 relative to the inexperienced OWEbama and something BARELY available today four years later to those addicted to the Marxist Methadone destructively disseminated by the “impartial” media.. Remember: “Forward”..) ANY ONE of these are reason enough to send the “Not So Dark Knight” back to the mansion his felonious friend Tony Rezko landed for him outside of Chicago..

“U-6” (REAL) unemployment under OWEbama UP to 14.6%. Food stamp “recipients” in America UP to 46,000,000.. Gasoline prices UP from $1.78 in 2008 to a median price of $3.73 today. Poverty rate UP to 15.10%.. American credit rating DOWNGRADED TWICE within the last fourteen months to “AA” from “AAA”. 43 straight months of unemployment OVER 8%.. Food prices UP more than 25% in the last four “historic” years.. The middle class (see ALL of the statistics above which ALL directly effect the middle class and then remember that OWEbama and the Democrats claim to be the “protectors” of the middle class..) has LOST ONE-THIRD of its net worth in just four “historic” years..

Over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS have been added to the nation’s debt in the last four years. Over 100 million people (can’t call them ALL “Americans” as the Democrat’s beloved ILLEGALS are in this “group” to a large degree..) on some sort of means tested welfare.. Average household income has DECLINED $4,300.00 in just four years under OWEbama and the Democrats.. And yet with as straight a face as they can muster, a face as “straight” as the one plastered upon Stoli Joe’s face during the Vice Presidential debate (not..), they want four MORE years.. It doesn’t end there..

Would you like just a few comparisons between the demonized George Bush and OWEbama? The unemployment rate when W. left office was 5.4%, under OWEbama’s “leadership” it will be nearly three percentage points HIGHER. Labor force participation WAS 66% under W., under OWEbama it is 63.5%.. A barrel of crude oil WAS $48.86 under W., under OWEbama it is $92.89, a “change” of $44.03 HIGHER.. The federal debt went UP by 8.7 TRILLION under OWEbama to a staggering $16.1 TRILLION.. Tired of reading? Tired of hearing about it? GOOD, then you must be tired of LIVING THROUGH IT, do the “right” thing and vote OWEbama out..

“Dancing With The Czars”.. Cap and Trade.. Cash for Clunkers.. Fast and Furious.. The Health Scare Scam.. Solyndra.. Benghazi.. (If you break that last one down, it is: Beng-HAZY, or better yet, “Being HAZY”, not unlike the “transparent” tactics of the OWEbama obfuscators..) The OWEbama “response” to the BP disaster, their “response” to the Libyan Embassy TERRORIST attack and now their “response” to Hurricane Sandy.. And coming SOON to a checkbook near you, OWEbama’s “Taxamageddon”..

Imagine if but ONE of these failures had happened under a Republican President, what would be the constant hue and cry from the bellowing Bolsheviks of the left? SOME may remember just how the elitist liberals made heavy weather over the rise of thirty CENTS for a gallon of gasoline during the EIGHT YEARS of the George Bush administration as he left office.. Just how soon would the “impartial” media DROP its coverage of a Republican “scandal”, regardless of how many years ago it might have happened as opposed to the “hot potato” (or is it “potatoe”, which became a hot potato for the “impartial” media a few years back..) attitude of the “impartial” media over ANY of the OWEbama scandals? When it comes to the Republicans, “scandals” don’t even have to be genuine “scandals” for the lap dog “impartial” media to fastidiously feast upon a Republican carcass at the top and bottom of every “news hour”.. Remember when Mitt Romney was called a “bully”?

It is obvious, OWEbama has FAILED and he has FAILED to a degree that cannot be explained away as mere stupidity or “inexperience” or even for humorous effect, waved away as the result of meddling “Republicans”. The last four years can only be classified as “intentional”. The Democratic “Destruction Of America” goes WELL BEYOND OWEbama and all of us CANNOT lose sight of that fact as we enter the voting booth. Therefore, we cannot look at this as a mere “MicrOWEbama” drubbing, it is “MacrOWEbama”, and therefore the ENTIRE Democratic Party must be removed from power. The liberals have had four years to “experiment” and from OUR perspective they have FAILED and they have done so miserably. (I will continue to say that from THEIR perverted perspective, they SUCCEEDED..)

The Democrats as a whole MUST be taken from power. NOW. The Senate and the House MUST be cleansed of the carcinogenic touch of the liberal Democratic left. Action taken MUST be swift and it must be unequivocal, there can be NO liberal nonsense polluting the political air after January 2013. Local Democrats have been “advertising” how they are AGAINST all of the OWEbama failures that they supported during the halcyon days in early 2009 when “I won” was the smug response to ANY questioning of the liberal Democrats “Final Solution” for America. A few more points to ponder if you are at all considering pulling ANY lever for ANY Democrat..

As always, the Supreme Court is “in play”. The geriatric Justices are always but one head cold away from falling out and OWEbama and the Democratic left CANNOT be in a place that could effect the Court for years to come.. The House and Senate MUST become Republican for more than a few reasons, and this one is probably the most important..

Please note that ALREADY, the “voter irregularities” that were nonexistent in 2008 (because the “correct” candidate won..) have ALREADY begun appearing. The Democratic proclivity towards cartoon character, football team and dead person’s votes being tabulated on the left side of the ledger are “historic”. “Stealing” this election for OWEbama IS NOT out of the question.. (What is in store relative to the New York vote?)

Do you need an example from only a few days ago? Meet Jim Turner of North Carolina who was so proud of already voting FIVE times for OWEbama on Saturday that he couldn’t resist bragging about the crime on Facebook.. He claimed that he voted twice in Emerald Island, once in PKS, once in Beaufort and once in Henderson. Do you see why the Democrats are against the idea of an effective voter ID law? What are the chances that Turner will be prosecuted for this crime?

THIS is why EVERY LEGAL vote against OWEbama MATTERS. The liberals really couldn’t manage to steal the election across the board for EVERY Democratic candidate (but that WILL NOT stop them from TRYING) and a clear and uncontested Republican “Supermajority” in BOTH Houses would turn the lame duck into a true lame duck.

The work of BOTH Houses to overturn the OWEbama failures even if OWEbama takes up space in DC for the next four years is paramount. I honestly do not care if he and his surly spouse vacation and golf to their hearts content, the House and the Senate will “purge the piffle” and I don’t care if the idiot liberal “historians” want to give OWEbama credit for the work that will be done by the Republicans in the House and the Senate come 2016, the work HAS to be done..

It does not matter to me that Billy Bob to this day gets the “credit” as the Republican House and Senate FORCED the lecherous liberal to the center and put America back on track. (However, Billy Bob’s meddling with Bath House Barney within the mortgage “fairness” nonsense led to problems that didn’t surface for years.. Even a SINGULAR Democrat left in power will continue the Democratic Jihad AGAINST America, leaving their patented political IED’s in their wake..)

Still not convinced? Food stamp growth is 75 TIMES HIGHER than job growth under OWEbama and the Democrats. OWEbama has the HIGHEST unemployment rating of ANY incumbent since FDR. Of the “800,000 jobs” allegedly created recently by OWEbama (“saved or created”..) 600,000 of them are part-time jobs and most part-time jobs are NOT given insurance coverage and we KNOW what is just around the corner when it comes to being “uninsured” under OWEbamaScare..

Remember that no matter what, if OWEbama were to steal this election, he will have NOTHING TO LOSE when it comes to decimating America. As a true “lame duck” it will become “open season” on America. We have unfortunately been victimized by OWEbama for four years when we KNEW that the nattering narcissist would run again, imagine what will be left of America if OWEbama is reelected and term limits dictate (appropriate OWEbama descriptor..) an END to his reign and his coconspirators in both Houses are still around to assist him.. Keep this in mind: they were just warming up over the last four years..

The Democratic State Department FAILED us in Libya. The Democratic Justice Department FAILED us in “Fast and Furious”. MILLIONS of jobs have been lost, possibly forever.. OWEbama has “historically” failed us. TRILLIONS of American dollars have been lost, possibly forever and if OWEbama and the Democrats are mysteriously reelected, it could spell the end for America..

Possibly forever..



30 responses to “MacrOWEbama

  1. Family,

    PLEASE use this link and read the latest TOTD:

    After 541 NLTZ articles and 616 TOTD’s, it has all come down to this..

    Lets bring home a winner.

    Thanks to JJ for hustling on both sites, thanks to those who visited..

    Thanks as always,


  2. beyond disgusted

    Welcome back Larry, you have been missed! I voted last Tuesday; it felt great voting for Gov. Romney and all Republicans on the ballot. In case we are not enough to get the job done, I’m still hoping for Divine Intervention.

  3. Larry,

    Good article – you’re back !

    It is unfortunate, (thanks to the LSM ) that the average person hasn’t seen the litany of OWEbaama’s ‘historic’ failures. And what’s worse, is that there are some who are aware of his failures but will still vote for this fraud !

  4. Aside from working the polls, which most of us don’t have time to do, how can a voter make sure their vote will count?

  5. beyond,

    I think that it looks good.

    Tell the world.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  6. JJ,

    Thus the reason that OWEbama and the Democrats worked so hard to put as many on the dole as they could.

    We can still win.

    Press on..


  7. Julie B,

    We can NEVER be “sure”, the left will do anything to cling to power.

    Only overwhelming numbers of LEGAL votes will do the trick.


  8. Larry, I used to work with your son, and he speaks highly of you.

    I’m not worried about the “left”. Their arguments are too lame to get any more traction. They had it before I was born, but it’s over.

    Common Sense is prevailing.

  9. Glad to see you’re back Larry!
    I missed your ever so eloquent rational.
    I don’t understand people who have quit, saying they are so disgusted
    with government at large that they refuse to vote and legitimize them in the process.
    First, we must vote Obumbler out of or lives.
    Then we can start rebuilding, including policy and ethics.
    I’m in California and I’m still voting to do my part. Why can’t
    they see this coming election to be as important and as vital to our
    survival as the American Revolutionary War?

  10. Quixtop – Your comparison to the American Revolutionary War is extremely apt. Oh, for the day of the “Newsies” when they shouted out the headlines and other interesting stories in the papers they peddled. It really is too bad we can’t find a way of voting on journalists. We need a clean sweep there and all new blood untainted from one party or the other.

    Great to have you back Larry. I hope Word Press will reinstate me. I have become very frustrated with them. I guess that’s what I get for changing my E-mail address. In my prayers day and night I have asked God to heal our country and help us find our way back. He can do it, but we need to do our part first. So Legally voting is of the utmost importance.. I was reading when some voters touched the screen for Romney, the voting machine showed Obama received the vote. And this was confirmed in at least six states! Whose idea was it to let a foreign company handle such a fragile piece of freedom?

  11. Larry, Amen, and Amen…. there are some signs of life in both the media and hollywood…. some of our prayers are being answered.. “Pray, then vote” yard signs are all over my town here in SC. Our Pastor is talking about the future of the country. People of every color are talking about getting rid of this clown and putting this country back on track.

  12. Julie B,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    The left is resilient if anything..

    One more day..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Quixtop,

    I agree, if politics had NO effect on anyone’s life, I would understand anyone’s complacency..

    Politics literally effects EVERY element of your life. THAT is reason enough to become at least “informed”, better yet involved..

    One more day..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Richard,

    Since it is a computer program, why can’t the voters name appear on the ballot? Or if anonymity is of such importance, a voter ID number. Might make fraud a bit easier to check..

    Wait, the left doesn’t want ANY kind of oversight when it comes to “one person, one vote”..

    Silly me.

    One more day..

    Thanks as always,


  15. T,

    We HAVE to hope that the genuine “silent majority” have had enough.

    If they have, we will have a new President on Wednesday morning and America will have a new future..

    One more day.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  16. My question has always been – how can any SANE person vote for this fraud ?

  17. JJ,

    Just follow the money trail..

    Bring everyone DOWN and “buy” their votes forever.

    Liberalism 101..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Wonder if those who are opposed to voter ID would accept the system used in some countries , namely a thumb print using indelible ink. It would cut down on multiple voting by one person – and the prints can be entered into a national data base. Also, everyone could display their stained thumb with pride, as evidence of doing their civic duty. However, you just know that the Left with dream up some lame opposition !! They always do .

  19. It is not a question of sanity, but rather that of illusion. History is full of examples where the people and/or the government itself are dillusional. I shall always remain convinced the last four years have been a combination of both.

    Four years ago, due to ignorance and self centered greed, I believe the people were dellusional. They elected a man who told them what they wanted to hear, shored up their dreams of hope and change stuff and the promise to the always vapid, “rise above politics.” I am blessed with an inate ability to know when a person is being dishonest with me. After seeing two campaign speechs given by Obama, I knew he was lying and had only the moot satisfaction of telling everyone he was/is a liar and not voting for him.

    There are still those, because of race, because of laziness in educating themselves or in the belief in continuing to do nothing will put more coins in their pockets, these are the dillusional ones that would still vote for a straw man like Obama. These types of people are weak minded and/or weak willed, not insane. And they will continue to defend Obama till the day they die. Obama is an intelligent man but for all his intelligence he would not be able to influence an insane mind. In that you have Obama’s plan for America. He could care less about America’s poor, he is attacking the middle-class, driving them down into submission to make them weak willed dependent on the government. Socialism.

    Obama is the straw man with no heart for America. Not to far removed from The Wizard Oz with it’s munchkin’s and flying monkeys, Obama truly loves his costly ruby red slippers he’s been flaunting at tax payer’s expense. It has become almost surreal now that Obama has deputized Big Bird as his thuggish surrogate.

    The sweetest sound on earth for me will be in January when, as the judge quotes the oath of office for the President of the United States, they are not followed by Obama’s voice.

  20. Family,

    Possibly the last NLTZ article written before the election, here is a link:

    Tomorrow I am working from 5PM until midnight CST. I will race to the computer if anyone happens to be on the site, I’m going with live comments.. I know that midnight will be late but it appears that the counts might still be going on at that time. Log on ANYTIME tomorrow with news from your area!

    One more day.

    Once more for the record: never give in, never give up and never again..

    Thanks as always,


  21. LBJ started the downfall of the country when he stole the Republican welfare plan, called it a democratic plan, and said “if we pass this we will have the ni**ers voting democrat for the next 200 years. He had so many dead people vote for him that there was 100+ votes for him in a county of 12 people. The democratic party has been worse than the Mafia for many years now. We must vote them out, but do not forget the courts. They have been stacking the deck for so many years most courts are now liberal. If obummer wins and appoints 2-3 Supreme court justices this country is gone. It will be the key to allow the Muslim to conquer the world, or destroy all live when they start to use nuclear bombs.

  22. As well, possibly the last TOTD before the election, here is a link:

    I’d love nothing more than for both sites to light up like Christmas trees..

    Thanks as always,


  23. JJ,

    Whatever color ink would be considered discriminatory..

    Game over..

    Thanks as always,


  24. Joe,

    Nothing to add to that.. Priceless..


  25. Graywolf,

    I too mentioned the importance of the Supremes. Its a three-pronged attack. Oust OWEbama, oust the liberal Democrats from BOTH Houses and start working on ALL of the layers of the Judicial branch up to and including the Supremes.

    One more day..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Well, in a few hours it will be safe to answer my phone, as the robo-calls will stop coming. This has been the most disgusting campaign I can remember, and I am thoroughly disgusted with all the candidates. Last month I held my nose and forced myself yet again to vote against a candidate whom supports nothing I believe in, flipping the digital lever for a candidate whom violates most of my conservative sensibilities, in order to prevent the greater of two evils from retaining power.

    Those whom have read my missives here know my feelings, so I will not re-air them, quite honestly I suffer from campaign fatigue, and depths of my loathing for the incumbent have barely been plumbed. As a conservative it should be our duty to find new reasons every day to hate the jug-eared twit squatting in the White House, along with his loathsome toad of a wife, and if half of what we have heard about the Benghazi Incident are confirmed, the Traitor-in-Chief needs to be deposed regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, for the blood of the better-men-than-he staining his grasping paws. It is truly hypocritical that his surrogates can accuse Romney of murder for some bit of business in which neither he nor the victim were actually involved in, and yet they say nothing about their own candidate’s complicity in the real murders of our Ambassador and several Navy SEALs.

    I made certain predictions when…erm, our candidate was anointed by the media (the GOP having failed to learn this lesson from 2008), and I pray to God I will be proven wrong, as i doubt our country will survive what will happen next. Ol’ Dingy Harry Reid has already gone on record as stating that if Romney wins he will not work with him no matter what, so we must ensure Republican majorities in both Houses are secured. Prince Harry needs to be ousted from his post as Botox Nancy was before him, and we need him out of the way so the real work of repairing the damage done to our Republic can begin.

    Its good to see you are back Larry, I was beginning to wonder if the Gestapo had gotten to you already. With any luck at all our national nightmare will soon end, however, I have a sick feeling the real nightmare will soon be upon us. God help us all.

  27. G.,

    As always, your eloquence and insight brightens NLTZ.

    Always a pleasure to get your perspective.

    Thanks as always,


  28. Michele from NY

    Very pleased to see you back Larry, particularly this evening. Here in NY, the last bastion of liberal lackeys (aside from CA), the only thing we have going for us is that the lazy dems are blaming Hurricane Sandy for preventing them from voting tomorrow. We’ve been without power for a week, our gas tanks are empty, temperatures are dropping, but I will walk the 3 miles and back to the polling place, and be happy to do so. Let’s hope all of us that are not dependant on this hack and his minions do the same. Til tomorrow…

  29. Michele,

    The prayers of the entire Family go out to you and those of the entire area..

    We hope that all is well and we hope that Mr. Photo Op will finally stop campaigning and actually do something to help..

    Thanks as always,


  30. Dave from Anaheim

    There are already eight states where the machines have been caught changing votes for Gov. Romney to votes for Osama. Coincidentally, these 8 states are all “toss-up” states. Double check your selection before actually voting.

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