Right Is Right

As the imaginary “mandate” to TAX the middle class into oblivion rolls on, as OWEbama’s “Taxamageddon” grows nearer, the “loyal opposition” is still scratching their heads and wondering how to proceed..

Mitt Romney said during a phone conversation with “top donors” (Fox News) that OWEbama “provided ‘gifts’ to key groups like black, Hispanic and young voters..” He forgot to mention the unions, but that should be a given. An immediate cry of “foul” was sounded by Bobby Jindal, identified as “a potential 2016 candidate and the incoming RGA (Republican Governors Association) chairman”.. If you parse out the statements of both, each had moments of being right but in the end, when it comes to the best interest of America, RIGHT is right..

Mitt announced that OWEbama’s campaign “focused on giving targeted groups a big gift, he made a big effort on small things”.. He is sort of right.. These “small things”, have been and are still viewed by Republicans as “small things”, and these “small things” have been the focus of the liberal political establishment for over fifty years and in doing so, they have become BIG things.

These are the people that took something as innocuous sounding as “fairness” and turned it into such undesirable Democratic fulcrums as “quotas”, “rights” and “benefits”, for example. If you need other examples of how the left lulled the right into submission, try taking “privacy” and morphing it into the “right” of abortion.. “Small things”, left unattended, become BIG things and they do so under the cover of darkness, NOT in the light of day..

Mitt is right but this “game plan” of the left has been chugging along for generations and isn’t it interesting to see that the Republicans are only NOW acknowledging the Democratic deterioration of America, let alone trying to formulate an effective counter to the socialists Santa Claus system of “divide and conquer”, “remove and redistribute”..

As I have said from the outset, the left properly understood that the best way for them to destroy everything about America was to do so gradually, not to drive a bulldozer of Bolshevism through it.. Once the dominoes began to tumble, the accrued momentum of “little things” became “too much” to stop, “too much” when NO ONE wanted to confront the unruly children of the left from the onset and say “NO”. One application of “fairness” begets another application of “fairness” (after all, its only “fair”..) and as those who have been around me for a while should know, the “definitional inversion” of the left makes the end result of the application of “fairness” to be anything but.

Now we turn to Bobby Jindal who thinks that he has an answer to the Democratic “plan” of for example, giving FREE cellular telephones to the nation’s barnacles who reflexively vote Democratic so that those who REWARD them with these types of “gifts” will remain in power so that they can continue to be so generous with the money taken from others..

Jindal “absolutely rejects” the “gift” assertion made by Mitt Romney. Why? Mitt is RIGHT. Trying to say all of the “correct things”, Jindal claims “those types of notions do not represent who Republicans are as a party..” Yoo hoo, Bobby.. With a nation transformed from “producers” to receivers” due to the empathetic generosity of the Democratic Party over the last fifty years along with the ineptitude and ambivalence of the Republican Party, it is not what you SAY that matters, it is what you DO.. The Democrats throw the money taken from others at the Democratic voting base in order to retain power, what can Bobby “say” that can “change” that?

Jindal needs to take note of the FACT that the nation that once prided itself on “producing” (working, being productive, being responsible..) has been carefully transformed into a nation of “recipients”. (Nietzsche’s “transvaluation” where old sins become virtues and old virtues become sins..) The “work ethic” has been replaced with the “sloth ethic”. As long as those who DO NOT “produce” are allowed to vote AT LEAST ONCE, how does telling the nation about “hard work” transform those who have jettisoned the idea of extending ANY efforts on their own behalves as opposed to the inbred Democratic laziness of “fairness”?

Shall we get back to the “mandate” for a moment? The complete economic IED that is OWEbamaScare is already paying Democratic dividends, after all, isn’t it “fair” for everyone to have health care? Formerly “productive” companies are already laying off employees and others are looking to either reduce the hours of their work force (those at less than 30 hours are considered “part time” therefore the health care onus falls to THEM) or raising their prices which will be paid by the consumers. Once enough of these formerly “productive” companies price themselves out of the market, once their prices are so high that consumers don’t consume any longer, MORE formerly “productive” people go on to the Democratic dole..

Papa John’s is considering the “hourly reduction” gambit and Denny’s restaurants have said that they will HAVE to raise prices in order to pay the PENALTIES the Democrats have hard-wired into their “fairness”.. Dozens of companies are already laying off hundreds of employees, Energizer corporation is laying off a full ten percent of its employees, “ten percent” being the NATIONAL unemployment rate that MATTERED NOT to the nation’s voters just a few short weeks ago..

Jindal said “we’ve got to stop dividing American voters, go after every single vote. Show that our policies affect every voter out there..” Actually, go after every INDEPENDENT voter out there but adding ANOTHER four years of OWEbama inspired intentional unemployment, how many “independents” will there be in 2016? How many will be left in 2014? How many MORE Democratic voters the OWEbama unemployment process will create?

Jindal says that they need to “modernize”, develop an “inclusive message” to “reach an increasingly diverse electorate without becoming a second Democratic Party”.. Without watering down Republicanism, how do you do this? Note the very carefully placed buzz words that should set off the alarm bells..

“An increasingly diverse electorate..” What is “diverse” about economics? What is “diverse” about the idea of being employed, about an economy that CREATES full employment as opposed to the creation of an economy that penalizes both productivity and job creation? “Diverse” means that it is now time to play like the Democrats. “Diverse” is a back-handed “salad bowl” kind of nonsense when the idea of “employment” should be the unifying factor, not ones ethnicity..

How is the idea of the nation achieving full employment WITHOUT all of the Democratic burdens in tow NOT a unifying message? What ISN’T “inclusive” about that? How can Jindal expect Democratic voters who have willingly reapplied the chains of systematic Democratic slavery to themselves to suddenly “see the light” and WANT to work again? Why work when all you have to do is stand in line somewhere and some empathetic liberal Democrat will penalize someone else so that you can have an iPhone or the latest basketball sneakers?

If the “message” of the last four years of oppressive OWEbama failure, “historic” unemployment, scandal after scandal, DIDN’T send a clear and unequivocal “message” to the voters, what more can be said by the Jindal’s of the Republican Party? Jindal and company, don’t “change” anything..

Please remember that if 330,000 votes in four states had been registered in the RIGHT column, we would be discussing the “mandate” of Mitt Romney. It is now up to the House of Representatives to hold the line against the unbridled socialism of OWEbama and his Democratic cohorts.

The Republican Party MUST be the alternative to the liberal socialistic Democratic Party, they should not become an “inclusive, modernized” batch of Democratic doppelgangers.. Right is right, left is WRONG..


16 responses to “Right Is Right

  1. If Mitt was not aware of the OWEbaama gifts to the non-producers, he should not have even been a candidate.

    Looks like Jindal has already started his 2016 campaign. Wonder if he considers our dual language system ( English & Spanish ) as an acceptable diversity as far as his comment to stop dividing American voters. How long will it be before Spanish is mandated for all printed matter, including road signs,legal documents, and even our currency? And with morality going down the drain, when will ” In God We Trust ” disappear from our currency?

    How many of the Ten Commandments are recognizeable , for example:
    Thou shalt not kill – does late term abortion qualify?
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods – does redistribution and excessive taxes qualify ?
    Thou shalt not commit adultry – I’ll let Gen. Petraeus handle that one !

    Back to the election – the RNC and the Congressional GOP need a major overhaul, because as we’ve seen , nice guys finish last. It’s time for Boehner to take his faux tan, perfect hair, along with the $5000 suits and retire .
    The same plan goes for Mc Connell. It’s time for some attack dogs to take over, and the above two, along with the RNC chair, just don’t cut the mustard.

  2. What is it that powerful men and women that they feel or get caught up in sexual scandals. I guess this 320 scandals.

  3. Here’s another example of our dumbing down education system, Liberal logic, and Labor Union mentality all rolled into one glorious package . Apparently it is better to accept a 100% pay cut rather than an 8% pay cut, as is evidenced by closing of the Hostess Baking Co., because the union employees refused to accept the offer of an 8% pay cut . Therefore everyone is out of a job !

    OWEbaama owes the Unions BIG time – so how will this loss of 18,500 jobs affect his unemployment numbers? It won’t have any adverse effect, because the Labor Board has been fudging the numbers for a long time. How did the unemployment number miraclulously drop to 7.8 % just prior to the election, when there were more filing for benefits? Simple – just add 400,000 new part-time ( read stay at home ) jobs to the mix !!

    However, due to OWEbaamacare, a company having more than 30 full time workers is required to provide healthcare. But it can have an unlimited number of part timers. As expected ,some companies will reduce the hours. This begs the question, if part-timers do NOT count for OWEbaamacare , then why DO they count for determining the unemployment numbers? Just asking .

  4. Quite simply, our current RNC leadership, Boehner et al. Doesn’t have the will to fight. I don’t know if they don’t want to, don’t know how or are just too scared, but they just don’t fight back. Obama and the Dems know this and they just push them around. It sickens me to watch what we have on the hill for represenatives.

  5. JJ,

    I found a few articles that California unemployment numbers were not counted/left out to deflect the correct numbers. California has one of the highest unemployment numbers (I believe Nevada holds the highest numbers). Of course his office, the Labor Department and the Labor Secretary Solis.http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/10/05/Suspicion-Falls-on-Labor-Secretary-Solis-as-Jobs-Numbers-Questioned She is the one that controls that and they wanted their boss reelected. The true number was 8.2%. I don’t think anyone believed that was the correct number (another then the loopy Obama, who seemed to be the only one who believed) and Romney should have press Obama in the debates to explain how they got that number. He did say the correct unemployment/under employment was at 23 million. But the press does not want Americans to know the truth. Politicians seem to forget that there are real people behind those numbers. Not just a number on a piece of paper.

  6. The District of Corruption is totally corrupt. Need I say more ??

  7. Is it luck, skill, or just shrewd politics, but whenever the WH needs a distraction , one almost always occurs ? Although Hurricane Sandy was convenient, was the sex scandal kept at the ready , incase the Benghazi plan failed ? And of course the WH controlled LSM did their part in selective reporting. Apparently bimbos and the Petraeus zipper problem are more important than the lives of an Ambassador, and 3 Americans who were part of the anti-terrorism effort! And, how much was reported about the Sept. 14th attack at Camp Bastian in Afghanistan where 2 Marines were killed , 6 Harrier jets destroyed, along with other supplies? Obviously a sex scandal iis more important in the eyes of the LSM !

    Speaking of an Ambassador, here’s a few thoughts about Susan Rice being considered for Sec. of State:
    1) Has she done anything noteworthy to correct the massive problems at the UN ?
    2) Did she not understand that she was being ‘used’ by the WH ?
    3) Since she is supposedly a Rhodes Scholar, should #2 above have even occured? ( BTW , wasn’t Bill Clinton also a Rhodees Scholar, and where did that expertise get us ? Is there a pattern here ? )
    4) If she is not confirmed, will cries of ‘racism’ echo around the world ?
    5) Why would she elect to be part of this corrupt WH ?

    Since this is a day after Larry’s original posting, it will probably be a soliloquy , but nonetheless on this particular day of the week , it might pass as a little Saturday Sarcasm. Maybe .

  8. Larry, your reasoning and phrasing are spot on. I think two of the best examples would be “From Producers to Receivers” and “Right is right and Left is WRONG”. It is sad to realize Mitt could not become an attack dog in the fight for our Republic. Goodness knows there is a plethora of failures from OWEbama that Mitt could take one a day and campaign on that, then pick another for the next day and so on. He would have at least shot some holes in the dumbocrats running for reelection. Sadly we ended up worse vote wise in the Senate.

    I also think Mitt Romney could have opened the curtains on the Republicans and shown they are all pansy infighters and just as corrupt as the dems Honesty should never hurt, but in this past election, honesty was on trial and the verdict was guilty of lies and graft. Boehner doesn’t have a single backbone strong enough to be honest and stand pat. He would rather go along to get along. I also say he should just go and we find a true leader who can fight for our Republic. And he should also be able to groom a Presidential candidate with some intestinal fortitude!

  9. Oh Larry, How the truth hurts. I know people who voted for Obama and they don’t want to know the truth. Just living in LaLa land. I, for one will not watch another speech, sound bite, inauguration, etc of this phony lying so called president. I will never watch any LSM shows. I’m finished with the UN TRUTHS of disgusting so called journalists.

    I saw Art Laffer interviewed this week, served in Reagan’s administration, top economist, who said 2013 will be much worse than 2012. Recession. He sees no light at the end of the tunnel. I guess we already know that. No surprises for us realists.

    Did you ever notice when there are close races in every election somehow by hook or by crook the democrat always comes out the winner? Ah Ha, we just happened to find a few more votes to call it for the democrat. Al Franken, Patty Murray, on and on. We had to close races for Reps here in Arizona and yep, the democraps won! Oh it never ceases to amaze.

  10. Wonder how many believe that the ‘elections’ in North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuala, and a host of other ‘democracies’ are legitimate. And, the way things are proceeding, we might have to add the USA to the list !

  11. Spot on Larry…Jindal is using the code words of the left.. what “inclusive message ” does Jindal think would change anything in the 20+ wards in Philadelphia where Mitt didn’t receive a single vote, for instance? Lets face facts. when you flood the nation with 3rd world people you get a 3rd world nation. These people expect handouts from the government. No matter who delivers a message of productivity and work, they’re not going to be interested in hearing it. Just look at the countries where the bulk of the immigration into the US comes from. Are any of them economic dynamos of production? Of course not. They’re authoritarian, corruption ridden, backward dictatorships by and large. What message does Jindal think we should send them. with out becoming “another Democratic Party”? And who does he think “is dividing American voters”? The 95% off the black vote that voted Democratic? The 80% of the hispanic vote that voted Democratic? What exactly are you going to use to try and convince people who live off government largesse, as to why they should vote for less government? To listen to these asinine “solutions” just shows how horribly out of touch GOP leadership is. They are petrified to actually speak the truth, or even pointing out the facts lest they get painted with the racist brush by the MSM. They should take it with pride…if they don’t America is doomed. The parasites will have drained the host dry and death will be the only possible conclusion. If the GOP leadership won’t say anything they MUST go.

  12. It is indeed interesting that Republicans are only now becoming aware of Democrat’s intrusion of “fairness” and it forces the question: How much more stupid can you get? Or do they really care?

    Then we have Bobby Jindal, a Democrat in GOP wool. He, along with the rest of the liberals have been trying to reduce the intelligence of natural Americans to that of a dog which can be easily trained by giving it treats for doing the right “thing.” So too with immigrants be they legal or illegal.

    As in my post in “The Results”, Dead Ted got legislation passed in 1965 reguiring that 87% of the 1 million immigrants (more than the combined countries of the world) we take in each year, 87% must come from undeveloped nations. In other words non-skilled. 57% of legal immigrant households are on some sort of government supplement aid. At one time opened our doors to producers, not beggars and losers.

  13. JJ: Thanks for this note… I had not seen that ‘reason’ for the closing..
    Dumb & Dumber for sure!

    Here’s another example of our dumbing down education system, Liberal logic, and Labor Union mentality all rolled into one glorious package . Apparently it is better to accept a 100% pay cut rather than an 8% pay cut, as is evidenced by closing of the Hostess Baking Co., because the union employees refused to accept the offer of an 8% pay cut . Therefore everyone is out of a job !

  14. Thanks, Larry: Conservatives have been fighting this for so long, and with a sweep of the ‘fraudulent’ pen, all is ignored… so, so frustrating… in a discussion with a younger brother, I had used the expression “it’s just Common Sense”, to which he said: “your common sense might not be someone else’s common sense”…. I guess Common Sense is just not as ‘common’ as it used to be…

  15. Re: Dumb and Dumber

    As we know, the unions are opposed to the secret ballot whenever a union attempts to unionize a company. In the case of Hostess, the Teamsters now claim that the vote to accept or reject the offer at Hostess should have been via the secret ballot !!!!! The ‘union mentality’ never ceases to amaze !

  16. Whew! Thanks for posting that, JJ. I was thinking I was the only one dumbfounded by Unions okaying a ‘secret’ ballot. The next four years are really going to be hard..We can never ever take anything at face value. We are going to need to look inside and outside of anything stemming from the LSM and any and all politicians.

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