Why? How many parents have heard this response when they have asked their child to do or not to do something? Usually when a young one gives this response, it is a stalling tactic, a deflection that is usually accompanied by the “sad eyes”.. As annoying as that response invariably seems to be, the person giving that response MAY be looking for more definitive proof of the statement that you had previously made..


In relation to the election of 2012, I find myself asking the question “why” with all to great a frequency.. “Why?”


“Why were the debates necessary?” On the face of it, the debates were completely unnecessary. The REALITY of the OWEbama four-year record of complete ineptitude, catastrophic failure on all fronts, economic, foreign and domestic, makes the idea of a “debate” as laughable as an OWEbama campaign speech.. But we must look BEYOND the surface to find a very compelling reason for the necessity of the debates.


The debates were the only opportunities for the world to see and to hear the candidates WITHOUT the IMMEDIATE “filter” that is applied to the words of both candidates. Even so, the ALLEGEDLY “impartial” hosts of the debates, like Candy (I REALLY need to stay AWAY from candy) Crowley, tried their not-so level best to tilt the scales BEFORE or shortly after the candidate’s words were spoken.


The consistently sad debate performances of OWEbama had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Cicero himself could not have effectively defended the OWEbama RECORD of the last four years.


The “impartial” media, which proudly wear their socialist hearts on their sleeves and their OWEbama buttons on their lapels, began to “spin” everything on behalf of OWEbama as soon as the words were spoken. As each debate ended, the “cut and paste” mentality of the OWEbama supporters who overwhelmingly dominate the “impartial” media dissected and dismissed the effective words of Romney and they inflated the impotent mutterings and grunts of the defeated OWEbama.. Those few uninterrupted hours were of extreme importance to the Romney campaign and the polls showed it..


“Why ISN’T the media even remotely ‘impartial’?” The simplest answer for this question is because we have ALLOWED the media to become PARTIAL.


Those that know better, mostly out of habit, still tune in to media outlets that have cavalierly adopted the idea that they should MAKE the news as opposed to “reporting” it. The profession has lost its dignity and their decorum and their blatant bias should be considered grounds for a “journalistic malpractice” inquiry..


To give but ONE example, it has been EIGHT WEEKS since the terrorist attack upon our Embassy in Libya and the docile “impartial” media have done everything possible to avoid doing their jobs in relation to uncovering the OWEbama Democratic cover-up of their malfeasance. This is but ONE example, there have been dozens of other examples over the last four years.


“Why can’t we speak the truth about the last four years and the devastation of the OWEbama record without being accused of some sinister, imaginary ulterior motive?” Because the “truth” in relation to the OWEbama record of the last four years is the intellectual equivalent of a clove of garlic around your neck, a cross in your hand and a wooden stake in your pocket..


For generations, the left has been ALLOWED to sidetrack the efforts of those who have the best interests of America through the bizarre juxtapositioning of the “burden of proof”. Seemingly before the accused can be accused, they now immediately claim to be the victim of some invisible “-ism” and the accusers are now the accused.. Now the accuser has to defend their MOTIVES before they get around to providing the proof of the wrongdoing of the accused. Within the perverted world of the left when a member of the left is the accused, the accuser must prove THEIR innocence first..


When confronted by the facts, the left ignores your argument and adopts the look of the aggrieved (the “sad eyes”) and they then launch into a mono-syllabic attack upon your character, ignoring completely your superior argumentative position.. You are then REQUIRED under the liberal rules of engagement, to defend YOURSELF against the indefensible (and the imaginary.. This has proven to be quite effective because this allows the left to escape THEIR OWN futile attempt at defending the indefensible record that they have established..)


“Why are the polls so close?” Since the overwhelming number of the available media outlets are blatantly biased on behalf of the liberal agenda, “polls” conducted can be construed in such a manner that makes their bias appear to be fact. The “average” poll contains the “opinions” of about 500-1,500 people and the “results” of the poll can be “adjusted” by how the polling questions are constructed. We NEVER hear the questions that are asked of those polled, we only get the “results” and the “results” had better support the liberal agenda or the poll is cashiered on the spot..


“Why would ANYONE be so complacent about the damage that has been done to America both domestically and internationally over the last four years?” This is the “why” that is the most perplexing of ALL of the “why’s” that all of us routinely ask..


If politics didn’t have ANY effect on EVERY American, I could very easily understand anyone’s ambivalence with the entire putrid process. Whether anyone likes it or not, there isn’t a single area of your life that ISN’T directly effected by the workings of the political machinery, local, state and federal.. An effective politician can effect you in many positive ways from a lessening of the burden of individual taxation to a strong economy, which helps you in the job market, and on and on and on.


An ineffective politician, not unlike the one in the highest office in the land over the last four years, DIRECTLY effects you in any number of ways. An economy driven by exorbitant taxation DOES NOT create jobs and always leads to the loss of jobs, possibly yours and it doesn’t get any more “politically personal” than that.. An ineffective and wasteful government constantly has to bleed its citizens in order to feed their lust for taking from others in order to redistribute and on and on and on..


I am going to try to be as diplomatic as I can possibly be.. The last four years have been DOMINATED by a group of ineffective Democratic politicians and a citizen of this country has had to only be mildly observant in order to understand and to correctly comprehend the source of the pain that the citizens of this country feel every day. Looking to another “why”, “why would anyone be so masochistic, why would anyone want to reward such destructive inefficiency with ANOTHER four years when the results of which will be far WORSE than the hideous and horrible four years that have preceded it?” The simple answer is often the right answer, “follow the money”..


If the proper decision is made by the voters who manage to make it to the polls tomorrow, (and that is ANOTHER “why”, “why DIDN’T you vote?”) I will be left to ask, “why did it take you so long to awaken to what has transpired around you for the last four years?” Or possibly, “why was it so close, this should have been a double-digit landslide..”


If the logically unthinkable happens tomorrow, I will be left to ask, “why did you allow it to happen AGAIN?”


38 responses to “Why?

  1. Regarding the so-called debates, my question was – WHY did R &R , and the RNC agree to four liberal moderators ? Why enter into a situation where the odds are stacked against you ? At the very least, wouldn’t 2 lib and 2 conservative moderators be ” fair ” ? Especially since OWEbaama is always preaching ” fairness” , along with giving everyone a ” fair shot ” .

  2. JJ,

    First: we ALL know that when the left crows about being “fair”, it ends up being the polar opposite..

    Second: Romney had to take what was offered for the reasons that I have listed.

    It was his BEST chance to get HIS perspective aired before it was eviscerated by the “impartial” media. The debates were a clean sweep for Romney.

    Say what you will and I too have made it known that Mitt wasn’t my first choice but I have spent the last two nights listening to his most recent speeches and if anyone is actually LISTENING to him, anyone on the “fence” so to speak, he will end up walking away with the “independents”.

    OWEbama sounds surly and disputatious, Mitt sounds gracious and at ease with the proceedings.

    One more day, do your bit for Mitt.

    Never give in never give up and never again..


  3. Larry,

    Since this is such an important election, I really believe that R & R , and the RNC should have tried to get a balance of moderators. If the General Election Commission insisted on four libs, then what does that say abnout the whole debate process ? Also, I wonder if FOX even tried to provide a moderator, since they have several good possibilities to offer.
    Undoubtedly Romney scored well, BUT with a balance of moderators, he would have destroyed OWEbaama, without question. And, the polls would have been much more favorable for Romney, thereby making it harder for an OWEbaama victory.

  4. JJ,

    Agreed but..

    If the rules weren’t to the liberals satisfaction, NO debates of any kind.

    This was the ONLY chance to force OWEbama to discuss his failures, his mistakes.

    He looked completely unprofessional and he KNEW that if the “moderators” weren’t going to pounce on him, Romney would.

    Romney recieved a discernable bounce from the debates so even though the situation wasn’t perfect, Romney had to run with it and I believe that he made the most of the situation.

    The polls might look differently if there hadn’t been any debates as the sing-song “impartial” media would have kept humming the same tune anyway..

    Millions got to see first hand just how shallow OWEbama is and that was even with the “home field advantage”.

    I would have taken the same deal.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Dave from Anaheim

    There are already eight states where the machines have been caught
    changing votes for Gov. Romney to votes for Osama. Coincidentally, these 8 states are all “toss-up” states. Double check your selection before actually voting.

  6. Already this AM , there were reports of more voting machine switching taking place. Does anyone really and truly believe that this will be a ‘fair ‘ election ? The Dems are desperate, make no mistake about it .

    BTW, what is the penalty for voting more than once – does anyone know ?And, if so, does it increase with each illegal vote ?

  7. A friend of mine who lives in PA told me that of the approx. 400 voters in their community, almost 1/2 had voted in the first two hours that the polls were open. Both of the electronic voting machines were operational, and apparently without problems. Of course, that was only in the first two hours – time will tell !!

  8. Just got back from voting.. 11:15 CST. Highlights to follow..

    First, I always vote at approximately the same time, every time. Last election at 11:00 AM there had been about 50-60 votes cast. Today: 256 when I slid my ballot into the collector. (and NO it wasn’t a paper shredder since I voted for Mitt..)

    As I was going through the ballot, in comes a “suspicious” voter.. Tried to vote, refused, started hollering, the poll watchers of BOTH parties got her out. I’m sure she went to another poll and tried the same hoping to find more cooperative poll officials..

    Got through quickly, kept the poll workers loose with a joke (I had gotten my ballot after my wife, the poll worker looked for my name on the roll and another worker said, “he should be right underneath his wife..” To which I responded, “That’s exactly where I should be..” Large guffaws which helped to lighten the tension..

    I used a paper ballot this time for two reasons: one, the “problems” that some of the electronic machines have already had nationwide with votes “changing”. Second, there were only two electronic machines available for some reason and I thought that this would expedite my voting. It did. Nothing like people who are spooked by electronics trying to figure out an electronic ballot..

    Again, I am hoping to be off work tonight at midnight CST, I will check in if anyone happens to be up, we can chat as I am predicting that there will be some problems as the polls try to close. St. Louis made national headlines with this kind of stunt in 2000 so I can easily see another round of last second lawsuits and restraining orders for extended voting hours as long as the correct voters feel aggreived..

    Let’s bring home a winner.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Family,

    Lets have all of the NLTZ “on scene reporters” check in with a report on their voting experience today.

    It will be interesting to see what is happening around the country.

    Thanks as always,


  10. I just returned from voting and it took me one and one half hours. The line was huge. The problem was the checking in process. One old man took your I.D. and you were to speak your name to him. He didn’t even look at me! Did not acknowledge I was there. He held the I.D. in front of the next person who flipped the pages of the registered voters and when she finds your name, you sign the book (in pencil, I might add). Why pencil and not ink? At this point, my I.D. was not handed to me, it was just tossed onto the table. Third person is coding the cards for the electronic voting. She really did not look like she knew what she was doing. kind of the deer in headlights look. After you got your card, a facilitator directs you to the machine. There were ten machines each facing each other. They also had three machines set up for the disabled and needy. The ten machines we never filled to make someone wait, so the check in should have been much better. I read each and every vote three times before it was cast. Voting for me is a high – I don’t drink or smoke or carouse, so voting really gets my heart going. I hope the prayers I have been offering find a friendly ear!

  11. Larry, I voted last week of early voting. I was first and then my Hubby. The lady checking the registration card says,”Oh, do you live at the same address or do you live in the dog house behind the house?” Hubbs said, I can’t talk about that in public. Everyone got a big laught at this. I live in a very Republican Town and County in Texas. We had over 31,783 people vote early or by absentee ballet. In 2008, we had 32,957 vote early or by absentee ballots. Some Texans feel they don’t have to vote as they said for president, it won’t matter as we are not a swing state. (yet). We could be in the future with all of the immigration that we now have. I have not miss voting since I was old enough to vote. Our population is about 115,000.
    Of course, the school district is asking for some new schools as we had an increase of about 1,500 new students this school year becuse of the oil boom here. This always brings votes out.

  12. We voted early here in small town East Texas, population 12,500. The usual wait time to vote here is 10 min. This year we were about 1 hour. I counted 45 people in line ahead of us, but when we finally got inside the bldg there was a snake line, so there were over 50 ahead of us. We had the usual 3 machines and numerous first time voters or it would not have taken as long. I wore my NRA cap to see if anyone objected, no one did, but a couple glared at me. I’ll bet they voted for obummer.

  13. I made it to the polls by 8:30 A.M. The beauty of this small town I live in is the laid back atmosphere. No curtained voting stalls just long tables and chairs, I even had one of the poll workers get a cup of coffee for me. There were but a handful of voters there at the time, most of which I was acquainted with. One of them said, “He had no doubt (you are) going to vote the right way.” I told him “Yes, I was indeed and I trust that all of you are doing the same.”

    I got a call from a woman wanting to know if I’d give her transportation to the polling place. I was more than happy to oblige but I couldn’t resist I would oblige depending on who she was planning on voting for!! She voted for Mitt but had a son, still in high school and voting for the first time, who was dead set on voting for Obama. I drove slow and asked the boy why. With all of the myths I contradicted him with facts but I’m not sure if it changed his mind. The young are impressionable… illusions to the un-wise is a marriage.

  14. Larry, So glad you are up and running before the election. The husband and I vote early, mainly because we have so many judges and propisitions. It is easier to sit down and study the ballot and look up the rating on judges. I love the internet. Something we couldn’t do years back.

    The conclusion I have come to after watching all the debates and numerous speeches over the last few months is that Mitt Romney is a decent hard working, intelligent man and I truly feel he will have the best interest of the country in his heart. It will be a welcome change compared to someone with all the baggage the small O has. Yes, a small man, arrogant and incompetent.

    One last thing. It makes me sick to hear about people who want to cheat and game the system of any party. But as we can see, mostly Dumocrats. No more scruples left with some folks.

    Welcome home. We need more Larrys. I don’t watch ANY LAME STREAM MEDIA anymore. Why get upset and let them get you into a funky mood?

  15. Voted at 8:30 this AM, and had only 6 people in line before me. Everything was organized, 2 electronic machines, no problems. Total time – less than 8 minutes. No one asked for an ID . Of course it will be a different situation this evening when folks will be voting after work.

  16. Family,

    NEWS FLASH: I was not scheduled to work tonight, I will be checking the site every half hour for comments.

    The next round of polls close in about five minutes (7PM CST)..

    Lets see where it goes.


  17. Mary,

    Texas means alot. It should mean more.

    Can’t stand counting on places like Ohio, Florida when it comes to overwhelming common sense.

    Both states have a lot of wonderful conservatives but there are too many “others”..


  18. Graywolf,

    Wish that we could tell just how people voted.

    It still slys me that this is even remotely CLOSE at all.

    Makes one lose faith in humanity..


  19. Joe,

    As you well know “advice” is something that wise men don’t need and idiots don’t heed..

    Its always worth a try though..


  20. Monica,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    After 542 NLTZ articles, after 617 TOTD’s, I wonder if it has had any effect at all..

    I see too many people who have jettisoned common sense and I find that their vote based upon stupidity counts just as much as mine does based upon common sense and research..

    Never give in, never give up and never again


  21. JJ,

    It will only matter if the OWEbamazombies come calling..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Family,

    Another group of polls closed.. Why is it this close?

    We have allowed the nation to become a rag-tag group of “recipients” who now turn to the government for money taken from others.

    Thus the importance of four years unemploying people and putting them on the dole.

    The handout mentality. Redistribution.

    Buying votes Democrat’s style..

    See you in thirty minutes, that is if anyone is here..


  23. This is so stressful I had to take the dog for a walk here in Arizona on a beautiful warm evening. Feel much better. No surprises yet. I am hoping Jeff Flake wins here for the John Kyl senate seat. Kyl is retiring. Richard Carmona has given him a tough run. It helped to have McCain and Kyl campaign with him. I love living in a red state and hope is doesn’t turn purple too soon.

  24. Monica,

    When the NATION ignores the REALITY of Behngazi for nine weeks, when the boisterous blimp in New Jersey boosts the Brown Clown and gets used for nothing more than a photo op, when the “impartial” media handles suppressing fire for the communists, I wonder why it is now even 149-127 for Romney..

    Michigan.. What is wrong with you.. Votes bought with bailout money taken from people who would never vote for a redistributionist like OWEbama.

    If the Kenyan Kollectivist gets another whack at my life savings, he won’t be so kind next time around..

    That means that YOUR life savings will be gone as well..

    In three years if this does not get better tonight, we will make Greece look like a political paradise..

    See anyone interested in 30 minutes..


  25. Now we are losing senate seats. Can’t believe Harry Reid will still be in controal. Thank you to all the socialist lame stream media. Obama’s socialist uptopia is getting closer. I can’t watch Fox anymore they are already singing the death knell.

  26. 153-153..

    This is becoming the equivalent of the following ficticious headline: “Failure Carter takes election from upstart Reagan..”

    Now Romney MUST win Virginia, Florida AND Ohio..

    Since I am only taking to myself, I might be back in an hour.

    Time to pray..


  27. Monica,

    The killer is the Indiana Senate seat that was supposed to be a walk for the Republicans. HOW can they LOSE Senate seats in this OWEbama economic naplaming?

    Will be interesting to see just how many people STAYED HOME NATIONWIDE as opposed to voting..

    How can 23 MILLION unemployed and under employed people NOT vote OUT the man who put them into the position that they are in??

    We shall see..


  28. Walking in a fog of deception. I hope they nail his black ass to the wall on Bengazi after the election. We still have the house. He should be impeached for dereliction of duty.

    Too Sad.

  29. Monica,

    Won’t happen but just imagine if McCain had been president and this terrorist attack had happened nine weeks before the election..

    It’s all sort of “Alice in Wonderland” where there is an altogether seperate “reality” that everyone else seems to live in..

    I think that I am done for the night..

    Thanks as always,


  30. Thank you Larry for your time. I enjoyed reading your comments. I am dumbstruck with what Fox news is showing on the Internet. It just may be a contested election for the next ten days. Maybe we can get some Real Congress people to pull the rug out from under Bama/Biden for treason (lose lips), malfeasance, and at least one other impeachable offence for each month they have been in office. Don’t quote me, but somebody will try and put a bulls eye on zippiy!

  31. I am sitting here watching the election returns, and I find myself …. unsurprised. I predicted several months ago President Obama would win by a comfortable margin, and he has. While the popular vote is quite close, with Romney actually having the edge in the popular vote (though not by much), he was blown out by the Electoral College. Colour me completely unsurprised, as I told all of you what would happen, and I told you why. I’m not going to say as I did four years ago that this would be the second time I would be ashamed to be an American, for my disgust has carried over for those four years.

    The American people are damned fools, damned lackwitted, slope foreheaded, drooling numbskulls with the attention span of a hyperactive gerbil. They have chosen to lives on their knees, and beg scraps from their Democrat masters rather than take charge of their own lives, because it is easier to live as a slave than as somebody whom chooses to live by their own means. The American people deserve to live as slaves, and deserve to be laughed at while our enemies circle us like lions around a wounded wildebeest.

    Worse, the GOP did everything they could to lose this campaign, by pandering to the Non-Fox Media in hopes of being liked.. They picked a candidate whom was nothing more than a white-skinned Obama, and why should the electorate pick a faux-Obama when they could have the real McCoy. Romney was the best choice of a collection of losers, which doesn’t say a lot. The GOP picked the guy whom lost to the man whom lost to Obama, whom now has lost to Obama himself. Worse, we have lost Senate seats, and ensured Prince Harry’s continued command of a Senate whom will do nothing to help the House get anything accomplished.

    The GOP has shown it will stand for nothing, and so they’ve gained nothing. We conservatives have been McCained again, and we should pull the plug on the GOP and try something else, assuming this country survives the fiasco to come starting at the end of this year. we can expect an economic crash, the President unilaterally disarming our nukes, strip our military down to the nub, and illegals streaming across the borders in an unending flood seeking largess paid for by the few of us left still working. We can just forget about rolling back Obamacare, and we haven’t a prayer of getting this fraud out of the White House.

    I am beyond disgusted with the electorate, and I feel there is no party out there whom represents our values anymore..The GOP has become the Whigs, and they deserve to be cast upon the ash heap of history.

  32. My sentiments exactly, G. Nichols.
    The saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” is very apt in this instance.
    Reluctantly, I listened to Obummer’s acceptance speech (I didn’t want to hear his voice, it drives me crazy to hear it) but it actually sounded good.
    I mean the speech itself sounded good. That I have to give to him, he is a great orator, not a speaker, and not a debater, just an orator. Cicero and even Hitler himself would be proud.
    Anyway, it sounded great and it would be if only he stuck to it. I particularly liked the part where he said we must make sure we don’t leave our children in debt and for our protection we must have the best military in the world, and America must be a nation looked upon with reverence and as a model for the rest of the world.
    For a minute I thought it was Romney speaking and then I actually thought it possible that all these wonderful things will be made to happen even though it was the brown clown saying it. Then that old adage about being a fool came to mind and reality set in.
    If I was taught in today’s schools, listened to the latest rap music? watched the main stream media and reality TV day in day out and didn’t have to go to work to fend for myself, and smoked some of that “good” stuff whenever available, I myself might be still stuck in that euphoric state where I believed everything because it sounded good.
    All this started a long time ago and it will take a long time to reverse the trend. I see the beginnings with FOX News, talk radio, and people like us on the internet.
    Never give in, never give up and never again

  33. Some words of wisdom and comfort on this disappointing day:
    My friends, this fight is not over and we must continue to be ever vigilant.


    I predict 2 things:
    1) The stock market will tank before the end of the year.
    2) Obama will be impeached or assasinated before his term is up. ( I just hope that BIden goes with him either way.)

  34. Family,

    For those who aren’t totally disgusted with the entire political process, I offer the following:


    Still not prepared to give up, America is too special to roll over..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  35. Win $1000 per week for life.

    Answer the following TRUE or FALSE questions correctly :

    1) NJ Gov Christie is the biggest ( no pun intended ) OWEbaama supporter
    2) 42 % of respondents claim that OWEbaama’s handling of hurricane Sandy influenced their vote
    3) The RNC is doing research to determine the best method to start a hurricane
    4) There is NO voter fraud in Phila.
    5) The Black Panthers have NO influence on elections
    6) Labor unions are responsible for the success of the GOP
    7) The best economic situation for any country is to have an equal mix of productive and non-productive citizenry, so that one group does not eclipse the other
    8) Everyone should have a “Free ” OWEbaama phone with unlimited minutes in case of an emergency.
    9) The OWEbaama phone would also insure proper voting
    10) The GOP has always presented the best campaign and the best candidate for POTUS
    11) ALL politicians are honest, god- fearing citizens, who work hard for the benefit of their fellow man and country, and not for personal gain
    12) Everyone should have free healthcare, free housing, and be able to retire at age 50 with full benefits
    13) Everyone, without exception, should be in the 75% tax bracket

    Your test result : Sorry, you did not win any cash , but hopefully you got a ‘chuckle’ or two on this ‘day after’ a “day of infamy” in American Politics.

    May God help us with our impending disaster !!

  36. Spot on JJ! Sad, but true.

  37. T- I agree with your prognostication 100%. We need to quickly provide evidence of massive voter fraud and discard the election results, the hold a special election the first Tuesday of December AFTER Obama has been vetted properly and ALL his records are made public. If there is still a wrong outcome, impeachment should begin immediately and Biden the mouth brought up on Treason for bragging about Osama and getting our Seals killed. Same goes for elections in the Senate. How honest were they? This is a fight from which we must not back away. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN AND NEVER AGAIN!

  38. Larry and Family:

    Sorry I was absent during this important time but, as you know, Hurricane Sandy hit many states. I am in N.Y. and my neighborhood was the worst hit in this county. The electric service was out for 4 days and telephone service was out until yesterday. Fortunately, God watched over us and, despite the large amount of damage here and in other sections of the county, there was no loss of life.

    I, too, am not about to give up. This battle (election) may have been lost, but the war is not. Freedom is far too precious to give up. Americans are a strong people, we will go on and we will win.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

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