Fool Me Once..

Even as an eternal political pessimist, I believe that I had too much faith in what has turned out to be an elusive trait: the common sense of the nation’s voting public. I cannot believe that the intentional devastation of America by OWEbama and the liberal Democrats, both politically and economically, didn’t properly register with its victims. Were they oblivious or were they fooled? The old saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” yet OWEbama and the liberal left have NEVER ONCE “fooled me”..

As to “what went wrong”, there are a number of theories that will be formulated but there are also a number of concrete absolutes that cannot be proven false and should therefore not be ignored any longer..

The “impartial” media. The American public is docile and more importantly, lazy. When an “impartial” media has the OVERWHELMING majority of the air and print space available for their careful formulation of what they believe to be the “news”, when their unquestionable BIAS is allowed to flourish unchallenged, the proper dissemination of ALL SIDES of an issue disappears from the intellectual landscape. The American public has been buffeted with a torrent of “impartial” coverage, anywhere from obvious deflections to a complete ignoring of ANYTHING that would shine the light of truth upon and therefore possible “damage” their chosen candidate, ALWAYS Democratic..

For NINE WEEKS, the American public has been not-so deftly spun away from the realities of the OWEbama/Rodham FAILURES in Libya. For MONTHS, they have been cajoled over the Holder/Justice (“Justice”??) FAILURES of “Fast and Furious”. Sparse and selective “coverage” has accompanied OWEbama since January of 2009, the list of which those of us only mildly observant can quote chapter and verse as we have been victimized and violated for four years..

If you would like to apply a “litmus test” to this theory, imagine just for a moment if ANY ONE of the failures of OWEbama would have happened under say a “McCain administration”.. Would there have been such a wholesale whitewashing? Would there have been such a uniform silence from the “watchdog media”? Some believe that the media were too infatuated with the whole Kennedy/Camelot nonsense but the “reporters” of that time have NOTHING on the wholesale worshipers of OWEbama and the Democratic Party today.

Only a lazy and under-informed voting public can look at OWEbama’s “drive by photo op” in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy and call it “presidential”. I still cannot place blame with Governor Christie for trying to look out for the best interests of his constituents but why he didn’t loudly ask for more assistance other than a few “I feel your pain” hugs from OWEbama AFTER OWEbama left to go back to his endless campaigning.. (As well, the words from Christabelle Matthews, “I’m so glad we had that storm last week” remind us that this isn’t the first time that the liberals have used a DISASTER to bolster themselves politically. The acquisition and the retention of political power is the ONLY imperative for the “compassionate” collectivists..)

Some may say that the “tactics” used by the Romney campaign could have been better.. Those who say this are looking well beyond the actual reason for the defeat and the actual “tactics” that were successful..

The last two national elections have been the culmination of over FIFTY YEARS of liberal “tactics”. In 2008, we were unfortunately immersed in the “historic” candidacy of a candidate that was not even eligible to receive a security clearance to visit the White House and yet he managed to move in courtesy of the voters, both alive and dead.. A campaign of “you are a racist if you don’t vote for me”. A campaign of divisiveness and distractions became a first term of divisiveness and distractions, not to mention complete and abject FAILURE on almost EVERY count. Never mind, lets move “forward”..

In 2012, the results of the “unemploying of America” placed the nation in the unique position of having more of its citizens tethered to the governmental handout mentality than ANY other time in our history. Some of us were NOT “fooled” by this.. For four years, the liberals focused their domestic agenda upon making America addicted to the perverted concept of being dependent upon the federal government for your sustenance. From union members clinging to the “auto bailouts” in Ohio and Michigan (these same beneficiaries FORGET that the bailouts for the auto industry began under George Bush..) to the lowest class grasping for the redistributed income of the middle class in the form of the “Health Care” scam..

The template for the “victories” of 2008 and 2012 were forged decades ago with the “New Deal”, the “Great Society” and other liberal meddling. Something so obvious end up being successful AGAIN..

We cannot overlook the culpability of the Republican Party as the “alternative” to the liberal Democratic Party. Were it not for Ted Cruz in Texas, the Tea Party has been sterilized by the political party that should have warmly embraced them.. The “Chic Fil A” Day was NOT an aberration. Over these same decades, the Republicans have allowed the “benefit-ization” of America to proceed. The nation’s voters will ALWAYS vote with what they believe to be their “best interests” and when the government is patterned to redistribute the wealth of the nation to group of “beneficiaries”, the road to the voters “best interests” goes straight through the Democratic Party.

Even as manufacturing jobs under OWEbama and the Democrats have disappeared faster than Al $harpton does when the check arrives at a restaurant, the former manufacturing havens of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania all thought that the DESTROYER of jobs will miraculously get around to “saving or creating” them in places other than his teleprompter-powered speeches..

Who can we say “failed” when the voter turnout was 14 MILLION LESS than it was for the not-so electrifying McCain/OWEbama race of 2008? Then again, with the indoctrination of America as “receivers” as opposed to being “responsible”, almost all of this fourteen million are probably on the dole so they would have just voted for the redistributor anyway.. Who will take responsibility for the LOSS of Senate seats to the Democrats?

In looking back at the eerily similar times that surrounded the election of 1979, we have to remember that Ronald Reagan didn’t just suddenly appear upon the political landscape. His beliefs were deeply engrained and his political provenance had been established since the Goldwater “A Time For Choosing” speech. Even if another politician like Reagan comes along, the DIFFERENCE between the “America” of 1979 and the “America” of what will be 2016 is VASTLY different due to the careful and calculated work of the liberal Democratic Party who have fooled America MORE than once..


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  1. Your right Larry. We need to be more slective in the candidate that we choose to run. We need someone that will call a wrong what it is and not hide the truth as if were okay to do so. There was enough evidence in several events to have had a different result to the election. Fast and Furious, Allowing four American to die and not sent help. Border Patrole not being supported as they should be and many more events that were henious and ignored by Owebama. WE need action now to make him accountable for these acts and not doing the job to protect our people. America cannot be strong when we act weak and do not take blame where it could of been changed. I rest my case.

  2. Mary,

    With a disputatious and biased media ever at the ready, Romney would have been eviserated as “devisive” all the while accused of being a “bully”..

    Within this environment, carefully polluted by the liberal left, I am not sure if ANY Republican could have emerged victorious.

    We have work to do..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Amen Larry…..

    And again we must remember… Congress spends the money, not the president. A Lie is still a lie, no matter how many times it is repeated.

    Milquetoast Romney didn’t fight the lies perpetrated by the Left-stream media, and so he lost.

    We have 2 major jobs to get done before 2016.
    1) Clean up the media… put out of business the liars and the Lefty water-carriers and support the truth-tellers.
    2) Demand accountability in Congress… drain the swamp of the corruption and cronyism and support those who actually give a rat’s behind about this country.

    Never Quit!!!

  4. Larry,

    Well said. Is it time for the rich Republicans to stop financing politicains, but rather to start buying the major news networks ? Yeah, sounds CRAZY , but as we know – everything and everyone has a price !!

    NBC is hurting financialy, as evidenced by Leno’s pay cut, and they are not the only one. If we had ‘real’ journalists, would we have even heard of OWEbaama ?

    On a side note, will the OWEbaama “inauguration parties ” cost less than 100 million dollars, since afterall, he will now have “flexibility” to do what he wants ?!? 🙂

  5. We have not been “fooled” , we have been “f_ _ _ed “. ( Insert your own vowel and 2 consonants. )
    Apparently the Libs enjoy this type of victimization, or perhaps are being convinced that it is in their best interests.

  6. I prayed to God that he could save our Nation. This is what he sends? I cried all night and will never put my faith again in his hands, I always get disappointed.

  7. Eileen….. sometimes God’s answer is “not yet”. Be patient… there is a plan, and we must keep our eye on the long term goal while we pray for His guidance. We didn’t get where we are all at once, and we won’t fix it that way, either.

    Never give up!

    JJ, I LIke your idea… if we can wrest control of the media from the Left, we can stop some of the lies.

  8. Hey Larry… You have to wonder what it will take to wake up middle class/working class whites in this country. BHO’s 1st term was an abject failure. I had people asking me if I was going to “watch the debates?” I told them I had no need to. They were flabberghasted? “Why not? You don’t want to see what they’ll say?” I told them “What else do you need to see? Are you going to beleive a bunch of rhetoric or your own lying eyes?” The fact that there where people who weren’t sure who to vote for just shows how lazy the electorate is. Like you pointed out, if this economy had been presided over by a Republican, the MSM would have been screaming about the 10% unemployment day and night. But because their boy is in power not a peep. Apparantly nothing short of a Greek style meltdown or food riots will wake people out of their stupor. Sadly they are going to get it.

  9. Eileen,

    First of all – it is really good to hear from you. It’s been TOO long . I do hope that you are doing OK.

    I agree with T , be patient. Remember,we survived Carter and we will survive the current fraud in the WH.
    Eileen, you have been here at NLTZ for a long time , and as you well know – we do not give up. The ‘we’ also includes YOU, and I for one am counting on you to NOT give up. Let’s face it, you’ve had a rough time in the past year or so, BUT you are here now, and God willing , I hope you’ll stay and continue the fight. You are not a quitter, plus we will be in need of your fantastic research ability ! Please hang in there with us, because as we know – “in unity there is strength” . And, as our currency reminds us – ” In God We Trust ” .

  10. I’m going to have to wait to get back into attack mode. This weekend a fell down the stairs, very hard I sprained my right ankle and broke my left wrist and two ribs try to stop my fall. Two black eyes to boot. May be it was a tell tale sign about politics and what to expect. Part one was a stroke, part deux a bad fall. When I get some energy back, I’ll report on what I found out about the Benghazi details that the mainstream media nor FoxNews reported. Give we a few days to start to heal, let the drugs wear off and get some sleep. Feeling sorry for myself never feels good.

  11. Hi Larry,

    Good article but you missed the main problem. In most of the states Barry “won”, the popular vote margin was well below the number of fraud votes cast for him by dead or imaginary voters. We will not have an honest election until every state requires a valid photo ID to cast a ballot. In 2008 and again in 2012, the fraud votes put the illegal alien, muslim communist into office. If only real, valid votes were counted, Barry would have lost both times. The Democraps know that they cannot win an honest election so they insist that fraud is not a problem while they are busy engaging in fraud. Be prepared for him to “win” again in 2016 as the very rich and powerful scum that back and control Obama want to impoverish and enslave the USA. Gun confiscation will soon follow. Notice how the General who wanted to send a rescue party to Benghazi was locked up and immediately retired. In short, the fix is in and this is no longer the country I served for 31 years.

  12. No further explanation necessary:
    Alexis de Tocqueville quotes
    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

  13. As I did in 2008 I believed that the public could not be that stupid, I was wrong, they are.
    One hundred years of the Progressive’s slow encroachment on our rights and freedoms and the change from self-reliance to reliance on the central government has taken it’s fatal toll. Now Obama’s dream of “fundamentally transforming America” will be our new reality. The America of our youth I fear will be gone forever.
    They now have the presidency and the Senate and the upcoming Supreme Court vacancies will guarantee replacements with 2-3 leftist jurists who will change the balance of that court for the next 20-40 years. The Politburo in DC are now leading a nation of sheep being led to their slaughter.
    Like George Burns used to say, “Say goodnight Gracie”.

  14. Yes, we have to come to the realizaton that ignorant people are willing to give up Freedom for Free Stuff. As I was watching Karl Rove trying to make his case last night that all the votes should be counted in Ohio before declaring the socialist president. But then, I remembered a few months ago some women in Ohio were bragging about the free phones they got from Obama. How brilliant! They get the free phone, Obama campaign gets all those phone numbers. So on election day a call, a reminder, go vote. It was useless Karl. We were out manuvered.

    Eileen, Sending you get well wishes, speedy recovery and prayers. I too felt very despondent for a moment because our prayers went unanswered. But now I think God has his plan and own time line. Maybe we need four more years to wake up the 47% that free stuff is not free and and we will run out treasure eventually. We can only hope there is a lesson here.

  15. Hey Eileen,

    That’s the spirit. Looking forward to your research. As I said, you are NOT a quitter. Glad you are back !!!

  16. I agree with everyone. The fraud is so pervasive that it is now accepted as normal just like homosexuals. The public is so uninformed that they refuse to believe facts. I have posted info on agenda 21, the 1963 communist goals, and the communist manifesto all over the net. You should see the replies about how I lie. Two thinly veiled death threats were the worst I received.

  17. This morning at breakfast a fat, slurred speach young man came out of the kitchen and walked over to the table I was seated at saying to the girl who was waiting on me, “I don’t feel very good, I’ve been celebrating the last 48 hours over Obama getting re-elected.” He repeated it several times even though the waitress told him to go away. Finally and calmly, I told him, “You are the kind of people that are responsible for Obama’s re-election and it’s nothing to be proud of. You say you’ve been celebrating for the past 48 hours? The re-election results weren’t final until less than 24 hours ago. I have a choice here in thinking that the famous liberal math is working there or were you and your friends out voting 2 or 3 times or you’re just plain stupid. My intiution tells me it’s the latter. Finally, you say you don’t feel well, I’ll guarantee your condition is going to get much worse if you continue to stay anywhere around me.” He went back to his kitchen and will probably be flipping burgers and washing dishes for the rest of his Obama life.

    What is in store for America during the next four years. I have never been more concerned for my country as I am now. God help us.

  18. Eileen, you should not lose faith in God, do remember, He is infinite, while we are merely finite, and He will be victorious over evil, it just may take longer than we wish. That said, if you should lose hope and faith in anything it is in humanity. While God is infinitely good, wise and powerful, Man is weak, self-serving, venal and corrupt. We are actually closer to the ideals of Satan than to Jesus, which is why we must choose to put our faith in Him and live our lives in as holy a fashion as we can. No matter how hard we try we will always fall and fail in His eyes.

    Now, that said, this country is in huge trouble. More dangerous than the Prince of Fools we put back into the White House, and thus condemning us to an inevitable death spiral, are the fools whom voted for him TWICE. Anybody whom voted for Obama twice ought to be spayed and nuetered just so we don’t have to pay for the health care of a third generation of genetically defective twits. Consider this: at least 90% of all black voters, 70% of the Hispanics (big shout out to La Raza), 60% of Asians, and a majority of women whom voted, did so for the Annoited One. If we learn nothing else, we should disenfranchise the youths under 26 (whom are too well brainwashed to do anything but vote for Democrats) and allow only those whom pay taxes to vote.

    Romney should never have been nominated, and as soon as I saw the collection of losers assembled to challenge Obama, I knew we were doomed to repeat 2008. We had the 2012 model of McCain, we even had a male Palin in Ryan. We should never have allowed the media and the GOP party bosses to select such a wimp as Romney, nor should they have run such a flaccid campaign. Romney should have hammered Obama on every illegal act he has performed, and every act of elitism, from his innumerable golfing trips to his family’s mega-bucks vacations on our dime. Nothing should have been off the table. In the Twenty-First Century, politics is a cage match, there are no rules and nothing is sacred. If the GOP wishes to be more than back-benchers fit to bleat out platitudes they had better learn to be wolves; sheep and moderates don’t win..

  19. Joan Davenport

    I agree with G. Nichols wholeheartedly…..especially about needing to pay taxes in order to vote. But his point about the GOP learning to be wolves instead of meek litle lambs who seem afraid of their shadows is very relevant. I can’t help but think what Newt Gingrich would have done to Obama had he had the chance.
    I sympathize and agree with what Eileen wrote…..I also hope you are feeling better after your fall. I too, prayed so hard to God to give us a good and honest leader and feel let down as you do.
    Looks like we have a very tough 4 years ahead of us….and that’s assuming we can get “O” out of DC when his term is up.??????????

  20. Like you, I refused to believe that Americans were capable of repeating the catastrophic mistake of 2008. Like you I was wrong. Believe me, I have received plenty of reminders today of just how wrong I was, however that is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that we have a voting public that is willing to allow themselves to be misled and misinformed by a totally left biased media. In my opinion, the media is certainly complicit in electing Obama and they should pay a price. If they are not going to fulfill there constitutionally protected right and implied duty as a government watchdog then they serve no useful purpose and should go away. I am, as of today, watching the main stream news media for one purpose and one purpose only….. to identify those who are enabling them financially, their sponsors. I am pledging on my word of honor that I will not, in any way, purchase any product or service from these people.

  21. Do the people nominated or that we vote for really matter? The big vote was yesterday, but what were we voting on? Not actual policies. For example, nothing on the ballots asked anything about the war in Afhganistan. No ballot will address whether the Fed’s “zero intrest rate” should persist. We weren’t able to weigh in on sugar tariffs that nearly double the prices at the grocery store. No ballot will ask you whether you want your washing machine crippled by regulations.

    Why not? If we truly are a country of “will of the people,” why shouldn’t such issues be on the ballot? I would think that it would hardly matter at all who carries out these plans. What matters is the results. If people don’t want our soldiers to kill or be killed, have high tariffs and over-burdening govermental regulations, it shouldn’t happen.

    Instead, we get to vote for the people. These people tell us what they believe about how things should work. We are supposed to trust the every word, even though, and I’m being bipartisan here, they are in the election to gain power over us, meaning they will pretty much say anything. What they do once elected we have no control over at all. If they do things we don’t like we have to wait many years until they can be replaced by someone who will do things we will like…maybe.

    We are voting on people, not issues or policies. Everyone pretends issues are a big thing but I think the bald truth of the matter is that whoever gets elected are free to do what they want to do. We can take them at their word of course but nothing in this world binds them to change their minds and decide politics is pretty cool. You can lie, cheat, steal and worse all under the cover of the law.

    Family, your probably saying to yourselves, “Tell me something I don’t already know.” Instead I’ll ask you why the system work like this? Democracy, instead of leading to liberty, solidarity and prosperity will eventually lead into runaway spending, social conflict and a tyrannical government. I have spent many hours thinking about this and historical research has provided proof that democracy makes no sense for anyone.

    As for why we vote for people, not policies, is because the system is designed to support an administrative apparatus that brings about wealth redistribution. That, I think, is the only real bottom line guarantee that democracy gives us, we will be robbed. The vote is to provide a stamp of approval and moral cover. Otherwise people don’t really rule day to day so voting is the illusion of influence in exchange for the loss of freedoms.

    Democracy is a system that has been around only for 150 years. Had someone tried to introduce the present form at the time of the U.S. founding, the Fathers would have thrown them out on their ears. They were trying to set up a system that would be immune from exactly what democracy has given us, an administrative apparatus that sees all wealth and power as available for the taking.

    I don’t think democracy limits the rulers power and I sure don’t think it allows the people to rule themselves. Nor does it assure peace at home when it actually divides people into warring classes. And I believe the most deadliest dimension of the system is how it provides cover and blessing for terrible things. No matter what happened last week or what may happen next week, we will be told that the system worked. With that knowledge, we are to set aside our differences, forget the expense, ignore all the lies and cover ups and sigh a big sigh of relief, that, in the end we are Americans and all is right with the world.

    Some of you may think I’ve lost all the tools out of my toolbox with this but the more I study this I find strong reason to think that democracy is not so much a system of government as it is faith to be believed in. Not a single postulate of this faith is true but people go on believing it anyway. The only reason I can figure for that is people haven’t considered the case of democracy. Afterall, to question democracy is something we are just not permitted to do is it? It’s not proper.

  22. Thanks Larry.
    Joe: Interesting blog from you… don’t know just how it could work on your voting idea… At any rate, this country was “designed” as a Republic, NOT a democracy, and it has been obvious (to some at least) that the citizens have never learned the difference.

  23. beyond disgusted

    Yesterday the greedy, the selfish, and the stupid won. Owebama voters care only about getting free stuff for themselves and care not about what happens to our country, or, for that matter, those of us who have to pay for them. The tipping point has been reached.

  24. sturmudgeon,

    Thanks. And your right, our country, through the Constitution and Amendment Laws was designed to operate and function as a Republic, not as a Democracy. The politcal ideological stance of democracy matters naught, it is embraced by all Americans, is it not? This system is the “right” system and we even want to shove it off on to other countries.
    No doubt the voting would be more labor intensive starting with the voters. They would have to educate themselves, (some just becoming literate) develop an awareness, a running common sense if you wil,l as did the pioneers of this country had, instead of voting for the smiles and the BS and promises the persons running for office give them now. It simply be a return to that “will of the people”, a return to a time when people who cared for their nation ran it.
    All in all I can’t help thinking that this encompasses the bulk of Larry’s article. Had we not had a democracy apparatus system we would not be experiencing the issues he has pointed out.

  25. Joe and Sturm… I believe you have found the crux of the issue. People have called this a “democracy” for so song, and no one corrected them. So now they don’t know the difference between a democracy and a republic. Again… it goes back to educating ourselves and those around us to the realities of where we are and how we got here. We can’t fix the problem if we don’t know the “root cause”. We have to keep asking “why” until we get to the bottom line.

    Eileen… I hope you get better soon. I will keep praying that you recover quickly.

    Larry, I really enjoyed your article… is is so much better when you are here.

  26. T,

    Could it be due in part to the fact that ‘civics’ is no longer taught in our schools ? The less we know about how our Gov’t. is supposed to function, the easier it is for the regime to do as it pleases ! The dumbing down process has proven to be very successful.

  27. With the second ” historic ” election on Tues, several things will happen :

    l ) OWEbaamacare is in.
    2) The unions will proliferate
    3) With economic uncertainity, layoffs will escalate ( it has already started )
    4) Some of OWEbaama’s top lieutenants will flee the coop
    5) Talk of ‘compromise’ will overshadow ‘real’ compromise
    6) The GOP pundits need to hide, and the RNC needs a complete overhaul
    7) Everything will be taxed, and the size of Gov’t. will expand out of sight, in order to ‘police’ all of the tax obligations
    8) The WH is preparing a new throne for the king
    9) Air Force One will be airborne more than ever before
    10) “Flexibility” will replace whatever laws are necessary

    And that is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

  28. Why was one of our top military generals, David Petraeus, put in charge of the CIA, and why was a civilian , Leon Pannetta , named Sec. of Defense ?

    Now, as Benghazigate unravels, will David become the scapegoat ? Just asking !!! Remember, the Dems called him ” David Betrayed Us”

  29. A few weeks ago, there were rumors that the regime was running adv. spots in Mexico encouraging Mexicans to apply for US food stamps !!
    Now, we know that OWEbaama was desparate, but would he go that far ? Well, I was just informed that RUSH mentioned it today, and I don’t know the details. Is this his idea of cutting spending ?

    Wonder if the Libs believe it to be a prudent use of our tax dollars. Or, maybe they do not believe that it adds to the National Debt .

    Maybe OWEbaama wants to achieve ‘historic’ debt and deficit levels prior to his being sent to prison.

  30. Back to Petraeus – he has just resigned from the CIA !?!

    He stated that he had an extramarital affair, but did not elaborate. The question remains – was he about to be a scapegoat for Benghazigate ?

    Just asking !!

  31. JJ,

    While education has certainly played a big part in either the influence of or lack of civic duty in our young students minds, it is hardly scratches the surface of our real problem of the system of democracy. As I said, democracy is around 150 years old and I run into people all the time who express, “It’s (government) not like it used to be when they were young.” But if democracy itself were scrutinized for all it’s wrongs as a system of government the majority of people would be not only surprised but they wouldn’t accept the results, they would fight against them. Most likely they would assert that, our being a nation of laws, democracy, despite all it’s limits is still the best system of government we have. That is absoulutely not true.

    Think of the systems we use to select what we eat, what we wear, whom we will marry and where we will live and work. Whatever system we use to make those decisions seems to work out quite well. We get what we want without harming others. This system is called Liberty, liberalism, the market or just freedom itself or a Republic. It works and democracy is just the opposite.

    Even if you and the Family disagree with me and are thinking of sending my name in to Pelosi’s “terrorist” list, you owe it to yourselves to do some research. The evidence is compelling and the logic challenging. History doesn’t lie.

  32. Hey Joe,

    Let me start by saying that my ‘civics’ comment was in response to T’s comment regarding democracy vs republic , and how the lack of an efficient education process partly played into that.

    I’m not disagreeing , it’s just that I don’t fully understand your comment. For example, what I choose to eat is a natural instinct to provide fuel for my body, and it has nothing to do with how our gov’t. functions.

    Countless scholars have stated that our Constitution is the best in the world. The problem arises with attempts to circumvent it.

    You are correct – ‘ History does not lie ‘. I would add the following , namely that ‘ Revisionist History ” is not real History, and therefore education becomes important .

    Joe, I always appreciate your comments, and if I need a clarification ,or ask a question, I hope you will understand. As you have probably noticed, I tend to ask many questions.

    Regarding Pelosi’s ‘terrorist’ list – didn’t the regime tell us that there are NO terrorists , and there is no war on terror ? 🙂

  33. David Petraeus had an affair… and so he had to resign… really? really???
    A well respected, carreer Army Officer…. I think NOT!!!!!

    I think you are correct, he is to be the scapegoat. This is the administration’s MO… they pick a scapegoat, move that person out of the way and then sweep the whole thing under the rug and just move on.

  34. T,

    I don’t know what prompted my original comment on Pertraeus, because it was several hours before the resignation anouncement, and obviously had no idea what was coming. It was just a fluke, although I knew that he was scheduled to testify, and was therefore wondering about the job switch with Pannetta. Something just didn’t seem to fit for me.

  35. While reading all your comments, many ideas flashed through my mind and one is that you all are very informed and know what you are talking about. I would like to see education retreaded with the original teachings of READING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC. I was appalled to see a question if it is necessary to teach writing anymore because everyone uses the Internet. I posit it is more important than ever in this age that we return to the fundamentals. I assume all of you have seen the eighth grade test which was issued in the 1920’s. I personally admit, I would not have passed! To even suggest dropping these lessons is mind boggling. The proper teaching of these basics, gives a person the tools he of she needs to think for themselves and make correct decisions in their life. We can’t all just be sheep.

    Joe- You certainly have great knowledge and I thank you for sharing. I will keep saying “YES” when I read all the comments from the family. I think all of you are absolutely great! Just because the election is over, doesn’t mean our job is over. It is just shifting gears we need to do and reorganize, regroup and recommit to finding the one person who can win an election and truly be a man or woman of and for the people. He or she is out there – – we just need to find this person and work with them in any way we can. I can certainly find no faults is any of the postings, so let’s keep working together.

    I was trying to spell check before I posted, but it has morphed into something I don’t recognize. I hate it when my computer crashes. When I get it back there are always a few new things I need learn.

  36. Did my ears deceive me this week , because I thought that I heard the fraud in the WH say that he is now willing to look at new ideas and compromise ?
    And as a shining example of his willingness to compromise, did he also say that HE would “not allow ” the middle class and students to be responsible for paying down the ENTIRE national debt ?

    Don’t know if the LSM will interpret the phrase ” I will not allow . . . ” as a form of ‘compromise’ , but to me it is not compromise.

    Also, by using the term ” ENTIRE national debt ” , he is therefore allowing for payment of PART of the debt. Yes, he is very clever in his choice of words. No, he is actually DECEPTIVE with his wording. He is also capable of saying ” tax the rich ” in more ways than I can imagine.

    So, the Liar in Chief has convinced the LSM and the stupid voters that he is willing to meet with the other side and compromise. Plus, he claims to allow some tax cuts, and increase jobs.

    However, OWEbaamcare increases taxes , and reduces coverage . Hundreds of companies have announced lay offs, coal mines and oil refineries are shutting down, and we are supposed to believe that this is ‘job creation’ !!!

    Oh, and let’s not forget that the ” annointed one “also SAVED the auto industry!?!?

    Just a little Saturday Sarcasm to celebrate the election !

  37. Oops, forgot to mention that the LSM have covered the riots in various countries, including Greece. However, they can’t seem to be able to draw a correlation between OWEbaama being raised by Communist parents and grandparents, his association with radicals, his socialist ideals and penchant for redistribution of wealth , massive growth of gov’t., and wasteful spending, to how those things will affect our country , as the number of non-producers EXCEEDS the number of producers ! Are they in La La land and therefore refuse to accept REALITY ??

    Perhaps when some LSM companies fold, then MAYBE the remaining will finally ‘get the message ‘. Or, maybe they have nothing to worry about – apparently there is always the regime that will ‘bail them out’ .

  38. JJ,

    As I said, if you do the historical research on past countries fate who had democracy as a system of govenment, you may well understand more readily the comparisons I made. I urge all to do so. But let me break it down a little further for you. As far as ‘what you eat”; Does a ‘War on Obesity’ and the banning of soft drinks in New York City ring a bell? That’s a democratic apparatus system of government telling citizens what they can and cannot have. Does this sound like a govenment “Of The People, By The People and For The People” to you? Is a monthly governmental allotment of groceries to each person or family containing a prescribed amount of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals seem that hard to imagine? When will the brown uniforms be issued to the masses? Why shouldn’t the government stop at “designing” the best offspring for their needs by assigning marriages and that the families alltoted needs insured assigning them to a better paying job…for the rest of their lives.

    What I’m talking about is not only the recovery of true conservatism, although conservatism is a part of the democracy system, but it will slow the destruction democracy it reaps. That is the short haul. The true war is reversing this country’s political system, driving it back 150 years to a Republic before democracy was seeded. America will survive just fine.

    Pelosi’s “Terrorist List”; I regard all Muslims and Democrats as terrorists. Bring ’em on. Locked and loaded and well supplied.

  39. Larry,

    I’m feeling a little better and prior to my fall, I had done a lot of research about Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pannetta, David Peterus (and his affair), Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, the four dead Americans and the circle called Benghazi. Their families deserved the truth and if someone overlooked what was going on in the months before their murders, admit you screwed up, apologize to the American people and especially to their families, I think people would learn forgive. It’s ALWAYS the covered up and the constant lying that get peoples anger, the lying, which Obama is not very good at doing. He’s pathetic liar.

    I found a lot of things that were not reported by our LSM, including FoxNews. If these events had occurred during a Republican President say George W. Bush the press would be all over this story. The crime perpetrated by this Administration has outshines any previous crimes, scandals and/or controversies. Obama has been able to out do Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy and even Nixon. If Congress would do their job and stop covering for their party leadership crimes. We, as Americans are just a number on a piece of paper, they no long see faces. Who’s with them or against them.

    Since the election I think I’ve cried every night for the fear of what this demon President has in store for this Country. Winning this election makes 320 scandals from this administration. Who’s covering them and reporting on them? A few newspapers and FoxNews (until the pressure is put on the MSM, that they compel with the demands of the general public).

    When I’m done, I will forward the article so you can publish it.

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