The Results

The “results” of the election are in (in some cases, Allen West is still fighting.) but the real problem is that the “results” are going to be more of the same “historic” destruction as we have suffered through for the last four years. The “voters” have decided and even though millions LESS turned out, the “results” are starting to look EXACTLY like the last four years.. Surprised?

(For what may be the last time, the ONLY relevant statistics from 2008/2012 elections will be repeated for your edification: 2008: 61.6% of eligible voters responded, 2012: 57.5%. 333,908 votes cast properly in four states, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire would have CHANGED the outcome in 2012. McCain received 59,934,814 votes in 2008 after a scintillating campaign that was a sure cure for insomnia, Romney received 59,634,222, a difference of approximately 300,000 votes..)

Here are just a few morsels from just yesterday alone.. One day down, another 1,300 OWEbama masterpieces to go..

Israel was attacked by TERRORISTS (The “T” word in the OWEbama cowardly cover up liberal lexicon) from Syria and Egypt. The Syria move against Israel is logical in that it is a chance to “rally” the areas Arab miscreants to their side as an obvious cover up for their “activities” over the last eighteen months as they “fight” the Arab Middle East archenemy..

For those oblivious to recent events within Syria, the Syrian government has exterminated approximately 35,000 of its own citizens as it vainly tries to cling to power. OWEbama has been completely mute over this travesty, proving that the liberal cry of “genocide” is ONLY used for their political puling benefit.. Meanwhile, OWEbama coconspirators of the “impartial” media over at CNN used FAKE footage of Palestinian “injuries” relative to the Israeli retaliation to being ATTACKED.. No mention made of the Hamas rocket launchers located in between a “hospital” and a terrorist teapot.. (Breitbart)

On the same day that a useless union caused 18,500 Americans to lose their jobs at Hostess Bakeries, medical supply manufacturer (medical device manufacturers, soon to be the targets of the OWEbamaScare ire..) Stryker CUT 1,170 jobs, thanks to an OWEbamaScare “excise tax” or “penalty” or whatever redistributionist ridiculousness the liberals would like to call it.. The OWEbama Democrats made no mention over ANY “jobs saved or created” as the election is OVER, the need to outwardly lie in relation to their job destruction has expired.. Good thing as they’re busy outwardly lying about Libya..

The oddly unconvicted Al $harpton (Freddy’s Fashion Mart for starters..) and other “snivel rights leaders” are “advising” OWEbama about the “fiscal talks”.. (Weekly Standard) Makes as much sense as Michael Moore squatting to advise Oprah about Jenny Craig..

Proving unequivocally that Botox causes brain damage, the California Raisin Pelosi said the following during a routine press briefing. Here is how she answered a question from someone on CSPAN, “Is it the 11th Amendment or is it the 14th? Whatever, I’m with the Constitution..” You have to admire the specificity of the liberals when it comes to the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold.. Then again, its not surprising that they have such a hard time remembering the pesky Constitution as opposed to their obvious grasp of the Communist Manifesto..

As the CONTINUAL cover up of the OWEbama/Rodham failure in Libya marches sideways, trying to get OWEbama stooge Rice to admit to the OWEbama election cover up over the TERRORIST attack upon our embassy in Libya has elicited the default response from House Democrats who said that Rice is being “mugged” and “battered” (Breitbart) because.. Wait for it.. She’s black..

News flash: she IS black but she is also a coconspirator in the OWEbama cover up over four American deaths at the American Embassy in Libya. Fox News tells us that female House Democrats have upped the ante by claiming that not only was Rice targeted because she is black, but it is a case of “sexism” as well.. No matter that it is an OBVIOUS case of “cover-up-ism”, we just need you to look over here.. Remember why OJ was acquitted..

Never mind, the Democrats just called Rice an “American treasure”, not unlike the “thinking” that awarded a Nobel Prize to OWEbama, Carter and the completely peaceful Yasser Arafat.. Not done covering for the cover up yet and not to be outdone by the rest of the socialist sycophants of the left, one Dutch Ruppersberger (L-MD) told CNN (shocker..) that whether or not Rice LIED or not is “not the issue”..

Lets be honest for once, if a Republican were to be found anywhere near an obvious scandal of this magnitude, the left, led by their totalitarian town criers of the “impartial” media, those who specialize in collectivist catechism, would have tarred and feathered every Republican on the ballot. (Remember Mark Foley and Larry Craig and the sensible liberal Democratic responses to these non-issues?) A Republican in a restroom is enough for the Republican to be ousted from office from the perverted progressive point of view even though he was allegedly involved in activities routinely performed by one of the Democrats special interest cuddle buddy groups..

From the “too little, too late” category, conservatives are now “standing up” for Papa John’s in a move reminiscent of the Chic Fil A Day. After the business publicly announced what almost EVERY business will have to do in order to get around the suffocating burdens placed upon them by OWEbamaScare, (please note that SEVERAL of the devoted OWEbama unions and businesses are EXEMPT from the OWEbamaScare taxes and penalties as a “thanks” for their support..) there is supposed to be a “I Stand With Papa Johns” movement afoot.. This is interesting but the “movement” should have been to the voting booth where the process of “righting” America could have begun in earnest, not with marches and useless “protests” as the conservative community continues to “tilt at windmills”..

The FHA is 16.3 BILLION in the red and the Post Office, yet ANOTHER model of governmental efficiency, after having a $15.9 BILLION shortfall will have “execs see boost in pay”. (Washington Examiner) As well, according to Gerri Willis over at Fox Business, be prepared for half of your income to go to OWEbama in 2013, that is if you somehow managed to remain employed under the OWEbama “Scorched Earth political paradigm” of imaginary jobs creation..

And from the “you paid for it” fascist file, the OWEbama government paid out four MILLION of YOUR tax dollars in order to redistribute twelve MILLION dollars in food stamps to the OWEbama Democratic voting bloc of barnacles, leeches and derelicts.. (Breitbart)

Roll over and play dead, America..


22 responses to “The Results

  1. Family,

    Some of you may know that I submit works to the “Capitol Hill Coffee House” site, a bastion of conservative thought.

    As well, I can now be found at “Capitol Hill Outsider”.

    Now if someone would consider paying for the articles..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Dave from Anaheim

    Why are you and Fox news acting like the turd illegally occupying the White House won the “election”? The voter fraud this time made the previous record for voter fraud (2008) look like a fair election. All of the electronic voting machines were programmed to change votes for the American candidate to votes for the turd. In actuality, Gov Romney won with 80% of the votes cast legally. If you eliminate the dead, the illegal aliens, the multiple votes cast by the blacks, the felons, the cartoon characters and those who voted without being registered, it was a 99% win for Romney.

  3. Dave,

    Thanks for lumping me in with Fox News. Since we apparently “agree” maybe they will give me some air time..

    God love ya but “All” of the electronic voting machines were rigged? “All”? As well, a “99%” win for Romney? The denizen of Democratic “true believers” and we ALL know several of these zombies, voted for OWEbama and their votes were cast legally.

    I will NOT say that there wasn’t ANY falderol with respect to the votes cast. AGAIN, regardless, if 330,000 more votes had been cast in four states, if more than 50% of those eligible would showed up and would have voted properly, even if EVERY vote for OWEbama was ILLEGAL as you say, we would be discussing President Romney’s plans and ideas.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Aside from there being fewer voters, Obama lost white voters by 20 percent than in 2008. That’s the widest margin since 1984, The problem is with the electorate and demographics.. In 1980, 88% of the electorate were white. In 2012, they were 72% of the electorate plus the fact that the non-white electorate of today is far more likely to vote Democrat than in 1980.

    Finding that the black race is not the most singular minority the Democrats care about (for votes), could cause Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on to become r-r-r- RACIST?

    In 1965, Dead Ted got the now immigration law passed which favored immigration from Third World countries only. 85% of the 1 million (more than all countries in the world combined) of legal immigrants the U.S. takes in each year is from un-developed nations. We cannot bring in computer scientist who wishes to immigrate if an unskilled family member of an immigrate has a “need” to come here. It seems to matter not whether this “immigrant’s” will try striking a board on nail balanced on the head of a hammer is his idea of driving a nail.

    Because these immigrants come to America with no skills and, seemingly, unable or unwilling to learn one, they end up on government assistance. 57% of legal immigrant households are on government assistance. To my mind and in all common sense that is telling me, what good are you? We open our doors to productive citizens, not beggars and gutter trash.
    But then again you are good for one thing, a vote for the Democratic Party.

  5. So, the Democraps continue to think they have the mandate to raise taxes. I think we all realize that 50% of the voters is not a mandate. But, as I watched the Sunday Fox News show our own Rino Billy Bob Crystal said we should raise taxes on the rich because O’B campaigned on them. Hello, how many of those takers have ever paid income taxes. Why should they care; they have no skin in the game. Tax the rich just means mo fo us!

  6. By now everyone should understand the demographic shift in the US. However the difference in this election and 2010, has nothing to do with demographic shift, nearly as much as it has to do with “energizing the base”. Republicans got no more black and hispanic votes 2 years ago when they historically swept out the trash and took over the House, than they did this time. The slightest examination of any election in any major urban area in this country could have told anyone which candidate would receive 98% of the black vote and who wouldn’t. Cities like Detroit,Baltimore,Atlanta, Philadelphia, for example have always had this amount of black voting percentages for black candidates for years. So much so that once blacks became the majority, a white mayor will never again be elected in these cities. The fact of the matter is that there were less white conservative voters showing up to vote for who was essentially,”none of the above” from the Republican primaries. The GOP took its base for granted as bad or worse as the Democrats have the black vote, expecting them to come out support whoever they run, because “who else are they going to vote for?” Well who else happened to be nobody. If the GOP doesn’t realize who its constituency is, and fast, it will never win another presidential election. Listening to many major GOP party pundits on various news channels, they didn’t learn a thing and have no idea what they’re doing. In fact what they want to do is jettison as many core principles as they can, and implement policies that are going to accelerate their irrelevancy. Why bother with “Democrat Lite” when you can have the real thing? If change is going to happen its going to happen from the grass roots up. Our leadership is feckless, cowardly and weak. If we leave it up to them the ballot box will quickly cease to be an option in order to stop the disintegration of this nation.

  7. Excellent article, Larry and Joe’s analysis of the immigration problem couldn’t be improved upon. I have been in a blue funk since the election and just totally fear for my posterity. I grew up on a farm but did not become a farmer. But i took my learned skill of hard work with me and passed it along to my children. Two of my DAUGHTERS have been in upper management positions. One was in line to receive a six figure salary when she was sidelined by a brain tumor. But all my kids know how to work and know how to take care of their family. One son just changed jobs and it took two men and a company truck to replace him! I wonder what is happening to the families of the men I see standing or sitting on street corners with signs saying out of work or homeless or medical bills are killing them. The “RESULTS” of the past election will surely instigate a change of address for several people toward less crowded states to see if they can get better freebies there. And possibly some immigrants will change their mind about climbing over a fence or use a tunnel to steal into our country knowing the USA is on a fast track to bankruptcy. What will happen if we can’t get the House of Representatives to impeach BO and Peep with all haste? The smoke and mirrors are just not working anymore.

  8. ts, I agree with where we are headed. The loons in Washington are in a panic and sounding more stupid than usual. There was just one case where a black man was a mayor and he was the only one who ever made it. That was Harold Washington in Chicago. He was so incompetent he was not re elected. However, every alderman and other elected official in Chicago are black. The killings in Chicago continue and grow but Rahmbo Emmanual is worried about junk in vending machines. Some things never change.

    Out illustrious Prez, who is in way over his head, not a clue about economics has called in Al Sharpton and gang to help. We are in trouble in river city folks. Nothing to worry about here. just move on.

  9. Small point but Ruppersberger is a Maryland liberal lush.

  10. Here is a guy in Ohio testifying before a judge about programming the electronic voting machines to vote for Obama. The judge wasn’t happy.

    I’ve been thinking how can we make sure elections are fair. One thing I think is stop the early voting. I think this is where a lot of the fraud occurs the other is dual ID’s. State licenses with photo, with either thumb print, passport or or other photo id (such as credit card). I know as long as the Democrats control the direction of this Country they will never allowed that to take place.

    You cannot get a bank account or cash a payroll check without a photo ID. You cannot get a hotel room with a photo ID, just about now everyone one demands a photo ID, accept when you vote in any election. I read an article last week that said in one County, there were no votes then registered voters. I don’t remember what state it was.. I think it was Ohio but don’t hold me to it. It was one to the must have states.

    Unless every American agrees to duel ID, I’m afraid George Bush will be the last Republican President. The Democrats will always lie, cheat and steal every election. Americans need start putting their feet down and say no more.

    The Republicans will need to get the Hispanic vote and stop blocking every immigration bill. Hispanics are generally more conservative and religious, which makes me think they would vote for conservatives/Republicans. What are they now, 51% of the population of this Country? They’ll have to make deals with Democrats on where the cut off for illegals should be, they will need to show that they held a job, that there are no outstanding warrants in this Country nor the home Country, Interpol, etc.

    It might smell but we will have to reach a deal with the Democrats because we will never have control over the federal government, again.. I don’t know where the cut off should be. Pelosi, Obama and Reid would like it to always be in the Democrats favor; can you feel Pelosi excitement, her stupid shit eating grin? It makes me want to vomit.

  11. Which “immigration bill” are we talking about? Amnesty for illegals? Does anyone seriously think if we amnesty 10 million illegals that they suddenly will vote Republican?? These are the kinds of “solutions” that will ensure the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs Are we more concerned with winning elections than saving our nation? If thats the case we might as well pander to every group in oder to “win” elections. Also the idea that “Hispanics are culturally conservative” is a lie. They may be when they get here, but within 1 generation they are as secular as any liberal in this country, Asians who will not benefit 1 bit from Democratic policies and do not have liberal economic beliefs voted at almost 80% for BHO. Pandering to minorities is not going to get you anything.

  12. Infidel-in-charge yes

    Larry, you’re worrying Syria is not yet become muslim sisterhoode heaven. you call for bombing of Syria, like we did to Libiya, Yugoslavia, etc just to give power to muslim sisterhood. That’s the problem with Republicans, they still vote to destroy any our allay and friend, if africans, liberals or UN cry faul “civil/human rights” are violated. But it’s rights of criminals to reign terror and jihad were violated. Larry, looks as you supported arab spring, which,from the begining, was for jihad and m sisterhood.

  13. Jim,

    Appreciate the correction, I corrected the piece.

    Thanks as always,


  14. infidel,

    Oh Lord.. Slow down, easy on the hooked on phonics post.

    The POINT behind the mention of Syria was to highlight the Democratic double standard when it comes to things like “genocide”, get it?

    I could care less what happens in Syria, just allow Israel to take care of the area.

    Better now?


  15. Right on Larry, and Tsnamm I agree 100%. It is time for the “base” to take charge of the Republican party while there still is one. If we don’t, it will become just “democrat lite”.
    Voter ID in every state, NOW!!!
    It far past time to re-visit immigration law and re-write Dead Ted’s stupidity. We do need educated, motivated immigrants to keep us going. We don’t need unskilled, uneducated, the-government-will-take-care-of-me discontents from anywhere. How hard can it be?

  16. Larry,

    WOW – you covered more topics than the number of different products made by Hostess Baking. Actually, I have no idea as to that number, since I was simply using a “figure of speech” . This brings up a problem regarding the political discourse, namely ” denotation vs connotation “.

    For example , as you and most of us know, the words ” investment” and ” entitlement ” have an entirely different meaning when used by the Liberals, to the point that they are often called ‘code’ words. Add in some half-truths ( AKA ‘talking points’ ) , and the political mumbo jumbo is off and running.

    And, to make the picture complete, throw in some ” statistics” ( you know, those numbers that will be used to make the mumbo jumbo appear to be convincing) , and now the ‘uninformed’ will become ‘politically informed ‘ .
    Almost sounds like the SOP of the Dems !

    That having been said, I hope that everyone who responds is able to weed out the mumbo jumbo , rather than falling prey to it.

    Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.

  17. WOW!!! I just found this at another wordpress blog site: very germain to this discussion: Please go and read it!

  18. I don’t know which Bill, but maybe the Conservative House can write the legislation.

    I remember reading a book about Lyndon Johnson. When the Republicans in Congress wanted a law on civil rights, the Democrats tried to block it and that included Johnson him. From that came the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He eventually caved, but his bigotry still remained. Until they day he died he still called blacks “n*****s. That’s not respect. The reason why he did sign the Bill was that “blacks will vote for Democrats for the next hundred years. That’s the ONLY reason. He wasn’t interested in freeing anyone, he didn’t like them, had no respect for them, nada. That mentality continued from the democrats.

    My theory, and you can disagree with my observations. The Democrats really have no use for minorities. If a homeless family sat in front of their homes to protest, they would have them dragged out, but not before they called the press to get a photo op. It’s all so phony and disingenuous. They are only people to use and abuse at their will. They don’t really care what happens to them just so long as they vote Democrat.

    Do we ever hear that it was Republicans that created that Civil Rights Bill? Of course not. What about Abe Lincoln? He was a Republican and freed the slaves and what do they do, vote for the party that wanted to keep them “slaves.” Lincoln died for his belief, would Obama give up his life to save someone else. Of course not. I read a lot of biographies, especially political ones. I want to learn about our history, things that I was never taught in school. I LOVE THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY, and the men and women that help to created it. I’m fascinated by them, the courage it took to defy a corrupt King. Are there any people like that here on this earth, who would do it again?

    You would think the Democrats championed black candidates with they way the talk now. The first black elected to a federal seat was a Republicans from the South, Mississippi to be exact; Hiram Rhodes Revels was seated as the first black member of the Senate, becoming also the first black member of the Congress, in 1870 after the Reconstruction Era. Blacks were a majority of the population in many congressional districts across the South. Also in 1870, Joseph Rainey of South Carolina was elected to the US House of Representatives, becoming the first directly elected black member of Congress. Freedmen were elected to national office also from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia. The Southern Democrats represented the party of planters, slavery and secession.

    The first Democrat elected to Congress was Arthur W. Mitchell in 1935. They were so progressive and on top of this minority. Yeah, give me a break. I don’t like people who try to manipulate people and Democrats have become very adept at it. Open a book on American History, break the binder and read. However, of course, Democrats have controlled our education (Johnson Great Society was one) that our student can no longer read at their grade level. Teachers pass them and put the problem on the next teacher. That’s not a solution.

    Look the black communities in this Country don’t even know about their own history because the Democrats are telling them a fairytale and many don’t have a sense to investigate their own black history.


    What I want is to allow the Democrats to grab another minority that they don’t care about, for only the purpose to be reelected over and over again. The Republicans need a fair and straightforward plan to allow the illegals who have lived here for a cut of time, say ten years and can prove that they have jobs, have nothing in the backgrounds that any crimes have occurred in this Country or any Country for that matter. Children born here of illegal parents can stay so long as one parent works. I don’t know any easy or fast solution that everyone can agree on. However, something must be done; hiding your head in the sand is not a solution.

    The Democrats will spin this over and over again to their favor, it’s frustrating knowing the truth about the Democratic party. They will play this up, make Republicans the bad guys, again. You can disagree with me, but can you verbalize any solution? We cannot deport 12 million illegals, it’s just impossible. Does anyone have an answer? A solution? Tell me, please.

  19. Eileen,

    I agree with you 100%. I remember reading of the Johnson’s Administration goings on some time ago by a White House insider. What you say is true about Johnson always calling blacks n#66#rs, holding the utmost dislike and disrespect for them.

    When it comes to minorities, I believe Democrats have no morals or good concience. I think that could be applied to minorities too, be it victim of circumstance or of their own choosing in lack of self-responsibility. The liberals have labored to create a people that easily believes promises. While never having any intention of proving good on the false promises to begin with, they spread trinkets or treats along the way, all to ensure their liberal, short memoried, and dutiful voter base.

    As far as immigration: Let’s start with fair taxation. The IRS developed a special bracket for illegals working here that allows them to claim dependents. One problem. The dependents don’t have to be in this country, up to 11 dependents can be claimed and the IRS has no way to verify the information. A news report in California was done on this issue and when the cameran crew and reporter showed up they found one four year old girl at the home of the illegal who had claimed 9 dependents. Having to speak to him through an interpretor, he told them the rest were in Mexico. I don’t need to tell anyone that pays taxes what a rip-off this is.
    Secondly: We need legislation to reduce our legal immigration intake immediately. We now take in 1 million legal immigrants each year, more than all other countries in the world combined. What’s disturbing about this is back in 1965 Dead Ted got legislation passed that required 87% of those immigrants taken in be from un-developed nations. This would go right along with the Democrats minority voter attraction as these people would have little or no skills. The liberals under the guise of doing good in the world by taking those from disadvantage countries are living a lie. For that 87% that is admitted to the U.S. every year the population of Third World countries is quadrupled. To do any good we would have to take in so many people that we would become a Third World nation ourselves.
    Third: Full, no nonsense protection of our borders. If the government has the money to fly drones over cattlemen’s fields here in Nebraska to see if cattle waste is getting close to a river, they sure as hell have the money to track down any illegal beaners and drug runners.

  20. Eileen…its already been done…Reagan made that big mistake already…the result of that was a surge in more illegals expecting the same…and no perceptable increase in Republican votes from the newly “legalized” immigrants.It shows how far we’ve fallen that posters on this site argue about what types of “illegal” immigrants we should keep…what justification is there to amnesty 10 million illegals,during the worst economic downturn in US history since the Great Depression? A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation at all We allow the outsiders to determine what “our” rules should be in “accepting” them. There has yet to be any pause in immigration on the legal side,which is already skewed towards the 3rd world courtesy of Ol red nose Ted, let alone controlling illegal immigration. The question needs to be asked…Whose country is this? Who should decide who comes in and who becomes citizens? Just because millions bum rush the border, manage to find a job from some cheapskate employer, never get deported, due to the fact that the liberals prevent local law enforcement from enforcing the laws,and states blindy give legal government documents to illegals, such a SS cards, drivers licenses etc., doesn’t make it correct.If you feel guilty about protecting America then we might as well pack it up and go home…that this is the mess we are leaving for our children is a disgrace.

  21. Joe, & tsnamm,

    Amen, Amen – well said.

  22. May you all have a Great and Happy Thanksgiving

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